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Folkerts participated in the Gay Games 2002 in Sydney and won a silver and bronze medal in the swimming relay. In the single competition she was disqualified because of a false start. In July 2004 she won a bronze medal at the EuroGames in München.

On the stage, in 2005 and 2006 she was the first woman to play Death in Hugo von Hofmannsthal's version of Everyman, Jedermann, at the Salzburg Festival.

In 2005 Ulrike Folkerts published her first book titled "Das macht mich stark", which is an autobiography.

Ulrike Folkerts (born 14 May 1961 in Kassel, Hesse, Germany) is a German actress. She is most famous for playing police officer Lena Odenthal in the German crime television series Tatort. In 2005 Ulrike Folkerts published her first book titled "Das macht mich stark", which is an autobiography. In October 2008 Folkerts, together with her partner Katherina Schnitzler, published her second book: "Glück gefunden" (Happiness found). Folkerts and Schnitzler currently live in Berlin.


Further Readings:

Glück gefunden: Die beliebte Tatortkommissarin skizziert ihren Weg zum Glück von Ulrike Folkerts
Publisher: Edition Braus
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