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Reading one of these anthologies is like going to a party, some people you know, some you don't, and maybe you will make some friends you will gain for the future. Of course you pick the book cause you know you will like the stories of the authors you know (Shane Allison, J.M. Snyder, Eric Del Carlo, Gregory L. Norris, Jay Starre, Dale Lazarov, Max Vos) but then it will be nice to be surprise to like very much some of the new ones (Lee Hitt, Tony Haynes, Landon Dixon, Boot LS, K. Lynn, Calvin Gimpelevich, Huck Pilgrim, David Holly, Dilo Keith, Dominic Santi, Thomas Fuchs, Dan Cavanagh).

The whole spectrum covers the "classical" themes of an erotica anthology: the blue collar worker, the college boy, the best friend's dad, the new neighboor, ... and all the stories are quick like a trick, that, indeed, is the right purpose of an erotica anthology, you can read these stories all at once, or just one, like a quick fix or a cigarette after sex. True, if you talk to my romantic side, I will say that my favorites are My Best Friend's Dad (that believe me, isn't as "usual" as you can think) and A Walk in the Park, cause there was romance other than erotica, but that was like finding a chocolate chip in a plain muffin, unexpected and nice, even if it wasn't in the menu.

Said that, the sex was good in all stories, and that is from a reader that usually don't care of sex if it is not good.

Series: Best Gay Erotica
Paperback: 232 pages
Publisher: Cleis Press (January 7, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1627780017
ISBN-13: 978-1627780018
Amazon: Best Gay Erotica 2014
Amazon Kindle: Best Gay Erotica 2014

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Considering that I’m not an huge fan of collections (I usually prefer longer novels) and that erotica is not really my cup of tea (I prefer sweet more than hot), I’m truly, but very much pleasantly, surprised of how much I enjoyed this one, to a level that I really love some stories, even the naughtier.

“The Last Picture. Show.” is about an young porn star who decides, exactly during a shoot, that it’s time to quit, and while the actor is engaging in his last gig, he wanders with his mind to the how and when he started, bringing the reader along, far from the current reality, that is not much appealing, not for the actor or the reader. But this is done with a light tone and in the end, help will arrive from the most unexpected ally.

“How Stanley Got His Back in Groove” is probably my favorite, along with “Can You Feel What I'm Saying?”. Very romantic and, well, sweet but sexy, is about almost 40 years old Stanley who embarks in a relationship with 20 years old Bobby, who is, by the way, one of his former elementary school students, from when Stanley did a 4 months stint as a PE teacher. Stanley was ending a 9 years self-imposed abstinence from sex, mainly cause, I suppose, he was disillusioned by it, but Bobby will teach him how to love again: the student becoming the teacher!

“Booty, By Jake” is the naughtier one I was referring to. Ray considers himself an A-list guy: handsome, with a good job and a long string of other A-list guys he can pick for a no strings attached booty call. Jake is only the super of his condo, an average guy, nothing special, B bordering C as Ray thought the first time he saw him. But Jake has hidden “qualities” that will have Ray promote him to the A+ level!

“Can You Feel What I'm Saying?” is the second romantic one, and another that I enjoyed. About an almost sweet romance between a blind man, Ellington, and his new friend, Antwan, a man he meets every morning while walking to work and who, Ellington decided, will be his birthday’s gift… and yes, that is exactly what he is meaning. Only that Antwan doesn’t consider himself to the level of Ellington, starting from his HIV positive status arriving to his no degree necessary job. It will be on Ellington to let him understand that those are irrelevant details in love.

This is the second time I had the chance to read a story by James Earl Hardy, and he is more and more convincing me to go back and read his B-Boy Blues classic series.

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: I A J Books (November 28, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0967832829
ISBN-13: 978-0967832821
Amazon: Can You Feel What I'm Saying?: An Erotic Anthology
Amazon Kindle: Can You Feel What I'm Saying?: An Erotic Anthology

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Jeff Mann isn’t shy in using a rough imaginary to set his stories, whereas they are in XIX century American frontier, or in XVIII century Scotland, but even amidst the blood and sweat, and tears, you can find the tenderness of two men loving each other.

Angus and Derek are like two halves of the same apple, they were brought up together, Derek the laird’s son, and Angus his second hand, his protector, the one who has to give up his life in case to protect Derek. And he will do. But not only for a born duty, but also cause Angus is deeply in love with Derek and they call each other such, “lover”. The same night Angus is killed, Derek is turned into a vampire, in a ceremony that mixes love and death, sex and rape; yes, it’s rape, even if Derek will enjoy the act, he clearly didn’t want it, he was still mourning the loss of his half soul. That is the tenderness amidst the violence, a Derek in search of vengeance who is asking his sire to not have sex with him, cause, yes, he is in mourn, and he needs the time to heal.

The first story, the making of Derek, is probably the longer, taking half the book; after that we follow Derek in the centuries to come, up until modern time, with Derek paired with an husbear, Matt; not being familiar with the bear culture, it was the first time I “met” a bear bottom: it’s not really a term to describe their preferred sexual position, cause, as Derek said, they switch sometime, but it’s more to describe Matt’s playful attitude, something that remains with him way longer his young age, cause, in the end, Matt is more than 40, but nevertheless, still a bear bottom.

I didn’t really understand the decision of Derek to not turn Matt, they seem happy together. What I can think is that, deep down, Derek is still in love with Angus, a man that was totally opposite to Matt, in a way, Matt is to Derek, what Derek was to Angus, and so Derek needs someone different than Matt, someone who can be to him what Angus was. Still, deep down, I’m hoping he will change mind.

Paperback: 202 pages
Publisher: Bear Bones Books (August 25, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1590213939
ISBN-13: 978-1590213933
Amazon: Desire & Devour: Stories of Blood & Sweat
Amazon Kindle: Desire & Devour: Stories of Blood & Sweat

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