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Education: Gonzaga University
Anniversary: February 5, 1992
Married: July 22, 1996 / December 28, 2012

Brent Hartinger & Michael Jensen
Brent Hartinger is an American author, playwright, and screenwriter, best known for his novels about gay teenagers. His first novel was Geography Club, about teenagers who secretly start a gay-straight alliance at their high school. Geography Club is now a feature film co-starring Scott Bakula and Ana Gasteyer. Hartinger lives in Seattle with his partner since 1992, Michael Jensen. Jensen is also a writer, the author of two gay westerns, Frontiers, which reimagines Johnny Appleseed as gay, and its sequel, Firelands. Hartinger and Jensen, along with their friend Sarah Warn, founded the website (now, which was sold to Viacom/MTV in 2006. In 1990, Hartinger helped co-found Oasis, one of the nation's first support organization for gay teens. He is a co-founder of AS IF! Authors Support Intellectual Freedom, a group of Young Adult authors supporting intellectual freedom. They married on December 29, 2012.
Together since 1992: 23 years.
Brent Hartinger (born December 1972)
Anniversary: February 5, 1992
Married: July 22, 1996 / December 28, 2012
Michael and I met more than two decades ago. He had seen me across the room at a gathering and mentioned me to his roommate, Dennis. Then, unknown to Michael, Dennis had approached me and quizzed me until he came to a common interest between Michael and me: we were both writers! So Dennis suggested I join his roommate's writers' group. I agreed, and on February 5, 1992, I met Michael before my first meeting to walk to the event together. Along the way, we started talking. We have pretty much been talking non-stop since. It seems that sometimes surreptitious matchmaking works. Who knew? In 1996, on July 22, Michael and I had a commitment ceremony -- just close friends and family on the beach on an island in Puget Sound. In the summer of 1999, in order to qualify for a discounted gym membership, we became "registered partners" in West Hollywood. In September 2010, after moving to Washington State, we became "domestic partners" once it became legal there. And in 2012, the law changed again, and on December 28, we were legally "married" in Washington State -- something that became recognized federally the following year, once DOMA was declared unconstitutional. So which is our "anniversary"? Ah, the complicated nature of being gay over the last twenty-five years! But looking back, it is obvious now we were destined to be together from the day we first met. -Brent Hartinger

Days of Love edited by Elisa Rolle
ISBN-13: 978-1500563325
ISBN-10: 1500563323
Release Date: September 21, 2014
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