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Anniversary: July 3, 2001
Married: January 7, 2017

Francesco Mastinu & Guido Spano: They met several years ago at College, and despite all the obstacles they faced due to their own families and their age gap, they are still living together, having been partners for nearly 13 years. Their daily life is marked by their four cats (known as the “Fagiolini” (Green Beans)) setting all their daily activities. The first time Francesco met Guido, he felt within him the desire to be with him, even though at the time he did not even know the real nature of his desires. And that desire has never left him even after all these years, because they just have to stare into each other eyes and hold tight to forget everything else, even when they fight, which happens often: Guido is a maniac for the house chores and the opulent décor, while Francesco loves, like all artists, to find his things in the immediacy of chaos. Guido is calm; Francesco is short-tempered, one forgiving where the other is a continuous tease. Francesco and Guido love each other; the only desire that remains unfulfilled in their joy is marriage, which the Italian law prevents them from accomplishing.
Since he was born, Francesco Mastinu has been living in Cagliari surrounded by the sun and the sea. He works in the field of social politics and he is an author and blogger. After writing a few short stories of various genre and homoerotic fiction, he released his debut novel “Eclissi (Eclipse)” (Lettere Animate Editore), gaining good appreciation from critics. In 2014 he released "Polvere (Powder)" (Runa Editrice), his second novel, and the short story collection "Concatenazioni (Concatenation)" (6Pollici Edizioni), all within the LGBT field. Since 2011, he has been writing for the blog "Personaggi in cerca di editore (Characters in search of a publisher)" (, where he talks about books, the publishing industry and rights for gay people; he also contributes on the same themes in a variety of national web networks. Since July 3, 2001, he is the companion of Guido Spano, with whom he shares his career, and the passion for reading and for cats.
Together since 2001: 14 years.
Francesco Mastinu (born February 12, 1980)
Guido Spano (born October 21, 1964)
Anniversary: July 3, 2001
Married: January 7, 2017

Days of Love edited by Elisa Rolle
ISBN-13: 978-1500563325
ISBN-10: 1500563323
Release Date: September 21, 2014
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