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Two teens are forced to hide an unintended pregnancy in a society where heterosexuals are persecuted and abortion is forbidden.

Praise for writer-director Sal Bardo's films:

"[A] subtle, moving film" - The Huffington Post

"Required viewing" - The Bay Area Reporter

"[T]he best of what short films should be; thought-provoking, eye-opening and reflective of the community we live in." - The Williamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts

Photos: Sasha Maslov
Photos: Sasha Maslov


In a society where heterosexuality is persecuted and procreation is tightly controlled, two teens are forced to hide an unintended pregnancy before their forbidden romance is exposed.

Written and directed by Sal Bardo, Pink Moon is a precursor/companion piece to a feature-length screenplay, which was a finalist in the CineStory Screenwriting Competition (2013) and Final Draft's Big Break Screenwriting Contest (2013).


Over the last three years, writer-director Sal Bardo's films have screened at nearly 50 film festivals in 10 countries. In 2011, he won the Audience Award for Best First Time Filmmaker at Reel Affirmations: Washington D.C.'s International LGBT Film Festival for his short film Requited, which made its world premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival and is now being distributed on DVD and VOD by Guest House Films. Sal's second film, Sam, tackles gender identity and bullying, while his third project, Chaser, confronts the issue of HIV/AIDS in the gay community. Both shorts screened at film festivals around the world in 2013.

Producer Alexandra Pitz is the Director of Development of Loveless, an independent production company founded by producers Carly Hugo and Matt Parker, and associate producer of the upcoming HBO documentary Everything Is Copy, about the life and death of writer-director Nora Ephron, directed by Ephron's son, New York Times writer Jacob Bernstein, and Nick Hooker.

Associate Producer Brandon Tyler Harris (who will also star in the film) has appeared on The Big C, Smash, and Law & Order: SVU.


Making a movie takes a village. And we need your help! Back this project:
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A New Play Sharing Stories from a 6,000-Mile Walk for LGBTQ Equality

From Alan Bounville’s 6,000-mile walk across the USA for gender and sexual orientation equality, comes the new interview-based play, Can We Come to the Table? - Stories About Gender Identity, Gender Expression, & Sexual Orientation. The play includes meticulously transcribed stories with people Bounville met along his walking journey.

“Walking was a transformational experience. But even more amazing were the people I met along the way. These folks, who live in some of the toughest places in the country to be LGBTQ or Allied, are heroic in their every day lives. I wanted to honor their stories. And Can We Come to the Table? does just that,” says Bounville about the play.

The stories are transcribed from video-conferenced interviews Bounville did with people after completing his walk in February of 2013. And they span a variety of subjects seen through the lens of LGBTQ or Allied experience. Stories in the play include same-gender rape, the suicide of a boyfriend that happened right outside of an interview subject’s house, becoming homeless as a queer youth, coming out as transgender to one’s mother, losing one’s husband to AIDS, what it is like to organize for LGBTQ rights, being at Stonewall the day after the 1969 riots had ended, and many more.

One of the play’s subjects, CeCe Finley Garrett, an LGBTQ Ally and Affirming Minister living in southern Mississippi, becomes the main voice that is threaded throughout the whole production. CeCe’s stories run the spectrum from tragic to triumphant to outlandish. In one story, she abruptly leaves a hair salon when the hairdresser, while straightening her hair, told her that she and the “fags” she takes into her church are going to hell. CeCe takes us on a whirlwind journey, scalp ablaze, across Hattiesburg trying to find a salon that can rinse out her hair. She finds one salon that is open. It turns out the salon owner has a child who is transgender.

In the play, transcribed in the script as literal as possible, CeCe concludes her story with, “You know. N, ahso that was nice. It was nice ta, ta have a connection. And for her da know tht somebody in Hattiesburg cares enough ta leave a salon, when, when there is bigotry. So she enjoyed it. But I- itws itws, it was a special moment. I did not enjoy it.”

The play is currently in rehearsals with its World Premiere Production to take place in New York City in June 2014. On Monday, February 17, In Our Words Project is launching an Indiegogo Campaign to help raise the funds needed to bring Can We Come to the Table? to its fully staged production. The campaign can be found here:

“Theatre is powerful. Shared stories have the power to create community, dialogue, and a greater awareness of self and other. Interview theatre is especially exceptional and delicate in this way, because it carries the undeniable truth of another tangible human being’s experience,” says Khristal Curtis, the actor portraying CeCe Finley Garrett in this production.

In Our Words Project is an interview-based theatre company in New York City. We interview people on myriad topics and construct full-length plays from stories told to us in these interviews. Our plays are performed in traditional theatre venues and in community and public spaces. The organization also offers Interview Theatre Residencies with organizations both inside and outside of New York City.
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A new gay romantic comedy about falling in love with your best friend. From the creator of IS IT JUST ME?, eCUPID and STEAM ROOM STORIES.


Hollywood doesn’t make gay love stories…but we do!

We are Cinema175 – two guys from West Hollywood, California (actually we are NY transplants) who are creating movies and web series for LGBTQ audiences around the world. You may know us from our hit sketch comedy YouTube web series, ‘Steam Room Stories,’ and the award-winning films ‘Is It Just Me?’ and ‘eCupid.’

We love making fun date movies! Our next project - ‘The 10 Year Plan’ - completes our trilogy of romantic comedies. It’s inspired by Hollywood movies like ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ and ‘The Proposal’.

We get letters from people all over the world telling us how much they loved our previous films and what it meant for them to see films that portray positive stories about the LGBTQ community. Your contribution will help us reach even more people – and maybe even change a few lives along they way.

With the success of our previous projects, we are able to finance most of the movie ourselves, BUT we need to raise $25,000 to hire our cast and crew. That’s where you come in! We’re reaching out to fans of romantic comedies, indie films and gay cinema to be a part of bring this great story to the screen. In return for your help, we’ve put together a great list of perks for every level of contribution.

Who doesn’t love a good romantic comedy? With your help, we can continue to make great films for everyone!

Link to the IndieGoGo Fund Raising Campaign:

‘The 10 Year Plan’ is a funny, smart, romantic comedy with universal appeal. It’s the story of Myles and Brody - two friends who are displeased with their love lives and make a pact to be together if neither finds love in ten years time. Now it’s two month’s shy of their deadline and both friends set off to do whatever it takes to avoid ending up as each other’s last resort.

Pre-production has started and casting is currently under way for our sexy leading men and women! We'll be filming once again at locations in Los Angeles, with many of the same talented crew from the first two films.
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Set in Chicago, the series follows Abby, a 30-something bicycle mechanic who is trying to manage her anxiety attacks while seducing as many women as possible. In other words she stays busy.

Written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton (Hannah Free, Jamie & Jessie are Not Together) the show features Lisa Cordileone, Emily Shain, Fawzia Mirza and Haviland Stillwell.
Easy Abby is an emotionally poignant and refreshing series about flawed funny characters dealing with the complexities of love and lust. Season One will slowly reveal the reasons behind Abby’s cynical take on life.

The Season Finale package include Episodes 13&14, Behind the Scenes and Cast Interviews (35-45 minutes). Link to episodes:

Title of Episode: Easy Abby: Season One Finale "Chicago Free Fall"
Description of Episode: With little time left before Danielle leaves the country, Abby lets her guard down for a minute. Will she have the guts to tell Danielle how she really feels?
What Viewers Get For Their Money: The two-part season finale, PLUS exclusive behind the scenes footage, bloopers, and interviews with cast and crew!
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From the Producers of Judas Kiss:

Two and a half years ago, Kickstarter backers helped us make our first feature film, Judas Kiss, which went on to win many awards — and now it's available all over the world! That critically acclaimed film about love, second chances and getting it right was a meaningful story, with relatable characters and top-notch production values.

We quickly raised enough funding to get two new feature films ready to shoot in 2013: The Dark Place and Something Like Summer, two very different stories. One is a mystery-thriller and the other an adaptation of a wonderful love story; both will be presented with all of the care and skill we brought to Judas Kiss.

This time out we want to do even better. Now we want to go to the technological cutting-edge for these two films — and beyond.

Little films like ours don't have to look little. We pushed Judas Kiss well past the place other, comparably budgeted features go. We're raising a lot of the money for these two films on our own, but we're seeking backing on Kickstarter to help us push the technological edge.

Your backing allows us to make these films with a Red Scarlet, a state-of-the-art, 4K camera that will allow us to shoot images on par with big-budget studio pictures — ready for the screens of the future.

The Dark Place is prepping now for principal photography in April near Portland, Oregon. Something Like Summer is scheduled to shoot this fall.

We know producing two feature films in one year is ambitious, but your backing moves the camera from a rental expense to an investment that pays off in producing more movies for years.

In fact, those who back us at certain levels will get free copies of all the films we end up making with this camera.

With your help, we can make our movies look like big blockbusters! Thank you!

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A Perfect Ending
DVD Available: Feb. 05, 2013
Produced: 2012
Director(s): Nicole Conn
Starring: Michael Adam Hamilton, Imelda Corcoran, Mary Wells, Cathy DeBuono, Bryan Jackson, Barbara Niven, Jessica Clark, John Heard, Morgan Fairchild, Rebecca Staab, Kerry Knuppe
Language: English/Closed Captions
Length: 106 min.
Rating: Not Rated
Amazon: A Perfect Ending (2012)


“The sexiest lesbian film of 2012.” — Curve Magazine

Drop dead gorgeous Jessica Clark (True Blood’s Lilith) and TV icon Barbara Niven co-star in this glossy, sexy and fun romantic drama from writer-director Nicole Conn (Elena Undone, Claire of the Moon). When straight and married Rebecca (Niven) seeks out the sexual services of high-priced call girl Paris (Clark) she isn’t expecting to fall in love. A Perfect Ending is filled to the brink with aching desire, and the sexual chemistry between Niven and Clark is off the charts. The cast also boasts Morgan Fairchild, John Heard, Rebecca Staab and a cameo from celesbian actress/therapist Cathy DeBuono.

She’s elegant, wealthy and proper — an upstanding wife and mother with three grown children, a swanky estate and a horrible husband. And tragically, she’s never had an orgasm. Determined to solve the problem, Rebecca’s lesbian friends set her up with an exceptionally talented high-class call girl named Paris — and, needless to say, the lives of both Rebecca and Paris are changed forever. Filled to the brink with aching desire, the sexual chemistry is off the charts between ‘90s TV icon Barbara Niven as the beautiful blond client and out lesbian actress Jessica Clark (True Blood’s Lilith) as the smokin’ hot hooker who truly does have a heart of gold.

This opposites-attract, edge-of-your-seat lesbian romance is a glossy, sexy and fun romantic drama guaranteed to earn a fresh array of fans for veteran writer-director Nicole Conn (Elena Undone, Claire of the Moon).

Grappling with intense family drama at home, Rebecca escapes into the oasis of her encounters with Paris. Meanwhile, outside of her lucrative sex-worker day-job, Paris is a struggling artist with troubles of her own.

Featuring a bold, beautiful, unleashed performance by Barbara Niven and a star turn from drop dead gorgeous Jessica Clark (yes, the British South Asian beauty is also a fashion model), A Perfect Ending also boasts the fabulous Morgan Fairchild as the presiding madam of ill-repute and the talented John Heard as Rebecca’s husband, plus a great turn by prolific daytime star Rebecca Staab and a cameo from celesbian actress/therapist Cathy DeBuono.

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Produced: 2012
Director(s): Charlie Vaughn
Starring: Berna Roberts, Ian Roberts, Ronnie Kerr, Bruce L. Hart, Will Berthencourt
Language: English/Closed Captions
Length: 81 min.
Rating: Not Rated
Amazon: Saltwater (2012)

Will leaves the Navy after many years and soon reunites with old friends as he attempts to start his new civilian life. His friend Rich tries to set him up with the ruggedly handsome Josh. While there is immense chemistry between the two, timing and certain ideals never seem to align. When a shocking tragedy happens the two are forced up to pick up the pieces together. Saltwater is a story about men of all ages, finding love, losing friends, navigating their way through life and knowing it’s the journey rather than the destination that’s important.

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Any Day Now
DVD Available: Apr. 23, 2013
Produced: 2012
Director(s): Travis Fine
Starring: Garret Dillahunt, Alan Cumming, Isaac Leyva
Language: English
Length: 97 min.
Rating: Not Rated
Amazon: Any Day Now (2012)

They made him a promise. He made them a family.

Any Day Now is a powerful tale of love, acceptance and family. When a teenager with Down Syndrome (Isaac Leyva) is abandoned by his mother, a gay couple (Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt) takes him in and becomes the loving family he’s never had. But when their unconventional living arrangement is disconcerted by authorities, the men are forced to fight a biased legal system to save the life of the child they have come to love as their own. Inspired by a true story from the late 1970s, Any Day Now touches on legal and social issues that are as relevant today as they were 35 years ago.

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Strange Frame
DVD Available: Mar. 19, 2013
Produced: 2012
Director(s): G.B. Hajim
Starring: George Takei, Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Ron Glass, Cree Summer, Tim Curry, Juliet Landau, Alan Tudyk
Language: English/Closed Captions
Length: 98 min.
Rating: Not Rated
Amazon: Strange Frame (2012)

The first lesbian science fiction rock ‘n roll animated film.

“Strange Frame boldly brings an epic, futuristic lesbian drama to creative life with fresh animation. —SheWired

This gorgeous animated sci-fi story is centered around the theme of the transformative power of love between two women. As our story begins it is the 29th century, 200 years after the Great Earth Exodus. We’re on Ganymede, one of Jupiters moons. Our hero Naia (prolific voice actress Tara Strong) is a feisty, young singer-songwriter who falls in love with the beautiful saxophonist Parker (Claudia Black — Farscape, Stargate SG-1). The two embark on their new relationship and also form a new band — and now they have to not only make it as musicians but also to fight for their freedom.

Here on Ganymede the human race has long since left a decimated Earth. To survive the harsh climates of other planets and moons, humans have genetically modified themselves making skin color and sexual organs a common matter of fashion. Dramatically rendered in rich, colorful animation, Strange Frame brings us into a world of space pirates, indentured slaves and genetic mutations — infused with music throughout, to create a dreamlike tale unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Strange Frame co-stars a terrific array of voice talents including Tim Curry, Cree Summer, Juliet Landau, Ron Glass, Alan Tudyk, Michael Dorn, Claudia Christian and George Takei. Written by Shelley Doty and GB Hajim; directed by GB Hajim.

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A gay Doctor takes his partner to live in a small country town in rural Australia. The pair are nervous about the journey ahead and decide to film their experience.

The film began production in September 2008 when Dr Vincent Cornelisse decided to leave Brisbane and move to country Queensland in order to further his career. However, Vincent wouldn't do this without his partner, Jonathan Duffy.

Neither of the two had ever lived in a country town and were excited about the scene change but nervous about how they would be received.

A friend jokingly suggested that Jonathan should film their experience in case they were murdered. Jonathan decided to do this, not because he thought they would be in danger, because he believed that it was going to be a positive and enlightening journey.
The Doctor's Wife explores their journey through Jonathan's eyes and asks the question, "Would their experience be the same if Vincent wasn't the town Doctor?"

Official Selection Tropical Alternatives FIlm Festival 2011.
Official Selection Hollywood Fringe Festival [Film] 2011.
Official Selection Bent Fest Canberra 2011.
Official Selection Pride Queer Film Festival Perth 2011.
Official Selection Oregon Queer Film Festival 2012
Official Selection Mardi Gras Film Festival Sydney 2012
Recipient of the Rev. Ivor Holman's Memorial Keystone Award, Gay and Lesbian Welfare Association 2011.
Winner Award of Excellence in Filmmaking, Canada International Film Festival 2012.

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A recent college grad devises to shoot a doc about the NYC nightlife scene in order to meet the go-go guy he’s cyber-obsessed with.

THE GO DOC PROJECT is a feature film - conceived as a hybrid of documentary & narrative forms - charting the evolution of a relationship between two young men. It's a no budget approach - minimal equipment & a crew of two - and this will give them ultimate freedom as they explore every aspect of the story & the relationship between the young men as it develops in front of them.

For three weeks in September and October, they'll follow the guys all over New York City with a camera - into cafes & bars, onto rooftops & dance floors & ultimately into their living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms & bedrooms. The excitement of not knowing exactly what they'll end up with is what it's all about. Following that, they'll shoot a series of interviews with them as well as with NYC nightlife luminaries.

In the fall, they'll dive into the next phase: post-production, with an early 2013 film festival premiere in mind.

They'd love your support as they turn two guys, a camera & an idea into exciting modern storytelling!

"Like" them on FACEBOOK to help spread the word!


photos of Tanner Cohen by BRENT DUNDORE.

photos of Matthew Camp by EDWIN PABON

SPEAKproductions (Tom Gustafson & Cory Krueckeberg) has produced 5 films. Their work has screened in 200 film festivals around the world and won more than 30 awards. Stephen Holden of the New York Times chose WERE the WORLD MINE as “Critics’ Pick” calling it “Movie Musical Magic.” WTWM went on to play 175 film festivals (winning 25 awards) and opened theatrically in 30 American cities becoming a cult gay indie hit. It was distributed online for VOD by Warner Brothers as well as by Netflix and Hulu, for DVD by Wolfe Video, for television by LOGO and the soundtrack was released on PS Classics. Around the world, 15 additional territories have acquired it for distribution. MARIACHI GRINGO recently premiered as the Opening Night film at the Miami Film Festival and also won the top prize at Latin America’s premiere film festival in Guadalajara. It stars Shawn Ashmore (X-MEN), Grammy Winner Lila Downs, Mexican movie star Martha Higareda and Oscar Nominee Adriana Barraza.

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Discover the world of LGBT cinema! is the worldwide LGBT movie-watching platform where LGBT films can be seen from anywhere in the world. All films are available to rent or to own, and fans can earn affiliate commissions when they share their favorite films. is brought to you by Wolfe — serving customers since 1985, Wolfe is the largest exclusive distributor of LGBT films.

On the first 7 movies available on the Gay catalogue I have already seen 5 and for sure Kawa is the one I will see next weekend!

Kawa, A powerful coming out story:

What Happens Next, Solid gay rom-com:

Pageant, Behind the scenes at the Miss Gay America Pageant!:

East Side Story, A vibrant romantic comedy!:

Mulligans, A second chance at your first time:

The New Twenty, A smart urban drama about a group of gay and straight friends:

Defying Gravity, A poignant collegiate coming out drama:
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The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister
DVD Available: Jul. 03, 2012
Year Produced: 2010
Directed By: James Kent
Starring: Susan Lynch, Maxine Peake, Anna Madeley
Language: English
Run Time: 90 min.
Rating: No Rating Available
Amazon: The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister

In nineteenth century Yorkshire wealthy orphan Anne Lister lives with an aunt and uncle, anxious for her to marry well and blissfully unaware that she is a lesbian,recording her thoughts and exploits in a coded diary. When her lover Mariana Belcombe makes a marriage of convenience to rich old Charles Lawton, she feels betrayed and, although Mariana visits and has sex with her,the relationship is going nowhere.

Helped by old flame Tib she makes a play for innocent Miss Browne but sees she is barking up the wrong tree and diverts herself by renovating the family hall. A drunken Tib almost exposes her secret and scornful mine-owner Christopher Rawson,whose marriage proposal she rejects, tells her that her sexuality is a subject of local gossip.

Undeterred Anne meets Ann Walker who becomes her new ‘wife’ and they open a coal-mine, living happily together. An end title tells us that Anne Lister died prematurely in 1840 on holiday in Russia.

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House of Boys
Year Produced: 2009
Directed By: Jean-Claude Schlim
Starring: Layke Anderson, Udo Kier, Ben Northover
Language: English
Run Time: 117 min.
Rating: Not Rated
Amazon: House of Boys (Director's Cut) (2009)

DIRECTOR’S CUT! In this colorful coming-of-age tale set in 1984, gay high school runaway Frank travels to Amsterdam from Luxembourg in search of a new life. Thanks to his good looks, he takes up residence at the House of Boys, a cabaret that’s famous for its male dancers and extravagant performances. While there, Frank encounters love and friendship but must ultimately overcome tragedy with the outbreak of the early AIDS crisis.

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Welcome to New York is about unique first experiences in New York City. Starring Sherry Vine as Dr. Kitty Rosenblatt, the unorthodox yet wildly successful therapist the leads go to in order to get adjusted to life in the Big Apple. The film also stars Sean Paul Lockhart, Megan Kane, Lauren Ordair, Matthew Watson, Ashleigh Murray and features Casper Andreas, Alex Ringler and Victor Cruz.

Welcome to New York: The Official Trailer from Steven Tylor O'Connor on Vimeo.

Dr. Rosenblatt gets paid to care! And her therapy isn't cheap! Visit and click the "Donate" button to help us finish Post-Production.
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Actors: Ephraim Sykes, Phillip Evelyn, Andre Myers, Miss Barbie-Q
Directors: Sheldon Larry
Studio: Wolfe Video
DVD Release Date: August 14, 2012
Run Time: 107 minutes
Amazon: Leave it on the Floor (2011)


From Beyonce’s creative team!

Featuring music by Beyonce music director Kim Burse, and choreography by Beyonce dance master, Frank Gatson Jr., this exuberant musical directed by Sheldon Larry was inspired by the “vogueing” sensation featured in the 1990 documentary Paris Is Burning, and is an ode to the wild, funky and heart-aching life of this underground subculture.

Thrown out of his home by his dysfunctional mother, Brad (Ephraim Sykes) steals her car and travels into Los Angeles where, through a chance encounter, he stumbles into a noisy raucous, chaotic event and meets the ragtag members of the struggling House of Eminence. Initially only looking for a place to sleep (and perhaps someone to sleep with), Brad ends up engaging with the colorful members of the house led by the indomitable house mother Queef Latina (Barbie-Q), herself an aging ball-legend and the fierce protectrice of her family. Laughter, tears, sex sirens, and butch queens up in pumps ensue and remarkably, Brad ends up finding an extraordinary home and loving, caring family in this, the strangest of places.

“FIVE STARS! A backstage musical with fire in its belly.” – Box Office Magazine

“Demands to be seen for Frank Gaston, Jr.’s high energy choreography, its fabulous costume designs, and Kimberly Burse’s kickass score. . . will blow your socks off.” – Huffington Post

“Leave it on the Floor explores a vibrant urban underground culture . . . offering positive, high-energy escapism.” – Variety

“Dazzling . . . colorful . . . vibrant choreography thanks to Beyonce’s choreographer Frank Gaston . . . great beats and glamorous attitude.” – Indiewire

“A good-hearted joyride.” – The Hollywood Reporter
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Actors: Daniel Dugan, Murray Bartlett, Adrian Gonzalez
Directors: Eldar Rapaport
Studio: Wolfe Video
DVD Release Date: August 14, 2012
Run Time: 105 minutes
Amazon: August (2011)


“A very sexy film about the perils and pleasures of reuniting with one’s ex.” — Gary Kramer, Frontiers Magazine

On the verge of his 30th birthday, Jonathan (Daniel Dugan) is torn between the domestic comfort of his life with Raul (Adrian Gonzalez) and the torrid pleasures of an affair with his super sexy ex-boyfriend Troy (uber hot Murray Bartlett).

One of the steamiest gay movies of the year, August sensitively unfolds this triangle of desire and emotion in the midst of a classic Hollywood heat wave. An irresistible gay romantic drama!

“Tonally and texturally, (director) Rapaport conveys myriad layers of truth, trust, love and lust… A strong but subtle directorial hand.” — Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Must see film of Outfest.” — Greg Hernandez, Frontiers Magazine

“A very sexy film about the perils and pleasures of reuniting with one’s ex.” — Gary Kramer, Frontiers Magazine

“Compelling.” — LA Weekly

“Heat is generated in more ways than one in this highly tuned romantic drama. The acting is superb, and the film is beautifully photographed. Director and writer Eldar Rapaport has crafted an intelligent, well-written, realistic circle of characters.” — Edge Magazine
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Date: Saturday, May 26, 2012
Time: 21.00
Place: The Silver Fox
411 Redondo Ave, Long Beach, CA 90814-1538

Miss Tuesday's party? No worries, Sat we are doing it again! Join us as we give away more DVD's and celebrate the release of the new film eCUPID!

Year Produced: 2011
Directed By: JC Calciano
Starring: John Callahan, Andy Anderson, Morgan Fairchild, Galen Drever
Language: English/Closed Captions
Run Time: 95 min.
Rating: Not Rated
Amazon: eCupid (2011)


From the director of Is It Just Me? comes this sparkling romantic comedy that takes online dating to the extreme! Marshall is an over-worked ad exec who is suffering from a serious case of the seven-year itch with his loving boyfriend. As his 30th birthday nears, he is hell-bent on changing his life and he comes across a mysterious dating app called eCupid. Turning his world upside down and overwhelming him with sexy guys at every turn, Marshall gets much more than he bargained. Firing on all cylinders with sharp wit, hot cast, and even an extended cameo from Hollywood legend Morgan Fairchild, eCupid will win your heart.

Awards & Quotes

“Firing on all cylinders with a sharp script, hot cast and even an extended cameo from Hollywood legend Morgan Fairchild, eCupid will win your heart! -Entertainment Focus
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Academy Award nominated filmmaker Kirby Dick (This Film Is Not Yet Rated) delivers a searing indictment of the hypocrisy of closeted politicians who actively campaign against the LGBT community they covertly belong to. OUTRAGE boldly reveals the hidden lives of some of our nation’s most powerful policymakers, details the harm they've inflicted on millions of Americans, and examines the media's complicity in keeping their secrets.

Outrage (2009)
Actors: Jim McGreevey, Barney Frank, Larry Kramer
Directors: Kirby Dick
Studio: Magnolia Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: January 19, 2010
Run Time: 89 minutes
Amazon: Outrage (2009)


"That clanging sound you hear is the closet-door lock in the executive men's room being boot-kicked off its hinges" --Dennis Harvey, SF Bay Guardian
"A POWERFUL, DISTURBING AND SIGNIFICANT FILM. Director Kirby Dick is awfully persuasive." --Kenneth Turan, LA Times
"***** Powerrful. An essential film." --Jonathan Curiel, SF Chronicle
"Incendiary" --Rolling Stone
"The film builds in passion and intensity until attaining a stirring cumulative power" --The Onion
"One of the best-made films I've seen this year, and without question one of the toughest and bravest." --Jeff Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere
"Put it on your must see list."
"...OUTRAGE is entertaining, brisk, visually interesting and perhaps even thrilling." --John Anderson, Variety

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Gay indie feature film needs YOUR help!

LOVE OR WHATEVER is about Corey who thought he had it all: A successful career, a lesbian sister who’s his best friend and most of all, a bright future with his boyfriend, Jon. But when Jon dumps him—for a woman!—Corey sets off on a wild journey of self-discovery that leads him to a GRNDR connection, a new love and a life changing choice: Love Or Whatever.

The Movie Stars: Tyler Poelle (SCRUBS), Jennifer Elise Cox (THE BRADY BUNCH movies), Joel Rush (Eating Out movies), David Wilson Page (GLEE), Jenica Bergere (SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED), Kate Flannery (THE OFFICE), Fay DeWitt (LOST AND FOUNND), Michael Carbonaro (THE TONIGHT SHOW), Julie Goldman (THE BIG GAY SKETCH COMEDY SHOW), Justin Ross (PLAN B), Gary and Edmund Entin (SECONDS APART).

Back in February 2010, KGB FILMS discovered the LOVE OR WHATEVER screenplay on a website called, less than 12 hours after its posting. A few months later, the project secured 50% of its financing. Next with writers Dennis Bush and Cait Brennan we spent the following months developing the script while trying to secure additional financing. Eight months in we had an amazing script and were faced with a tough decision... Do we try for longer to find the second half of our funding or do we make a calculated decision to just go for it! And, we went for it.

Shooting for less money meant giving up a lot of things or so we thought. We did have to shoot for less days... now only 12. But, everyone on the project really rallied, cast and crew alike. Everyone just loved the script. After all this was a romantic comedy and our script rocked! We pulled endless favors, got amazing locations and deals, even a stellar camera package. It was truly a series of miracles and hard work that saw us through. Even with all that said... our team was thrown some curve balls that not even we could overcome financially during shooting. There is a saying: “good, fast and cheap; pick two”. So, while we wanted good and we had to do it fast during the shoot or risk shutting down... we ended up spending our post and marketing budgets entirely in order to get our film in the can.

If you want to contribute, please read more info here:
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Guest House Films has announced the casting of the three lead actors for its upcoming feature film, “The Men Next Door” – Eric Dean (“Nine Lives,” “George’s Intervention”), Michael Nicklin (“The George & Alana Show”) and Benjamin Lutz (“Bite Marks,” “The Love Patient”).

Eric Dean, Benjamin Lutz, Michael Nicklin 

Dean will star as Doug, a 40-year-old gay man who finds himself dating two very different men – 50-year-old Jacob (played by Nicklin) and 30-year-old Colton (played by Lutz). What Doug doesn’t learn right away is that the two equally lovable men are, in fact, father and son.

“I cannot wait to get on set with these three actors – individually, they are each extremely talented and charismatic, but when we put them together during the audition process, we immediately saw something special that should translate into amazing on-screen chemistry,” said Rob Williams, writer and director of “The Men Next Door.”

Principal photography on “The Men Next Door”, which will be produced by Rodney Johnson and Williams, is expected to begin in May, and will be distributed by Guest House Films after a film festival run.

Additional casting for the movie will be announced soon. Anyone interested in supporting The Men Next Door is encouraged to visit the film’s IndieGoGo campaign page at
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Year Produced: 2011
Directed By: Katie Wolfe
Starring: Calvin Tuteao
Language: English/Closed Captions
Run Time: 77 min.
Rating: Not Rated
Amazon: Kawa (2011)
Wolf on Demand:

A powerful coming out movie, KAWA is a gorgeously cinematic drama that tells a transcendent tale of bravery, love, family and pride. Based on the semi-autobiographical novel Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Witi Ihimaera (the writer of The Whale Rider), this deeply moving New Zealand drama has earned critical and popular acclaim on the LGBT film festival circuit and beyond. When successful businessman Kawa (the ruggedly handsome Calvin Tuteao) finds the courage to tell his wife and kids, his parents and his traditional Maori community that he’s gay the struggle he endures is not an easy one.

KAWA is a psychological drama of a family in crisis as Kawa, a successful Māori businessman in Auckland, New Zealand, is forced to reveal his lifelong secret that he is gay.

Kawa is the man who has everything. He’s a corporate high-flyer, being groomed to take over his prominent family’s company, properties and legacy. He and his beautiful wife Annabelle have two children –16-year-old Sebastian (Pana Hema-Taylor) and 7-year-old Miranda (Miriama Jane Devantier) – who he loves deeply. They live in an elegant house and all appears perfect in their world.

But Kawa has a secret. He is gay. He always has been. And he’s never shared his secret life with his wife or his family.

Kawa was brought up by his parents – Hamiora (George Henare) and Grace (Vicky Haughton) – and his whānau (‘family’) with a strong sense of duty, is a man of special gifts who is expected to lead his community, and moves easily within both Māori and Pākehā worlds.

Until recently Kawa has led a perfected double-life, but now his father Hamiora is retiring and ready to hand him the mantle of leadership. At the same time, his lover Chris is pushing for more recognition in Kawa’s life, no longer happy with keeping their relationship a secret.

As the film opens, Kawa has moved out of the family home. His wife is desperate to understand why – she knows the marriage is in trouble – and she wants to do whatever it takes to make things right. But Kawa is unable to talk about it. He hopes, instead, that he can continue to keep his life in separate compartments.

But when his lover arrives at the whānau celebration of his father’s birthday celebration, pressures intensify and Kawa realises that his life must change. And that many people will be hurt, including himself.
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Year Produced: 2011
Directed By: Allan Brocka
Starring: Aaron Milo, Daniel Skelton, Chris Salvatore, michael vara
Language: English
Run Time: 80 min.
Rating: Not Rated
Amazon: Eating Out: The Open Weekend (2011)


Zack and Benji open up their relationship for a weekend of fun at a gay resort in Palm Springs. After Zack runs into his ex-boyfriend Casey, Casey lies and tells him he met someone new to avoid Zack’s pity. When Casey reacquaints with an old high school friend, Peter, he manages to convince him to pretend to be his boyfriend despite Peter’s reluctance that it will interfere with his promiscuous weekend opportunities. As sexual tensions start to mount between Benji and Peter, Zack becomes increasingly dissatisfied with his relationship while Casey longs for a stable relationship of his own. A sexy and outrageous comedy, Eating Out: The Open Weekend serves up plenty of eye-candy and raunchy fun along with the pursuit of finding true love.

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Year Produced: 2010
Directed By: Morgan Jon Fox
Language: English
Run Time: 74 min.
Amazon: This is What Love in Action Looks Like (2010)



When Zack Stark came out to his parents, he had no idea that his life was about to change forever. Stuck inside “Love In Action”-the ex-gay rehabilitation program-the quiet teenager blogged about their draconian practices, sparking an impassioned, nationwide protest to rescue the teen. In This is What Love in Action Looks Like, filmmaker Morgan Jon Fox captures the stirring, inspirational true-story of how religious intolerance’s quest to bully queer teens, lead to one of the first examples of social media inspiring change…and hope, for a new generation of activism.

“A POWERFUL STORY!” – San Francisco Examiner
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From John Simpson:

How many times have you read one of the 5 Condor Books and thought "This would make a GREAT movie!"? Well, now is the chance to make it happen AND get in on the ground floor as a part of the team!

John has started the process to convert Condor One (first in the series) into a movie, for either the big screen or the small screen on cable on a popular pay network. He has contracted with an experienced and popular writer/director to do the work of converting the book into a screen play. Unfortunately, as with anything in the real world, this takes money!

"It's time for another major film project that features gay people in the story line. Brokeback Mountain proves beyond a doubt that the right story will not only make money for the people in the movie business, but it can change peoples lives in the way they think about gay people. "Condor One," is the first in a five book series depicting the lives of the first openly gay President of the United States, and the Secret Service Agent that he falls in love with during the campaign. The first book take the public through the end of the campaign, and the high tension and action that takes place beginning on day one of the life of the Windsor presidency. Condor One is not only an action thriller, but a love story as well. How does a gay man who is the most powerful and public man in the world, conduct a relationship with another man who is not known to be gay and keep the details initially from the public.Is there even a chance that such a romance could work out? Condor one answers this question and many more besides. Enter a world where who the man is who is President is more important than who he sleeps with in spite of the near hysteria of some. Will President Windsor and the Secret Service be able to thwart the plots and conspiracies launched against this President? Will he survive? The first step in bringing this best selling story to the screen is to turn the book into a screenplay by a very experienced screenplay writer which is very different than authoring the story in the first place. Screenplay writers are very expensive because the work is so demanding. If we reach goal, we will proceed with the next step in bringing this project to Hollywood or HBO or Showtime or some other station that is bold and innovative."

As mentioned above, the first step has been reached, in that we have found a screenwriter to start the process, but he has only been half paid. We need to come up with the money to pay him the 2nd half, then have the money to go on to the next steps - hiring staff, producers, paying for locations, etc.

Your donations are needed! Every single dollar helps more than you can possibly know. Even the small donations of just $1 or $5, when added up altogether, make a huge difference for a project like this.



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The Seminarian (2010)
Actors: Mark Cirillo, Linda J. Carter, Philip Willcox
Directors: Joshua Lim
DVD Release Date: March 27, 2012
Amazon: The Seminarian

Ryan is a closeted gay student in his final semester of seminary studies. Despite his school's hostile stance towards homosexuality, Ryan has two gay classmates - Gerald and Anthony in whom he secretly confides. He is also close to his religiously devout mother who, as things stand, is unaware of his sexual orientation.

Ryan needs to complete a solid theological thesis in order to continue doctoral work at the university of his dreams. As he works on his thesis 'The Divine Gift of Love,' he begins a relationship with Bradley - a man he has met on the Internet who seems perpetually unable to commit himself. At the same time, Ryan learns that Gerald and Anthony have romantic struggles of their own. During this volatile time, with the pain of unrequited love and the inability to share his fears with his mother deepening, Ryan struggles with finishing his thesis and holding on to his faith.

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Hannah Free (2010)
Actors: Sharon Gless, Maureen Gallagher, Ann Hagemann, Kelli Strickland, Taylor Miller
Directors: Wendy Jo Carlton
DVD Release Date: June 1, 2010
Amazon: Hannah Free (2010)

Starring multi-award winner Sharon Gless (Burn Notice, Queer as Folk, Cagney & Lacey) in a tremendous performance, Hannah Free tells the moving story of the lifelong love affair between two very different women. Weaving between past and present, the story reveals how they maintained their love affair despite a marriage, a world war, infidelity, and family denial. Additional actors include Maureen Gallagher, Ann Hagemann, Kelli Strickland, Taylor Miller (All My Children) and Jacqui Jackson.

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Actors: Atli Óskar Fjalarsson, Hreindís Ylva Garðarsdóttir Holm, Haraldur Ari Stefánsson, Elías Helgi Kofoed-Hansen, Birna Rún Eiríksdóttir
Directors: Baldvin Z
DVD Release Date: March 27, 2012
Amazon: Jitters

This energetic coming-of-age drama follows a closeted boy and his group of trouble-prone friends, providing a positive, fun look at young people today.

An unexpected first kiss causes Gabriel to feel the electrifying “jitters” of love and lust with the free-spirited Marcus; a perfect way to end a summer studying abroad. Realizing he is gay, Gabriel returns home and is immediately scrutinized by his family and friends who notice he’s different. But as the school year launches with Gabriel distracted with parties and his friends’ own dramas, Marcus returns, reigniting the hot, thrilling emotions of one’s first crush. Jitters fires head-first into the topsy-turvey world of first love with an attractive cast and pulsating soundtrack, making it a smartly refreshing journey into the queer, teen experience.

If you like MTV’s “Skins,” “Degrassi High,” ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” and ABC’s “My So-Called Life” but GAY you’ll love “Jitters“!

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The Broken Tower (2011)
Actors: Michael Shannon, James Franco, Dave Franco
Directors: James Franco
Format: Black & White, Closed-captioned, NTSC, Widescreen
Language: English
DVD Release Date: March 27, 2012
Amazon: The Broken Tower (2011)


Written, directed and edited by James Franco, this intimate experimental portrait of the legendary early 20th century gay poet Hart Crane takes a poetic approach to its subject and features a tour de force performance by Franco as the young, doomed writer (Crane committed suicide at the age of 32, jumping from a ship into the Gulf of Mexico in 1932).

Franco’s mellifluous full-length readings of several Crane poems are accompanied by distinctively shot black & white wanderings of the streets (and bridges) of Brooklyn and Paris. Along the way Franco’s Crane experiences the joys of gay sex (and love), the despairs of having to earn a living (working in the Cleveland factory of his father and then at an advertising agency), and then the descent into alcoholism and depression which led to his death.

Like the poetry of Crane himself — who is best known for his ambitious and challenging epic poem, The Bridge — Franco’s film is not conventional. This is not your average gay drama. This experimental minimalist portrait combines the aesthetics of such modern gay masters of cinema as Gus Van Sant (think Gerry — and his experiments in lengthy shot durations) and Tom Kalin (think Swoon) to create a passionate depiction of a gay writer who influenced such gay literary heroes as Allen Ginsberg and Tennessee Williams.

[Adapted from Paul L. Mariani’s biography on Hart Crane also titled "The Broken Tower"]

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3 (2012)
Actors: Sophie Rois, Sebastian Schipper, Devid Striesow
Directors: Tom Tykwer
Language: German
Subtitles: English
Studio: Strand Releasing
DVD Release Date: February 7, 2012
Run Time: 119 minutes
Amazon: 3 (2012)

As loving couple Hanna and Simon approach their 20th anniversary they each begin an affair with a younger man. When they discover they are both sleeping with the same man, an arrangement evolves — and Adam joins their relationship. A sleek drama from Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run).

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@SuicideRoom (2012)
Directors: Jan Komasa
Language: Polish
Subtitles: English
Studio: Wolfe Video
DVD Release Date: March 13, 2012
Amazon: @SuicideRoom (2012)

“A stunning examination of life and finding the will to live it.” —MetroWeekly

Moody, dark and handsome Dominik (Jakub Gierszal) is tormented by his classmates after video footage of his drunken kiss with bully Alex is spread across the Internet. Grappling with the public humiliation Dominik seeks solace in an avatar based “suicide room” where the pink-haired rebel Sylvia consoles him. “We’re freaks, weirdos, outside the norm. You’re different. Treasure that,” she tells him. As Dominik’s depression worsens, and his wealthy, inattentive parents fail to deal with the problem, @SuicideRoom follows Dominik as his online adventures (in stunning animated sequences) begin to dangerously bleed into his real life.

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What Happens Next (2012)
Actors: Wendie Malick, Jon Lindstrom, Chris Murrah
Directors: Jay Arnold
Studio: Wolfe Video
DVD Release Date: February 7, 2012
Run Time: 100 minutes
Amazon: What Happens Next (2012)

Handsome daytime lead Jon Lindstrom (As the World Turns, General Hospital and Port Charles) stars as Paul Greco, an unmarried billionaire socialite who seems to have it all. Or does he? After Paul sells his business and retires he suddenly has more money and time than he knows what to do with. His overbearing (but well-meaning) sister Elise (the fabulous Wendie Malick — Just Shoot Me, Hot In Cleveland, All My Children) decides giving Paul a dog would be the perfect start. With little else to do, Paul assumes the daily dog walking routine in the park. There he encounters Andy Chance (Chris Murrah), a young gay self-employed advertising whiz, who happens to walk his dog on the very same schedule. What starts as a casual daily meeting in the park, eventually develops into something a bit more questionable.

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When eight cadets are left behind at an isolated military high school, the greatest romantic drama ever written seeps out of the classroom and permeates their lives. Incorporating the original text of Romeo and Juliet, YouTube videos, and lip-synched Indie rock music, PRIVATE ROMEO takes us to a mysterious and tender place that only Shakespeare could have inspired.

Private Romeo, a new take on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet that stars War Horse actors Seth Numrich and Matt Doyle as the ill-fated lovers, will premiere in NYC beginning Feb. 10 at Cinema Village. The project, by writer-director Alan Brown, features Numrich as Sam Singleton—the film's Romeo—opposite Doyle, who plays Glenn Mangan. Private Romeo will screen through Feb. 16... Numrich, who created the role of Albert Narracott in War Horse, has also been seen on Broadway in The Merchant of Venice. Doyle, who plays Billy Narracott, has also appeared in Spring Awakening and Bye Bye Birdie.

For more information and to watch the trailer, visit

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Mangus (2011)
Actors: Ryan Boggus, Heather Matarazzo, Jennifer Coolidge, Leslie Jordan, John Waters
Directors: Ash Christian
DVD Release Date: December 6, 2011
Amazon: Mangus (2011)

In the tradition of Sordid Lives! A super fun, dark trailer-trash comedy from Ash Christian (Fat Girls), Mangus! revolves around high school senior Mangus Spedgewick (Ryan Boggus) who hopes to fulfill his family s tradition: he wants to be Jesus -- in his high school's annual production of "Jesus Christ Spectacular", that is. When unforeseen circumstances strike, Mangus loses the role, which was a Spedgewick family tradition. Will he get to be their town's first crippled Jesus? Not without a hard fight, a road trip and breaking the law a few times along the way. This fresh cult hit co-stars Jennifer Coolidge, John Waters, Leslie Jordan, Heather Matarazzo and Deborah Theaker.

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Marshall (Houston Rhines) is a cocky young ad man working at a dead-end job for a boss (John Callahan) who overlooks his talents. After seven years with his boyfriend, Gabe (Noah Shuffman), Marshall's love life has become too comfortable. On top of that, he's turning 30!

He is desperate for a new life. He goes looking for it online, where he comes upon a mysterious app called “eCupid” that guarantees to find true love. From the moment he downloads it, “eCupid” scans every inch of Marshall’s online world and instantly turns his life upside down.

Marshall suddenly gets everything he thinks he wanted. Newly single and ready for adventure, "eCupid" overwhelms Marshall with sexy guys at every turn, each promising to be the man of his fantasies. But too much of a good thing may not be a good thing. Marshall soon finds that all the attention is more than he bargained for.
With the help of a wise and mysterious waitress (Morgan Fairchild), Marshall is given one last chance to listen to his heart and figure out what (and who) is really important.

July 9 (7PM) Winston-Salem, NC OUT AT THE MOVIES
July 11 (9:30PM) Hollywood, CA - DGA1 OUTFEST
July 16th (7:30P) and 17th(2:15P) Philadelphia, PA QFest Film festival
July 24th (1:30P) July 27 (7:30P) New York, NY NEWFEST
Aug 11 (9:15PM) Raleigh, NC NC GLBT Film Festival
Aug 20 (8:15PM) San Diego, CA Film Out San Diego

Kansas City, MO - Tivoli Cinemas KC Gay Film Fest
SanFrancisco, CA - Castro Theater Frameline Film festival
Detroit, MI - Burton Theater Detroit Indie Film Festival
Boston, Mass - Brattle Theater Boston GLBT Film festival
Honolulu, HI - Doris Duke Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival
Toronto, CANADA InsideOut Toronto
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX - Rose Marine QCINEMA
Columbia, MO - RagTag Theater Pridefest
Northampton, MA Outforreel
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Last week Steve Callahan and Matthew Montgomery did a wonderful video to support Trailblazer Campaign sponsored by James Duke Mason on Youtube:

it's a nice video, simple and effective, and full of hope for a better future. So it's with a deep sadness that I read how that same video was pointed out in a very hurtful way on the Queerty's website:

I gave my opinion on this matter (I don't like mystery, and sincerely I don't care for this type of mystery at all:, but I wanted also to share and have more opinionated comments on the same. I have many friends in the community, and some of them related to the movie industry field. I'm glad the response was immediate and sincere, and I'm glad to share that with you:
Do closeted actors smell our desperation? I'd much rather they smell our desperation than the stench of self loathing. This Trailblazer campaign is affirming; maybe didactic, but not desperate. Desperate is a person who will hide who they authentically are in order to be popular. The closet only exists if we allow it to - and as long as any of us allow it to persist, all of us are subject to its discrimination. What's wrong with a campaign urging people to live more authentic lives? This article was written by and for those who identify with the oppressor. Actors should remain "ambiguous" to appeal to a wider audience? It's the very Stockholm Syndrome that has too many of our community writing "straight-acting only" on their profiles, shunning drag queens and only watching gay films when the roles are portrayed by certifiably straight actors. That's self-loathing and it stinks. --Jesse Archer
(Jesse Archer is an award-winning writer, actor, and rabblerouser. Since graduating from the University of Southern California, Jesse traveled the world before landing in the East Village of New York City. He has appeared in the Off-Broadway hit Birdy's Bachelorette Party and on film in Boy Culture. Jesse also stars in gay romantic comedy favorites Slutty Summer and A Four Letter Word (which he co-wrote with director Casper Andreas). In 2010 he produced, co-starred, and scripted the hit comedy Violet Tendencies. His latest, Half-Share, set on legendary Fire Island is due out mid-2011. Jesse has penned features and pithy, promotional copy for various websites and print zines. He also wrote a popular column on urban gay life for OUT magazine. His first book, "You Can Run", was based on the two intrepid years he spent traveling through South America and was published by Haworth Press in 2007. Jesse grew up in Oregon. He has since lived and worked in Los Angeles, Paris, Buenos Aires, Capetown, and New York City. He enjoys long distance running, gummi bears, and impromptu cartwheels. Jesse currently resides in Sydney, Australia.)
SO sick of the post-gay articles on this site (which is called QUEERTY!). Why question the validity of public figures being out? It’s not desperation, it’s liberation, and it’s good for them (it’s their choice, they’re in the videos) and good for others to see more gay faces.

More mystery is never, EVER going to happen. So why not root for an equal amount of openness, gay or straight or bi? --Matthew Rettenmund
(Matthew Rettenmund is the author of the novels Boy Culture and Blind Items: A (Love) Story, as well as the non-fiction books Encyclopedia Madonnica, Totally Awesome '80s, and Hilary Duff: All Access. He is currently the Editor in Chief of Popstar! Magazine. He grew up in Flushing, Michigan and after he graduated from the University of Chicago, he moved to New York City, where he still lives. His novel Boy Culture was adapted into an award-winning movie in 2006.)
Kudos to Steve and Matt, and congrats on your pending nuptials! For years, I was a closeted actor trying to make a living in New York City. Once I embraced my sexuality and CHOSE to seek-out gay roles, I thought things would get easier and I would start working more. They didn’t – and I didn’t. But none of this, I firmly believe, was MY fault or had anything to do with MY acting ability.

I blame my lack of “success” on other GLBT individuals working in the entertainment industry. For example, my openly gay agent who advised me to NOT be open about my sexuality when going on auditions or working on set. Or the openly gay casting director who wouldn’t even grant me an audition for a production of a well-known gay-themed play (currently revived on Broadway), and then went so far as to cast all but ONE of the play’s gay roles with straight actors – which I was later told by a (straight) friend who appeared in the play that the gay playwright “loved it” that this happened.

In my opinion, this is yet another case of self-loathing gays getting off on having the so-called power. Why help out your gay brethren when you can get the approval that you never received while growing up from the straight guys? So many people have a problem with “obviously” gay actors being cast as straight (Jonathan Groff in GLEE, as that reporter from Vanity Fair recently pointed out)… But why doesn’t anyone seem to mind when, say, obviously straight Bobby Cannavale, is cast to play Will’s gay b/f on WILL & GRACE? Because Bobby Cannavale is totally hot! By which I mean: “masculine.” Which is what this all comes down to…

The fear for most closeted gay actors, I think, (apart from their not getting work) is that they will be perceived as being “less than a man.” This is why it’s important for someone “important” to come out and prove this theory wrong. Steve and Matt and both fine examples… Now where are the others?

Just commenting on this topic makes me happy that I am no longer pursuing an acting career. I can’t imagine being a closeted writer… What would be the point? --Frank Anthony Polito
(Frank Anthony Polito is a Brooklyn-based author and playwright. He can be seen in the films One True Thing with Meryl Streep and Renee Zellweger, Hitch with Will Smith, and The Peacemaker with George Clooney. On TV he has appeared on Spin City, The Sopranos and One Life to Live. On stage he has worked off-Broadway at Primary Stages and Revelation Theater and played the role of James in the Washington, D.C. premiere of Corpus Christi by Terrence McNally. Frank's first play, JOHN R, was produced in New York City in 2001 and is the basis for BAND FAGS!. His following novel, DRAMA QUEERS!, is a Lambda Award-winning book as “Best Gay Romance” in 2009. Other plays have been seen at the New York International Fringe Festival, Bailiwick Repertory Theatre in Chicago, Mill Mountain Theatre in Roanoke, VA, and at The Dayton Playhouse in Dayton, OH. His teleplay, Blind Faith, was a finalist for the Alfred P. Sloan teleplay competition at Carnegie Mellon University where he received his M.F.A. in Dramatic Writing in 2006. Frank grew up in the Detroit suburb of Hazel Park, near 10 Mile and John R. He began playing trumpet in 6th grade (but later switched to French horn) and is proud to have been a Band Fag.)
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In Between Men earned 4 nominations at the upcoming Indie Soap Awards happening on Feb 21st in NYC.

-Outstanding Lead Actor-Nick Mathews
-Outstanding Ensemble- Nick Mathews, Ben Pamies, Max Rhyser, Chase Coleman, Margot Bingham, Michael Sharon, Sidney Erik Wright, Dan Stern, Samantha Strelitz
-Outstanding Editing- Wiley Abbas
-Outstanding Use of Music

They are also nominated for this week's award for Indie Soap of the Week!!


Please Vote for In Between Men at:

Also, look for an announcement for episode 4 and the launch of the NEW site.

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A recently outed soap opera actor crosses paths with a recently divorced gay marriage activist, forcing them to confront the price of fame and the fickle nature of celebrity within the gay community.

Director: Rob Williams

Writer: Rob Williams

Release Date: 11 July 2010 (Outfest, Los Angeles)

Genres: Drama

Taglines: Who are you pretending to be?

Storyline: When soap opera star Graham Windsor (Steve Callahan - East Side Story, Nine Lives, Make the Yuletide Gay) is outed as the result of a gay sex tape scandal, he seeks refuge at an exclusive Palm Springs resort. But quiet anonymity eludes him when marriage-equality activist Trey Reed (Matthew Montgomery - Redwoods, Back Soon, Socket) checks in to escape the fallout from his own bitter divorce. As an undeniable passion begins to sizzle between Graham and Trey, they force each other to confront their professional downfalls and the firestorm each has created in the gay press.

Role/Play also stars David Pevsner (Pornography: A Thriller), Brian Nolan (The Lair), Matthew Stephen Herrick (Daydream Obsession: Legacy) and Jim J. Bullock (Too Close for Comfort).

Check out my interview to Steve Callahan:

@Amazon: Role/Play (2011)
@TLA Releasing
@Wolfe Video


more pics ) 

Cast (in credits order)
Steve Callahan ... Graham Windsor
Matthew Montgomery ... Trey Reed
David Pevsner ... Alex
Brian Nolan ... Ricky
Matthew Stephen Herrick ... Parker Ryland
Jim J. Bullock ... Bernie
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ryland Dodge ... Mickey
Derek Long ... Interviewer
Christopher Patrino ... Inn Guest
Kevin F. Sherry ... Bad Sweater Guy

Trey & Graham

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The Premiere of In Between Men is FINALLY here.

Catch the 2-Part SEASON PREMIERE of In Between Men on Tue, Dec 7th at 8pm (U.S.-Eastern Standard Time).

Can't watch tonight? Episodes are available 24/7.

Just click on the Video Link a top of the page and you will be redirected to the page where the 2 video are available

It's just the beginning!

In Between Men is a sexy, new dramedy about All- American guys who feel caught between two worlds, not truly knowing where they fit in.

In Between Men follows four friends in NYC who live "in between" a gay world, whose clichés they don't relate to, and a straight world they don't belong to. They are successful, professional men not defined by their sexuality. Through wild adventures, racy storylines, joys and pains, underscored by the pulse of New York City, In Between Men examines the relationships the men have between each other, their lovers, and the greater community.

Almost everyone can relate to not quite fitting in at some point in life.... ENTER to become a fan of In Between Men and tell us,


Become a fan of In Between Men on Facebook (In Between Men) and Twitter @ibmtheseries

Tell your friends, family, colleagues.

Even host your own small In Between Men viewing party! After watching, post comments on the fan page on Facebook and on Twitter (@IBMtheseries).

In Between Men Trailer from Quincy Morris on Vimeo
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Date: Wednesday, November 3
Time: 19.00 - 21.00
Place: 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street, New York City

NewDraft Screenplay Reading sponsored by NewFest: New York's LGBT Film Festival.

Rob Williams' The Mystic Chord, based on the novel Van Allen's Ecstasy by Jim Tushinski, is the story of Michael Van Allen, a man born into a prodigiously talented family, including a highly respected concert pianist and an equally renowned painter. Following a mental breakdown, Michael finds that his memory is gone, his former life erased from his mind. As he begins piecing together the puzzle of his forgotten life with the guidance of his family, his boyfriend and his therapist, he uncovers evidence of jealousy, obsession and secret desires, which threaten to destroy his sanity all over again.

Price: $15.00

Van Allen's Ecstasy by Jim Tushinski
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Lethe Press (April 12, 2010)
ISBN-10: 1590212169
ISBN-13: 978-1590212165
Amazon: Van Allen's Ecstasy


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