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Born: 1935
Books: Narcotic plants, Bizarre plants, Leonardo da Vinci on plants and gardens, The Visual Art of Jean Cocteau
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Anniversary: April 20

Tony Clark came to Fine Art through a background in ballet in Europe and America where he was a soloist with the Paris Opera Ballet and Maurice Bejart’s Ballet Mudra. He also worked with Loring, Hightower and Cunningham. The French government awarded him a knighthood as Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, in recognition of his curation and organizing exhibitions, and in keeping the French arts alive. As a tireless supporter of the arts, he produced sixty-four events in one year alone. William A. Emboden Ph.D., F.L.S is the author of Leonardo da Vinci on Plants and Gardens and The Visual Art of Jean Cocteau followed it. Emboden is an artist/poet in his own right. He is also a botanist and has written several books in that field. Upon his return to the USA, Clark and Emboden founded Arts of the Theatre Gallery, Los Angeles.
Together since 1971: 44 years.
Baron Anton van Kaak II, Viscount di Vreeland (born September 4)
William A. Emboden (born February 24)
Anniversary: April 20
Feb. 1971, I entered Dr. Emboden's Ethnobotany class. There was an immediate attraction and he had to allow 17 other students enroll just to have me in the class. I was an Industrial Psychology major and William was already an internationally renowned Ethobotanist. I approached and had an affair with the professor. My true calling, from age 3, was that of a dancer. I was accepted in Bejart's Ballet Murdra and the first Grand Sujet at the Paris Opera Ballet. So I had to leave William, but return to him in 1973, where we resumed our romantic partnership. 1974 we moved into a historic Hollywoodland home where we remain until this day. In 1979, we co-founded Arts of the Theatre Gallery, which was a wonderful salon/gallery in the vintage Larchmont Village. This led us to meet very interesting people in the art world and luminaries of the theatre and film world. Ultimately, this lead to the creation of a total retrospective and world tours of the finest collection of the Art of Jean Cocteau. Today it is now Jean Cocteau Museum of Menton, France. We continue our private and professional lives together. There has been a mentorship, but roles continue to change over time. The most important thing is that we have shared values. We have shared and individual tastes were both shaped by our Scandinavian heritage. We share some friends and are independent with others. We have the richest of memories working and playing globally. Our fondest memories are sharing the visual and performing arts. The most meaningful time is just being home together. We are linked by mutual respect, love and a great deal of laughter. It is a life and love shared that is a bond that has only grown stronger and eternal. -Tony Clark 

Days of Love edited by Elisa Rolle
ISBN-13: 978-1500563325
ISBN-10: 1500563323
Release Date: September 21, 2014
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