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One day I was browsing the Internet for nothing in particular and I saw a picture of two male seahorses carrying their babies (not big in bioligy, but from what I understand, female seahorses lie the eggs and male seahorses carry the babies in their pouches until their are ready to leave the "nest"). I thought, this would be a good plot bunny and they I thought, impossible no one has already written it and with a short internet search I found two titles The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse & The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx.

The first one is more traditional (if traditional can be used in a paranormal shapeshifter story...) and it is about a shapeshifter shark falling for a shapeshifter seahorse. Of course Byron and Skylar, the human version of them, are reflecting their shifted forms, and Byron is all domineering towards the cute and shy Skylar. Indeed, Byron and Skylar know each other, but Byron is trying to avoid Skylar as much as possible, not trusting himself near the fragile man. But of course, as soon as Skylar needs protection, Byron will be there ready to claim his mate.

It's a cute story and most of the focus is on the expected outcome, Skylar will get pregnant with Byron, and he will carry one little shark and one little seahorse. Maybe the nice twist is that, the baby shark will inherit his seahorse father attitude, and instead the baby seahorse will take upon his shark father, becoming in the end a spoiled brat young man, who will star in the second book, The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx.

The second pair, seahorse Layton and lynx Preston is maybe more "strange" than expected, and in a way, it's odd to think two really different creature, one from the water, the other from the ground, can not only mix, but having babies together. But that is indeed a futile reasoning, this is paranormal fiction and everything is possible.

Layton and Preston's story is more comedy than that of Layton's parents; from Layton's bratty behavior to him getting knocked up the first time he had sex cause he wasn't considering the option.

Anyway, these two stories filled my impromptu thought of a story involving a shapeshifter seahorse and male pregnancy.

The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse
Series: Mate Or Meal
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (May 11, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162241022X
ISBN-13: 978-1622410224
Amazon: The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse
Amazon Kindle: The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse

The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx
Series: Mate Or Meal, Siren Publishing Classic Manlove
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (June 20, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1622411900
ISBN-13: 978-1622411900
Amazon: The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx
Amazon Kindle: The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx

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I have always been more an historical or contemporary kind of reader, but sometime I don't mind a paranormal here or there; true, I'm not really a fan of the big paranormal novel, special effects and all, I prefer ordinary story, and so a novel about house cat shifters was up my alley. Trouble Comes in Threes is about Dolf and Tal, a black and white domestic cats who are already mated to each other, but their Goddess decides to give them another mate, a human, that is, more or less, in the middle between them: Dolf is an Alpha male, the future leader of their clowder, Tal is an Omega male, gentle and kind, and sometime he is not able to meet Dolf's needs of dominance; at the same time, Tal is also a male, and so he has needs Dolf, a full dominant, isn't able to fullfill.

It was nice to see the three of them interact; Kirk, the human mate, was indeed perfect, a mix of strenghtness in body and gentleness in soul, a flavor for kinky that can match Dolf's desires, but also a willingness to submit, that makes him the perfect companion for someone like Tal, who isn't Dominant at all, but needs to dominate sometime; a stronger man wouldn't do, cause Tal needs to feel like he can be the leader sometime.

It wasn't a complex plot, and in a way, I enjoyed more when the plot was even more simple, just the three of them in the remote cabin of Kirk, but even when they joined Tal and Dolf's clowder, the mood was mostly homemade. As I said, I prefer a paranormal novel which is more ordinary than extraordinary, and so this one was fitting my needs.

Paperback: 234 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 29, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1632165503
ISBN-13: 978-1632165503
Amazon: Trouble Comes in Threes
Amazon Kindle: Trouble Comes in Threes

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There is one thing to be said for sure about this series, and yes, I'm saying it with a positive meaning, it's totally freed of heavyness; once you start one book, you are more likely able to finish it in one gulp, it goes down smoothly and easily.

Each story has a strong point, and this time is the contraposition between Alpha and Gamma roles in the pack hierarchy moved to a relationship: in the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack homosexuality isn't something frowned upon, but a relationship between two wolf, that is something unheard of. And so when Rory, not only the Gamma of the pack but also the nephew of the Alpha, Mateo, finds out his mate his another wolf, and an Alpha to both, that is when there are trouble; basically to accept the mating bond Rory, the lesser wolf, had to renounce to his priviliged status in the hierarchy pack... even if there is who is saying the pets, the mates of the wolves, are the ones really ruling the relationships.

Anyway, I did enjoy this story, it was like giving freedom to the brain for an hour or two, to just rest and relax.

Paperback: 120 pages
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing (September 27, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1618859080
ISBN-13: 978-1618859082
Amazon: Cry Wolf (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series 2)
Amazon Kindle: Cry Wolf (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series 2)

Series: Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series
1) The Alpha's Pet:
2) Cry Wolf

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Considering the other Dark Hollow Wolf Pack’s books I read in this series, Logan’s Choice is probably the one who has also another plot in parallel with the one about an Alpha man meeting his soul mate. Ian is the Beta of his pack, the second hand to Marco, and he is also the only young widower, having lost his wife five years earlier. The woman was his blood match, so Ian knows there will be no other for him, and when someone has to be picked as the one to turn an Hunter captive, to avoid killing him, Ian agrees not only to turn Logan, but also to make him his pet if Logan agrees. Now, truth be told, asking to a man in “heat” if he wants to have sex with Ian, isn’t exactly giving him a choice, but fair enough, Logan enjoyed it.

While nor Ian or Logan had same-sex relationship before, this is not a gay for you story; Ian admits that, for werewolves, gender is basically just another attribute, like hair or eyes color: there is no prejudices, and they can mate with men or women, according to who they desire; it’s attraction that leads their bodies, and if they are attracted to a same-sex partner, their mind doesn’t prevent them from following their desire. For Logan is different, considering he has an homophobic parent.

The subplot about Logan being an Hunter, and his behavior once he will face with the chance of abandoning everything he knows to become Ian’s pet was well played, according to me; it was enough believable, cause it wasn’t an easy decision for Logan, and not something that could be easily replace by good sex only. Ian, on the other hand, was this strong man who was able to balance his desires but also his duties as Beta of the pack.

Series: Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series
Paperback: 196 pages
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing (September 27, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1618859099
ISBN-13: 978-1618859099
Amazon: Logan's Choice (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series 3)
Amazon Kindle: Logan's Choice (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series 3)

Series: Dark Hollow Wolf Pack
1) The Alpha's Pet:
2) Cry Wolf:
3) Logan's Choice

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At first, Gabe’s Alpha seemed yet another topping from the bottom, omega versus Alpha plot. The main difference was the viciousness that was Gabe’s turning into a shifter, being raped and witnessing his mother’s murder. But as soon as Gabe met Zack, there was the comfort feeling of knowing what was happening, omega meets Alpha and they live happily ever after. Only that, instead of doing it out of love, to Gabe was more a way to avoid yet another painful shifting into a feral half man-half wolf, a creature he is not able to control. Accepting Zack’s rule and the pack’s life is not something that comes easy to Gabe and he will fight Zack over every simple decision.

There were many common elements to the usual topping from the bottom plot, but the author managed to make them being right for Gabe’s character, an independent man but also easy to lighten up like a little firecracker, to a point he sometime is able to recognize he went to much over to a point where is too late to come back, like the night his mother was killed, when he was sulking over some stupid argument.

Actually I think Gabe is still really young, not yet fully formed into a grown man; Gabe will change in the future, maybe becoming more settled and aware of the implications of his own actions, but I think he will also preserve this independent streak that will always cause Zack is headaches. But I also think Zack is welcoming them for the chance to have Gabe in his life.

Series: Dark Hollow Wolf Pack Series
Paperback: 134 pages
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing (September 27, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1618859102
ISBN-13: 978-1618859105
Amazon: Gabe's Alpha (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack 4)
Amazon Kindle: Gabe's Alpha (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack 4)

Series: Dark Hollow Wolf Pack
1) The Alpha's Pet:
2) Cry Wolf:
3) Logan's Choice:
4) Gabe's Alpha

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First of all a warning to potential readers, this is not a first book in a series, this is actually part 1 of a story.

The main concept is a revised version of the shapeshifter romance: two strangers meet and a sudden bond mate them forever, the turn of events here is that young Troy is at the same time the fated mate of Alpha Jared and his Beta Nick. Jared and Nick were always best friends other than fellow pack members and they well know what it means for one of them to renounce to Troy and so they agree to give Troy a “trial” period, 3 days with Jared, 3 days with Nick, 1 day off to decide who has to be his forever mate.

I quite enjoyed the author didn’t choose the easiest way to have Jared and Nick sharing Troy, even if I wouldn’t mind for this to eventually be their decision; instead the author pushed more on an almost “logical” solution, that, by the way, gives Troy the time he needs to decide if he wants to be in a relationship with a werewolf, a being he was never aware existed before.

The strange thing is that, while the author didn’t push much on the sex (there are a lot of innuendos but no real sex at all), there is quite a lot of violence. There is even an off the stage rape, and that is probably the only point it didn’t ring true to my ears (for how much true a paranormal romance can be): I’m not really sure a rape victim could be able to overcome it so easily. Sure there are panic attack, but it seems they are provoked more by a past abusive relationship than the current rape. My suggestion to the author would be to or remove the rape making it an attempt, or to deepen the victim reaction to it.

Aside from this, I think the werewolf theme was well played, the link to the Ancient Rome is not new but neither used so often, and it was nice to see it revised here.

Series: Troy's Turning
Paperback: 414 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (May 17, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1484993918
ISBN-13: 978-1484993910
Amazon: Caught in Between: A Supernatural Romance (Troy's Turning) (Volume 1)
Amazon Kindle: Caught in Between: A Supernatural Romance (Troy's Turning) (Volume 1)

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I have often said sci-fi or fantasy is not my strength, but now I’m also wondering if I haven’t missed some basic knowledge: is there some sci-fi tradition about feline-like aliens abducting men/women? That is cause Wishes is at least the fourth series I read with the same theme from different authors, and while two could have been a coincidence, 4 is really becoming a tradition.

Auri is the lieutenant of a terrain spaceshift who is basically sold into slavery without him being aware of that. Kanar, the king of Felinians, recognizes in Auri one of his mates (he has already three and was told by an oracle he will have a fourth) and agrees to a commercial agreement with Earth only if their ambassadors give him Auri. Yes, you have it right, not only Auri is not willing, he is also basically abducted, and the first mating with Kanar is not consensual. It was quite difficult for me to accept this development of the story, even if, indeed, it was more coherent with the mood of the story of, let’s say, a fake courtship with Auri arriving to understand how lucky he was.

The author was very true to her story and development, the Felinians have a polyamory society, Kanar has, with Auri, four mates and he basically divides his time among them, with nights where they have one-to-one meetings, and other where they have ménages a trois; when I arrive to this point of the story, I understood the comment of one of the mates that 4 was a good number, it basically meant no one feels excluded when it’s his night “off”.

I felt like the same issues I had in accepting this society were reflected in Auri: he had to adapt to it, overcoming his beliefs of what a “normal” relationship should be. At the end of the story, I cannot really say if Auri’s, and mine’s, ideas are right or wrong, it’s all a matter of perspective, in Kanar’s society, what they are doing is the common behavior, and the merit of the author is to make it plausible.

Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: Etopia Press (November 19, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939194237
ISBN-13: 978-1939194237
Amazon: Wishes
Amazon Kindle: Wishes

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Sometime you need serious, sometime you need playful… Poppy’s Pleasure is a pretty little story. Poppy is a cuteness overloaded character who is completely unaware of the danger he is for other men… not cause “he” is dangerous, but cause he can provoke an overdose of prettiness to the chosen companion. And I’m totally saying this with a positive perspective, it’s not easy to write a character like this one without falling into ridiculousness, but Stormy Glenn managed it without any stumble (maybe that is due to her experience with this character type).

Poppy is naïve cause he has always lived as a slave; he doesn’t have any memories of a previous different life, he doesn’t know there is any different life. Poppy truly believes the world is divided into Masters and slaves and that he is born slave and destined to be one. He is not a broken man, he still has a backbone, but he doesn’t know stubbornness, he doesn’t know rebellion, and so, most of the time, his attempts to escape that life always end with him being beaten and left half dead. The only lucky event in his life, for a reason that we will understand only later in the story, Poppy has passed from Master to Master with a contract that states he isn’t a sexual slave, and that he cannot be used for that purpose. So other than being naïve of life, Poppy is also naïve of sex.

Dean is on a rescue mission for one of his fellow Government Agency assassin, but instead of finding Marcus, he stumbles into Poppy and from that moment on, Poppy recognizes him as his Master, like a little duck with its mother hen, imprinting, and Dean cannot really leave him otherwise Poppy will have a mental breakdown. Dean becomes Poppy’s protector, lover, companion, and every other words you can imagine to describe a relationship that is more than love, it’s death or life.

As I said, sometime I need my overdose of cuteness.

Publisher: Silver Publishing (November 24, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Poppy's Pleasure (Assassin's Pride)

Series: Assassin's Pride
1) The Cat's Meow
2) Poppy's Pleasure

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I have to be truth, I picked up this book as soon as it was out cause I wanted to read a good mpreg story, and that is not easy to find. While the good part was there, there isn’t much of the mpreg, I think that, being this a series, most of it will be in following book.

The main theme is an interracial love story between a young human, Dale, and a warrior alien, Keyno. From what I could gather, the alien race hasn’t really gender, they are all warrior with the ability to conceive; only that, as an aftermath of a chemical war, their reproductive system was damaged, and now they need to find mates who are able to carry on a pregnancy; female apparently won’t go, cause the babies are bigger than usual, and it leads to miscarriage. So basically, Keyno’s people is travelling the star system, vising various planets and picking a few thousands of willing or unwilling men to be “harvested”. At first, Dale was on the unwilling side. But he soon changed idea when he saw the advantage of having a sexy mate like Keyno, even if he comes with a tail and a little more fur than usual (cat-like) and with the requirement for Dale to be the one to give birth to their babies.

Let me say that I enjoyed the story, it was mostly light and cute, not really heavy-set on details like many sci-fi novels. So yes, I’m not a big fan of sci-fi, I prefer my stories like this one, but this is also a warning to possible readers of what they will have reading it, if you are hard-core sci-fi fans, maybe it’s good for you to set your expectation.

Another little warning is for the character of Dale, he is a brat, a cute, little brat, well aware of the appeal he has on Keyno and able to use it. The relationship between them is, or better, should be Dominant versus submissive, but Dale soon learns the technique of topping from the bottom, and he has soon Keyno tied around his little finger. Truth, that was fated from the beginning, cause Keyno’s people is used to consider mates like precious ones to be protected and cherished.

I wouldn’t have minded to read a little more about Dale and the prospective pregnancy but he mostly joked about it using stereotypes about women and pregnancy; I suppose the real deal will be in following books when it will be his time to experience it.

Series: The Harvest
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Storm Moon Press LLC (October 31, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162757073X
ISBN-13: 978-1627570732
Amazon: The Harvest: Taken: Book 1
Amazon Kindle: The Harvest: Taken: Book 1


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This time the plot is a little more complex than others, maybe cause the story focuses on Wayne Maccon, who is one of the leaders of this series, the Alpha of the Delani pack, born werewolf centuries ago, powerful and always caring of the others. During the previous novel the reader had the chance to know him and Conner, his mate. The trouble is that Wayne isn’t gay and he has to come to term with the fact that his mate is a man. What probably is the funniest thing is that is a trouble only for him, cause nor his friends or his own family has a problem with that.

Once the finding your mate is out of the picture, this time the plot focuses on rescuing Conner from a pack of rogue wolves kidnapping him. The quest to rescue Conner is an excuse to gather all the team, humans, werewolves, Navy Seals, firefighters, FBI, and whatever other dream hero you can think of. Plus the introduction of some future plots, like Nikolai and his mate, Chance and Logan, Mitch and Locke…

I found Irish Wishes to be a little more fast paced and with and higher breath, like the author decided to bring her characters out for a field trip, in another country, Ireland, and with a more adventurous plot. Wayne and Conner’s story, for how much romantic it was, was like a parallel plot, but there were other important threads, the female pack, the wish of many of the previous pairs to become fathers, the tightening of different series into one. For the first time while reading this novel I wished I had a genealogy tree, to be able to collect and put together all the pieces.

Anyway, for who is following this series in its wholeness, Irish Wishes is an absolute needed reading.

Amazon: Irish Wishes (Volume 12)
Amazon Kindle: Irish Wishes (Volume 12)
Paperback: 296 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 27, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1480217883
ISBN-13: 978-1480217881

Series: Assassin/Shifter
1) A Marked Man:
2) Alaska, with Love:
3) By the Light of the Moon
4) Half Moon Rising
5) Best Laid Plans
6) For the Love of Caden
7) The General’s Lover
8) Russian Prey:
9) An Ignited Passion:
10) Reflash:
11) The Red Zone:
12) Irish Wishes

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I haven’t read all the books in this series, so that of Scott and Tristan was almost a new story to me, most of the supporting characters were known, but their dynamics not entirely clear and in a way, to me, this made for a better read, because nothing was “expected”. One trait of the author I found again in this novel is her satirical twist, a humor sense that says to the reader, come on, we are here to have fun, don’t take life too seriously. This series is made mostly of men (even if there are positive female characters here and there) and these guys want to have fun, they like to have sex, and to have a beer soon after, to watch sports while snuggling on the coach, to leave their dirty dishes on the kitchen sink until the morning after and maybe even later.

ETM Scott and lawyer Tristan are no different, considering also that, before being a lawyer, Tristan was a navy SEALS. Add to that both of them are werewolves, mates and both with an Alpha streak to the booth and you have the perfect recipe for a snarling before kissing romance. Scott and Tristan cannot bear each other but at the same time the mate bond is so strong they are driven to each other. They don’t want to mate, but they cannot have sex with other men, not only since, when one of them is trying, the other is ready to ruin everything.

Everyone around them is suggesting to let the fate have its course, but they are both stubborn and it will not easy to accept the unavoidable.

Due to the fact that I’m reading the books letting time pass between each of them, I’m not sure which is my favorite until now, but I quite liked the light core of this one, plus I found it sometime even cute and tender, without depriving the men of their 100% manliness.

Amazon: Pleading the fifth
Amazon Kindle: Pleading the fifth
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 26, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1480146919
ISBN-13: 978-1480146914

Series: Assassin/Shifter
1) A Marked Man:
2) Alaska, with Love:
3) By the Light of the Moon
4) Half Moon Rising
5) Best Laid Plans
6) For the Love of Caden
7) The General’s Lover
8) Russian Prey:
9) An Ignited Passion:
10) Reflash:
11) The Red Zone:
12) Irish Wishes:
13) Pleading the Fifth

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This is the first paranormal romance I read by this author, but it’s really not so different from the contemporary romance I was used to; Cardeno C. likes a lot the concept of together-forever, and often the characters are childhood friends who experiment together for the first time, from love to sex and everything else in between.

In this case Zev is a shapeshifter, living in a community just outside a small town and he recognize his mate, Jonah, a same age kid, when he is only 1 years old. In a way or the other, he first manages to become friend with the other kid as a wolf puppy, and then, at 7 years old, as schoolmate, and later as boyfriend. Zev knows that, once he will bond with Jonah, they will not be able to stay apart, and so Zev self-inflicts a torture, denying the need to have sex with Jonah until the time Jonah will be back from college… unfortunately Jonah decides to become a doctor and between college and residency, the target age is more around thirty than twenty.

As I said, this is a paranormal romance, but really, it’s pretty much a best friends/forever boyfriends story; not Zev or Jonah have any doubts each other is their soul mate, Jonah may question why Zev doesn’t want to have sex, and maybe he falters a little in his good proposal to stay faithful to his boyfriend even when living far apart, but it’s nothing major, nothing tragic or irreparable.

In the end the story was more cute and tender than “paranormal”, if to paranormal you give the usually connotation of adventure/thrilling plot with fast-paced rhythm.

Amazon: Wake Me Up Inside
Amazon Kindle: Wake Me Up Inside
Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (August 15, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613727119
ISBN-13: 978-1613727119

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This was one of the nicest, cutest and sexy novel I have read lately. It goes directly atop of my all time favorite.

Aside for the simple fact that I can easily identify with Sam, a romance novel reader who would like to find his Prince Charming in real life too, Too Stupid To Live was romantic, clever and well-paced. For once I didn’t mind at all that the two main characters shared a physical relationship almost from the beginning, it was right for them and it gave them the chance to understand that appearances don’t matter.

Sam maybe is not a twink, model-like gay boy; he is tall, dorky and thin (and no, I don’t mean lean, I mean thin, as it just a level up being underweighted). And of course when he finds the courage to ask for a date to Ian, he is kindly, but firmly turned down. Ian is a former firefighter, tall and muscular, handsome and very dominant; he has always considered his ideal partner to be like him, someone who can take his passion and give it back multiplied. Sam doesn’t seem the type… but he is wrong.

I loved the sweet romance mixed with hot passion; Sam and Ian manage to be tender and cute when outside the bedroom, and hot as hell when inside of it (or even in the parlor, dining room, kitchen…). Both of them are new to be really in love and of course they make big mistakes. Sam is trying to play according to the “romance rules”, but instead his body tells him to forget them and to let Ian conquers him; doesn’t matter if it’s only a no strings attached pursue, at least he will enjoy it. But of course, once Ian has a taste of Sam’s sweetness, he becomes addicted and in no way he will let the boy go.

There are a lot of supporting characters, all of them so nice and well developed that I’m sizzling with the anticipation of reading their stories, because I’m sure the author meant to use this novel to introduce them and this is not where they will end. (PS: Nik and Jurgen's stories, Whitetail Rock and The Fix, are free download from the author's website)

Amazon: Too Stupid to Live (Romancelandia) (Volume 1)
Amazon Kindle: Too Stupid to Live (Romancelandia) (Volume 1)
Paperback: 278 pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing; first edition (January 3, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937551857
ISBN-13: 978-1937551858

Series: Romancelandia
prequel-1) Whitetail Rock
prequel-2) The Fix
1) Too Stupid To Live

Reading List: list&view=elisa.rolle
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When I open one of these paranormal romances, I’m well aware of what I have in my hands: an Alpha male/omega man story, one where the top man is “over the top” and the bottom boy is faking his submissive position well knowing that there, above the clouds, the brain is lightweighted, and the real mastermind of the relationship is the one below. It’s not easy to deal with such a story, you can well fall into parody, and making it totally “bleh”. I think Shannon West is good in pushing it almost to the edge, without tumbling beyond the abyss.

Evan, the young Hunter, is so totally not scaring, that you really wonder how they could think to enroll him in the Hunters’ army; he is young, petite, cute like a bunny, actually the right bait for a big bad wolf like Brett… only that, sincerely, neither Brett seems so scaring and bad. Brett is not an Alpha of his pack, he is a gamma wolf, an enforcer; he is strong, but he has not the coolness or cleverness to be a leader, he is a very good second hand, good to follow, ready to comply. Brett has no instinct to rebel, he doesn’t feel like he is constricted if he follows the command of his Alpha; everything is good if who is in charge is someone Brett perceives as a leader, as someone who is rightly atop of him in the hierarchy. But when it comes down to personal relationship, Brett is old fashioned, his mate has to be a pet, someone Brett can cherish but also order around.

At first Even fits the bill, he is a young, naïve man, driven more by his instinct than his brain; but as soon as he is “freed” by the constricting society he is living in, as soon as he meets other “submissive” pets (submissive is ironic, since these men are all other than submissive), he realizes he has a huge power in his hands, he is the one who can lead their relationship.

This is a specific, and popular, genre, I would even say a subgenre of the paranormal romance; it’s not really realistic, it’s about playing with the “top from the bottom” theme, as I said, pushing this them almost to the limit. You can totally love it, or you can hate it, but it has to be said, there is a market for it.

Amazon Kindle: Wolfsbane (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack 5)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Series: Dark Hollow Wolf Pack
1) The Alpha's Pet:
2) Cry Wolf:
3) Logan's Choice:
4) Gabe's Alpha:
5) Wolfsbane

Reading List:
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This is the classical Alpha male/omega male pair, with Marco, the Alpha of his pack, finding and mating with his fated companion, Nicky, who is human and above all a man, while instead Marco has, more or less, always preferred women (even if he has experienced also with men). Plus also Nicky, even if small and pretty, is straight, never once he has felt sexual desire for men. Nicky is not homophobic, his best friend is gay, and so, first he had the chance to discuss about man on man sex, and also the chance to meet gay men. Only that, they never have done anything for him.

When Nicky is forcible turned into a werekin, he goes into heat and his desire to mate with Marco is overwhelming. Nicky is practically forced into having sex with Marco, not by Marco himself, but by his own body which craves the alpha that is in Marco. In this shapeshifter society, there are precise role/play: each pair is made by a Dominant and submissive lover, and when a pair is made, the combination is strict; the wolves are the Dominant, the pet are the submissive. A pet is a werekin without the ability to turn into a wolf, and as a pet he/she is managed: with a collar, on a leash, always submissive to their Master’s orders.

At first I found that the submissive attitude of Nicky was a little too much, above all since he seemed to have not a chance: it was his own body betraying him, even if his mind was against the idea. If there was not the turn in the events, I would have probably thought that everything was too much: Nicky is behaving more like an eager puppy than a partner, arriving to crave sucking his Master’s thumb to fall asleep. But with the turn into rebellion that Nicky will have, the plot became more balanced and as such, I liked it better. Truth be told, even if handsome and strong, I didn’t find Marco particularly clever, on the contrary, he seemed to me a leader who was more used to command with his strength more than with his strategy.

Amazon Kindle: The Alpha's Pet (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack 1)
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing (May 8, 2012)

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Blacque/Blue is a fantasy paranormal urban novel. It basically imagines that in our current time there is a small town in US, Acarda, where paranormal creatures are living together in a sheltered environment. And humans as well. I actually hadn’t understood if humans are aware they are living among paranormal creatures, unless they are not in a relationship with them, mostly since paranormal creatures are not behaving any different from humans. That is the main point of this novel and what I found the most interesting as well.

Blacque is a 30 years old werewolf; he is also gay and in the closet and for that reason he is also a virgin, a 100% virgin since Blacque has never had any interest in women. Now try to imagine a big and strong auto mechanic, all tattooed and pierced and a virgin! He has a sweet core given by his innocence that is a perfect contraposition with his bad guy looks. Blacque is attracted by Blue, the vampire next door; while Blacque is an auto mechanic, Blue does custom upholstery, and if in their jobs they are a perfect match, usually werewolves and vampires don’t match, they have a “polite” cohabitation, but sexual relationship are not common.

Only that Blue is ill, affected by a chronic insomnia that is preventing him to sleep during the day and he is not even “eating” in a right way, meaning that he is not sucking enough blood to sustain him. Blacque is like a banquet to Blue, rich and wealthy werewolf blood in an hot and ripe to be picked body. When Blue finds out Blacque is as innocent as a newborn baby, his first instinct is to “hunt”, but then Blacque shows him his kind side, the one who wants to nurture and protect, and Blue is lost.

I like the play of contraposition between Blacque and Blue; Blacque is innocent where Blue is experienced, and so Blue leads in bed; Blacque is strong where Blue is weak (at least now), and so Blacque leads in life; Blacque is an Alpha for his pack, but he is a little submissive in bed with Blue; Blue is an ancient vampire, older than Blacque, but in any case Blacque feels as he has to protect Blue, to make him one of his own pack, to give him shelter in many way, with his home, his body, his love.

I really liked this story, it has almost an “ordinary” mood in a paranormal world; Blacque’s struggle to come out was very much similar to what a gay guy would face if he was born in the “wrong” side, in a place where being gay equal to being weak; Blue and Blacque’s relationship has nothing of extraordinary, even if one is a vampire and the other a werewolf, they are simply two guys in love when they are together.

Amazon: Blacque/Bleu
Amazon Kindle: Blacque/Bleu
Paperback: 258 pages
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC (August 29, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1611183626
ISBN-13: 978-1611183627

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Cover Art by Anne Cain
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I read a very limited number of M/M/F ménages a trois because usually I don’t like very much the female in the ménages. It’s not that I see her as an intruder, it’s more that she usually comes out as insipid in comparison to the two men. In Climbing the Ladder B.A. Tortuga solved this issue making Sammy not only an independent woman with a high executive career, but also as much as an Alpha as Mesa, the shapeshifter wolf who claims Sammy’s husband as his mate and as a corollary, also Sammy.

Kody was Mesa’s lover and best friend when they were puppies; but 2 years ago Kody left without much notice and now that Mesa is the Alpha pack, he wants back his mate. But Kody is now married to Sammy. Kody and Sammy’s marriage is not an ordinary one, actually Kody is way more a “wife” than Sammy; Sammy is the one who gains money and maintains their home, and Kody takes care of her and of that home. When Mesa comes to claim Kody, there is no question that Sammy would be able, and willing, to go over the break-up with Kody, but it comes out that she is the third in their mating, that Kody left right for the purpose to find her and bring her back to the pack and to their bond.

The story is very much about Sammy and the quest to make her sure of their bond. That is probably another reason why this ménages a trois works better than other I read, Sammy doesn’t disappear between Mesa and Kody, actually she is the center of their attention. She is probably even too strong, and if not for the reason that Kody is a mild and gentle man, their relationship would have probably already had trouble to work. But Kody is more than pleased to be the one taking care of both his mates.

Mesa plays accordingly to his role, he is an Alpha all around, few words, a lot of action, but also able to trust his mates when needed; they pretty much complete each other, I think Sammy is the mind, Mesa the body and Kody the heart.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Climbing the Ladder (Shifting Streams, Book One)
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC (October 16, 2011)

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Maverick’s Mate (Brac Pack 1) by Lynn Hagen

I decided to start this series from the first book even if the author has already published more than 10 books in the same series. And I’m glad I did that since I was able to understand the settings Lynn Hagen has outlined, more or less a pack of shapeshifter timber wolf made of 1 Alpha, 1 Beta, 1 Commander and 12 warriors, 15 men in total, and I think the author is heading out to write a story for each of them.

The first book is pretty classic, big Alpha man who is waiting for his mate and once he finds him, he doesn’t let it pass one minute to claim him. True, I was a little bit taken aback from the fact that Maverick claims Cecil while the other man is sleeping, hypnotizing him and basically, according to me, not giving him much choice. Again, true to the author, Maverick said it’s only sex, the true mating will happen later, and if Cecil doesn’t agree, nothing is definitive, but still, while the other man is sleeping?

In the end Cecil will come out like a funny and overactive young man (20 years old) and so maybe Maverick “wall” attitude (nothing seems to move him) will be a good balance to the other man; of course, like the more classic Alpha/omega relationship, nothing can touch Maverick if not his little mate, and he will do everything, even killing if necessary, to protect the other man. This is another point that probably is worthy highlighting: there is violence in this novel, but it’s in the background. Maverick and his men have to do bad things, but that doesn’t touch their little men (we will find later in the series that the timber wolf, big wolf in animal form, big man in human form, tend to mate with diminutive human male).

The sex tends to be light more than erotic, the author doesn’t put weight in any of the “differences” between Maverick and Cecil (Maverick is a shapeshifter timber wolf, he is way stronger and bigger than Cecil, and so on) and prefers to have good, but quite ordinary sex scenes between them. Probably the main point of them is for Cecil to be a little (only a little) “easy”, sex for him is like yet another game, something he likes much doing. Again, after the first sex scene, with Cecil sleeping, he becomes the one in “control”: he is the initiator, the one who wraps his big man around his little finger.

All in all, this first story was good, some really minor editing issues (like when Maverick is complaining he doesn’t know his mate name, and then suddenly he comes out with a thought “He would send him to befriend his mate and have the two become friends. Next, the Sentry will invite Cecil over”, and “my” thought was, well, they have just had sex in Cecil’s home, maybe he read the name on the postbox… but right on the next page, Maverick thinks “What was his mate’s name? Maverick was dying to find out.”) that sincerely I wouldn’t have noticed if the author didn’t use that as an element of the story (Cecil’s name).

Amazon Kindle: Maverick's Mate [Brac Pack 1]
Publisher: Siren Publishing (March 29, 2011)

Hawk’s Pretty Baby (Brac Pack 2) by Lynn Hagen

Lynn Hagen managed something that very few authors did in these past years, to convince me to read second book in a series as soon as I finished the first one. How did she manage to? Simply she introduced the character of Johnny in book 1 and I was fascinated by him, so much that I had the temptation to drop book 1 and go directly to read book 2.

I was always interested in reading a love story between a very protective man and someone who has a different perception of the reality… yes, this is a way to describe a simpleton, someone who is not totally retarded, but that is not even completely aware of everything around him. Sincerely I don’t like the word “retarded”, since it’s not like I see this character, it’s more something related to the perception of reality. Johnny knows what is good and what is bad, he knows the right and wrong (usually that is the way to understand if a man is emancipated), but he is bereaved of any protective layer, of that hardness deriving from experience. Johnny is completely exposed to the big bad world, and like that, I think it’s plenty right that his perfect match is a uber-protective man, someone who wants to shield Johnny from most of the ugly things of life, not since Johnny doesn’t have to know they exist, but since Johnny would not be able to react and protect himself.

Aside from this, second book in the series is pretty much similar to book 1. Actually, since I was more involved in the story, I didn’t notice any major editing issue this time, maybe they were not there, or maybe they were not so noticeable.

Sex was again good but light, and in a way, it was even more right to Johnny’s character: how he doesn’t have protective layers, he also doesn’t have inhibitions; for Johnny sex is something good, normal and joyful. Sex is again like a game, but it’s also something Johnny can do without being worried if he is doing it right or wrong. Sex for Johnny is freedom, and a playing field where he is at the same level of Hawk, of course being again the little omega man who is wrapping his big Alpha man around his pinkie finger.

Amazon Kindle: Hawk's Pretty Baby [Brac Pack 2]
Publisher: Siren Publishing (April 5, 2011)

Amazon: Brac Pack, Volume 1
Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (June 28, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1610344936
ISBN-13: 978-1610344937

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Threesome (Between a Fox and a Hard Place 1) by Misa Izanaki

In a futuristic world where shapeshifter are living among humans apparently without problem, Aoi is an elf, former whore and now stripper. He chose to leave his previous career after meeting Itsuki, a werefox, better a kitsune, a japan mythological figure, who can shift in a fox, but also when he is in human form he maintains the ears and the tail of a fox.

Itsuki is a big man with basic needs: eat and sex. All the world outside can fall down, but don't try to prevent him in pursuing his scope. Itsuki grew up in a very accepting and big family and so he has no problem to open his home (and bed) also to Aya. Aya is arrived searching his father and believing that Aoi was him. But the time weren't right, Aoi can't be Aya's father: true, he loved Aya's mother, but many years before Aya's birth.

Still, even if Aoi is not a fatherly figure, and he also doesn't want to be one, he feels responsible for the boy and decides to take him in. At first he doesn't think it will be a literally "taking", but more days pass and more the attraction between Aoi and Aya is strong, and since Itsuki is not against the idea to have two pretty boy as live in lovers... the duo becomes a threesome. All perfect until Aoi's family arrives to throw water on the fire.

This is the first chapter in a continuing series about the elf Aoi and his kitsune lover Itsuki. Misa Izanaki is not new to mingle Japan myths and western fantasies, I liked very much My One and Oni, and since that one was also longer, I felt it complete. In this case instead I'm happy to have just ready the second chapter to read, since many points are still open and I would haven't enough patience to wait to much.

Geas (Between a Fox and a Hard Place 2) by Misa Izanaki

Second chapter in the chaser series Between a Fox and a Hard Place. Aoi and Itsuki bring their new lover Aya to meet Itsuki's family: like their threesome, also Itsuki's parents are a trio, a male and female kitsune and a human male. They open their arms to Aya as they did before to Aoi and all seems perfect.

But Aoi's family is not still happy of Aoi's decision to not take the role of dragon guardian for his grandmother. And finds a pretty nasty way to make Aoi change his mind.

This second chapter serves to the readers to become a bit more accustomed to the new threesome and maybe to accept better the new element, Aya. It's also a proof that Aya and Itsuki can't be a couple without Aoi, he is the glue that take them all togheter.

Between a Fox and a Hard Place is a truly funny series, without any link to reality: it's a sexy romp written to relax and you should read it in this way. Heavy hints to yaoi manga and Japanese myths and culture.

Amazon Kindle: Between a Fox and a Hard Place: Geas

Home (Between a Fox and a Hard Place 3) by Misa Izanaki

Aoi is at home and safe... apparently. In the third installment of the series, Aoi and his two lovers, Aya and Itsuki, back home from Japan, need to find a new balance: Itsuki is costantly worried for the safeness of his lover Aoi, and Aya is searching to be a mediator. At first everything seems all right but a stupid accident puts Aoi in temporary leave from work and he doesn't know when he will be able to work again. From the one who was supporting the family, now he feels himself like a stepping stone and Aya and Itsuki need to work hard for convincing their man that he is still sexy and loved as before.

There is as always a lot of sex, joyous and funny, and without heavy and angst feelings. But maybe now Aoi is starting to understand that he can't repair everything with a good sex session and he also needs to grow a bit: even Aya, who for age can be his son, seems to be more adult than him. And also reality make an appearance in this "fantasy" tale, a reality represented by the bills that should be paid, and so Aya and Itsuki finally need to find a work themselves, since Itsuki is still of the idea that "his" Aoi should whore himself only to him and Aya.

This series is light and funny, it's the right thing if you want to rest and relax.

Amazon Kindle: Between a Fox and a Hard Place: Home

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I like Jez Morrow’s books, even if her characters are far from being realistic. Force of Law in particular is like one of those old category romances, the spicier lines of the serials, those little romances where first comes sex and then love, but the reader knows that is only a turn of the tables and in the end, both elements, love and sex, will be in the story.

Even Jez Morrow’s main character, Lawrence “Law” Castille, is like one of those serial romance heroes, big and wealthy tycoon, a man who has never to ask, since everyone and everything is ready at his feet. But there is one thing that Law seems unable to find, true love. Not that he is letting understand it to Tom, the object of his affection; no, like it’s to be expected from a tycoon, Law tries to win Tom over with expensive gifts, travels in private jets, picnic on private islands (or similar location)… but in the end Tom is not a bitch, even if Law calls him that, not exactly a good strategy to win if Tom was a woman, but Tom is not a woman, and so Law plays his ace, his Lamborghini Diablo, and of course, Tom who is a mechanic, where he didn’t fall for money, his head over heels for a sporty powerful car… the old motto that what you drive represents what you are. BTW, Tom rides an Harley.

I like the story, really, it was almost funny, and Tom’s struggle to not fall prey of Law was clearly a lost one, but it was good to see him try; I have the feeling that it was more a woman’s intake on how we think men behave than a really representation of reality, but as I said at the beginning, I don’t think the aim of this story was to be real. It was more to tell a funny romp, with two sexy men having fun; Law was almost a caricature: multibillionaire, handsome, tycoon but at the same time voluntary army officer, just so he could kill the bad man being from the right side of justice… a man who goes out at night to talk with a street band with only his pants on, barefoot and with sunglasses on (remember it was night…). And Tom? A gay man who is still half in the closet, who has some idea of what it means to be gay, but has not yet found the right man to go full ninety, and when Law forces a bit his hand, he goes from being a virgin (at least in one way) to having sex three times in a row! There were so much of these situations, that in the end I’m really convinced that the author was having fun, she was trying to demolish of the romance myths using them all together in a story, and the result is a big melting pot, that win the reader over if you stop to find a logical flow and only enjoy the ride, in the Lamborghini or on the Harley, your choice.

Amazon Kindle: Force of Law

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Usually I don't like to give up a story, but in this case I'm allowed... First time I heard of latino man Antonio and his blind lover Gabriel was perhaps two years ago. I read a short story by Laura Baumbach, South of Border, no more than a scene in an hot tube, but really hot (as most of Laura Baumbach's books). I don't know, probably it's a fetish, but I always am fascinated by love stories involving a blind partner... there must be a lot of trust on one side to allow someone near you when you are blind, but if you find the right partner, I believe the resulting feeling are much more intense. And so I was waiting for the longer novel the author was writing with the same pair.

The story actually starts at the beginning, when Gabriel is still a sighted San Francisco Police Department undercover agent. During his two years as undercover agent, but really even before, Gabriel, alias Giovanni, only allows himself one night stands and possibly well far from the circle he gravitates in: even if in San Francisco, mafia is not a word which match well with gay. And so when one of his one night stand, Miguel, reveals to be the lieutenant of the Mexican drug lord Gabriel's boss is dealing with, Gabriel is a bit disconcerted. How can he be so attracted by a villain? He should be the good guy and not mixing with the evil guys... But maybe Miguel is not so bad boy as he appears.

The first part of the book is good, I really like the way how Giovanni and Miguel met in a club and that first raw sex scene is almost an housemark for Laura Baumbach's books, but truth be told, I like much the second part; it's all over all pure hot romance, but also mushy feeling, and in some part it almost made me cry. How Antonio deals with a wounded Gabriel, how he manages to pull out all the protective layers of the man, to bare his soul... and how Gabriel leans on Antonio, without for this being weak or dependent: it takes a real man to understand when it's the case to call for help.

So sorry to the thriller lover, but I read this book more like a very good romance. Oh, don't worry, there are also the car racing scene, the shootings in the night, and also the classical scene in the warehouse, but I manage to read them in a bit to hurry to my romance scenes... instead, you, thriller lover, could linger on them as you want, you will have plenty.

As for the characters, Laura Baumbach confirms her love for a good Alpha male, Antonio is the classical type: it reminds me one of that chocolate with the dark and hard exterior but with a sweet and molten inside. Perhaps a bit different from the other Alpha males' mates I was used, is Gabriel, but not too much: it's true that Gabriel, as an agent, is independent and strong, but in his private life he prefers not to be the dominant side of the couple; he prefers to be dominate, he fights against his mate, but then, if the mate is worth of it, he surrenders with joy.

The book is the first in a new series with the same characters; good thing since they are both really worth of some more books. And then I still have to read about Christmas at Antonio's family.

Amazon: Mexican Heat #1 Crimes&Cocktails Series

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