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The title is quite evocative of what happened with this book, Boats in the Night who met, maybe even brush, but then go on their respective paths far from each other. I had this book in my reading list from probably the first week it was out, and for a reason or the other delayed the read, until I realized it was almost 2 years. There wasn’t really any specific reason, moreover, as soon as I started it, I realized this is exactly the story I like, cute, tender, just that touch of angst, but nothing too much to make you sad. It’s an heartwarming story of hope and love, with that UK flavor to make it fashionable.

I loved both characters, stuffy Giles (I imagined him like a Colin Firth’s sort of man) and gipsy-like Smutty, they were for sure perfect together, opposites attracts, but above all, they were balanced; nice touch the fact that Smutty wasn’t some young lad searching for a sugar daddy, he was actually older than Giles. I more than loved the small town setting, I had the chance to visit Bath and around this past winter, and so was able to visualize what the author was describing and it was great. Like for the story, nothing was really against these men and their love, and for once, I liked I hadn’t to worry for them and just enjoy their love.

If you want to experience the same contentment I’m feeling right now, don’t make my same mistake, and if you “brush” paths with Boats in the Night, take your time to stop and enjoy it.

Publisher: Josephine Myles (November 15, 2011)
Amazon Kindle: Boats in the Night



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