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Gordon Heath was an African-American actor and musician who narrated the animated feature film Animal Farm (1954) and appeared in the title role of The Emperor Jones (1953) and Othello (1955), both live BBC telecasts, respectively directed by Alvin Rakoff and Tony Richardson. Heath found racial and sexual attitudes in Europe to be more tolerant than in the US, particularly regarding his white boyfriend, Lee Payant. The two had met in America in 1947. Payant was an actor and film director perhaps best known for voicing the title role of the 1960s TV serial The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe in English. Heath and Payant settled in Paris and operated a Left Bank café in Paris, France, called L'Abbaye where many of the duo's folk albums were recorded and released on various international labels including Elektra Records. Payant died of cancer in 1976. Heath died in Paris after a lengthy illness in 1991. His memoirs, Deep Are the Roots: Memoirs of a Black Expatriate were released in 1992.

Timeline & Places:

• 1924: born.

• 1949 to 1976: owned the Cabaret de l’Abbaye, 6 Rue de l'Abbaye, 75006 Paris, Francia, with Gordon Heath

• December 14, 1976: died.


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