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Apr. 23rd, 2017 08:55 pm
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Crafting final exams and depressing myself house hunting. Make a 50 mile arc around here and they all think used manufactured homes (which DO have structural issues after 20 years) are worth 150K and up. Um no, just no.

my favorite of the current batch. That's a lot of beautiful house/property for the money (especially in Athens) but it IS FIFTY miles from work. I love the acreage though. I could be happy here.

love the bathroom This house has the old woman tub I'm going to need sooner rather than later if my arthritis continues to progress. It's 5 miles from work right next to my post office. Cons: Thurman is a dying town (for a house to cost this much). I'm equidistance 20 miles to the Wal Mart in Gallipolis and the Krogers in Jackson for groceries. (I'm 15 miles from there as is, Kroger's I mean).

Cuter than I should be Right in the heart of Jackson. I love everything about this house except it's crappy inner city location where the houses practically touch each other and make me itchy and longing for green spaces.

Are they insane? they want cash only, 60K for a pole barn! I'm not kidding, go look and no I'm not considering this but I had to share it.

And thank you to those who commented on last night's story bit!!

Oh other things accomplished: putting layouts on this DW and Jana's (I didn't trust that my word press blog HAD backed up Jana's LJ so I made her a DW too)

And now for the writing links

Youtube inspiration for historical/fantasy make up This is just FUN

stop waiting for inspiration I've been saying this (and linking to) for years.

contract red flags This might be one of the most important ones I've shared in a long time.

the writer’s journey

Fatal flaws rarely are

why readers stop reading this is series of posts so make sure you see them all.

bracketed short hand I do this a lot

writing cinematically

perspective mistakes I don't agree with this one at all. To me it's saying readers are too dumb for anything but a straight linear 3rd person pov.

choosing a weapon for your hero this one is just fun.

Still no word count because I've been writing in little prompt packets and haven't added it up. I've done almost all my colors except sweet brown and I've done a few of the others.

What I've been doing lately

Apr. 23rd, 2017 06:27 pm
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I've been busy with a lot of volunteer and charity work. I made this for myself. I normally don't keep what I make I usually give it away.

I liked this pattern a lot. I might make a few more.

Filet Crochet Throw

Planning for the Week Ahead

Apr. 23rd, 2017 06:55 pm
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Sunday: put laundry away
make lunch for Monday
check if lavender will work in afghan

1030 dr, Olivia, schedule my followup and check on preciptions
Chicken cordon bleu pasta
make lunch for Tues

Plan Beltane
ham and potatoes augratin
make lunch for Wed

make lunch for Thurs
plant seeds

funeral potatoes
make lunch for Friday

dinner out

make cheesecake
work 2 PM-6:30
plant seeds
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Nerve Ending, Tobi Hill-Meyer, transgender erotica, Anne Rowlands, Earl Grey Editing, books and tea, tea and books

Published: February 2017 by Instar Books
Format reviewed: E-book (mobi)
Genres: LGBTQIA, erotica. Stories are a mix of contemporary and speculative fiction.
Source: Publisher
Available: Publisher (print and electronic) ~ Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A trans woman watches her sleeping lover and contemplates the moment of his departure. A genderqueer sissy fantasizes alone about connection in their hotel room. A trans woman adjunct professor and sex worker is hired for a sex party held by her colleges philosophy department. A trans boy has a Craigslist hookup with a queen embarked on detransition. A bodiless AI announces its gender, takes a lover, and works to revolutionize the world.

Presented here are thirty stories edited and with an introduction by Tobi Hill-Meyer that offer revolutionary erotic fantasies by trans people, about trans people, and for trans people at the crossroads of history, biology, anxiety, and love.

Editor’s note:I acquired a review copy of Nerve Endings on the recommendation of a friend. I thought reviewing it would be a good way to boost trans voices. However, once I started reading, I quickly realised I wasn’t the intended audience. Furthermore, this thread on Twitter from Corey Alexander made me realise I could be doing more harm than good by reviewing it. So, I invited Anne Rowlands for an Own Voices perspective on the anthology.



Transgender people are not a plot twist: the introduction of Nerve Endings reminds us of this essential point. It is a point recently discussed in Liz Duck-Chong’s essay on the play The Trouble with Harry and is also often used in more erotic novels in a way that is not only dehumanising but out-and-out stupid. A person who is transgender wants not to be treated as a special bit of “spice” or worse a surprise. They want to be wanted, loved, cared for, or just simply not to be told they are playing pretend.

The central idea of Nerve Endings is to help us realise and capture this in a way that keeps transgender stories present in our minds when we, the transgender audience, are at our most lonely. These stories keep us remembering that our lives are worthy. That we matter. Nerve Endings never shies away from being written by trans people for trans people. Anyone else who likes it, that’s fine, but it’s not for them, it’s for us. This was so clear as I read that I really understood why I was asked to write this review.

Nerve Endings is proud in its erotica and its kink, its few polyamorous tales. It is never there to shame, or to make readers feel less (or more) than what we are: a part of society, transgender or not.

Each story brings us into a universe that we can almost imagine is real. Even when the characters are a Demon and his summoner, or an AI and their partner, or just a simple trans woman, man or boi trying to make their way in the world.

I’m always a little left wanting with short stories anthologies. Each tale is almost always slightly less than perfect, ending bitter-sweet, or offering only a brief glimpse into the life and emotions of the characters. Almost every story left me wanting more. More of the characters. More of their love. More of the things they do to conquer their fears and anxieties. More orgasms. The unashamedly erotic, the consent, the kink, the characters and their needs and desires. It’s too much and not quite enough at the same time. I was left with a profound sense of needing–not just wanting–more. I really hope this is just the first serving of a new genre of positive, consensual stories about transgender people told in erotic, loving, caring and knowledgeable ways.

4 out of 5 stars.

Anne Rowlands


Anne Rowlands is a transgender woman librarian, in her spare time she is also an artist and poet. You can find her on Twitter as @anne_rowlands.

Mirrored from Earl Grey Editing.

So things happened this week

Apr. 23rd, 2017 08:42 am
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 My minute-by-minute social media discussions are scattered all over the place, so I can forget what I've posted where. Here are a few things that happened during the last week:

Shira Glassman went live with a gorgeous fan-art promotional post for the Alpennia books that she commissioned. I feel immensely honored and flattered that my fans think so highly of my books as to do things like this.

My queer-Mabinogi short story "Hyddwen" was accepted by Podcastle.org. I'm overjoyed that it's going to get the audio-publication treatment, like the first story in the series (Hoywverch) did, because it's written very deliberately in an oral storytelling style. Selling it means that it's time to start writing the third story in the series. (Like the original Mabinogi, it's planned to have four branches. I have the basic skeleton of the plots for 3 & 4 outlined, but there are still a lot of details to noodle.)

The Golden Crown Literary Awards 2017 shortlists came out and Mother of Souls did not make the shortlist for the Science Fiction and Fantasy category. (Daughter of Mystery and The Mystic Marriage were both shortlisted but neither of them won--there are three winners in each category.) In one sense, this is not at all surprising, because the Goldies are--in their essence--awards for the best lesfic novels, and I don't write lesfic in the genre sense. But it's still disappointing.

On Wednesday, I came home from work to discover my front door kicked in and my house ransacked, including having my safe ripped out of its fastenings and pick-axed open. Mysteriously (but tellingly) I have not identified anything that was actually stolen (including the two older laptops that were stored in the safe, or any of the jewelry that was left strewn across the bed). My hypothesis is that the burglars were under the vastly mistaken impression that there might be drugs in the house, given the nature and scope of the apparent search activities. But given that one of the major reasons for moving out of Oakland seven years ago was being tired of regular burglaries, I'm furious and shaken and resigned.

Happy Earth Day

Apr. 23rd, 2017 01:18 am
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A little late but I was actually writing.

I even got a little sleep. Imagine that. Sadly I didn't feel up to driving back to Athens to go on the Science, Not Silence protest march. The temp dropped about forty degrees and I wasn't going anywhere without pain. (also the laundry won't do itself, nor will my final exams write themselves. I'm the worst sort of activist.)

So I was reading my friend's ghost book and I was reminded of something about resurrectionists and this scene popped out for one of my prompts (losing your job). I don't know what it is but I imagined a world with two religions (one highly anti-science, the other far more inclusive and progressive), magic too. Not sure if it's steampunk or not but it's probably around late 1800s tech. He'll be taken in by a mage and her daughter. It'll fast forward to their teen years soon enough and be their story. See what you think.

story )
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I seem to be on a finishing-things spree. Lest anyone get the wrong idea about my incredibly idiosyncratic fanfic productivity, most of this one was written three or four months ago, and just finished up today with the last couple paragraphs.

Considering that before this, I hadn't posted anything since 2006, I've been crazy-prolific (for me) with the odds and ends I've dug out, polished off, and thrown up on AO3 lately. There was the obscure anime secondary character femmeslash (in what is arguably already one of the gayest nineties anime out there), the classic eighties anime secondary character slash that had been out there but I just flat out forgot to post to AO3 with everything else (and boldly resister the urge to rewrite and edit because it was written fifteen-plus years ago), and the Hard Core Logo fic that was languishing on a back-up drive. I thiiiink that's all, other than the other continuing library au thing I've got on the go. (Although I do have a half-done Wilby Wonderful fic somewhere along the same how-can-I-queer-up-the-secondary-characters lines...)

But! I just do not understand how no-one has written a library AU of Parks and Rec. Seriously, fandom... seriously. So I finally did something about that.

Parks and Recreation AU: Pawnee Public Library Leslie Knope loves libraries (and hates the Parks Department, bunch of punk-ass dirt jockeys).

Long time no post

Apr. 22nd, 2017 10:03 am
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Wow, it's been like 6 years since I made a post here; I was just more devoted to lj I guess. But my long, lovely friends list there has dwindled basically to a very small number of people, so here I am again, hungry I suppose to read more posts here by people who are active here, many of them old friends from lj (waves to you all!).

Anyway...brief update--since my last. long-ago post, I no longer teach prek but for almost 2 years have been caregiver to my adult autistic daughter. Her older brother, my beloved and only son Daniel, was her main caregiver while I taught prek but tragically he died of a heart attack (cardiomyopathy) in Sept 2015. His death has been the most traumatic, difficult event of my life and I of course have had to move on with life but will never get over losing him. I miss him so much every single day. Since 2013 I have also lost my beloved mother, my sister-in-law, my ex father-in-law and ex brother-in-law (I am still close to my ex's family so to me those losses hit hard as well). Life nowadays is comprised of a much smaller circle of daily events and interactions with the greater world as I focus on taking care of both my autistic daughter (currently she is awaiting surgery for a nasty but thankfully non-malignant tumor in her right ear) and my 87 year old ex mom-in-law. She broke her hip a couple years ago and also has vision issues, so I'm happy to drive her to her many dr appointments, buy her groceries for her and clean her house and change her bedding, etc. I am also just working through my overwhelming grief over my son (I'm the one who found him in the living room floor and did cpr and tried to rescusitate him, which sometimes replays over and over in my head). I also miss my mother a lot, she passed from multiple myeloma at age 78 in 2013 and sometimes I still want so badly to pick up the phone and call her and just hear her voice.

And that is my somewhat depressing update. I originally joined both lj and dreamwidth because of my eager interest in and love for various fandoms--Stargate, The Sentinel, Supernatural, The X-Files, Sherlock, etc-- but fandom and its methods of interaction have changed faster than this old-fashioned lady can keep up with, and sadly so many of my old 'connections' with fandom have fallen by the wayside. But I will be pleased if even a few of my older links to my beloved fandom days are reforged here at dreamwidth.

Bulldog Drummond

Apr. 22nd, 2017 03:15 pm
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I've just read my first Bulldog Drummond book - the first one Sapper wrote, to be precise. It wasn't too bad, as long as one accepts that it was a product of its time (nearly a hundred years ago).
What did I love best? The banter between the various ex-comrades. Several bits of it were exactly the sort of dialogue that would have got a modern reader saying, "Men didn't talk to each other like that in those days." Well, they did, obviously.
What surprised me? The repeated use of the expression "go gay", meaning doing something brave or taking decisive, uninhibited action.
Will I read another? I wouldn't rule it out, although I understand that this one was probably the best in the series so maybe not...

Getting Back to My Life

Apr. 21st, 2017 10:58 pm
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It's been odd, this last week.

Since about Monday, after I'd finished turning everything over to the team, I've been getting back to my life.

And it's been a mixed bag... )

It's been a tiring week

Apr. 21st, 2017 11:40 pm
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Sleeping about 3 hours a night culminated in being wide awake at dawn yesterday. I went for my blood test. It took an hour to get in which meant I, after fasting, couldn't go for breakfast before class and then I had a school-related health fair so still no food BUT United Health care gives me 75$ in Amazon money to do this so hell to the yes.

I won a door prize at the health fair. Unfortunately it's all protein loading stuff for exercising from GNC. I'll share it with my brother.

I went to the writers group. When I got to Wellston the sleeplessness caught up wiht me. I should have stopped right then and there but I have missed the last two. I went on....and kept nodding off at the wheel. I'm committed now. THank god I made it without doing harm to anyone. I started loading up on caffeine. But no one from the group was there. I whined on FB and a couple showed up (Well I DO drive an hour and if the thing is canceled, it would be good to know).

Today I found cool stuff in one of the dissections (signs of infection, polycystic kidney and oh right, babies, sadly) and the Endocrinologist's NPC had a suggestion he never did, break up my night time insulin so it can be absorbed better. We talked about that with my other insulin so why that never occured to me....

Nearly fell asleep again driving back from the doctor's so I took a nap, leaving me feeling even more wasted. I ended up heating up the chinese from the night before. Usually I don't eat the rice. I didn't evne realize they had packed it (I always say no) but there wasn't enough of the meal so I ate the rice. My sugar went to 500 so now I'm feeling awful (I got it back down, don't worry) but yeah another day of not writing. sigh.
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 This post mentions something in the title,, but it is not about this particular college-level Math course. I have good reasons to be worried about this class, but I am passing. I had to work hard to get there. I am more worried -that because my grade stands at 69.9%, that I'l lose funding because of Vocational Rehabilitation's rules.  In any case, this should be brought up with my teacher. (And I did voice some things out of frustration, but I've tried to be more positive about it, but saying it's the last math class I'll probably ever have to take in my life didn't help things here. I  am not applying the lessons I learned with Mrs. Boonie, my 8th grade art teacher. While I'll never be a professional artist, she did not need to constantly know how much I hated the class and how useless I thought it was.  The D I got in that class may have been unfair, but it was completely understandable.)

As an indirect result of this class, and details I won't gloss over, I'm going to institute some new personal policies.

1.) Do not divide attention between topics when talking to someone. Human brains are not designed for multi-tasking.
2.) Do not try to communicate important concepts to people, Lara, when you know your brain is fried.  (This includes when you wake up ten times during the night and did not sleep well.)

If I may go on to other ramblings, I've wondered about something. If someone tells me a problem, my first instinct is to offer a solution, whether it's asked for or not. I  don't think this is entirely a socialized as male thing, although men tend to interact with each other this way.  Some part of me feels this phrasing is sexist, but it is not my fault that our parents try to raise us in certain gender roles and society later reinforces them. I've also seen too many TERFs use this idea in a harmful way.  I can sometimes realize people aren't looking for solutions.  Sometimes I do not. is it the computer background that causes me to do this or is it just a misunderstanding on my part? (Likely the latter, and a lot of autism thrown in.)

Not that everything here is due to autism. Sometimes I just don't think I realize how I might be coming off.  Laying guilt trips on people is something I don't want to do. (If I didn't like my mother or younger brother doing it to me, other people probably don't like me laying guilt trips on them. This is just simple logic.)

Also, I learned the phrase alexithymic.

Offline for Awhile

Apr. 21st, 2017 02:41 pm
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Since my main computer was giving me the blue screen this morning, it is now in the shop. Hopefully, it is nothing major. But until then, I have to rely on my little old laptop, and since it is a Vista well...

So it looks like I will be offline until further notice.

Take care, everyone and please don't worry.
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Am delighted to take part in the annual blog hop to raise awareness of autism.

Today I'm sharing a true story about a boy called Toby (which is clearly not his real name). Toby is in his first year at school, and had a great time at Christmas playing one of the animals in the stable in the Nativity play. His parents had a good time, too, because when Toby was at pre-school he wasn’t allowed to take part in the Christmas production – in the pre-school’s eyes it would have been too much of a challenge. Toby has autism.

I can’t decide whether I’m sad or angry about the pre-school story. Of course, Toby needed help from an adult to be able to be part of the Nativity play in school, like he needs some extra help in class to be able to access all the curriculum, and that “all” must include things which aren’t English and Maths, or else where is the richness of his education or the education of children like him? Because Toby isn’t the only child I’ve heard about who’s been denied the chance to do something because he’s not quite like the other children.

Schools in England are supposed to have a Local Offer for children with Special Educational Needs (SEND) and a special needs policy. They will contain things like:

·         Children with SEND will have access to the appropriate resources needed to help them make progress.

·         The school curriculum is reviewed to ensure that it promotes the inclusion of all pupils. The school will seek advice about individual children, with external agencies when appropriate.

Trouble is that the policy doesn’t always match the practice, and the reality of school life isn’t as open and welcoming as it should be, nor are staff so willing to make the reasonable adjustments they should. Other parents can get tetchy that children with autism or other needs are receiving what they perceive as favourable treatment. Budgets are tight, so unless pupils have been given dedicated funding the extra support may drain other provision.

I may be being controversial, but I’d say that the impact of budgets isn’t as important as the impact of what lies between people’s ears. Many adjustments cost very little if anything at all – they’re about attitudes and whether your school staff have a “that child can’t do that” or a “how can we enable the child to do that” outlook.


SJ Fan Art <3

Apr. 21st, 2017 09:34 am
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Major Matt Mason commissioned this piece by NixieSeal. Fun! :D Reposting here because it's got a content rating at the FA site.

SJ Fanart by NixieSeal

Thanks, MMM and Nixie!

-The Gneech
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Tra-la-la, I continue to write headcanon pseudo-documentation style fanfic as a guidebook to a fictional university library. I may have also gone back and added linked annotations to chapters 1-2. Just sayin'.

Library Services at Elsewhere University: A Guide and Compendium

Part One: A Student's Guide to Library Services The library at Elsewhere University may be prone to unpredictable time patterns, nameless librarians, and L-space irregularities, but cataloguing, interlibrary loan charges, temperamental elevators, and waiving overdue fines are universal.

Appendix A: About The Librarians If the Library needs you, it will take you. If you are lucky, it will be on your terms, at a time of your choosing. In most cases, a masters' degree in library and information sciences from a nationally-certified graduate program is required, though in some rare cases, an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.

NEW! Part Two: Staff Handbook - General Introduction There are numerous challenges to working in a university library. Shrinking budgets, rising costs, proprietary and predatory database licenses for peer-reviewed content, entitled faculty, clueless undergraduates, and inappropriate behaviour in the stacks. Predatory shadow creatures, migrating stacks leading to misplaced range markers on the shelves in the Deep Library, time management issues, and the inevitable workplace frustrations of whose turn it is to clean out the staff room fridge, and how come the same three people are the only ones to sign up for the weekly search party rota out into the Deep Library stacks?

40 Things About Me

Apr. 20th, 2017 05:52 pm
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Nabbed from f-list via fb:

Read more... )
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Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon badge

Dewey’sread-a-thon is my favourite reading challenge and runs twice a year–in April and October. It runs for 24 hours, but participation for the full length is optional. Which is a good thing, because this round will be kicking off at 10 PM on Saturday 29 April for the east coast of Australia. As usual, I plan to be going to bed around then, but will be up early to cram as much reading as possible into my waking hours.

When I signed up last round, my Mt TBR had just hit 300 books. It hasn’t been below that since. I’m hoping that this will be the push I need to help get it down again.

Of course, a read-a-thon requires books! Here’s a few things I’m thinking about tackling:

Dewey's readathon, read-a-thon, Heart of the Mirage, Glenda Larke, The Dream-quest of Vellitt Boe, Kij Johnson, The Geek Feminist Revolution, Kameron Hurley, Ms Marvel, G. Willow Wilson, Earl Grey Editing, tea and books, books and tea

With the exception of Heart of the Mirage, these books are all on the Hugo Awards shortlists. I’m hoping to get through them before they’re due back at the library.

Each time I participate in Dewey’s I try to get a little more involved with volunteering. Last year, I hosted a mini-challenge for the first time.This year I’ll be one of the co-hosts, allowing the organisers to get some well-earned sleep. I’ll be hosting Hours 18-20, which correspond to 3-5 PM AEST.

If you need to tame your own Mt TBR or are looking to connect with a great community of book bloggers, I do hope you’ll join me. It’s not too late! You can sign up, follow on Twitter, join the Goodreads group or any combination of the three. If you’ve already signed up, I’d love to hear about what you’ll be reading.

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Yesterday was exciting enough (I confess I was literally jumping up and down and cheering when the English players in the Lions squad got named) but today we had the England squad to go to South America. So many young men who we've seen play for their clubs - or for the country at under 20s level. We predicted Iziekwe and Marchant would be in but not the Curry twins. Have identical twins ever turned out for the senior England team and will they ever do that?

I dreamed of snakes

Apr. 20th, 2017 12:46 am
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That's all I remember, snakes. I had nightmares all night and finally got out bed and went to work like by 7 AM even though class wasn't for an hour. I went to twinkleberries (the menonite run coffee shop) only to end up in a huge line of construction workers ordering frou-frou coffee drinks and I'm there, give me coffee in a bucket, that should be large enough.

And the nightmare didn't end So, how to know you're in for a brutal night of grading? Your secretary (due to site licensing the secretaries have the scantron grading software) asks you 'Doc, are you SURE you gave me the right key?' Sadly yes I had. To put this in perspective, this is the huge cranial nerve, nerve plexus, special sense lab test that they've known about since day one (including everything that was on it). My Pre-meds took this earlier in the year and the class average was nearly 90%. My nursing students, who took a more I'll come to lab if I feel like it since you're not actively grading those labs, was only 1 percent over 50% as a class average on the exact same test. Now to go see how the practical part was (labeling the eye, the brain and all 12 cranial nerves)

Got home to learn both homes I liked on Mulga road sold already. Sigh.

It looks like Maggie Stiefvater is going to do 3 novels with Ronan from the Raven Boys. Part of me is like YAY especially as he'd be a gay main character. On the other hand, Ronan is an ass. Also the series seems to be headed for TV. Here's hoping it's done well. Of course the comments are already making me scream. (some of them better be turned African American. You know, actually no, how about we leave the characters as they are written. Their ethnic backgrounds are actually part of the story already). I'll agree we could use more diversity but you don't get that by randomly changing characters gender or ethnicity. You do it by writing it in the first place (which half of us are afraid to do because we're always told we've done it wrong and are racist but of course we're also racist if we don't do it so you can't win for losing.)

And now I have to get up early tomorrow because I forgot to go get my blood drawn and my appointment is friday.

The importer has (mostly) caught up!

Apr. 19th, 2017 11:02 pm
denise: Image: Me, facing away from camera, on top of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome (Default)
[staff profile] denise posting in [site community profile] dw_maintenance
Our content importer has mostly caught up with its backlog; almost everything that's still listed as being "in the queue" are jobs that were tried, failed once or more with a temporary failure, and are waiting to try again. (The importer tries a few times, at successively longer intervals, when it gets a failure it thinks might be temporary/might correct itself later on.) This means that new imports scheduled now should complete in hours (or even minutes), not the "several days" it's been taking.

If you tried to schedule a second import while the first one was still running, at any time in the past 10 days or so, you may have confused the poor thing. If you think your import should be finished by now and it isn't, and you're seeing "Aborted" on the Importer Status part of the Importer page, feel free to open a support request in the Importer category and we'll look into it for you. (It may take a little bit before you get a response; those of us who have the access to look into importer problems have been really busy for the past two weeks or so, and I at least need a few days to catch my breath a bit before diving back into the fray! But we'll do what we can.)

I hope all y'all are continuing to settle in well to your new home!


Apr. 19th, 2017 07:08 pm
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It's my birthday. It's National Poetry month. Here, have a poem I love.

somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond
any experience,your eyes have their silence:
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
or which i cannot touch because they are too near

your slightest look easily will unclose me
though i have closed myself as fingers,
you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens
(touching skilfully,mysteriously)her first rose

or if your wish be to close me,i and
my life will shut very beautifully,suddenly,
as when the heart of this flower imagines
the snow carefully everywhere descending;

nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals
the power of your intense fragility:whose texture
compels me with the colour of its countries,
rendering death and forever with each breathing

(i do not know what it is about you that closes
and opens;only something in me understands
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)
nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands

-- >E. E. Cummings, 1894 - 1962

On their way

Apr. 19th, 2017 05:17 pm
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My brother and his wife headed out this morning to New York. They're towing a 30-foot trailer behind their truck, and plan on taking about six weeks to wend their way across the country, doing lots of sightseeing and visiting along the way.

They left me their car, a 2006 Scion xB, one of those little cars that looks like a boot. I spent some time today cleaning it up inside (it had been used to haul hay apparently, and was pretty filthy) and took it down to the mailboxes (five miles down the road to the highway) to try it out. It's a 5-speed, which is not a problem, as I've owned cars with manual transmissions before, but it has been years since I drove one, so it will take a bit of getting used to. I plan to use it for out-of-town trips, since it gets much better gas mileage than my truck. And it will be nice to have a spare vehicle, in case the truck has to go into the shop.

So now it's just me and my mom here in Tehachapi, and who knows how much longer she'll be around. She's turning 97 in a couple of weeks, and her mind continues to deteriorate, although she's still in fairly good shape physically. I never thought she'd live this long, but she keeps chugging along.

My sister-in-law wants me to go to back east to their place for Christmas, but I don't know if I'll be able to. I'm not going anywhere for more than a few days while mom's alive, but once she's gone, there's no reason I couldn't take a week or so to visit them. I really don't want to fly, though, so I was investigating the possibility of taking the train. I've always kind of wanted to take a long train trip, and Amtrak has some routes that would get me there reasonably conveniently. Can't really make any plans at this point, though. Will have to just wait and see.

I'm kind of sad but life goes on. I'm glad we had the chance to have the whole family together for these past 13 years. It would have been nice if it could have lasted, but at least we were all here for a while.

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Apr. 19th, 2017 09:51 pm
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first & last reminder for the love meme
it's gonna close soon (not tomorrow as i won't be around then... but soon)

Update (AM & PM)

Apr. 19th, 2017 07:42 pm
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Finally managed to take the first step today; though I did feel close to collapsing in on myself a couple of times at the CAB outreach. Fuzzy and weak in the legs; six hours later and I'm finally able to start focussing properly again.

Got home a little while ago; fed the cats. Still feeling a bit fuzzy around the edges, though I had a couple of chocolate bars and tea (Earl Grey; Hot ;-) ); an energy drink and a toastie. Not sure who, or what, agency is supposed to refer me to mental health services at the moment, which is a concern, but I will be contacting a group in Perth that helps people with asperger's /on the autism spectrum.

Should feel like progress, but I'm still not handling the whole thing very well, and the fuzziness is a worry.


That was just unpleasant

Apr. 18th, 2017 10:57 pm
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I'm fairly sure an ovarian cyst broke last night. There was a lot of pain and nausea. It got better by noon to just a dull bruised feeling. SIgh. Well maybe this means that my blood sugars will go back down.

And then I got a migraine.

At least I'm nearly done with my edits. I just have a bit more to add to it.

The student who lived next to me moved out and her friend, another student moved in. Head desk.

I had more to say but I'm so tired and it is gone so....

have a poem.

Poem )

Short story sale!

Apr. 18th, 2017 02:36 pm
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I got some great news today about one of my short story submissions. I'm superstitious enough that I'll hold off on specifics until the contract is signed, but watch this space.
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When that question came through from Goodreads I thought, "Nothing at all." And then I remembered my great great grandfather, who was born in 1848 (we go back a long way very quickly on the maternal line of my family.) Who his father was, we're not sure. It might have been the man his mother eventually married, who appeared to be a lodger in the house, but I have some wild theories - none of which I have any evidence for, naturally.

GGF's name was Robert Osmond (possibly Osment) Bowstead Gaff, which is an unusually elaborate name, and while Robert crops up all over the place on the family tree, the other two elements don't. I have a theory that Osmond Bowstead is the clue to my GGGF's identity. (I think Robert's mother may have been in service at some point. Did an indiscretion happen with one of the guests?)

Mystery indeed.
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 I have no idea what the occasion is, but Amazon has a sale price on The Mystic Marriage paperback that's less than the e-book price! No idea how long it will last.

Open on Sunday?

Apr. 18th, 2017 12:46 pm
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Is anyone saving open_on_sunday from lj?

Managed to find my favourite Doyle_sb4 fics, but that's another journal likely to disappear as she hasn't posted for seven years.

Lib Dems are nowhere near strong enough to challenge anyone. Labour are toast, but watch all those Tories masking as their MPs lickspittle their way behind Corbyn. The SNP are going to lose ground to the Tories in May and in June.

Fucking shits are going to get a bloody landslide.

So depressed.

What a glorious day :-(

Apr. 18th, 2017 10:45 am
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More than three hours to force myself out of the door; get to the council office to be told Welfare Rights is telephone only which, after some babbling on my part at the thought of having to deal with someone by myself over the phone, has me back out the door in under two minutes.
What the fuck am I supposed to do now?

Helloooooo Dreamwidth!

Apr. 18th, 2017 12:58 am
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I've joined the exodus to leave Live Journal and migrate over here to Dreamwidth. It took me some time to import three journals, Personal, Graphic, and Writing, but I finally did it or rather DW did it for me. Now I just have to go back and delete each entry I posted in my journals on LJ, but leave up the community so people can find out where I've gone. I still need to go into my profiles of each of my journals here and switch out all the links which I'll do eventually.

So anyway, I'm here. If we were friends on LJ feel free to friend me again.

I Spoke Too Soon...

Apr. 17th, 2017 11:03 pm
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Four of the guys who were regulars, either as substitutes or as main players, have said that they won't go forward with the team. Merek, the one with the most experience in competitive, who had gotten into ESEA open teams that were quite good, said explicitly that he wasn't going to play with the team if I wasn't playing anymore.

He said that he'd had so much experience in competitive that it wasn't about winning anymore, it was about the people he was playing with. And if they weren't fun to play with, then it wasn't worth doing. And if I wasn't going to be playing with him, then he didn't want to play anymore.

When I told Joanne that they'd had to have an ex-plat medic to replace me, she interrupted and said, "They can't replace you. No one can replace you." She was right.

And I have to hear them both... )

this is weird

Apr. 18th, 2017 12:04 am
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I got an email from a match on eharmony talking to me directly which isn't even how that works and I haven't paid for eharmony in YEARS after all they did was set me up with ultra conservative, ultra religious men 15-20 years older than me. And right after that email I got an email from eharmony itself warning me to dump the other email, that someone had hacked into that person's account. I'm thinking more than just that account was hacked.

I also had a very weird dream. Two of them. One I was in a hotel conference room with people I knew and worked with but I can't quite remember them all. Anyhow i had to take a major exam, like my medical boards. I didn't know that. I hadn't been expecting it. I was in a panic.

The second dream, I was back home outside the general store (it's long since become an apartment complex) The student who did research with me this year was with me. We were in the back room area (which had been the cold foods area when I was a child). I was confused as to why we were there or where there even was. And in the main part of the store along the wall was a make your own burger station. You were given a ball of meat and you went down the stations adding in the spices you wanted. The owner kept yelling at me I needed to try it because it was only 99c a burger which was a great deal because you were given a huge ball of meat to begin with.

My brain. it's weird.

Yes I've fallen off the poetry wagon, too many balls in the air.

i found a book on writing on amazon that was free. thought I'd share.

Fidele Chapter 18

Apr. 17th, 2017 04:48 pm
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Fidele (83859 words) by misslucyjane
Chapters: 18/?
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Original Male Character/Original Male Character
Additional Tags: Romance Novel, Paranormal, PTSD, Hauntings, Kid Fic, Drug Use

A house full of ghosts is no place to fall in love.

Malcolm Carmichael has been coping with his post-war trauma by taking lovers, teaching art to schoolboys, and trying to ignore the ghosts he sees everywhere. At the death of his mother, he realizes he wants more than just to coast on by, and leaves the exclusive school in search of something more.

Caleb Thibodeaux was so traumatized by the death of his parents in a fire that he hasn't spoken a word since. His uncle Noel hires Malcolm to be his tutor, and Malcolm discovers that Caleb is not the only Thibodeaux son with secrets. The plantation house Fidele is beautiful but haunted, and Noel is much the same.

Soon Malcolm is absorbed in protecting Caleb and Noel from threats both living and dead, and in uncovering the story of Fidele.

Read at AO3 or at jennalynnbrown.com


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