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Look at .34 and then there is Miami Beach, and a Rainbow splash of colors... I think this spot is wonderful and all inclusive!

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Sunglass manufacturer and style icon Ray-Ban five years ago began their “Never Hide” campaign, but now it’s become gay inclusive — a gorgeous development. Begun in 2007, Never Hide was created to make the now-75-year old company more enticing and appealing to a younger market. One of their newest ads features two men dressed in 1940′s-era business suits, walking down a cosmopolitan street, holding hands, with the headline “Never Hide,” at the top of one version, and on the bottom of another. The image is part of a campaign by the advertising agency Marcel, in Paris, France.

“Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never Hide,” a 2007 press release reads:
The campaign, comprised of a film and a series of situations for print media, outdoor and the Internet, was created and is developed around the concept “NEVER HIDE.” Having the courage to express your true self, your thoughts and your personality genuinely, to stay faithful to the values of authenticity and uniqueness have, in fact, made up the DNA of the Ray-Ban brand since its beginning in 1937 to today. And it is these qualities that characterize true leaders.
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Music: 'Fingers Crossed' by

Directed By: Mike Buonaiuto (

Cast: Lew Smart | James William Knight | TJ Resendes

Producer: Amber Phillips

Executive Producers:
Conor Marron | James Lattimore (
Stephen Pomeroy (

Behind The Scenes: Leighton Cox (

After Effects: Scott Gordon, Los Angeles, USA (

Photography: Ellie Rose Kynaston
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Times have changed. The Twingo too. Drive the change.

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I think [ profile] jaye_valentine  will like this commercial, even if it could have been a bit more... naughty. Anyway I like the idea, even if I would have preferred for the male car driver to be a little more "pretty", but I read comment around of people who like the butch imaginery.

In a clever commercial about the uniqueness of identical twins, the ad shows the similarities of two young men as they get ready in the morning.

As if in the military, Erik and Derek get ready together in the morning, shaving and even showering together. They wear the same clothes and each makes his own music mix for their MiniDisc players. They both leave their apartment together and wait to be picked up.

One is picked up by a sexy woman in a slinky outfit, and the other is picked up by a rather unlikely, not-so-attractive (by idealistic advertising standards), goateed wrestler. The ad agency, which clearly intended for somewhat of a shock effect with the wrestler, purposely picked someone who does not reflect society's general view of "beauty" and absurdly put him in a wrestler's outfit.

Commercial Closet Association

Company: Sony Corp.
Brand: Sony MiniDisc
Ad Title: Twins
Business Category: Consumer Electronics
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Australia , New Zealand , Philippines
Region: Australia/New Zealand
Agency: Generator
Year: 1999
Target: Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Michelangelo Signorile
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I will post the Gay Commercial one day in advance since tomorrow and for all the weekend I will be out of town, and hopefully far from a computer if not to check my emails at night. So yes, even the weekend schedule will be delayed to Monday (excerpts and so on).

This week I decided to post on a campaign for AIDS awareness brings on by One Life, a no profit organitazion depending on canadian firm Bristol-Myers Squibb. The new campaign has the following slogan, "Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past", and it is represented by the images of three couples, two same sex couples and one het couple. One of the same sex couple is also a interracial one. I think the main purpose of the campaign is to prove that being AIDS aware is not strictly linked to be gay or to your social status.

other ads )

The ads were photographed by Alain Desjean for ad agency Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada. I like very much the "dry" style, that conveys so much intimacy.

Another very strong campaign, Spread the Word, was the one with the slogan "You Got "One Life", Get Tested", which was represented by a series of little ad with powerful messages for each one. You can see the whole commercial at One Life website ( or the single ads on Youtube:

other ads )
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Since someone recently said that it's still a sin to use condoms, I thought that this commercial was a good way to reply.

I like it since, even if really erotic (so be aware if you click), it has also an esthetic beauty, the beauty of the human body. I believe that beauty is always a good way to bring on a message.

Commercial Closet Association

Company: Aids Hilfe Wien
Brand: AIDS/HIV Awareness
Ad Title: Aids Hilfe
Business Category: Public Service Announcements
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Austria
Region: Europe
Agency: unknown
Year: 2006
Target: Gays & Mainstream
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This is a really well done and involving ad. I really like the atmosphere, it reminds me a good movie of the past.

A horse cart advances down a dusty street somewhere in Argentina. An old man, Don Luis, gets out of a car. An old woman remains in the front passenger seat. Don Luis approaches a slightly masculine-looking middle-aged woman, Perla, who is talking with a friend outside a shop.

PERLA: Don Luis. How strange to see you here. DON LUIS: I was wondering... When the bank gave you the loan to open the hair salon, did they ask for your national ID booklet? PERLA: Yes. DON LUIS: But your ID says you’re a man. PERLA: Yes. DON LUIS: And they gave it to you anyway. (PERLA nods.) That’s the same bank that gave me the loan for the car. PERLA: Hmmm. DON LUIS: That got me thinking, and made me want to come apologize for treating you so badly all this time. For not knowing how to treat you. Here. (He hands her a figurine of a ballerina.) I made it myself. PERLA: For me? DON LUIS: Forgive me. (They both smile.) PERLA: Thank you very much, Don Luis. DON LUIS: Goodbye.

Perla and her friend smile as he walks back to the car. The old woman in the passenger seat smiles and waves to them. Perla blows a kiss and waves.


Commercial Closet Association

Company: Banco Provincia
Brand: Banco Provincia
Ad Title: Don Luis and Perla
Business Category: Financial Services
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Argentina
Region: Latin/South America
Agency: El Cielo Buenos Aires
Year: 2007
Target: Mainstream
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This Swedish financial ad opens with an outdoor party scene, as couples are dancing to a live band on stage.

As a practical joke, a drunk man runs into the crowd and slaps another on the back while he is in the middle of talking to a woman, forcing him to spit beer all over her. Instead of being angry he is laughing, suggesting they are old friends.

Without a word to the woman, both men run into the woods screaming, then wrestling playfully. In a hold, they fall to the ground in their embrace and are obscured from vision except for their feet. One foot then seems to caress the other, as it appears their playfulness has turned romantic.

The commercial closes with the caption, "moving in together?" Then it offers page 13 of the Bank Book, which offers financial advice.

Commercal Closet Association

Company: Foreningsparbanken
Brand: Foreningsparbanken
Ad Title: Saturday Night Dance
Business Category: Financial Services
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Sweden
Region: Europe
Agency: Lowe Worldwide
Year: 1999
Target: Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Catherine Benmaor


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