I think something broke inside me.

Jan. 23rd, 2017 09:05 pm
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Not something physical this time, more spiritual. Today was going easy as I only have one afternoon class on Mondays. L handed me a stack of curriculum vitae for the new job we're interviewing for and I came home to read them over tea.

And I broke.

It was strikingly clear I will never leave here. We have people in this stack who did their post-docs at HARVARD. We have people who have 30 conferences as a speaker and 50+ papers under their belt. My uni is a teaching school, not research. I have no conferences, no papers and even if I start writing them today (and I have, over the summer which would be done by now if my autoclave hadn't died.

It was hard enough to spend 10 years of my studying to be a doctor and have it all end with one well placed kick. I never really wanted to teach but I made the best of it and I actually do enjoy it most of the time (Once I made the mental move to accept it because this is my life now, planned or otherwise).

But man, to see how much more qualified these people are than I ever will be is a kick to the gut. Yes, we're a teaching school with an emphasis on student research NOT high powered research. How could I ever compete with these people? They have it all over me. My ONLY selling point would be that I am a teacher first, researcher second. Honestly I'm looking at these CVS going how could they possibly be happy here? THere is no way in hell they could continue their research. We don't have the means to do it.

All those hopes of finding a job back home and buying grandma's house are truly dead. I'm here in this place I don't like for life. I put my life on hold for 10 years, not dating, making minimal friends with the hope of leaving here. Maybe I should have gotten on a hiring committee earlier to know how pointless that was.

So if you're still reading this, want to help me out while I struggle to readjust my ego? I'm working on a new story, almost contemporary about an author who wants to break away from writing YA after the cancer death of his 8 year old son and a ghost hunting love interest. It's already hard to write as I've never had a child, let alone lost one so I'm not sure I can do it justice. But what I want from you all would be what would YOU want to see in a story that has ghost hunting/ghosts in it? There are TONS of ghost stories out there so I want to know what would make YOU interested in a ghost story (and if you want to make my year, want to read this by the chapter as I get them done which won't really equate to tons of time on your part as slow as I go).

Now back to figuring out where the hell the scene with moving Luc out of his Dad's place went. I've been reading since Luc's attack straight through so either I forgot to print a chapter or it went missing. Bangs head on ground.

no, you tell me

Jan. 23rd, 2017 04:34 pm
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I know part of how computers are designed and made is built on need and use. They have to figure out what the actual interfacers will want to do with the products and how they can make that happen with their current skill set, manufacturing and material. I am sure there is lots I am missing.

But I find it fascinating how much more "A.I." my devices seem to feel to me recently. Is it just me?

Like they anticipate what I will need in the near or nearer future more than ever. A more gentle way of saying, "I see you are using this product in this way more and more lately. That is great! Did you know I can help you with this? Let me show you how?"

Have they always been this way? Because it makes me laugh so much.

I've been taking a bunch of pictures on my $29 phone lately and let me tell you, they are nothing great. But I am having a blast. So, the other day, my phone is all, "Look, what I did with one of your recent pictures!!!!"

Lol. It like, blurred the edges and put a border around it. I guess, like a filter? It was hilarious. OMG. And I mean, I felt bad, because I love my cheap little phone. It lets me talk to my dad and aunts and a few other relatives and some friends in the US and Canada by text. And I can take all these pretty pics and I have a funny wallpaper of Harry Styles with his tongue out, so it looks like he is licking one of the icons. So, it makes me happy.

I did not want to be a bully to my phone. Or like, rude. So, it was all, "You wanna save my version?" Yikes. "Yessss???" Sigh.

But this is just like a while back!!! All of a sudden, out of the blue! My laptop, which is version Windows whatever is the most recent because I updated, so it is basically alive. It is all, "Hey! I made you something. Because I noticed something about you."

And I was like, ack, why do I ever look at these notifies. Now I have a present from my aware computer? Who is watching me? Okay. Just click on it. How bad could it be? Oh.

I have recently been obsessed with the band One Direction. See recent posts from er, last summer to now. And it got especially frenzied during a peak magazine spread (Another Man). So. I saved a lot of pictures to my hard drive. Er, someone's hard drive. Apparently.


Because look who made me a CUSTOM ALBUM out of the pics I had saved recently? Oh, I'm sorry, not alllll the pics, just a selected variation. Lol. But I could ttly edit them as I wished!


I rolled with it.

Cause a whole custom album of Harry Styles in sweaters and flowers and bondage gear!!!! Don't even get me started on the rest of the clothes and the hair. Our local Barnes & Noble got three copies of the issue. One other person bought two. I was lucky enough to get the other one. I had so much glee that day. I won't complain about more Harry in my life.

I consider my laptop and I to be greatest of friends. For now. You may be watching me, but I am watching you back.

(And to my phone, who will probably never see this: I'm sorry, but I will probably delete the picture you made me. Someday. But thank you!!! *kisses*)
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Today's new tag essays cover two topics in what I've grouped together as "literary relationships". That is, works where a sexual or romantic relationship between two women is either present or implied. Here's a brief summary of what's covered. (See the full essay for the list of works and the associated tag-links.)

Literary Innuendo and Flirtation

The examples in this group focus less on genuine desire between women (even in cases where gender disguise is involved) but on those where the possibility of genuine desire is acknowledged by a pretense of it or sly references. These examples include scenarios where that possibility is recognized only by the audience of the work, not by the characters within it.

Sexual Education

This is a genre that allowed the author both to write explicitly (and often pornographically) about sexual encounters between women while still discounting the importance of the relationship. In these works, one woman sexually initiates another with the excuse that she is being prepared for sexual relations with men.

Weekly Weigh In

Jan. 23rd, 2017 07:38 am
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Today: 300.4
down 19.1 lbs from my highest weight of 319.5 on November 25, 2016
down 18.6 lbs from my starting weight of 319 on July 1, 2014
average lost: 0.14 lbs/week
next milestone: 287 lbs (10% loss)

Weight's gone back down enough that I shifted the pressure in my CPAP back down half a tick. Other than that, not a lot new to report. Just keepin' on keepin' on.


Writerly Ways

Jan. 22nd, 2017 09:45 pm
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Before I get into a short writerly ways, I wanted to share this link E.S. sent me because it might be helpful to a lot of us. A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR RESISTING THE TRUMP AGENDA: Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen. I haven't looked at it much yet as today I have the brain capacity of a turnip.

Let me share what I've learned this week: If you have a large thing to edit, try to do a little every day. When I originally handed it to [personal profile] evil_little_dog & [personal profile] kiramaru7 I did it a chapter at a time sometimes with many days, if not weeks, going by. Even now I paused for two months between Nano and the holidays. Don't. I am absolutely humiliated by some of the repetition and outright mistakes in this. No wonder they said no. But you wouldn't have caught them reading it piecemeal other than a vague 'huh, this feels familiar' sense. I'm pretty upset with myself.

I'm upset also because I keep hearing how no one is buying SF/F/UF/Paranormal LGBT fic from one publisher after another. It makes me really not want to continue with this. I will because one way or another Luc and Arrigo's story will be out there.

I'm also writing a contemporary (maybe paranormal depending on how you view the reality of ghosts). It would be nice to get a beta on board for it since it will be more romancey than I usually write. Also what would YOU like to see in a ghost hunting story (It's set here in the Hocking HIlls and if you've never googled them, do. It's beautiful. I live relatively nearby. I've taken [personal profile] evil_little_dog there once and wishes she'd come back so I can show her more.

And now the writing links from Betty.

Using a calendar to storyboard (she said she's had good luck with this, it seems too organized for my brain).

Pacing and momentum

description (because I need it)

ditch the pitch (there's some good here and some irritating. Yeah who wouldn't want to meet an agent in person but the price of writing conferences make it nearly impossible for far too many of us)

subversive surprise

maintaining belief in fantasy

description podcast I need to sit and listen!

Yearly Word Count -

1812 / 100000 words. 2% done!

Splinters of Silver - editing nothing

Blood Red - Edited up to ch 28

Steampunk Holiday - did jack

Behind Blue Eyes - back burnered

Haunted Hocking

1086 / 60000 words. 2% done!

Women's March 2017 Photos

Jan. 22nd, 2017 07:50 pm
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Taken with my phone and scrunched down for the web.

Judiciary Square Metro Station, just off the train, just queuing to get up to the street. XD
Judiciary Square Metro Station, Women's March 2017

Portapotty lines on the National Mall. XD John Kerry walked by to unending cheers while we were in line, but I didn't get my phone out in time to get a good picture.
National Mall crowds, Women's March 2017

National Mall displays. Women's rights were a major theme, as to be expected, but things like the emoluments clause of the Constitution and environmentalism were also common threads.
National Mall protest displays, Women's March 2017

Scaffold camping. My impression was that the scaffolding was left over from the previous day's inauguration ceremonies and these people just climbed up on it for visibility.
Protestors on a scaffold, National Mall, Women's March 2017

Waiting for the march to start. There were more than twice as many attendees as projected, so the march got a late start as police and organizers split it up into effectively two marches. So there was a lot of milling around while that happened. You can see the National Museum of the American Indian in the background.
National Mall crowds, Women's March 2017

Wonder Woman signs were a recurring motif. I heard there were Supergirl signs too, but other than one cape I didn't see them.
Wonder Woman and women's rights are a natural combination. National Mall, Women's March 2017

Beginning to march. Going north on 3rd St, facing the Mall here. We were a little confused, as the march was scheduled to go down Jefferson, but all became clear in just a few minutes.
National Mall, Women's March 2017

"Holy crap, we're marching down Pennsylvania Avenue!" You can't really make it out in this shot, but those stands that were so empty during the inauguration? Not empty on Saturday.
Pennsylvania Avenue, Women's March 2017

Here's a zoom-in on the last shot to give a better view of the stand. All along the route these were well-populated by march supporters.
Well-populated grandstands, Women's March 2017

Pennsylvania Avenue, facing the Capitol Building. The marchers just keep on coming.
Pennsylvania Avenue, Women's March 2017

7th and Penn, still marching.
7th and Pennsylvania Avenue, Women's March 2017

14th Street, the march stops because the Ellipse is full. Facing south between Penn and F.
14th Street, Women's March 2017

The march was theoretically supposed to go to the Ellipse (a large public area across the street from the White House), but Laurie's knee was giving out at this stage, and it was just too crowded to get any closer, so we decided it was time to start making our way home at this point. We ended up walking to the McPherson Square Metro Station because we couldn't get into Metro Center from above, and riding the Silver Line to reconnect with the Red Line home. Fortunately, WMATA was in excellent form, and we actually managed to get on the next train, despite Metro Center being packed to capacity.

I have many and varied thoughts about the march, but I am glad I went, and I'm grateful to all the organizers, the millions of other people who marched worldwide, and to Laurie for getting us involved in the first place.

-The Gneech

Octavia E. Butler by Gerry Canavan

Jan. 23rd, 2017 08:00 am
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Octavia E Butler, Gerry Canavan, Earl Grey Editing, books and tea, tea and books

Published: November 2016 by University of Illinois Press
Format reviewed: E-book (mobi)
Genres: Non-fiction
Source: NetGalley
Available: Publisher (print and electronic) ~ Abbey’s ~ Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Book Depository ~ Booktopia ~ Dymocks ~ Kobo

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I began writing about power because I had so little, Octavia E. Butler once said. Butler’s life as an African American woman–an alien in American society and among science fiction writers–informed the powerful works that earned her an ardent readership and acclaim both inside and outside science fiction. Gerry Canavan offers a critical and holistic consideration of Butler’s career. Drawing on Butler’s personal papers, Canavan tracks the false starts, abandoned drafts, tireless rewrites, and real-life obstacles that fed Butler’s frustrations and launched her triumphs. Canavan departs from other studies to approach Butler first and foremost as a science fiction writer working within, responding to, and reacting against the genre’s particular canon. The result is an illuminating study of how an essential SF figure shaped themes, unconventional ideas, and an unflagging creative urge into brilliant works of fiction.

As with Letters to Tiptree, I went into this without having read any of Octavia Butler’s work (don’t worry, it’s on my list) and without even knowing a whole lot about her. I feel that approach didn’t work for me quite as well this time around.

I’d been expecting a biography. And Octavia E. Butler is a biography to some extent. However, it is equally concerned with analysing her work. Throughout the book, the author puts forward a theory unifying her work, looking in depth at her significant published and unpublished works and examining how they fit together. This necessarily reflects on her as a person–and in particular her views on humanity–but may not be satisfying for people looking for more details of her daily life. As someone who hasn’t read the stories being examined, I found it reasonably accessible, though I have no doubt it will hold much more meaning for those who have.

Despite the heavy focus on her stories, I still learned a lot about the person. I found the examination of her writing process particularly interesting. Learning about the way she would almost compulsively write many different variations of the same story was intriguing. Her preoccupation with the business side of writing  was also something I think many writers will be able to related to, even if it was amplified by her poverty. This drive to make sales is also shown as being in conflict with what she felt was her artistic integrity; she needed to sell her stories but resented making changes in order to make them more palatable to publishers or the public. Unsurprisingly, she is portrayed as a deeply unhappy person, never satisfied.

The tone tends towards academic and may be considered dry by some. Indeed, the book started to drag a little after a while.

Nevertheless, I found it an interesting read. This will probably appeal to fans already familiar with Butler’s work.

Mirrored from Earl Grey Editing.

An Interesting Read

Jan. 22nd, 2017 11:52 am
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Positively Positive: You Don't Get to be Happy and Confident by Hiding Your Light

I trusted nobody by the time I was eight. I wasn’t aware I didn’t trust anyone, but it governed everything about my life. The physical hiding very quickly become emotional hiding well before I became a teenager. As I went through my twenties and thirties I just kept re-enforcing it. The less I trusted the world not to hurt me, the more it did. And the more I hurt, the more I hid.

I was desperately lonely. I couldn’t make close friends because I was constantly thinking nobody cared about me. Of course, it was my own behaviour that kept everybody at bay. It was all my own doing, running on a subconscious loop of self-sabotage.

I thought I was desperate to be liked, but actually, I had a far greater need to be left alone. On the surface I was happy and cheerful, but deep down my subconscious was ensuring my need to be left alone was reflected in my hiding my light every chance I had.

In other news, will post my pics from the Women's March later today.

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I realised I didn't have three stories linked at the definitive Cambridge Fellows page. All amended now, to include:

Treacherous doings from St Bride’s great rival…The porters lodge – Stories from The College Next door.

A Cambridge Fellows alternative universe story, Guardian Angel.

Jonty and Orlando being their usual daft selves in Sauce for the goose
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I've chosen a snippet from Don't Kiss the Vicar as it's appropriate to the day in a number of ways.

Friday dawned bright, which it had a habit of not doing, given that it was Dan’s one proper day off. Even St Thomas’s, which suffered from being built at the height of the Victorian era, looked almost attractive, the grey church stonework gleaming where the overnight rain lingered on it. God was in his heaven and all was right with the world, although that still had to be confirmed.

St. Thomas.

The man with the doubts. The one who insisted that if he didn’t see something with his own eyes, touch it with his fingers, then he wasn’t going to believe it. Apt that Danny had ended up here, given his own uncertainties. If he didn’t see an outward proof of inward emotion, didn’t feel it with his fingers, taste it on his lips, hear it with his ears, then he had no proof that it existed.

No wonder he’d always been popular with those who struggled with their faith and found themselves living in the constant half light of doubts at war with certainties. The happy-clappy “we only have to claim the victory to have it” brigade had no patience for his qualms, but he had little time for them in return. Joy was all very well, but their terrible, shiny, plastic happiness, the ability to ignore all sorts of difficult questions and blame every bad thing on a lack of faith, did his head in.


More excerpts at the Rainbow Snippets group.
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  Mot et a Buffy fan early on. She's called Rhona, or Rona; forgot to ask how it was spelt. Hope she pops by the facebook page to check out the pic. 


  That's Leah Higgins; organiser of the march. Guy behind her is her mate Callum, who helped and the guy they're talking to, and spoke to us as well, was six years old when he lived through the Blitz in 1940. 
  Leah, btw, turned seventeen the day before. 


  Not sure you can see it properly, but the sign says The Patriarchy is for Dicks. One of my favourites of the day. 


  The only reason the orange excrescence isn't in jail is that he keeps intimidating, and buying off, his victims. Don't leave it until he's almost in his grave; prosecute the fucking ass off him while he can actually feel the punishment. 


  Wish I could have got a Pussy Hat, and I wish I could claim to be a Nasty Woman too; instead of just feeling like I'm stuck being a male who doesn't want to be a Man. 


  Colours remind me of the occasion I was at a rock club in Plymouth wearing a bright green Pakistan cricket shirt and a pair dayglo yellow cycling shorts; nothing else. In a sea of denim; black leather jackets and dresses I stood out like an overactive neon sign going BLERP! BLERP! BLERP! 


  As far as the eye could see behind; just as many in front of me, only I knew where the front was, and there were a good many people  beyond where my eye could see here. 


  We were singing We Shall Overcome hear I think. 

  Finally one I saw while on facebook this morning; from Buenos Aires. 


  Goddess grant us the strength to overcome, 


  Kerk Hiraeth 

I am impressed

Jan. 22nd, 2017 12:53 am
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With the sheer number of women (and men) who turned out for the Women's March. I'm even more impressed that it wasn't just here in America, that women around the world stood up to the threat.

I briefly considered the march but as I was telling [personal profile] evil_little_dog, I'm burned out on protesting. I'm in a place where I can't see that it helps. It's never helped in anything I've actually protested physically. We protest and nothing happens.

Obviously this is not true. There are easy examples of it succeeding. But that's what depression does. It makes everything hopeless and I am just as obviously not any less depressed than I have been, more so than usual actually. Politics have always made me anxious and depressed (even ones I agree with) so this has been a hard six months. And there is no safe refuge from it unless I go offline entirely.

And I wish I thought that today's march made a difference. I doubt those in charge give two damns (I haven't seen if the orange jizztrumpet has been tweeting about it). But that doesn't change anything. The march happened, it NEEDED to happen. Women aren't going to be thrust back to 1940 without a fight and that was made clear today.

So for all of you who marched thank you.
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 This is inspired by a discussion in the car driving back from participating on today's Women's March in Walnut Creek. (I was able to join a group of local friends to march together, which was so much more satisfying than going by myself.)

There's a lot of discussion of how progressive politics get undermined by "ideological purity" or what I've tended to call "portmanteau politics", i.e., the idea that people need to be unified on all positions in order to work together on any position. It's not a new phenomenon by any means. I can still remember back in the '70s and '80s how there were groups that felt you couldn't be a "real" feminist unless you were also a vegetarian. Or that to be truly anti-war one needed to be a complete pacifist and anti-gun. The list goes on and on. As a personal observation, it seemed as if the more closely aligned a particular social or political group was, the less tolerant they became of any remaining differences. And we see a lot of fracturing currently around priorities and intersectionalism and erasure of some of the most marginalized groups from larger movements. It is real, and it is a problem, and it should always be kept in mind.

But I'd like to look at progressive politics through the lens of the sort of conceptual category structure that I studied as part of a cognitive linguistics program. A lens that looks at categories (like "progressive politics") not as a fixed list, or a set of necessary and sufficient conditions, but as structured by things like concept-clusters and linked radial models, and fuzzy "goodness of fit" ideas.

One of the standard student exercises when I TAed classes on this material is to analyze the category "mother". Not as some sort of definitively describable set of characteristics, but in a way that captures all the different ways in which people use the word, and the ways in which they assign value to the relevant characteristics, and the ways in which the idea is extended and transferred and morphed into new uses. How do you describe the category of "mother" such that you could apply it equally validly to two individuals who share no relevant traits between them? This may appear to be a simple question, but even among the six people in the car this afternoon, it was immediately apparent that there was a diversity of opinions on which characteristics "counted most". How much more complicated is it to identify "the set of political principles that best represent liberty, equality, and justice"?

I think this is the sort of thinking we need to start bringing to the progressive movement. I think we need to construct an understanding of "progressive politics" that can see the underlying essential connections between principles, struggles, and actions even between two people who might not share any specific concern in common. I'm obviously not saying that "progressivism" can be expanded to include any sort of principle at all. Only that there are underlying connected concepts that can be found that can join people together even when they may disagree on specific actions. Identifying those connecting principles is not merely desirable, but essential, for we cannot each address every worthy goal simultaneously. And we need principles that will enable us to recognize and appreciate those who are working on a different part of puzzle, who are building a different part of the house, who may be making the dishes on which the food we are growing will eventually be served, courtesy of the labor of cooks yet to come.

These connections will involve constant negotiation and evaluation. They will almost certainly involve occasionally feeling uncomfortable with one's political bedfellows. But a successful progressive movement cannot be a fixed portmanteau of positions that one signs on to, all or nothing. That route leads only to the final schism between the last two "true progressives" once they identify the remaining issue on which they, too, disagree. 

We're Home!

Jan. 21st, 2017 06:17 pm
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It was awesome! Will post pics tomorrow. :)


Fics for 2017 #008 ~ Fanging It

Jan. 21st, 2017 07:10 pm
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  TITLE: Fanging It

  AUTHOR: kerk hiraeth

  FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (set in the 22'verse)

  CHARACTERS: Buffy Summers;

  LENGTH: 450,

  A/N: Just a Buffy POV set before the previous OC slayer/watcher fics posted yesterday. One thought though; always been uncomfortable, and very slightly annoyed and angry that so much of fandom is obsessed with who gets to 'bang' Buffy last. Why can't someone be comfortable with being on their own for a while; polyamorous, or just simply taking lovers when she wants; or needs. Or just being single for a while? Anyway, to a mature; thoughtful and pretty content with her lot General Summers; off on a busman's holiday.

     She stole a fucking steam train!

   Buffy was chuckling at the audacity of this slipperiest of new Slayers as she tramped away from the Sapling; more a tree after all these years. She'd been telling her Mom all about her for the past hour. 
   This, the first and oldest of the Slayer Central Academies; run now by the, mostly, retired Vi and Rona, was looking in good shape; though the block where her old office had been could use some repairs she noticed as she made her way; digging the keys Faith had given her out of her old leather jacket, a gift of Giles' (bit big, but she was wearing plenty of warm padding underneath it, so that was of no never mind), up the incline to the hut/shelter/garage Faith had built before they'd started migrating to where the most dangerous trouble spots were.

   Opening the doors, she entered, grateful it was daylight since the light wasn't working. She pulled the tarp from over the Indian motorbike Faith had remodelled all those years ago, and hadn't ridden since she'd turned thirty.
   Buffy checked it over; filled up with gas, and wheeled it out into the open. There was a mist coming in from the river; warnings of snow she recalled, though she planned to route herself well to the south of those worries.

   Fortunately, though it would be cold most of the way, at least; where this Slayer was headed was reported dry.

   She could hear Giles; her Mom, and Dawnie all warning in her head when she simply stowed her helmet.

     “Easy rider, B; easy rider. Let the wind take your hair, and fly.”

   She felt a melancholic twinge as that memory of Faith went through her mind. First solo ride on a bike; Triumph, as she recalled, after months of lessons from Faith and taken while she was naked, and still sweaty from sex with her ex-lover.

   She'd nothing but ex-lovers now, but felt no loneliness out of it. All were friends; scattered all over the world, and most would drop things with demur to come if she asked; even share her bed, but she found she didn't need them for that comfort anymore.

   She wondered if maybe she could take those blasted cookies from the oven.

   Shaking her hair free from its scrunchy, she ululated fit to wake the sleeping Slayers not two hundred meters away.

   Starting up her bike, she roared off towards the gates; turned left and head off towards the freeway downstate.

   Nobody could hear her, but she was laughing out loud all the way; every once in a while channelling Furiosa from that Mad Max movie Faith was obsessed with.


    Goddess watch over us all in these dark times,


    Kerk Hiraeth




Snow day

Jan. 21st, 2017 11:19 am
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I wanted to go to the Women's March in LA today, but I finally decided not to go because of this:


Got about 6 inches of snow overnight, and it's supposed to snow more later on today. I'm not so much concerned about getting down the mountain—my rule of thumb is, as long as the snow's not up to the axles, I can drive through it—but I am concerned about getting in and out of town. There are two ways in and out of Tehachapi, and the back way was closed yesterday afternoon because of the weather, leaving only the highway, which could easily end up being closed if the weather continues or causes accidents, and I really didn't want to get stuck in Lancaster or Mojave overnight if the highway gets closed. So I'm home today, safe and warm with my kitties, although I'd better get out there while there's a break in the weather and scrape the snow off my solar panels.

New Member of my Family

Jan. 21st, 2017 09:52 am
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I mentioned before that my sister got a new dog named Chloe. She brought her with her at Christmas, and much to my surprise decided that it would be better for Chloe to come live with me instead of staying with her. My sister works from 6:30 in the morning until 5 at night and is gone a lot on the weekends. I, on the other hand, am retired and I'm home most of the time. I was hesitant at first because I know my sister loves the little girl, but she made all good points about how it would be better for everyone.

Another factor was that my other dog Suki, my 8 year old Pom has been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, aka cancer. That news came at the end of November. She has an undetermined amount of time left. Except for the skin tumors, you wouldn't know she was sick. She's on meds for seizures, too, and those seem to be working. The treatment for her cancer is too extreme and difficult for a little dog according to my vet and said it's effectiveness against this form of cancer isn't really worth the pain she would go through.

So, my house now has 6 pound, 9 month old puppy who has decided that her best friend ever is Suki, who's about 3 times bigger than her. And Suki has taken to having a best buddy, too. They get along like gangbusters, playing and wrestling like crazy. Chloe follows Suki wherever she goes and Suki seems more active and happier with her little friend. So, things are working out well on that front. I'll worry about the downside of them being so close later when the inevitable happens. It could be 6 months, a year, or longer. Meanwhile, they're great company.

Here's a picture of Suki and some of Chloe. I don't have any of them together yet, but maybe later.

Suki right after being groomed.
 photo Sukiface-4-11.jpg

Chloe as a puppy:
 photo chloepuppypic_zpshqoqlc8z.jpg

Chloe as she's grown:
 photo ChloeJuly16_zpsy5yu9c50.jpg

Chloe in my sister's yard
 photo Chloe2_zpsscxdwhoj.jpg

Chloe close up
 photo ChloeJuly_27_16_zps0zc7iouz.jpg

Chloe with her ball
 photo ChloeXmas16_zpsjvvsslft.jpg

Chloe and her Christmas sweater
 photo Chloe3_Xmas16_zpsq3bzkadc.jpg

Chloe in her halter
 photo ChloeHalter2_zpsphmsvp21.jpg

So, that's the new little girl in my household. She's a terrier mix and full of all kinds of energy. She's perked up both Suki and myself.

Off to #WomensMarch

Jan. 21st, 2017 09:27 am
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Not normally a sign guy, but geez

Will be downtown most of today. If all goes well, we will be home by four o'clock. I will post when we get back.

-The Gneech

Person of Interest

Jan. 21st, 2017 07:45 pm
calissa: (Default)
[personal profile] calissa
Sahaquiel and I recently acquired Season 4 of Person of Interest. I demanded we rewatch the series before we start on S4. It had been a while since we'd last seen the show and there was a big twist in S3 that I wanted to put in context.

Spoilers ahoy )

I'm not sure what else I want to say about that. I guess I'm curious to hear from other fans about their reactions to this development. But please keep in mind I haven't seen seasons 4 or 5 and am adverse to spoilers.

And before I finish, I must say that while I love all the characters in this show, Shaw may just have to be my favourite.

No one is coming to rescue us

Jan. 20th, 2017 09:39 pm
cornerofmadness: (Default)
[personal profile] cornerofmadness
So we need to rescue ourselves. I've watched for weeks as people have screamed and flailed and otherwise wallowed in their misery about the events of today. They've already made it 1000 times worse inside their own heads. Others have done their screaming and then leapt into action. For me that is the better way. Even small kindnesses mean a lot One of my former students, now a family practice doctor related a story about an 80 something patient who lost her shoes as she was transported around the hospital. My student searched for them and her staff found them and this little old lady had her only pair of shoes returned, happier than anything to have them. It's a little thing but it matters. They add up. Ranting and blaming everyone (even if we feel like it) in the end gets us nowhere. A simple kindness makes a difference.

Today I had to have a mammogram and a pap smear (the latter but someone just learning how to do them) and that was still LESS painful than what happened down in the swamp today. But that's all I want to say about that.

And something I've feared was true. I do have a hernia and it's near the rib cage so yeah, that's probably the next surgery. Fuck you body.

Kanda is slightly better today. He did barf up his antibiotics and dinner all over my pants. Sigh.

i lost my friend last week. Today my brother lost one of his. 2017 is off to a lousy start.

Newsletter 167

Jan. 20th, 2017 08:51 pm
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[personal profile] charlie_cochrane
Greetings from a bright, sunny, blue-skied (and totally freezing) England.


An eagle eyed fan noticed that some of the links to free ficlets/missing scenes on the Cambridge Fellows page of my website were broken. They should now be all up to date.

Other news:

Five stars for Wild Bells at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.

Charlie Cochrane is one of our top m/m historical ficthttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NA785IDion authors.  Her stories center us and her characters in their era and cultures effortlessly, plunging us into the niceties of teas, obligation,and  respectability.

You can win a copy of Horns and Haloes in my Valentine's Day themed contest over at Fresh Fiction .

Who’d want to be a school governor? No pay, little thanks, plenty of red tape. And yet they’d all volunteered to be on this course. Altruistic. Or gluttons for punishment. And on Valentine’s Day, just to rub things in.
“So just work with the person next to you.”
The tutor’s words brought Jamie back to the present with a bump. Work with the person next to you to do what?
“I hope you know the answers because I’m stuck.” The bloke next to Jamie — Alex, according to the hand written sticker on his shirt — grinned and brandished a worksheet.
“I do, but only because I’ve done this bit before, on another course.” Jamie returned the smile.
“You write the answers in, and I’ll read them and try to look intelligent.” Alex’s eyes twinkled.
Why weren’t there any blokes like this on the Cattlebridge Primary Governing Body, with brown eyes lively enough to make the interminable meetings worth sitting through?
“Deal. They’ll give us an answer sheet later, anyway.” Jamie scribbled down some key words, just so it wasn’t obvious that his mind wasn’t on the questions.
“I don’t think they’ll let me have one, punishment for sneaking in late.” Alex smiled again.
Jamie filled in some more answers, trying hard not to write “Do not flirt” on the page.
What point would there be in flirting, anyway? Alex was bound to be married, with two kids in school and one more to come. Typical parent governor. The handsome ones always were.

Don’t forget:

Deadly Dames will be at Portsmouth Book Fest trying to sound intelligent and amusing on the subject of 'Nemesis with knitting needles'. Saturday 18th February,
Tickets available now! Do come and insult—sorry, consult—us.

And finally, spring must be coming – I have snowdrops. (Not that I ever planted them; these are a present from the birdies.)


Resist: It Begins Today.

Jan. 20th, 2017 12:49 pm
grey853: penguin smack (ani_penguinSmack)
[personal profile] grey853
This man will never be my president.

 photo Resist_fakePres_zpsma8i4x6r.jpg
kerkevik_2014: (Ook...)
[personal profile] kerkevik_2014

   TITLE: Desert Jazz; Provider of Woes Extreme

   AUTHOR: kerk hiraeth

   FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (set in the 22'verse)

   CHARACTERS: OC; again, see the immediately preceding stories in this series for particulars on what my muse has revealed of them thus far.

   LENGTH: 602,

   A/N: This one does specifically refer to the Slayer's age when they began their relationship, so it's worth repeating that warning. The title comes from a sense of letting this story flow from three separate sources until they finally made sense; one of them being the original title of where this began; including inspiration from the music playing when I finished it.


     She'd been fourteen; woman for years.

   He was just shy of his fiftieth birthday; newly a dead man, only uncertain of time when he'd tried to arrest her, a drunk teenager; forgetful that he was no longer a policeman. Later that night, she'd rescued him from an unseen joyrider; fast even in those pre-Powered days.

   Given a place by her fire he'd found himself unwilling to resist her when she sought comforts his moral code; anyone's moral code would have until a few days before, would have disgusted him.

   When she asked him to kneel and suck her cock; fingers entering her vagina as he did so, he found himself shocked at the lack of his previously self-assumed homophobia.

   He swallowed and she licked the residue from his lips before she fucked him to a tearful rest.


   It seemed all so long ago; long before they experienced the realities of the hidden supernatural world on a backstreet in Bolton.

   Not long after that she had felt something burn through her; screaming as she somehow managed to stop him from diving from the roof of a high rise in Leeds.

   Calm; cold fear at the loss of him too soon driving her on, she persuaded him to follow her down to the Gloucestershire woods where she had been brought up, only to find her adoptive parents long gone into the ground.


   They found a letter though; written in childish written, and expressed, Spanish, that told her of her origins in the deserts of the American South-West, brought to England by activists trying to help her birth parents escape.

   Nothing on who they'd been, or why they'd not escaped.

   Only that they'd been killed; last of their people.


   She was Native American. Apache; Ute, they had no way of knowing, but she finally had a sense of, somewhere out there, being somewhere she could belong.


   Word reached him that strangers were looking for her; people the demons who gave them shelter feared for some reason. They ran; he becoming sicker day by day, she determined to find a home of some kind; secretly already decided on finding a place to give him to the gods.

   The Great Spirit was calling her home she decided.

   He was too frail to argue; never had told her where home was for him anyway.


   As they travelled; from demon hideaway to demon safe house, he studied and learned; all he had strength left to do until a mage gave him the makings of concoctions to keep him alive. She stole until they had enough to bribe passage to Newfoundland.


   Now she was here; having got him home; her home, but just too late.

   She slowly settled down on her haunches; ran trembling fingers over his cold features, finally kneeling and letting her grief flow.


   She built a half-understood bier; drank the warmed remains of his last made coffee; ate the stew he never got to cook for her, and burned his body in a ritual more akin to his ancestors.


   Dawn rose as the flames began to die.


   She spilt her seed into the dying fire; dressed, putting on his favourite jacket, and turned resolutely towards her future, and away from the sunrise.



   Buffy backtracked her to where the remains still smouldered; giving him the burial the Slayer she had come for could not.

   She found a crucifix and mangled a few words; half-remembered from a movie, before she set off back to where she had left their new Slayer making camp.

   The girl woke with a start as Buffy dumped her backpack.


   “So... you got a name?



    Goddess watch over us in these dark times, 


    Kerk hiraeth



kerkevik_2014: (Capable catches Nux's Soul)
[personal profile] kerkevik_2014

   TITLE: How You Knew Them; This Stranger

   AUTHOR: kerk hiraeth

   FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (set in the 22'verse)

   CHARACTERS: OC; see previous stories for the particulars as they currently stand.

   LENGTH: 200,

   A/N: This double drabble is made up of very recently created material; written during the christmas break, so was not there in the original idea I had for this couple. I didn't know them as well three years ago. The tenses in the title are deliberate, before you point them out.


     She watched; eyes veiled with unsheddable tears, as he moved; seeming painfully older than his years, as he moved around setting camp.


   Fire set, he took the coffee makings from the back of the truck; setting the beans roasting before setting into preparing their supper.


   It was all so painful; slow and deliberately done. She felt every painful motion; even from this distance. Eyes dropping momentarily; not in prayer, but as a preventative; though she began to pray anyway, before she turned away and disrobed, until finally she was wearing only the briefest of clouts; for a measure of personal comfort, not discretion.


   Grimset; she started off into the dark; fiercely determined in her desire to run her grief away.


   She was already out of earshot when he felt a slow; but still sudden cold pass through him. Too late he realised the import; stumbled as he reached for the coffee pot, cutting his thumb as he rose and fell forward; almost in the same moment.

   He wanted to call her name, but it slipped his mind as he knocked the pot over the fire; snuffing out the flames before he fell into them.


   A lone Coyote cried.



    Goddess watch over us in these dark times,


    Kerk Hiraeth



Sherlock 4.2 and 4.3 Review

Jan. 19th, 2017 07:53 pm
evila_elf: (Sherlock)
[personal profile] evila_elf
Slowly working on processing things :)

Episode 4.2 )
Episode 4.3 )

Fics for 2017 #005 ~ No Platonic Love

Jan. 20th, 2017 03:34 am
kerkevik_2014: (Trans Pride)
[personal profile] kerkevik_2014

   TITLE: No Platonic Love

   AUTHOR: kerk hiraeth

   FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (set in the 22'verse)

   CHARACTERS: OC; as I have said, two drabbles ago, their names have not, as yet, revealed themselves; previous warnings apply.

   LENGTH: 100,

   A/N: This story; especially the first line was the first image I had of these two characters, more than three years ago. That story; never resolved satisfactorally, is pretty much represented in this, and those stories, immediately following.

     I'm home.

   Fighting to control his pained breaths in this oppressive, if rapidly declining heat, he could nonetheless hear her thought; see the emotion, as she stared into the desert.

   She sensed his hurt though; turned and held a hand out to him, her eyes silently asking questions of him, which he answered; ignoring his burning caplillaries.


   “I'll set camp,” brooking no argument. He felt her tense; desiring to ease his misery, but each had their pride; stubborn acknowledgment of the others; strange, masculine pride.




   “Will be ready,” she nodded; accepting.


   Turning, she sighed loudly; running into the sunset.



    Goddess watch over us in these dark times,


    Kerk Hiraeth



It's been a day

Jan. 19th, 2017 10:10 pm
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[personal profile] cornerofmadness
My vet couldn't work Kanda in until next week and since he was lying on his chair and crying last night I didn't want to wait. Hell I wasn't sure he'd even be around this morning he looked so bad. I managed to get an appt with a new vet and I did want a second opinion (okay third).

So the vet said it is a middle ear infection at the best (the ear drum is all bulged out) and probably an inner infection as well. He basically nuked it from orbit. Kanda got some meds that remain in the ear and oral antibotics and if looks could kill you'd have found my wrecked car off of I-35. He's already perking up.

Back home our next door neighbor for over 50 years died (It was expected). About an hour later, we got a call that my aunt died as well which was a bit more shocking. My dad's side of the family isn't what you'd call close (no anger involved just very insular, not good at communicating). She was my grandmother's sister in law (20 years younger than her husband). I haven't seen her in nearly 20 years so I'm not exactly heartbroken but still it's rather sad.

Fics for 2017 #004 ~ Spirited Away

Jan. 20th, 2017 03:24 am
kerkevik_2014: (Default)
[personal profile] kerkevik_2014

   TITLE: Spirited Away

   AUTHOR: kerk hiraeth

   FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (set in the 22'verse)

   CHARACTERS: Buffy Summers; Xander Harris; Faith Lehane; Kennedy; Willow Rosenberg; Rupert Giles; Riley Finn & (in abstentia) Olivia,

   LENGTH: 100,

   A/N: The title is a conscious homage to the creator of one of my favourite films; My Neighbour Totoro; the drabble is dedicated to red_satin_doll to whom I have long promised a happy ending for her most beloved character, and it is also from her pov.


     Xander at least seemed embarrassed at their failure.

   Kenn and Will stared at her; making her reflect on an inkling that the wrong word would earn them both a punch.

   Faith smirked.

   But she always smirked; her glare returned as her successor left her husband's side and went to the door.

   Too smug.

   “C'mon in, roller boy,” Faith told Rupert Giles, as Riley manouvered his wheelchair inside.

   Ignoring Faith's deliberate barb their old watcher handed her a printed email.

   From Olivia; back in the States.

   Their elusive Slayer had somehow smuggled herself into, and out of, Navajo territory.

   Heading home.


    Goddess watch over us in these dark times,


    Kerk Hiraeth



kerkevik_2014: (Bloody Colonials! by Teragramm)
[personal profile] kerkevik_2014

  TITLE: The Train Job (#2 of a series)

  AUTHOR: kerk hiraeth

  FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (AU: set in the 22'verse)

  CHARACTERS: Neither has revealed their name as yet, but one will become significant in this 'verse. One is a Slayer; recently empowered, the other; very much older, is her lover and (unofficial) watcher.

  LENGTH: 100,

  A/N: This drabble is part of two series; this series of unconnected, but thematically linked stories, as well as to the 22'verse. It follows the last story written in that 'verse, which was set on Buffy's birthday.

  WARNING: Not for this story, but the ones connected to it. There are implications, but no explicit references to what is, in most of the world, an illegal relationship in the sense that when it became sexual one of the couple was underaged. By the time this first story in their story is set though that person is older; just, than Buffy was when she graduated from Sunnydale High School. It should be noted that the relationship was always consensual, if reluctant on the older partner's part.

  Also the younger partner is Hermaphrodite, which I know is regarded as an outdated; somewhat frowned upon term, but I personally do not like the term intersex, and that is reflected in her feelings on the subject. I considered, from the creation of these characters; more than three years ago, using more modern terminology, but she; my muse, as well as the character, wouldn't let me. If that offends, I apologise, but only out of respect for your; you the reader, feelings.


   All this is well longer than the story itself, so I'd better get it down.



     “Do I what?

   He grinned, biting back whatever response he'd planned; coughed, making her frown. He looked very old of a sudden, as if The Great Spirit wrested vitality from him. His pride refused assistance, so it wasn't attempted.

   She helped him on to the footplate though.

   She knew such pride; it fueled her very spirit. Such pride prevented her abusing this power that suffused her every sinew nowadays.


   Despite him, she felt such terror it killed him.

   What poisoned his blood had done so before they met.


   Praying, she followed instruction and slowly took the train west.



    Goddess watch over us all in these dark times,


     Kerk Hiraeth



Who’s Afraid Too? by Maria Lewis

Jan. 20th, 2017 08:00 am
calissa: A low angle photo of a book with a pair of glasses sitting on top. (Mt TBR)
[personal profile] calissa

Earl Grey Editing, Who's Afraid Too? Maria Lewis, books and tea, tea and books

Published: January 2017 by Piatkus
Format reviewed: Trade Paperback, 352 pages
Series: Tommi Grayson #2
Genres: Urban fantasy
Source: Publisher
Reading Challenges: Australian Women Writers Challenge 2017
Available: Publisher (print) ~ Abbey’s ~ Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Book Depository ~ Booktopia ~ Dymocks ~ Kobo

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This review contains spoilers for previous books.

Tommi Grayson: all bark, all bite . . . and now she’s BACK!

After the worst family reunion in history, Tommi needed some space. She’s spent the last few weeks trying to understand her heritage – the one that comes with a side order of fur – as well as learning about her Maori ancestry and how she can connect to it. But she can only escape for so long.

When an unspeakable evil returns, Tommi will need every piece of knowledge and all the skills she has. With the help of allies old and new, frenemies both helpful and super-annoying, she’s going to take the fight to the enemy.

Although I had some reservations, I enjoyed the first book in this series. Who’s Afraid Too? makes an excellent follow-up, retaining what I liked about the series. Tommi remains sassy but practical. She’s a very grounded person, who knows how to have fun but is always willing to do the hard work where necessary. Nor does the story put her on a pedestal, but shows her flaws, allowing her to be hypocritical at times.

However, this is not a story for deep character studies. Most of the other characters gave the impression of being more style than substance: likeable, but I never really got to see what was beyond the surface. Admittedly, that’s a hard ask, considering the number of new friends Tommi acquires. And the importance of style was something I really enjoyed about the book. Each of the characters has their own distinct sense of fashion and there are plenty of references to music and pop culture. These are not characters that live in a bubble. Art and beauty is something that remains important to Tommi and brings a sense of balance to the narrative–she’s not reduced to being solely a werewolf but retains her interests outside of the weird world she’s joined.

Tommi’s relationship with Lorcan was also particularly interesting. I enjoyed the way the story highlighted the problem with their relationship as one of trust and not necessarily that they are mentor and student. Tommi often calls Lorcan on his mysterious bullshit; keeping things from her is not a way of keeping her safe but is actively detrimental. But there is also nuance, and Tommi is reminded that compromise is sometimes necessary.

The plot is a bit predictable in places, with the villain easy to spot. However, it is nicely paced. The sex scenes didn’t really work for me and read a little awkwardly, but the action sequences were dynamic.

All in all, I found Who’s Afraid Too? a fun read. There were a significant number of loose ends to be tied up, so I look forward to seeing a sequel.

Mirrored from Earl Grey Editing.

Win a copy of Horns and Haloes

Jan. 19th, 2017 07:38 pm
charlie_cochrane: (Default)
[personal profile] charlie_cochrane
Contest over at Fresh Fiction, runs until 8th February. As they say, you have to be in it to win it.


Needing help against the Chaos

Jan. 19th, 2017 07:57 am
valarltd: (chaos)
[personal profile] valarltd
 My Nitro blew a head gasket.

This is a $2500 repair. I've raised $300, which helps.

But this is where I ask you, my friends and readers, to check out my
Etsy Shop

Pretty jewelry, luscious soap, nice things to keep you schmoopy warm for Valentine's...

Or over at http://brooksandsparrow.com, all eBooks are 99c.

Here's how this works:
1) You go there and decide what you want.
2) you send the money by paypal to valarltd@yahoo.com. In the comments you list the titles you want, and your email.
3) I send you pdf files.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Jan. 19th, 2017 07:50 am
valarltd: (Default)
[personal profile] valarltd
 Yesterday was a busy day.

First thing, I went and took my passenger and schoolbus endorsement tests.
I passed!. Maybe not with flying colors, but i passed!

Then I had to drive. I drove 250 miles to get everything done. I went to Jonesboro (I had left my CDL packet in my Nitro, like a goof) and got my CDL packet. No official estimate yet.

Then I drove another hour to Newport and found the testing office, way back in a cornfield accessible by a couple of gravel roads.
They did my paperwork and sent me on my way.

I went to Wynne and Forrest City on Action Link business.
I got back to town with half an hour before the revenue office closed.
I forgot to take my birth certificate!
So, this morning, I am taking everything in and getting my new license.

I am also mailing about 6 packages.My etsy supporters are generous.
The rough estimate on the car is $2500. I've raised about 325.

If anything Kanda's worse

Jan. 18th, 2017 10:58 pm
cornerofmadness: (Default)
[personal profile] cornerofmadness
So I'll be calling the vet tomorrow. One of the vets I know (who sadly isn't near me) said some cats are allergic to fish and I have noticed his ear troubles started soon after I put him on the wet food. Well fuck.

As for me, this morning started with me not remembering breakfast so I rolled into the coffee shop on the edge of campus and one of the other biology profs (and a student was there too) was there and the barista told us they now have 20 oz cups. We squeed in unison (the student laughed at us).

I went to the endocrinologist. Good news is the coritsol test is normal, my blood sugar is neither improved nor worsened. He has no idea why I suddenly gained 15 pounds nor why I'm constantly hot (I plan to ask the ob/gyn on friday). He had a student with him and he actually did a thyroid exam (im like really? You NEVER do this). The bad news is he was just promoted to administration and will only be seeing patients once a week and there aren't plans to hire another endo. That sucks it.

Star Wars Half Marathon

Jan. 18th, 2017 04:44 pm
codyne: Red running shoes (red shoes)
[personal profile] codyne
So, I did a thing.

Star Wars Half Marathon Finisher's medal

I ran the Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon. I've wanted to run one of the Disneyland Half Marathons for quite a while, but always hesitated because they've got a strict time limit of three and a half hours, and I was never sure I'd be able to finish within that time. I know I am capable of running a 3:30 hour half marathon, but whether I can do it on any particular day is iffy. But after doing a personal best of 3:16 in my previous half marathon, I decided to give this one a go.

My training did not go well. Started off by falling off the back of my truck and twisting my knee, which resulted in missing a full two weeks of training near the beginning. Well, I said to myself, I'll be okay as long as I get back on schedule and get the rest of my training in. Then proceeded to miss days and weeks all through the rest of my training, due to bad weather, being busy with holiday preparations, and just general lack of motivation. Two weeks before the race I felt very unprepared — I'd done a 14-mile training run, but I was slow and suffering various pains and stomach troubles. Half thought about just going to Disneyland for the weekend to play and forgetting about the race. But I decided that as long as I was going, I would run, and do the best I could, and if I finished, yay! and if I didn't finish, oh well. Better luck next time.

I did knuckle down and got in every one of my training runs for the last two weeks. Then off I went to Disneyland for what I hoped would be a fun weekend, if nothing else.

Started off with a not-so-great drive down on Friday. Left my house at 11 AM, picked up my friend at the Burbank airport, then proceeded to sit in stop-and-go traffic the rest of the way there. Didn't get to the hotel until nearly 5 PM. Woke up Saturday with a vile headache and queasy stomach, and eased gingerly through the day, which at least allowed me to go to bed early and get a reasonable night's sleep before race day.

Then I got up Sunday at 3:30 AM feeling rested and clear-headed, got ready and went off to run, and had a great race! Finished in 3:22:53, which is my second best half marathon time, and pretty impressive considering all the lapses in my training.

Also had a great time at Disneyland and California Adventure!

I posted a picture report of the race at my marathon website.
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[personal profile] kerkevik_2014




Fic - Bryn Celli Ddu

Jan. 17th, 2017 10:35 pm
cornerofmadness: (Default)
[personal profile] cornerofmadness
Title – Bryn Celli Ddu
Author-- [personal profile] cornerofmadness
Disclaimer – Russel T. Davies owns all
Rating – PG 13
Characters/Pairing – Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones
Word Count – 410
Warning – none
Summary –Jack and Ianto have aliens to fight.
Author’s Note – Written for [personal profile] auroracloud, for [community profile] fandom_stocking 2016 and for the prompt ‘twilight’ for [community profile] allbingo.


Bryn )


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