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And The Dorien Grey Award goes to:

1.    Model Citizen by Lissa Kasey
Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 22, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1634761308
ISBN-13: 978-1634761307
Amazon: Model Citizen
Amazon Kindle: Model Citizen

Oliver “Ollie” Petroskovic’s life as an international supermodel was heading in the right direction. He worked part-time for his brother at his detective agency―Petroskovic Haven Investigations―and had just bought his dream house. But all that changed when he found his brother dead, a victim of PTSD-induced suicide.
Almost a year later, Ollie is trying to keep his brother’s business afloat, but can’t get his PI license. Then his brother’s best friend, Kade Alme, shows up, fresh from the battlefield after a close brush with death. Kade is looking for a new life, in more ways than one, and with PI license in hand, he’s exactly what Ollie needs to keep PHI running.
When one of Ollie's childhood friends gets in trouble, Ollie feels he has to help. Kade insists on investigating if only to keep Ollie safe. Neither realizes the danger they’re in as someone tries to tear them apart before they can find solid ground together.
Well written mystery with lovable characters. Just enough angst to keep things interesting.  I couldn't stop reading.
Totally fresh and original characters. Engaging mystery. Strong, interesting writing style.
If you like mysteries then you really need to give this story a chance.  I was pulled in right from the beginning by both the characters and the mysteries woven through the story.  There are several OMG moments and I was surprised by how everything played out.  This is one story that would make a great series, and I plan on re-reading it soon.
A deliciously plotted murder mystery with a great cast of characters and believable relationships.

Runners Up:
2.    Blood and Dirt by Lloyd A. Meeker   
3.    Fragmented (Shadow Mountain #2) by Indra Vaughn   
4.    Heat Trap by JL Merrow   
5.    One Marine, Hero by EM Lynley   
6.    Jewel Cave by Elizabeth Noble
24-Karat Conspiracy (Precious Gems #4) by EM Lynley   
7.    Infected: Paris by Andrea Speed
The Best Corpse for the Job by Charlie Cochrane
Sunset Island by Elliott Mackle
Redemption (Diversion #5) by Eden Winters
8.    Boystown 7: Bloodlines by Marshall Thornton   
9.    Fated (Shadow Mountain #1) by Indra Vaughn
10.    Manipulation (Diversion #4) by Eden Winters

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