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I wasn’t really familiar with the two plays by Shakespeare, The Twelfth Night and The Merchant of Venice, and so I have never realized the similarities between the two Antonios, both of them willing to help their friends to a level that will put at risk their own lives. But these two Antonios, even if one of them is even the one giving the title to the play, The Merchant of Venice, for a reason or the other are not who most people remember, and maybe that is the reason why Gil Cole decided to give them the center role for once, and imagines they are the same person, moving from town to town and from lover to lover. The author says this is a romance, and well, like in all respectable romances there will be an happy ending only that I bet most of you will not be able to pinpoint which romance will succeed.

Antonio moves from adventures to adventures, changing faces, cities and destinies, but always remaining faithful to himself and his desires; Antonio and his story blends in a perfect way with the times and customs, and even if his story is fiction, that is not the same for the setting, that is well-developed and believable. This is an example of the best historical novel, in which the reader will have the chance to enjoy the fictional story of the characters while experimenting the real history of those times.

Antonio’s first love is Franceschino, but then he will meet Rodrigo and Bassanio, and each one of these men will mark a moment in Antonio’s life; even that is part of the love story, cause in the long life of a man not always the first love will be the forever one… unless this is a romance, and well, the author wanted to preserve at least one of the unwritten rules of romance. So yes, Antonio will have to wait, and going through a lot of perils, but there is an happily ever after waiting for him.

Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Chelsea Station Editions (March 7, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937627012
ISBN-13: 978-1937627010
Amazon: Fortune's Bastard
Amazon Kindle: Fortune's Bastard


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