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1) I devoured this book. It was a deeply emotional, touching story for me, with beautiful setting descriptions and main characters so real they seemed to jump from the pages. The 1st person present tense POV was perfect to convey Tate's desperation, his agony of mind and his slow, almost reluctant awakening. Also, the writing style with interspersed flashbacks added to the pace of the story and made it even more gripping the longer it went on, the closer it drew to revealing Tate's real reason for his road trip. This was both a beautiful love story and a thought-provoking parable about how one single moment, even a single whim can change lives and fates forever. I couldn't put it down.

2) This book was awesome!

The Worst Bad Thing by J.E. Birk
Bisexual Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition (March 23, 2016)
Amazon Kindle: The Worst Bad Thing

Iceland, Stonehenge, London, Paris….

To the casual observer, it looks like a dream trip. For Tate O’Reilly, it’s anything but. He’s a man on a mission to rectify a critical mistake, and there’s nothing to hold him back—certainly not friends or family. For Tate, it all comes down to one simple thing—he must fix what he has broken.

What he doesn’t count on is meeting Gabriel Carillo. Gabriel is kind, mysterious, and seems to be on his own mission to ensure their paths keep crossing. But Tate’s hiding an awfully big secret—one he’s certain even Gabriel can’t forgive.

Does a man’s past have to determine his future? In the middle of cities filled with history, Tate is going to find out.

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