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By exploring a subject that had personal and societal implications, Andrew Mattison helped bring gay relationships into the media spotlight. Teaming with his life partner of 34 years, Dr. David McWhirter, Dr. Mattison wrote the groundbreaking book The Male Couple, an in-depth study evaluating the quality and stability of long-term homosexual relationships. Mattison died of stomach cancer at 57. McWhirter, who was 16 years older than Mattison, died of a stroke less than 7 months later. Published in 1984, before AIDS became a scourge in the gay community, the book gained international attention and landed Dr. Mattison and his partner on the TV and radio talk-show circuit. With McWhirter, Dr. Mattison wrote extensively on counseling gay couples and the effects of HIV on lesbians, gay men and their families. In his last years, Dr. Mattison researched the phenomenon of "circuit parties" among gays – large gatherings at which risky behaviors such as unsafe sex and drug use were suspected.

Together from 1971 to 2005: 34 years.
Andrew Michael “Drew” Mattison (August 5, 1948 - December 29, 2005)
David Paul McWhirter (March 29, 1932 - July 28, 2006)

Days of Love: Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time
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