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Charles Silverstein is an American writer, therapist and gay activist. He is a frequent lecturer at conventions on both the state and national levels, author of eight books and many professional papers, ...
Born: April 23, 1935 (age 81)
Anniversary: February 1, 1973

Dr. Charles Silverstein, Ph.D. is an American writer, therapist and gay activist. His first published work was The Joy of Gay Sex, co-authored with Edmund White (1977). He is a frequent lecturer at conventions on both the state and national levels, author of eight books and many professional papers. “For the Ferryman (2011, Chelsea Station Editions) is a stunning memoir. Charles Silverstein spends a considerable bulk of the memoir charting the gay radicalism of the 1970s… [and] pairs these passages with intimate glimpses into his twenty-year romantic relationship with William Bory, a radical gay activist who was prone to several neuroses and a host of addictions. Rather than idealizing his lover, Silverstein captures Bory in all his complexities: charming, difficult and maddeningly broken.” -Angelo Nikolopoulos, Next.
Together from 1973 to 1993: 20 years.
Charles Silverstein (born April 23, 1935)
William Bory (August 18, 1950 - November 12, 1993)
Anniversary: February 1, 1973
We dated the "official" relationship as beginning February 1, 1973. Because that was the day that he moved into my Inwood apartment, although we had been intimate for many weekends beforehand. As one can see by the photograph, hair was still "in." A few years before, William's hair came down to his waist and mine to my shoulders. Lots of hair was a defining feature of New York's gay liberation. We met at the Firehouse operated by New York's Gay Activist Alliance and both of us were very active in their politics. For the Ferryman: A Personal History documents the conflicts and successes of both New York gay radical politics and the relationship between William and me. Gay love relationships were difficult at this time when they were perceived as sinful and illegal by the wider society. Although William died on November 12, 1993, I think of him often. I love him still. -Charles Silverstein

Days of Love edited by Elisa Rolle
ISBN-13: 978-1500563325
ISBN-10: 1500563323
Release Date: September 21, 2014
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