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Romance History: Elizabeth Neff Walker

Born August 12, 1944, Elizabeth was raised in Pleasant Hills, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After attending Pembroke College at Brown University, Neff moved from the East Coast to the West, settling in San Francisco. She held a number of clerical jobs, working for a spice company, an architectural firm, and for a psychology research project.

In 1966, she married Paul Rotter, an architect. The couple left San Francisco to settle in London for two and a half years. "Living abroad was a fascinating experience. I felt right at home! I lived and breathed Regency lore. It provided me with much of the material I was later able to use in my romances." To Regency fans, far and wide, The names Elizabeth Neff Walker and Laura Mathews rank among Their list of favorites. The woman behind these names, Elizabeth Walker Rotter-nickname Neff—began writing Regency romance in March, 1978.

Elizabeth finds that ideas for her books often come from some passing remark in a history of the period or from some diary of the time. "I was especially fascinated by the diaries of an English Naval surgeon of the Georgian period whose humor and adventures intrigued me. 1 immediately made this doctor a character in one of my books," she reveals, with a chuckle. "He was such a rogue." Wit and humor are extremely important in story telling, she believes. "In fact, they're essential ingredients in keeping a sane view of the world. Very few experiences are as uplifting as a good laugh and I think humor has a place in almost every type of novel, including the historical and contemporary romance.'' She pauses and adds knowingly, "Laughter and love go together."

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She sounds like someone I'd love to have a cup of coffee with! How fun, I've probably read her work!