Date: 2012-01-01 11:15 am (UTC)
Great info, Elisa and I did enjoy the reviews. I've only read "The Beauty of Men" and found it incredibly difficult to finish, not because it was bad, but because there was so much to think about as I read.

It is a book about ageing as much as anything and the closeness of mother/son relationships.

Also, having had a fair bit to do with people in nursing homes, I found that aspect very close to the bone, but the really tragic part is the loss of life to AIDS.

I remember reading the description of his encounters in the bath house post AIDS epidemic and that of Dirk Vanden's in the "All" trilogy (pre AIDS:

In Dirk Vanden's time:
"Here there were dozens of men wandering around, most of them young, and many of them very attractive, manly-looking, well-muscled, with white towels narrowly wrapped around trim tanned waists. One or two I saw were clean-shaven and short haired, but most of them had long hair, moustaches, sideburns, many with full luxuriant beards.

While in Holleran's book, the middle-aged Lark describes it thus:
"Driving to the baths in 1983 was like going to Valhalla, he thinks as he walks down the hall. Going to the baths in 1995 is like driving to have his tires rotated and oil changed."

Lark's absolute dejection and depression comes through so starkly. HIs almost love/hate relationship wth his mother and the guilt there on so many levels.

I must see if I can get a hold of "Dancer from the Dance".

After reading "The Beauty of Men" though I can see why the younger gay generation wants books with love and happy endings. It's a pity so many men in real life missed out on that.

thanks again

PS I wonder why he hasn't issued his books as ebooks as well?
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