I tried to leave my comment with my name but hit return at the wrong time. I am proud to have my comments added to your tribute to one of the greatest influences of my life, John Rechy. I feel like he lives very near to me, never was he very far from my ideals, my ordeals, my explorations. I thought of and think of John Rechy as a shaman almost, taking the raw materials of what so many saw as thrown away debris of unwanted lives, and celebrated it with songs of the night. The true music of the night...I still see John Rechy's smile, and know he listens to our poems. It is a happy day, his birthday. To his tribute: He took his early earnings from CITY OF NIGHT and built his mother a home. He visited her there. This says it all. He was such a good man. A man with vision beyond his time. He is a Genet to me! Happy Birthday John Rechy! -- Roy Chaudoir roychaudoir@me.com
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