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1) I really do like reading books like this… I find them simply fascinating.

2) I finally got through Paralian: Not Just Transgender by Liam Klenk Don't take that as I hated the book. He is one heckuva writer, but it felt a little like a Thanksgiving feast. Every morsel was delicious, but it was way too much all at once. This is an example where I think the concept of "Show. Don't tell" went too far. Still, he has led a fascinating life, he writes very well, and I would truly like to meet the man. I think Liam has woven an absolutely amazing bolt of cloth, but he needs help (perhaps a good editor) selecting "patterns" (I think there's more than one book here) that will turn that bolt of cloth into something that will actually be marketable and useful to different audiences. I think also that the manuscript, as is, needs to be preserved historically. His tale has amazing importance in its social context.

Paralian: Not Just Transgender by Liam Klenk
Transgender Biography / Memoir
Paperback: 456 pages
Publisher: Troubador Publishing (May 1, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1785891200
ISBN-13: 978-1785891205
Amazon: Paralian: Not Just Transgender
Amazon Kindle: Paralian: Not Just Transgender

Definition: Paralian - Ancient Greek meaning 'one who lives by the sea'. Paralian is a memoir narrated through the author's relationship to water. We follow Liam Klenk's tumultuous journey to find his authentic self and happiness against more than a lifetime's worth of adversities. At five months old, Liam was adopted from an orphanage and ushered into a unique journey, which introduced him to the characters that would become both the currents that moved him and the rocks that supported him. Liam, who lives in Zurich with his wife, says: "At three years old I began catching odd glances because I was born in a girl's body yet began to introduce myself to people as a boy." Paralian tells the remarkable story of an honest, and at times, challenging life, and offers insight and wisdom from a fluid position - from experience. Liam reveals how exploring the world helped him find a home inside his own body and spirit. Through this ultimately heartwarming and inspiring story, readers learn how Liam never gave up, faced his fears, and always managed to find positivity in each trauma. Written with an engaging sense of humour, this memoir of transcendence and finding oneself will appeal to those who enjoy true stories of courage, resilience, and dedication in the face of adversity. Paralian celebrates life with infectious strength and positivity. Follow Liam's journey from a small river in Germany to the biggest performance pool in the world, from Switzerland to the US, the Maldives to Macau.

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