GND Is Not Going to Save Us

Apr. 26th, 2019 12:03 am
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My local DSA mailing list shared this article: Between the Devil and the Green New Deal: We cannot legislate and spend our way out of catastrophic global warming.

It's got a lot of details, and I expect some readers will get caught up in those details, and insist that the article is flawed because he ran the numbers wrong, because renewables are more efficient than he claims, or because he's missing the point of how much various economies will change if their power sources switch from oil/coal to wind/solar. But the core of the argument is this paragraph:
To replace current US energy consumption with renewables, you’d need to devote at least 25-50 percent of the US landmass to solar, wind, and biofuels, according to the estimates made by Vaclav Smil, the grand doyen of energy studies. Is there room for that and expanding human habitation? For that and pasture for a massive meat and dairy industry? For that and the forest we’d need to take carbon out of the air? Not if capitalism keeps doing the thing which it can’t not keep doing—grow. The law of capitalism is the law of more—more energy, more stuff, more materials. It introduces efficiencies only to more effectively despoil the planet. There is no solution to the climate crisis which leaves capitalism’s compulsions to growth intact.
Emphasis added. This is the heart of the problem of capitalism: the idea that there will always be "more" in the future: more resources, more people to exploit them (or manage them, if we're being generous), more space for people to occupy, more money for them to spend, which only needs to be appropriately allocated for everyone to have enough to be comfortable.

There's some truth to that, depending on one's definition of "comfortable." But not if the definition includes the current US urban lifestyle; it's not just the power source of our lights and fans and cars that are unsustainable.

Not the first time I've seen these ideas. )

Daily Happiness

Apr. 26th, 2019 12:06 am
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1. Managed to get home from work at a decent time tonight, plus tomorrow is my day off, yay!

2. On Monday I have to go help out at one of the other stores for middle of the night renovations (9:30pm to 6am) which is going to throw my schedule all off and kind of suck and even though I'm taking Tuesday off to get some sleep, I think I'll still feel like I didn't really get a day off there, so I'm going to try and take a short day on Sunday if possible.

3. I made ramen for dinner tonight and it was so tasty.

4. The cats all love this box so much, but especially Molly. I guess it's here to stay. (I've drunk all the Monsters that originally came in it, but whenever I buy more I just put them in there with the cats. Might as well use it.)

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Tonight I went to hear Nathan Ballingrud and Paul Tremblay read at Pandemonium Books & Games; they were great, I got signed copies of Nathan's Wounds: Six Stories from the Border of Hell (2019) and Bracken MacLeod's 13 Views of the Suicide Woods (2017), and a man in the audience recognized me from my jacket photo (and then said nice things about my writing), which I was not expecting. I had hoped to come home and write about a movie, but in fact my brain appears to be toast, so I am sitting on the couch beside a dozing Autolycus, discussing horror movies with [personal profile] spatch. I am not confident that I am really equipped to fill out the meme about horror movies that's been going around my friendlist on Facebook, but I have decided to give it a shot anyway.

Horror Movie I Hate: Motivational Growth (2012). It took me forever to remember it, in part because I have been fortunate enough to see very few movies in any genre that I truly hate and I suspect in part because I had repressed the experience, but we were subjected to this 104-minute exercise in pseudo-existentialist audience exhaustion as a last-minute, four a.m. replacement for The Hands of Orlac (1924) during SF37 and even Jeffrey Combs voicing a sentient blob of black mold could not save it. It just kept not stopping. Rob refused to leave the theater because he was afraid that if he didn't see it end, it might never be over. I feel bitter about missing out on Conrad Veidt to this day.

Horror Movie I Think Is Overrated: I do not generally find it useful to think of a film as overrated when all that means is that other people like it more than I do, but I did not enjoy An American Werewolf in London (1981) at all. It had been talked up to me as a comedy; it upset me badly with its gross-out effects, its protagonist's terror, and its bloody ending; I was watching it with someone who loved it; it was awkward all round.

Horror Movie I Think Is Underrated: I don't think I can cite Jennifer's Body (2009) since that film currently seems to be undergoing a renaissance, so on the grounds that I still find myself recommending it to people who have never heard of it, let's say Demon (2015). It remains the best dybbuk film since Michał Waszyński and it's even on Kanopy.

Horror Movie I Love: Psycho (1960). Much to my surprise. I didn't think I would hate it when I finally managed to see it in an irony-free environment, but I didn't think I would watch it three times in the same forty-eight hours. I still haven't managed to write about it because I loved it so much; some movies I can't stop talking about, some I don't know where to start. It's like I'm afraid of getting them wrong. I suspect this of being some permutation of Tiny Wittgenstein, but it's kept me from writing about more than one film for years. Psycho is not at the top of the list, but it's frustratingly included.

Horror Movie I Could Watch on Repeat: I have watched The Legend of Hell House (1973) at every possible opportunity since being introduced to it and expect to continue to do so, partly for its parapsychological weirdness, partly for its radiophonic soundtrack by Delia Derbyshire, greatly for Roddy McDowall. I love that it is explicitly a Christmas movie. I love that its ending goes so far over the top that one of my other favorite character actors cameoing as a corpse registers with a shrug of sure, why not? while still being emotionally poignant to me. Besides, it got into my fiction while I was asleep.

Horror Movie That Made Me Fall in Love with Horror Movies: Arsenic and Old Lace (1946). I do not think that I ever actually saw a single movie that made me fall in love with horror movies, especially since there are so many different kinds of horror movie and I have an evident affinity for some and a much more tenuous relationship with others, but if I had ever been tempted to say categorically that I didn't like horror movies, early imprinting on Peter Lorre's Dr. Einstein would have demonstrated otherwise. When my husband just now told me he was about to microwave a pizza instead of putting it in the oven, I responded instinctively, "Oh, Johnny, not the Melbourne method." If you would prefer a less funny answer, Cat People (1942).

Horror Movie That Changed My Life: Shaun of the Dead (2004), although technically it was an on-set photo that did it. I found one character's death scene so emotionally upsetting, it really helped to find a production photo afterward in which the actor looked at most mildly dubious about his violent and wrenchingly mistimed disemboweling. I don't want to say that I had never thought about practical effects before that, because I have written proof that I did, but I think I thought about them differently afterward. It's been useful.

Guilty Pleasure: I have no movies I feel bad about liking! If I have to pick one that sounds unlikely, Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) is a deliberately, splatterily over-the-top Goth-punk neo-Jacobean Grand Opera Guignol and I own both the DVD and the soundtrack. I think I was supposed to like it ironically, but unfortunately I tend to like things either unironically or not at all, so here we are.

[personal profile] strange_complex linked me a Twitter thread on the Great Selkie of Sule Skerry. That's one of the oldest songs I can remember knowing; my mother used to sing it to me as a lullaby. I wonder if there are any selkie horror films. Stolen skins would do it.

(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2019 10:34 pm
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Swords Dance (2146 words) by AlexSeanchai
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug
Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir
Additional Tags: Nonbinary Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Trans Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Aged-Up Character(s), First Time, Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs, Outdoor Sex, Mutual Pining, Misgendering, Community: dick_or_treat
Series: Part 1 of Pound (It)

Adrien catches their hand. "What are you doing?" he whispers, and Ladybug looks up: darkened eyes, flushed face, wrinkled brow. Like he wants them. But he's not quite sure.

"I heard you playing Fuck Marry Kill," Ladybug says, pitched low and with a slow smile. (It's true; Marinette did.) "I heard you want to fuck me."

Adrien sputters a moment, and looks up and west, biting his lip, and down at them again. "Are you offering?"

"Well," says Ladybug, and moves to lift their hand away from his hipbone. "If you don't want to..."

(Three minutes.)

Thought to Speech

Apr. 25th, 2019 11:45 pm
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Scientists have succeeded in producing intelligible speech from brain signals routed through a simulated vocal tract.  This may lead to technology for restoring speech to people who have lost theirs.

I wonder if this could help certain types of nonverbal condition where the thoughts occur but do not make it all the way to audible speech.  It wouldn't help the kinds where someone doesn't naturally think in words or is too overwhelmed to formulate thoughts.  It might also release jammed thoughts, but that's ... not always safe.

Pillowfort Is Hiring

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:05 pm
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Pillowfort is looking for a Moderation Manager, Web Developer, and Graphic/UI Designer.

Mod Manager: "passionate about online safety and protecting users to help us with moderation duties, and building a team of volunteer moderators. Previous experience moderating online communities is a must."

Web Dev: "well-rounded Web Developers to help Pillowfort become a first-class platform. ...some professional experience in front-end and back-end web development... You must be familiar with Ruby on Rails and Javascript. AngularJS experience is a plus but not a must."

Graphics: "experienced Graphic/UI Designer to assist us with a site-wide redesign over a period of several months. Proficiency in visual design and wire-framing tools is a must."

I wonder how much experience they're talking about. )
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ANYA: A year and a half ago, I could have eviscerated him with my thoughts. Now I can barely hurt his feelings. (Sighs) Things used to be so much simpler.
SPIKE: (wistfully) You know ... you take the killing for granted. (Anya nods nostalgically.) And then it's gone, and you're like, "I wish I'd appreciated it more." Stopped and smelled the corpses, you know?

~~Where The Wild Things Are~~

[Drabbles & Short Fiction]
[Chaptered Fiction]
[Images, Audio & Video]
[Reviews & Recaps]
[Fandom Discussions] [Articles, Interviews, and Other News]

Avengers Endgame no spoilers

Apr. 25th, 2019 10:22 pm
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 One of the best movies I've ever seen. And hooboy I'm so emotional. Movies generally don't stick with me like this. Happy, sad, elated, depressed. It's so much.

There were a couple things I didn't love, and I'm sure with rewatching I'll find things I hated. But right now I feel sort of burned up inside.

One thing I saw coming from way back in Winter Soldier, but just assume it was wishful thinking, one thing I saw coming as soon as the teams were setup, and one thing I was so afraid of happening, but didn't honestly think it ever would.

I will tell you though, there is no tag endings in this one. I think because they really try to cover that for everyone before the credits even roll.

Stan Lee's cameo was fun and bittersweet, but honestly much too short in my opinion.

I'm sure everyone here will see it, but I highly recommend seeing it ASAP, because if this gets spoiled for you, it will really suck bad.

yasaman: Natasha Romanov from the Avengers movie franchise looking down while shit explodes behind her (natasha motherfucking romanov)
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I am trying very hard to stay unspoiled for Avengers: Endgame before I see it on Saturday night, and wow, that is turning out to be VERY HARD.

I'm not trying to stay unspoiled out of any feeling that the movie will be RUINED!! if I know what happens in it. Generally speaking, I'm not actually a spoilerphobe and will cheerfully read recaps of show episodes I haven't watched yet or whatever. But with Endgame, I emphatically DO NOT WANT spoilers, for wholly personal emotional reasons. Like, I KNOW if I spoil myself, I will just find it unpleasant, because I will work myself up about a likely decontextualized, incomplete piece of information that once I actually see it in the movie, will work out just fine in the movie's broader context. Also, I want to have my first, unmediated emotional responses to the movie during the movie itself, not when I'm mentally taking apart whatever bit of information I find out before even seeing the whole movie. (I know some people are the exact opposite: they want to have the first emotional response before seeing it, but different strokes for different folks.)

In all the talk of avoiding spoilers and how avoiding spoilers is ruining film that's floating around the internet, I'm kind of interested in the air of weird dread/anxiety around Endgame, and I'll be interested to see if the series of finale of Game of Thrones ends up being similar. Because I think a big part of the weird dread is in fact a form of FOMO, where people want to see Endgame ASAP so they can participate in the cultural and social conversations around it right away. Social media makes everything fast paced, to the point where someone seeing Endgame next weekend might well feel like all the best and most immediate conversation and hot takes passed them by, never to return. But I think the dread and anxiety from MCU fans specifically is coming from a somewhat different place. Like, sure, we're all worried about our faves dying. (At any given moment, I waffle between 60%-90% sure Steve Rogers is going to die, and I'm Upset about it.) But more than that, I think a lot of us have weird, ambivalent, or sad feelings about how this is the end of an era. We've spent ten years watching these movies, and that's a lot of investment. To come to the fairly definitive end of Phase Three of the MCU is kind of a big deal, like reading the last Harry Potter book kind of big deal.

Personally, I'm kind of like, "I'm not ready to let go!!!" while also simultaneously being like "oh my god just give me an ENDING, for SOMETHING." I see a lot of people out there doing their best to project Ironic Distance from their feelings about this movie, and like, I tire of it. I am hype, and I am invested, and despite knowing that the movie will undoubtedly deeply disappoint me in one way or another, I'm not really in the mood for seeing people having cynical responses.

All that said, the MCU has me for the foreseeable future because: 1) FALCON AND WINTER SOLDIER SHOW YESSSSSSSSSSSS; 2) more Black Panther; and 3) more Captain Marvel.

Anyway, if anyone who's seen Endgame would like to advise me about good bathroom break opportunities during its ludicrous three hour run time, in the least spoilery way possible, that would be much appreciated. I do not care at all about Hawkeye, especially not when he Looks Like That, so let that guide your suggestions. (I already know there's no mid or after credits scene.)


Apr. 25th, 2019 08:12 pm
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Turns out my alternator was fucked.

The other weekend, Belovedest had made paired appointments for us at their mechanic. The car had become inoperative after the last battery replacement and attempt at emissions testing (which failed due to a sudden check engine light).

The symptoms were similar, and indicated that this new battery was not serving up enough electrons to turn on the "door open" light, let alone turn over the engine.

Adventur, ending in mechanic. )

The car was ready the next morning. I paid for the fix and started it with some trepidation.

It started. It ran.

It shifted into gear without a flicker.

I drove home on surface streets, carefully but with increasing confidence.

Next, we're looking for a day when my brain, health, and sleep cycle will allow me to venture forth to start on the paperwork to allow me to move it in order to get the next emissions test.


(no subject)

Apr. 25th, 2019 09:53 pm
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1. The problem with having too many books on my Kindle, is it really hard to find books on the dang thing, unless you know the title. Also, a lot of these books have variations on the same title -- making me wonder about some ahem, writers, ability to come up with innovative titles. (I'm looking at you, romance novelists. It's not that hard. I've come up with three titles that very few people have used. Clue? The words: Duke, Earl, Marquess, Her, His, Raven, Tower, Highlander, Love, Heart, Wicked, Temptation, Desire, Secret, Bride, Wedding, Gift -- have all been OVERUSED!)

The book that I was looking for and finally found by hunting down Smartbitches Kindle Deals? Wake of Vultures by Lila Bowen.

Nettie Lonesome dreams of a greater life than toiling as a slave in the sandy desert. But when a stranger attacks her, Nettie wins more than the fight.

Now she's got friends, a good horse, and a better gun. But if she can't kill the thing haunting her nightmares and stealing children across the prairie, she'll lose it all -- and never find out what happened to her real family.

It's basically Buffy meets Winona Earp in the Old West.

I've decided I have burned out on romance finally. The last one? Midsummer Moon by Laura Kinsale -- did not work for me. Read more... )

I think I'm tired of flighty heroines who need men to rescue them. Why. Just Why. So off to read a book about a heroine who slays demons in the old west.

2. Hee, after much searching, I found a decent site that rates television sets in a logical manner without ads or subscription fees.

Consumer Reports -- while useful, is a subscription service and expensive, if you are planning on using it only once and just to buy a tv. In order to get any information -- you have to become a member. It has no ads, because it makes everyone who obtains information from it -- PAY FOR IT. It's just like HBO or Netflix.

Which is fine, if you don't just want to find a tv for one year and won't use it again for another say thirteen years. They do provide a useful buying guide -- which Amazon linked to. It's mostly a salespitch for their service. (Note, I refuse to subscribe to any website on the internet for information. I subscribe to the New York Times -- mainly in an attempt to support a free press. Also, I want to check out what I'm getting before I pay for it. They should provide free access a couple of times, then make you subscribe.)

I'm somewhat pissed off at them. I'd rather they had ads, then charged subscription fees. Even the NY Times allows you to try a few articles out first. It doesn't help that I licensed their content in the 1990s for evil reference company, and looked through their guide (when they were still free of charge online) to buy the last tv. Because they were the only game in town back in 2006. There was nothing else. Now, they have really stiff competition. Tee Hee.

Ratings.Com - No ads. And provide links to prices.


Sometimes I love capitalism and the internet -- lots of choices.

Fun Times Today!!!

Apr. 25th, 2019 09:55 pm
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[personal profile] squidgiepdx and I committed original comment fic here! What a fun day! And many thanks to [personal profile] esteefee for hosting us.

Social Media Manifesto and Call to DW

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:49 pm
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I got this from [personal profile] devilc and I'm sharing it here: the link to Social Media Manifesto and Call to DW.

language language practice practice

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:02 pm
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(Still sick. Can handle small quantities of solid food now, yay progress?)

Cymraeg, a Jedao and Cheris dialogue:

Jedao: Noswaith dda, Cheris!
Cheris: Noswaith dda! Dych chi'n wedi mynd i'r gwaith?
Jedao: Ydw. Dw i'n mwynhau gweithio ynghanol y gofod. A chi?
Cheris: Dych chi'n dod o Efrog Newydd?
Jedao: Nac ydw, dw i'n dod o Eshpatan. Dw i'n mynd i prynu menig da iawn heno.
Cheris: Dych chi'n gwisgo menig eisoes!
Jedao: Ond dw i eisiau menig heb fys!

[I'm really covering for the fact that I have not figured out how the !@#$!@#$ third-person conjugation works in Welsh at all, since it just came up in Duolingo like a week ago. I can make I-statements and formal you-statements right now. Everything else is a Mystery.]

Français, a Jedao and Cheris dialogue:

Jedao: Bonsoir, mon amie!
Cheris: Pardonnez-moi, je ne suis pas votre amie, monsieur. Je suis seulement une Kel.
Jedao: Mais j'aime beaucoup les oiseaux.
Cheris: Hélàs, je n'aime pas les goupils qui parlent avec les mots faciles.
Jedao: Est-ce que tu as vu les gants sans doigts noires? J'ai perdu les miennes.
Cheris: Où pouvons-nous chercher les bonnes gants?
Jedao: À Paris, bien sûr! Toutes les vêtements excellents sont en Paris.

Deutsch, a Jedao and Cheris dialogue:

Jedao: Guten Abend, Cheris! Was suchst du nun?
Cheris: Ich brauche ein Raumschiff.
Jedao: Na klar, ich auch! Vielleicht können wir zusammen gehen, wenn wir ein Raumschiff finden.
Cheris: Nein, danke. Ich will allein gehen.
Jedao: Aber wir sind Freunde!
Cheris: Sie sind meinen Kommandant! Es ist unmöglich, dass wir Freunde sein können.
Jedao: Ich habe eine Idee. Ich werde die Armee aufhören!
Cheris: Ich denke, dass Sie können das nicht tun...

[Help, what is syntax even...]

한글, a Jedao and Cheris dialogue:

재다오: 안녕, 채리스야! 오늘 무순책 읽어?
채리스: 안녕하세요, 재다오대군! 저는 책많이 안읽는데 텔레비전에서 만화를 뵙니다.
재다오: 어떤만화?
채리스: 노래와춤추는만화입니다.
재다오: 나 노래불를까?
채리스: 제발 하지마시오. 곡을 부를 수는 없습니다.

[I had to Google Translate "you sing out of tune."]

日本語、a Jedao and Cheris dialogue:


[Oof, I am done languaging for tonight, especially since I keep suspecting that Google Translate is giving me really informal translations when I try to look things up for help.]

Facebook and the MCU - April/May 2019

Apr. 25th, 2019 09:16 pm
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Effective tonight, I'm skipping Facebook for a few days...or until I see Avengers: Endgame. Whichever elapses first. If I keep logging into FB between now and actually seeing the movie, I'm going to see something prematurely.

That, and I get to destress a little about local, national, and international politics. That's always a mental-health plus these days.
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--Friends, I have SO MANY tabs open. ;_; So many. I don't quite understand how this happened.

--There's still a lot of post-heat pump-installation tidying and cleaning to do, but at least all the manga's off my office floor now.

--Tomorrow is a "stay home and work on manga" day. None of my deadlines are at the point of being scary, but I'm pretty fried. And of course it'd be nice to avoid getting to that scary point.

--Tomorrow is also both when I'm seeing Endgame and when the next episode of Fruits Basket drops (although I may not manage to see it until Saturday), in which we'll meet a character who was played by a seiyuu I dearly love in the original anime, and yet I'm really excited to hear being played by someone else now. The approach taken with her the first time around was very much about playing up her comedic elements, and I can't imagine that would have transitioned well into some of her later material, so I'm glad to get a new take. (Assuming I like the new performance. *g*)

--I have been and will continue to be aggressively dodging Endgame spoilers, but there is one element that's being widely warned about, and I'm glad to have had the heads-up: link to an otherwise not-majorly-spoilery article about it under the cut )

ETA: [personal profile] alexseanchai linked to an even less-spoilery tweet with the basic content-warning info.

our bodies, possessed by light

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:55 pm
oliviacirce: (lady day//bunnymcfoo)
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I missed yesterday for migraine reasons (I am not feeling amazing today, either, but poetry month continues, and makes me feel better about most things), so here are two poems by two different poets with the same title. The second one was already on my poem schedule, but I also really love the first one, and it made sense to post them together. Both poems do kind of amazing and completely different things with poetic structure, and both, of course, are about Scheherazade, and storytelling, and love.

Words were a silver thread )


Tell me we'll never get used to it )

sailor moon

Apr. 25th, 2019 06:37 pm
supermanda: (babes ✥mars and jupiter)
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icon count : 50
canon : sailor moon (anime)
notes : setsuna meiou a.k.a sailor pluto - darker-like-in-the-manga-version

{ Right this way @ [community profile] musemoji }
[syndicated profile] snopes_feed

Posted by Associated Press

The ruling came two days after a federal judge in Oregon, hearing a separate challenge by 20 states, said he intended to at least partially block the rules.

Check-In – Day 25

Apr. 25th, 2019 08:00 pm
samuraiter: (Default)
[personal profile] samuraiter posting in [community profile] writethisfanfic
Why have twenty-four days when you can have twenty-five? ... What have you been doing?

— Thinking. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.
— Writing.
— Planning and / or researching.
— Editing.
— Sending things to the beta.
— Posting!
— Relaxing, taking a break, etc.
— Other stuff-ing. Look at the comment.

Question: How do you indicate the end of a story? (All I do is put END at the end.)

Some stuff and things

Apr. 25th, 2019 07:55 pm
lunabee34: (reading by misbegotton)
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couple o books )

I was reminded while watching Game of Thrones this season that back when there was no show and I had only read the books, I pronounced R'hllor as Rahler, like holler, because I guess I will always be a redneck. *headdesk*


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