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Thomas Ernest Boulton and Frederick William Park (1848-1881) were two Victorian cross-dressers who appeared as defendants in a celebrated trial in London in 1871, charged "with conspiring and inciting persons to commit an unnatural offence." After the prosecution failed to establish that they had had anal sex, which was then a crime, or that wearing women's clothing was in any sense a crime, both men were acquitted. Lord Arthur Clinton was an English aristocrat and Liberal Party politician. A Member of Parliament for three years, he was notorious for involvement in the homosexual scandal and trial of Boulton and Park. Ernest Boulton was the son of a stockbroker. From childhood he liked wearing female clothing, and was encouraged in his impersonations of maids and other women by his mother; he used the nickname "Stella." As a young man, he met Frederick William Park and the two became friends. The two men then formed a theatrical double act, touring as Stella Clinton (or Mrs. Graham) and Fanny Winifred Park, and receiving favorable press reviews for their performances. For around two years, they also frequented the West End of London in both women's and men's dress, attending theatres and social events. Lord Arthur Clinton had lived with "Stella" as his/her "husband“; he presumably committed suicide on June 18, 1870, the day after receiving his subpoena for the trial.
Lord Arthur Pelham-Clinton (June 23, 1840 – June 18, 1870)
Thomas Ernest Boulton (February 2, 1848 – December 1904)

Days of Love edited by Elisa Rolle
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Release Date: September 21, 2014
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