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Ok, I have a kink (only one I swear)... pairing between a tall man and a shorter partner. And if the tall man arrives with a kind streak, a gentle soul, well, you got me. So when I read the blurb of Canning the Center, I was totally sold to 6 feet 7 inches Jamal and his love at first sight for drag queen Trixie aka Trevor. But once I started reading, I also fell with in love with Trevor, mathematician genius who feels his love for cross-dressing is a shame, something he has to hide from his publica persona, that he will never find a man who is able to love Trixie knowing Trevor is behind the makeup. And instead Jamal was never once deceived, when he sees Trixie perform, he knows there is a man behind, and he loves both Trixie and Trevor, cause there is no Trixie without Trevor, and viceversa.

The story maybe is a little too much good feelings, knowing how bad the world could be, a family like the one Jamal has is a dream to me, but I really, really hope there are people like them, and that for 10 kids who are kicked out of home for being gay, there is at least 1 family who will cherish their son or daughter; and maybe, in time, the proportion will shift more and more and we will arrive to a time when the rejection will be the exception, or even better, a crime against law.

Anyway, Trevor and Jamal play my kink to perfection, Jamal is, like Trevor said, a big bunny, cause even a teddy bear is too hard a word to describe the tenderness he is able to display toward Trevor. And even if Jamal may take wrong decisions sometime, it's indeed a proof that he is still at the edge between youth and adult, still needing the guidance of his parents' wise words.

Really enjoyed this story, it warms your heart.

Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 17, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 163216261X
ISBN-13: 978-1632162618
Amazon: Canning the Center (The Long Pass Chronicles)
Amazon Kindle: Canning the Center (The Long Pass Chronicles)

Series: The Long Pass Chronicles
1) Outing the Quarterback
2) Canning the Center

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Second Change Sam won a Rainbow Award as Best Erotic Romance, and indeed the erotic side of the novel has a lion share on the whole, but it's not all. The character of Tristan, a young man with an abusive recent past who is scared the sin of the father will loom upon the son, was quite nice; moreover, the toppy attitude, so clear since he was 6 years old, paired with a bottom preference was cute as well. The mix of drama and cute was strange but well melted in an unique layer. His boyfriend Cory, the silent but strong type, not an hero but an ordinary guy with a tendency to be the protector without any dominant side, was again, original and complex. For both of them, I like the idea they fell in love at 6 years old, already so clear in their mind they liked boys and not girls, so natural and not forced. Cory's mother didn't oppose to his budding sexuality, and so Cory grew up gay and comfortable with that; an utopia most of the time, but not something unheard of.

The plot concentrated on Cory and Tristan as college student, with only the prologue showing how they met in first grade; what happened in between is only told in flashback, but I think there was material there for a whole book; in a way, Second Chance Sam seemed like a second book in a series, good and standalone, but the "other" book seemed good as well.

Another original character was Sam, probably one of the very true bisexual characters I met in a Gay Romance; Sam is a good man, big heart on a big body, clever even if not of the "college" breed from where both Cory and Tristan come from. But that is not a derogative trait for him, Sam has his own business, true, he works with his hands more than his mind, but nevertheless, he is a professional, and above all, someone who loves his work.

Paperback: 210 pages
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC (November 16, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1623005728
ISBN-13: 978-1623005726
Amazon: Second Chance Sam
Amazon Kindle: Second Chance Sam

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As soon as I closed this novel, the thought I have is that the story was sweet but not sugary, the author managed to have me feeling for his characters without being worried for them, and bot Gavin than Davy were cute without being unrealistic.

Davy is the son of an agoraphobic woman who basically hold him captive until she died. One year later, Davy is still trying to get the bearings of the world around him, and to learn how to trust the right people. Gavin is this guy who continually hits on him, but he is also a player, so maybe not the right one to trust.

Also Gavin has his trouble with family, a drunk mother who basically let him to fend for himself, and he was only lucky his grandfather was a kind man ready to take him in. But now the old man is dying, and Gavin is going through an emotional trauma, losing the only real attachment he has had in his life; trusting another with that level of love means be ready to the chance of being hurt again, and it's not an easy chance to take.

As I said, Davy and Gavin are cute together, in many ways and I don't want to spoil your reading, but when you will arrive to their main issue, more than being worried, I'm sure you will smile like me; thinking it's such a drama for them and that, indeed, there are many ways to overcome it, will let you understand how young they are, how many things they need still to face. It's clear they had an emotional impasse in young age, almost like a bump in their emotional development, and this reflects in how they face the odds on their path. But they are strong, and together they are even stronger, so much that never once I doubted they would find a way to be together and happy.

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (February 28, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1627984488
ISBN-13: 978-1627984485
Amazon: Trouble & the Wallflower
Amazon Kindle: Trouble & the Wallflower

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Having just read another novel by Mary Calmes, it was easy to recognize some of her themes, the young and pretty boy, Vincent, not sparkling beautiful but more sweet, big brown eyes, a little temperamental, but basically a good guy, and clever to both, who falls in love for the very beautiful poster boy, Carson. But on the contrary of the previous novel, where the poster boy will be a cheater and someone not to trust, here Carson is a dream comes true, and he is one to trust, one that will sweep Vince off to ride on a white horse towards the horizon (figuratively speaking of course).

The novel doesn't span for a long length of time, actually I think little more than one week, and so the feeling of being swept along with Vince is there. Carson comes out like a very intense character, solid and trustworthy, but also sexy. While he is going fast once he catches Vince, it's not something sudden for him, he was lusting after Vincent for a long time, and it's like, once he manages to get him, it's never enough, he needs more, sooner and faster.

The novel reads quickly but not for that less intense.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 4, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Steamroller

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That of Nik and Colin was almost a “known” story from my perception, having read books in this series up and down and around this specific one. I’m actually missing one important piece for this perspective, that of Andrej, one of Nik’s father, and how and when he separated from Vince, cause at the beginning of The Nik of Time they are happy together, and very much in love. I remember I read Vince and Keegan’s story, and I know Andrej found love with Devin, but I haven’t read his story. I think I want to.

Anyway, Nik and Colin’s was a refreshing perspective; they met when Colin was 4 and Nik a newborn baby, and they fell in love, with much amusement of their respective fathers. There is even a familiar connection cause Nik’s surrogate mother is the same of Colin’s sister, so in a way, they are relative, if not blood-ones. But then Nik went through a traumatic experience and he lost all memories of the past, and with them, also Colin. He built a separate life, he had relationships, until the day he meets Colin again, and everything crushes upon him: he knows Colin is the love of his life, the problem is he doesn’t remember him. And Colin, who was waiting for Nik (yes, in every way, also sexual) is upset that Nik instead didn’t.

Even if there was the usual crash-boom-bang of assassins, shifters, Italian an Russian mafia, and some other deadly organization, I mostly enjoy the young and somewhat sweet love of Nik and Colin. My favorite parts were those of them at college, and I wanted more of them with their family. The first part, with them as children, was really nice, very cute and tender.

Series: Assassin/Shifters
Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 9, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1482722925
ISBN-13: 978-1482722925
Amazon: The Nik of Time (Assassin/Shifters)
Amazon Kindle: The Nik of Time (Assassin/Shifters)

Series: Assassin/Shifter
1) A Marked Man:
2) Alaska, with Love:
3) By the Light of the Moon
4) Half Moon Rising
5) Best Laid Plans
6) For the Love of Caden
7) The General’s Lover
8) Russian Prey:
9) An Ignited Passion:
10) Reflash:
11) The Red Zone:
12) Irish Wishes:
13) Pleading the Fifth:
14) Betrayed
15) Summer of Awakenings
16) Into the Lyons Den
17) The Nik of Time

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Even if part of the story takes place under Christmas season, this is not “only” a seasonal romance. Rusty and Oliver, our boys, met during their last year in high school; Rusty’s life is already set ahead of him, he will go to Berkeley, he will become a lawyer and at the right moment he will married a nice girl, possibly from his same neighborhood, and they will have a white fenced house with 2.5 kids. Only that Oliver messes up everything, only being Oliver. Rusty only knows he likes Oliver more than all the other girls he went out with, and when he is at Berkeley, he misses him so much; doesn’t help that college is not really his cup of tea, and on the contrary of many boys his same age, Rusty is not able to fake it just for the thrill to have some years away from home at his parents expenses.

Coming back home to Oliver means that Rusty will have to change all his life, the only life he knows; but Oliver and his family are there to replace everything he is losing, and some more.

Truth be told, even if it wasn’t for sure nice to lose your family at only 18 years old, Rusty is way luckier than many other boys; when he was complaining his home wasn’t good enough to have Oliver over, I was thinking, but you have an home! And it has even more than 1 room, and it is all yours. Here, sincerely, Rusty proved how spoiled he was before meeting Oliver, how he was able to consider everything for given. He is not a bad guy, he has the heart in the right place, but he was raised by the white elite, and they taught him that he was one step above everyone else, especially Oliver, with his mixed cultural origins and his just a touch too brown skin. In a way, I think his parents were more upset that Oliver wasn’t a WASP than the fact he was a boy.

Paperback: 214 pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (December 4, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1626490872
ISBN-13: 978-1626490871
Amazon: Christmas Kitsch
Amazon Kindle: Christmas Kitsch

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This was mostly a funny and light seasonal romance, but indeed, it had an unexpected deepness in the characterization, subtle but not stupid. Mick is apparently a college jock, too handsome for his own good, but little by little you see hidden layers within him, the first his decision to leave the frat dorm to be able to really concentrate on his study; Mick was introduced to sex at 14 years old, basically abused by a female family friend: it’s not that Mick considers that an abuse, not until he realizes that now he considers sex with women something detached, something that is not giving him the emotional fulfillment that he needs. The only real emotional attachment he has always had has been with male friends, in particular with his current roommate, Fielding.

Fielding is basically a genius, a child prodigy who has never had the chance to “live”; Mick not only take care of him on a physical level, forcing him to eat healthy and doing some outside door activities, he is also allowing Fielding to go out from his “intellectual” cocoon. The author doesn’t touch this point, but Fielding is maybe afflicted by a light form of autism, to a level that sometime he is detached from reality. Like the time he asks Mick to touch him the art of kissing, without considering gender and sexuality: to Fielding kissing is without gender, cause no different genitalia are involved…

Really, really nice novella, a pleasure to read, especially in a cold winter night, it warms your heart.

Publisher: Eli Easton (November 16, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: Blame It On The Mistletoe

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That of Matt and Aaron was a typically gay for you story if not for the attitude of Matt, that was realistically in line with what I was expecting to be a bisexual character, so much that I anticipated Matt’s turning point decision moment, when he consciously accepts he is in love with a man: Matt is equally attracted by women and men, but, as he says, and as I anticipated, it’s more convenient, and easy, to date women; no one questions you if you are heterosexual, and while sex is still sex, there is basically no need to complicate his life. Please remember Matt is a very young, still a college student, his life is an open road in front of him, no life changing decisions have ever been taken. Then Matt meets Aaron, and, even if not immediately, this time is love. Matt doesn’t deny he is immediately attracted by Aaron, and I appreciated that he wants to give it a try; yes, a try cause there is no denying that an homosexual relationship will be more complicated than an heterosexual one; but I have the feeling Matt was more scared by the fact this story could be serious, than the fact Aaron was a man.

Nice slow development of the love story between Matt and Aaron, and that also includes, and allows, Matt leaving his girlfriend before starting anything serious with Aaron, another thing that I liked, in a way Matt was giving to Aaron the respect he deserved as a prospect partner, doesn’t matter the gender.

Good cast of supporting characters, in particular Jay and Peter, whose story I wouldn’t mind to read. But also Matt’s roommates/friends, with their apparently careless attitude towards life that was instead a real caring for their friend’s well-being.

Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 8, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1623806399
ISBN-13: 978-1623806392
Amazon: Better Than Good
Amazon Kindle: Better Than Good

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The main story is about Derrick and Justin, but this is more a choral book about college students. These are not adults, and indeed you can say that from the wrong decisions they take, mostly out of misunderstandings and too much emotional approach to life. They are cute in their mistakes, and an adult reader arrives to the point to want to cuddle them to make it better.

You can say at first there is past history between Derrick and Justin, and indeed I discovered at the end of the book it was a third chapter in a series, but truth be told, I didn’t miss the previous books, I suppose it can be good to go back and read about these two as best friends and high school students finding love, but it was also good to read about them as young adults facing the first odds of their relationship. And yes, there is a break-up and there are even other boyfriends, but that was right, it’s for sure nice and sweet to believe two boys met in high school and are forever together, but sometime I also wonder if it’s not better for them to have the chance to see that what they have together is good, better than what they can find out.

There is a lot talking about sex, and also doing it, after all these are barely legal boys just out from the shelter of their parents’ homes, but this is not an erotic romance; sex is there, but it’s not what moves the story; sometime sex is even comfort, and most of these boys take it lightly, like it was just another way to spend the time, and I found this to be truthful, they don’t have malice, like they don’t have prejudices. Strangely enough, the more “adult” about this matter is the younger of them, who decides he is not adult enough to have sex and decides to wait some more years.

Paperback: 278 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First edition (July 5, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1481291610
ISBN-13: 978-1481291613
Amazon: Drifting
Amazon Kindle: Drifting

Series: Finding Our Way
1) Finding Our Way
2) Tormented Discovery
3) Drifting

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Not an easy read, for the sensitive matter it deals with but also for the sheer length of it, more than 500 pages, that is a lot considering this is a second part in a story that neither with this chapter will close. But truth be told, it didn’t “feel” that long, usually I struggle to finish novels this long, but it took me only 2 days, simply for the reason it was really impossible to read it in one day.

The story starts with David recoiling from, in order, coming out as gay when he was already married and his wife was pregnant, losing his wife and son to a car accident that almost killed him and left his deeply scarred, abandoning his boyfriend cause he is broken and unable to love again, being raped and badly beaten on Campus ground only for the fact they found out he is gay… yes, quite a lot (most of it happened in the previous book, so this is not a spoiling of the current story). If to someone this appear as like too much for one man only, I have to give kudos to the author to not making a pity case out of David: he is broken and traumatized, and the story doesn’t underestimate the consequences of that, but nevertheless, David is still a man who is able to try and have a life, he is not reacting like a superman who isn’t touched, and he is not a victim who is only able to hide. I think the author was able to present David in the right way, so much that I wonder if she isn’t in familiar with these types of trauma in real life, maybe for her daily job?

Even if this isn’t the end of the story, I had the feeling a cycle was complete, it still remains the desire to see what is happening next, but the reader doesn’t feel as this particular story lacked in closure.

Publisher: Mischief Corner Books, LLC; Second edition (December 3, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: Incubation: Finding Peace 2

Series: Finding Peace
1) Beginning Again
2) Incubation

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Even in heaven there are trouble. After falling in love in Love by the Numbers, for Scott and Jared everything seemed easy and clear, they go to college, they graduate and then they build a family together. Only that living outside the protective shield of their family (at least Scott’s family), is not so easy after all, and they are also really young, truly more teenagers than young adult. Even if they see the truth, and what they should do, they face everything like a teenager would do, with drama, lot of it, and are not able to see the straight path (no pun intended) to the right exit. Actually there is nothing really big against them, nothing they shouldn’t be able to overcome, but at that age it seems an insurmountable mountain.

Even if sometime Jared got to me with his emotional way of approaching everything, there is also to consider he didn’t have a supporting and helping family in the background like Scott did, and so it’s understandable he needs more reassurance than another boy his same age; but while this is clear to an adult, that is not the same to a teenager like Scott, who sees the needy attitude of Jared like something he should let go. Sincerely I sided more with Jared than Scott, even if, as I said, sometime I felt like Jared was just a little bit too emotional. In a way that is even more striking, considering he is the “jock” in contraposition to the “nerd” Scott, and usually the stereotypes are exactly the opposite, strong and careless the jock, attentive and moody the nerd. Another originality in playing with stereotype was the chosen physical aspect for the two of them, with Scott being taller and sturdier than Jared, even if part of the build was in part due to a weight issue Scott had while in high school (on a side note, I found a little too much the times the author highlighted how much weight Scott lost, once was fine, twice was good, more than that was too much).

All in all a nice and somehow ingénue coming of age story, young love and big emotions and all that is around.

Series: Love By the Numbers
Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 3, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 146117631X
ISBN-13: 978-1461176312
Amazon: Life After Math (Love By the Numbers)
Amazon Kindle: Life After Math (Love By the Numbers)

Series: Love By the Numbers
1) Love By the Numbers:
2) Life After Math

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I suppose the focus of the story was to have a cute and fun reading about two boys (and yes, they are boys, first year of college, barely legal young men just leaving the nest and spreading their wings for the first time), but if I have to be truth, I was worried for them. They are so young and naïve, playing the game of sex like it was the new console for video game, that I wanted to tell them, be careful, it is serious thing what you are doing. But Adam and Josh are not listening to their mind, yes, in this case you can well say they are being led by their small head (pun intended).

Adam is a virgin, and horny, curious gay boy; when he finds out that his roommate, whom he wasn’t liking much, is gay as well, and with the hidden, and forbidden, desire to be a Dom that well pair with Adam’s submissive nature, the match seems to be made in heaven and not by the College Administration office. But that is the trouble, nor Adam or Josh really knows what BDSM really is, for them is like a game, to play at night instead of watching a movie or using the game console. Or maybe instead of a trouble that is their lucky: they cannot do much in their dorm room, aside from some spanking and role play, and so they never go to a level where pleasure can be discomfort.

I’m not sure they are in love, maybe they can be in the future, but at this time, they are two college students discovering their sexuality and enjoying the process, a lot.

Amazon Kindle: His Roommate's Pleasure
Publisher: Carina Press (July 1, 2013)


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This is a really nice, cute short story. Derrick and Rory are both college students, Derrick a first year engineering student, Rory a second year nurse student. Both of them believe in commitment, they don’t want to play the field, they want a serious relationship and boyfriend and stuffs. Problem is that Derrick is painfully shy, and Rory isn’t able to read him: Rory is the twink, cute and pretty, smaller in body than Derrick and he is used to be approached not viceversa. He likes Derrick, but he is mistakenly waiting for Derrick to do the first move, a move that Derrick will never do, since he is a complete “virgin” to relationship, his only experience a quick fumbling with a school friend when they were still in high school.

Wishful Thinking tells their first night, when basically Rory decides to go over to what he is used to, and ask Derrick out; of course it will be basically a disaster, until they will manage to kiss, and from that moment on everything will be perfect. Doesn’t matter this is Derrick’s first experience, I can easily see these two being together for the rest of their life: they want the same things, they really like each other, they will easily fall in love forever and ever.

Amazon Kindle: Wishful Thinking
Publisher: Pender Mackie; 2 edition (January 7, 2013)

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In perfect harmony with all the series that is now a classic among the gay romance fans, The Red Zone plays again the card of the hot cop falling in love for the younger college student who needs to be reined (a little like the story of Preston and Wyatt). Actually Sebastian Price is Wyatt’s former boyfriend, the one that in Wyatt’s story doesn’t make a really good impression on the readers: he is abusive, prone to shifts in moods that make him unreliable. Only that now Sebastian is trying to make amend, and he is involved in various supporting groups for LGBT youths, plus he is the quarterback of his college football team. Being him on the spotlight as poster gay boy is also making him an easy target for homophobic pranks that escalate in danger, until the time police is involved and Nicholas Stevens enters the scene. A werewolf, he soon recognizes Sebastian as his mate.

I like the unexpected role play the author picked for her character: while Nicholas is a werewolf, a cop, and older than Sebastian, he is also someone who doesn’t believe in no strings attached relationships, and so he is basically almost a virgin, basically waiting for his own mate to show up to build a 2.5 kid white fence house in the suburbs scenario. That doesn’t make him weak, or in need of an alpha male beside him, it’s more a choice of mind, a life attitude that he has decided to take. On the other side Sebastian may be a little more reckless in love, not to the level to make him a slut, only more “friendly”, but at the same time he is young, so he hasn’t had really the time to become disillusioned by love; he is ripe to be picked, and ready to commit. This matching of state of mind make the meeting of Nicholas and Sebastian perfect in time, plus it shortens their difference in age, making it almost nonexistent.

I’m not reading this series in order, so I’m the good example that it’s not necessary to engage for the whole series, but for sure this is a choral series, and all the characters from the previous and future books make appearances here and there, so to entice reader to go back or to continue in reading it.

Amazon: The Red Zone (Volume 11)
Amazon Kindle: The Red Zone (Volume 11)
Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 28, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1480156760
ISBN-13: 978-1480156760

Series: Assassin/Shifter
1) A Marked Man:
2) Alaska, with Love:
3) By the Light of the Moon
4) Half Moon Rising
5) Best Laid Plans
6) For the Love of Caden
7) The General’s Lover
8) Russian Prey:
9) An Ignited Passion:
10) Reflash:
11) The Red Zone

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At first I wasn’t sure about the novel, usually cop novels are more gritty, almost dry; this one was light and funny, more like a college frat boys story. Indeed State trooper Ethan Brandt has to go undercover as a college student, and he was picked for the job basically cause he is 24 years old and looking younger, and fit and hot, that is another must if you have to bust a pay-per-view website.

The funny thing is that, the pay-per-view website is basically a reality about straight frat boys living and getting “dirty” together; so Ethan, who is straight, is perfect for the role… isn’t that right? Ethan is straight, right? Mmm, that is, Ethan seems to be a little too much interested in the guys, and while he is at it, also his partner Gabriel Donnelly is starting to become more and more attractive to his eyes, even if both Ethan than Gabriel continue to claim they are straight… perhaps they are trying too much, and the reader doesn’t believe them, like most of the other supporting characters around.

Once I entered the mood of the story, I understood this was more a satire than a mystery/thriller plot; nor Ethan or Gabriel were ever in danger, if not of losing their clothes and falling in love at the same time. Ethan and Gabriel are all around good boys, big bodies and even bigger hearts; there is hesitance in them about embracing their discovery of being in love with another man, but not since they have prejudices, but simply since they haven’t never really considered the possibility. Actually, even if there are only a man to man relationships in the story, I would consider both Ethan than Gabriel bisexual more than gay: they happen to be in love with a man and they decided to follow that pull.

That is basically what I liked of the story, and odd as it sound, what I feel was used too much: not only Ethan and Gabriel, but also Nick and Pete and then Will and Lucas, all of them, while in different circumstances, followed the same path. Nevertheless, I think I would be interested to read their stories, to see if the same path could be developed in different ways.

Amazon: Frat House Troopers
Amazon Kindle: Frat House Troopers
Paperback: 260 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 19, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162380132X
ISBN-13: 978-1623801328

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It starts almost in a lyric way, but that is not only a first impression; Rob, the narrative voice, is an English professor with a way for words, and this is clearly reflected in his mind flow process. We see the blossoming and developing of his relationship with Chris, always from Rob’s point of view, but that doesn’t mean Chris is not represented, since Rob, who loves him, is able to make him come alive.

Though only 9 years separate Rob and Chris, most of the novel is based on their differences both in age than social status. Maybe this is emphasized by the fact that Rob is a teenager dad, like there are 9 years between him and Chris, there are only 9 years between Chris and his daughter. Chris is also a free spirit, tagging along his rock band, without a real home to call his own. But if Rob remarks the age difference, Chris doesn’t really mind; it’s not like he has a kink for older men, but indeed the explanation he gives to Rob is right, older men treat him better, they make him feel special, and loved.

This is really a sweet romance, not sweet since it lacks the sex, but sweet because the sex comes after the love; actually it will takes Rob and Chris several dates to arrive to the sex, but neither them or the reader lacked it. It was really nice to see them know each other better, to learn each other timing and personality.

While the author wanted to give Chris a bad boy’s aura, she also made him quite right for Rob: half rock band drummer, half orchestra maestro, Chris is a mix of young and old, naïve and experience, all concentrated in a bundle of energy that is able to sit down and spread comfort vibes all around.

It was long that I didn’t enjoy so much a contemporary novel, so much that, when I reached the end, I was mourning these characters already.

Amazon: Tattoos & Teacups
Amazon Kindle: Tattoos & Teacups
Paperback: 244 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 6, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613725906
ISBN-13: 978-1613725900

Reading List:

Cover Art by Shobana Appavu

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Rowan McBride has a series of stories about the "growing muscle" event: one or both main characters change their looks to suit the taste of their beloved.

Joel is the perfect guy: six foot six of football player, he is not the usual jock, he has also a thinking brain. But he is too used to be adored by everyone, he can have all the girls he wants and all the friends he likes. At 19 yd he is the raising star of his college.

But everyone around him continue to warn him against his college roommate, Walker Cain, a creepy geek, always with a book in hand and that everyone seems to avoid. Walker is a skinny guy, five foot four, all bones and big eyes. But he has a costant perfume around him that appeals a lot to Joel, and told be truth, Joel likes to be around Walker. Obviously not in a sexual way, Joel has never had a second though on Walker in that way, but still he is comfortable around him.

Walker is cursed. He is the last descendent of the biblical Cain, and he now belong to a long line of wizard. All the Cain has the chance to cast a big spell in their life and Walker chooses to use it to bond Joel to him forever: through the bond he can make Joel doing everything he wants, and he forces Joel to have sex with him. Everytime Joel reaches a climax, he passes to Walker some of his strenght and physical appereance.

Both Walker and Joel think that the spell will stop when both of what Joel was will be pass to Walker, but they are wrong. And things seem to spiral down to a unthinkable end.

Joel is a character in travel: during the book he will experiment many lifes and different perspective and he will learn to deal with them. You can think that Joel is a victim, but truly he "needs" this experience to see the world in the right perspective. All the things he gives granted to his physical strenght, could be not so granted if you are weaker, but you can also learn that your attitude can represent you more than your look.

Walker is a sociopathic, no doubt in that. And he is also very selfish and without regrets. Even when he could see all the wrong things he has done, still he is not repentant: maybe, he says, he would do something different, but still he would cast the spell to bond Joel. Cause he wants Joel. Walker is not a good person: I think he can play the role of a good person if he has by his side Joel, but left alone, he can be a lethal weapon. He has not conscience by himself, his conscience and his good behaviour are given by Joel.

For this reason, the bond between Joel and Walker is almost a sickly one. But it is also a very powerful and enthralling one. Want Me is a very original and powerful book, a pretty long story which will take you bond to the book till the last page.

Amazon: Want Me
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Wheatmark (February 15, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1587369346
ISBN-13: 978-1587369346

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Again, I didn’t behave… I read a book in a series without respecting the order! Now, aside from my misbehaving, this is a good way to understand if the book can be a standalone, and this one passed the test. Sure, you will probably be intrigued by El and Paul good enough to go back and read their story, and probably there is one about Jase too, but that is an added bonus not a demerit point. Denver and Adam’s story is all here, nice and sexy as you like.

And yes, there is a LOT of sex here, but the kind that is good and healthy, sexy and yes, even funny sometime. Derek and Adam got hooked up in a Laundromat, for what both think to be no strings attached sex, but their minds (and hearts) have other plans than their bodies. Or maybe they are perfectly in line and since the sex is so good, the bodies sent the message to the hearts to not let this good chance to happiness to go away. It starts as physical but it soon turns into emotional, and emotion that is in both men. Denver can have this aura of macho man, but he is actually someone who is missing not having a family, and not that almost all his friends are paired, and happy, Denver wants a piece of that happiness also for himself. And then there is Adam, whose OCD makes almost impossible for him to have an ordinary life, and then suddenly Denver is there, and instead of kicking him out, his OCD seems to talk with him. Denver doesn’t know that he is taking all the right move, instead of trying to make Adam forget his obsessions, he tries to go around them, find a solution to live with them. Not denying the OCD, Denver is accepting Adam, something that few did in the past.

I like that nor Denver or Adam are these hot as hell guys everyone is drooling for. Sure Denver has got a good body, and he is strong, but Adam is the first one to say he is not exactly handsome; and Denver can call Adam a twink, but Adam is actually 26 years old, a grad student, and more on the geek side than the twink one. Both of them are not perfect, in many way other than looks, but they are perfect together.

Good, kinky, light story, to sit down, enjoy and relax.

Amazon: Dirty Laundry: A Tucker Springs Novel
Amazon Kindle: Dirty Laundry: A Tucker Springs Novel
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing; First edition (January 20, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937551792
ISBN-13: 978-1937551797

Series: Tucker Springs
1) Where Nerves End by L.A. Witt
2) Second Hand by Marie Sexton & Heidi Cullinan
3) Dirty Laundry by Heidi Cullinan

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This is another of those college boys story where the author could have used the cuteness factor and instead she decided to give it a more intense layer.

Connor is a supershy, little nerdy boy who is literally thrown into college; from the overprotecting, and sometime overbearing environment of his house, where his mother was lord and master, Connor is suddenly free to manage his own life... If he is able to have a life at all. When he is picked to be the tutor of two jocks, for sure he wasn't expecting to find love.

Jared is a boy who has to live up to a dream and an example, that of his father who died just the year before, but not without providing for his family. His father like football, and so of course Jared is playing football, his father married and had three kids, and so of course Jared has a girlfriend and is seeing his future life as a family man. But falling in love for Connor was not in that picture.

I like the author didn't make it easy for these boys to be together and make the choice they did. Love is not the answer to all, and being out and proud is a nice concept, but then you have to compare it with the option to stay in the closet and not having any trouble at all.

I also like the author didn't make of these two boys two little men, these are 18 years old boys who sometime still need their momma; they can make stupid choice, but the good thing is that they are young enough to correct them.

Amazon Kindle: Social Skills
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

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I’m true, I was not expecting much by this novel if not yet another cute story of pretty college boys in love. Instead I found quite an interesting plot, some social issue dealt in a sensitive way and a good writing style.

A lot is changing in Shane’s life: he is going to college, he is starting to acquire his own self-knowledge of being gay, he is moving from a knit-closed environment of his home and family to the college and the need to change his circle of friends. Suddenly something unexpected happens: his coming out to his best friend goes terribly bad and instead he acquires a new friend, his sister’s boyfriend, Trey, the bully boy he has tried to avoid as much as possible in high school. Not only that, Trey and June broke up, and Trey does coming out as well… and they are now roommate in college!

I like how the author deals with the big changes happening in Shane and Trey’s lives, not only the coming out, but also the college, and the need to build a new environment for them; for different reasons, Shane and Trey don’t have a supporting family, it’s not really a matter of them being gay, but more a lacking of family infrastructure in general. Shane is really close to June, but college means they are no more able to live together, both of them have to rethink their day-to-day life, and Shane finds a new routing with Trey. They moving from friends to lovers is almost natural, sure there is the realization of being attracted to each other, but the actual relationship is made almost of taking care of each other rather than bond through sex, so much that, indeed, sex arrives later in their bonding.

Very nice supporting characters, like June, Syd and above all Lucas, the HIV positive middle-20 guy who presents to both Shane and Syd a look into what means being adult and gay.

Amazon Kindle: Shane and Trey (Enemies to Lovers)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

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Just the other day I was reading a story about college boys and thinking how they were really too naïve in their behavior for being guys living out of the protective umbrella of their family. Here the feeling was exactly the opposite, when first we met Chase, I didn’t feel the vibes of a college boy but of a more mature man. Then in the course of the story, and especially when we met Alex, the college boys theme is more accentuated, but still, I have the feeling this story could have been also between two older friends suddenly realizing their mutual feeling had turned into something else.

The author pushes a lot on the bisexual button, so much that I’m comfortable in saying this is more a bisexual than a gay romance, even if there is no woman in the mix; but the author wants her characters to be bisexual, and like that, I have no trouble in picturing this couple, maybe in a next future, opening their relationship to a woman, given that they find someone who is compatible with both of them.

The moving from friends to lovers was not sudden, it was something boiling between them for a long time, so long that it doesn’t seem strange when they almost rush to the sexual aspect of their relationship. It’s a rush for the reader, since they have just met them, but it’s not for them, who are best friends since high school, and now something more, something deeper for a long time.

There is a lot of sex, long, detailed sex scenes between Chase and Alex; maybe my only complaint is that I would have not minded to see them interact a little more with the external world, even maybe testing the waters about their relationship with someone else other than trusted friends. But maybe that is the subject of another novel for this author?

Amazon Kindle: Best of Both Worlds (Friends and Lovers)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (January 31, 2012)

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Even if the title may suggest this is the typical jock/nerd romance, it’s actually more sensitive and less kinky. Cole is a young college guy with an OCD syndrome, scared by the prospective of a new roommate for his last year in college. His former roommate, a guy who fortunately shared his views on how to share a living space, moved out and the new guy, Ellis, is apparently a jock.

First impression are usually wrong, and the hooligans who herded into his apartment when Ellis moves in, are actually church boys, sharing Ellis’s idea on love and sexuality. Ellis is a virgin; his friends think it to be a choice, like for Rob who wants to wait his marriage’s night, but for Ellis is different, he has not yet admit, not even to himself, that he is gay.

On the other side Cole, openly gay but painfully shy and with big issue in dealing with the external world, is not exactly the right guy to teach Ellis how to be gay; indeed their first experience is so shocking for Ellis, to almost scaring him off gay sex forever.

It’s nice to see how Cole and Ellis will deal with this new development in their life, and in a way, I realize well into the novel that I was reading of “boys”; these guys are not adult men, they are boys who have just left the nest, they are tentative and unsure, they still need, sometime, the help of their parents, the support of friends, the warm environment of a family. They will probably become good men, since they had a good ground where to grow up strong and confident, but the time we are reading now, is still their growing period. So yes, these boys are sometime stupid, sometime timid, but that is right for their age.

Amazon: My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap!
Amazon Kindle: My Roommate's a Jock? Well, Crap!
Paperback: 262 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 31, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1623802547
ISBN-13: 978-1623802547

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Frat Boy and Toppy is exactly the light and funny college novel the title suggest. Brad is a nice jock boy, maybe not so clever and quick in understanding things, and that is the reason why he is struck on the road to Damascus by the realization he is gay. Being gay is not really an issue per se, but Brad is worried how the other people will react… only to discover that his parents and sisters already knew and they are ok with that, his best friend is initially surprised but then he enlists on the local PFLAG organization and even some of his jock friends are maybe interested in helping him “straightened” things on his mind (i.e. giving him the chance to do gay experience).

But the one whom Brad really wants is Sebastian, the TA of his History class. Openly gay and very handsome, Sebastian is everything Brad desires, but well, there is a problem: where Brad is for sure a virgin to gay sex, Sebastian is, well, to use a kind word, “easy”. Sebastian doesn’t believe in love (due to the bad past experience with his parents’s divorce) and where he is willing to “teach” Brad something else other than Ancient History, he is not sure to be available for the intense relationship Brad is searching. Brad wants love and commitment, exactly for the opposite reason from Sebastian, he comes from a very tight¬-knit family, and he wants to find the same.

Some of the situations in which Brad will find himself are maybe exaggerated on the “funny” side, but this is basically a comedy, and so it was really nice. Brad is sweet, like Sebastian said, almost a puppy, and he really needs to be pampered and cherished; that is a nice contrast, since Brad is all jock-like, strong and big, while Sebastian is lithe and lean. There is maybe a certain distance between Brad and Sebastian on the cultural level, not that Brad is stupid, but he is more interested in basic things like gardening and cooking, than burying his nose in the books like Sebastian, but that is really not an issue. Sebastian is not a nerd, that is balanced by him being easy and friendly and very touchy feeling; in this you can really see that Sebastian is first of all still a student and he is enjoying his young age. In that Brad seems more mature than him, again I think due to his steady and loving family upbringing.

Amazon: Frat Boy and Toppy
Amazon Kindle: Frat Boy and Toppy
Paperback: 188 pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (March 26, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 193755130X
ISBN-13: 978-1937551308

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I liked this book very much since it made a paranormal romance almost “normal”; Bastian is a newly made vampire, but he is so new and unprepared to the event that he is almost trying to convince himself it didn’t happen. Sure, growing an allergy to sun and long fangs don’t help him. And the drinking blood issue neither. But Bastian is still hoping it will go away, especially now that he is falling in love with Riley, and he wants to enjoy this new love like any other college kid.

The first part of the story is really sweet, from what I gather Bastian and Riley spent 10 months just “courting” each other, with nothing more sexual between them than a goodnight kiss. Riley is trying to go over a very bad past experience with an abusive boyfriend, and Bastian is trying to understand how to be in love with Riley without hurting him.

If I have to find a fault to this story is only one point, the reaction of Riley to Bastian’s revelation. My impression of Riley was of a spoiled kid, more worried about himself than their relationship. One example? Bastian has just told him he killed a man as soon as he was turned, and Riley almost doesn’t take notice of that. But as I said that is only a point, and maybe it was part of Riley’s character, something that well bond with how he will behave at the end of the story, and by the way it’s also something that gives deepness to Bastian’s character: more we find little faults in Riley, more it’s possible he will be able to accept Bastian and his changes, otherwise if Riley was really perfect, he would have been too uptight for him.

As I said, even if this is a paranormal story, it was mostly sweet and very much like a college romance. Actually Bastian could have been simply “ill”, allergic to sun, and his and Riley’s story would have been nice the same. I love the meetings in the coffee shops, the dinner and cinema dates, and even the first friends night with them ending playing a card game… it was all very young and pretty and yes, even a little preppy, but I really loved the whole thing.

Amazon: Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley
Amazon Kindle: Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley
Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: Storm Moon Press, LLC (September 23, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937058255
ISBN-13: 978-1937058258

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Cover Art by Nathie
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This Christmas by J.M. Snyder

This Christmas is a sweet story about two college guys who are both alone for Christmas time in the campus. Despite what everyone is probably thinking, is not at all a naughty story, and Ned and Bobby are not taking advantage of the freedom of being far from their family in an almost empty college dorm. Ned is still harbouring a broken heart, his boyfriend Jake cheated on him and not in a good way, if there is any good in cheating; he did it very bad, very hurting and it’s not easy for Ned to forget. Doesn’t matter that, from a memory here and there, we can understand Jake was not really Ned’s soul mate, doesn’t matter that probably Ned is better without him, and doesn’t matter if Bobby was Ned’s high school crush way before he met Jake. When Ned meets Bobby on Christmas Eve, and Bobby lets Ned understand he would like to spend Christmas together, Ned is not ready to fulfil this dream. Luckily for Ned, fate has other idea in mind and Bobby is a very persistent guy.

As I said, this is not a story about sex, and actually between Bobby and Ned there would be no sex at all, while instead Ned remembers some past experience with Jake; it’s like the author wants to make a point, Bobby and Ned is a true romance, and they don’t need to get down and dirty to prove the reader. I liked this approach, I like the author focused more on the feelings than on the bodies.

Amazon Kindle: This Christmas
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (November 28, 2009)

Secret Santa by J.M. Snyder

Secret Santa is a classical office romance, with all the sweet naughtiness that usually these romances convey. Micah is Jewish and so he should not partake in the Christmas festivities, but his office organized a Secret Santa gift exchange and now he has a nice little packet on his desk. Only that inside the packet there is a box of condoms and the message is very, very naughty. In an office of few people, there are only 2 other gay men, and one is in a committed relationship, so Micah is sure the gift is from Brady. Brady is no bad as a chance, but Micah would have preferred for him to be Jonathan. Only that Jonathan is not gay, as Micah found out the very first night they hung out together, when his drunken move on him was kindly rejected, kindly but still rejected. Micah doesn’t believe in Santa, but maybe, if he is a good guy, he will have his dream comes true.

A nice and sexy short story, with a final sweet touch, Secret Santa is a good short interlude during the Christmas season.

Amazon Kindle: Secret Santa
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 26, 2010)

This Christmas is included in So in Love: Stories of Gay Romance. Contains the stories:
•Caught Off Base
•Henry and Jim
•His Song
•Love in the Library
•This Christmas

Amazon: So In Love: Stories of Gay Romance
Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (September 29, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1449520545
ISBN-13: 978-1449520540

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People warned me about this novel telling me it was way more “explicit” then the previous one, Wrestling with Desire, where Derek and Scott were high school students and the novel had more the flavour of a Young Adult.

And indeed when I started the book, Derek and Scott were planning their moving together to Boston University, sharing a dorm room together and starting their life as a couple. Of course they were also planning to move on a higher step in their relationship, i.e. having sex. Strange things is that, as soon as they were “free”, suddenly Derek and Scott decided to slow down; actually it was more Scott that not only wanted to be careful and not just come out, but also when they were alone, he wanted to do things step by step, being really sure that what they were starting was something both of them wanted.

I had contrasting feeling on Scott’s attitude; I was unhappy for Derek, that had to restrain himself, but in the end it prevailed the feeling that Scott was right, that he was behaving as the more conscious between the two of them. Scott was not denying Derek or their relationship; he was simply taking his time and planning everything at the right moment. Pushing him to do something before he was really convinced was wrong, and in the long shot would have probably caused him to regret his choices.

I really liked the college theme of the novel, and also the distinct contrast between high school and college. It gives hope to young students that there is hope and many chances for them. High school is like a small town, with the goods and bads of a small town, but college is like a metropolis: it can be dangerous, but there is also more freedom, and like in a metropolis there are places you should avoid, but also places where you can be yourself, and being safe in doing so.

Even if there is sex, Wrestling with Love is not so far from its prequel, Wrestling with Desire, and all in all, it can be considered a Coming of Age novel as well.

Buy Here

Amazon: Wrestling With Love
Amazon Kindle: Wrestling With Love
Paperback: 382 pages
Publisher: Ai Press (February 14, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0983374732
ISBN-13: 978-0983374732

1) Wrestling with Desire:
2) Wrestling with Love

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Car Trouble by J.M. Snyder

Another short story in the Working Man series. Terrence is a more than forty years old Afro American business man that one day heard a strange sound in his new mercedes. Since his baby feels not well he immediately take her to a garage. Here he finds Jimmy, blond young guy with a penchant for older man...

Obviously the baby is forgotten for a little bit while the daddy plays with the hot mechanic.

Really there is nothing more other than Terrence is a pretty interesting man, very vain and selfconscious that maybe is lucky to find a man like Jimmy who likes to be direct. And I have also my glimpse to a possible happily ever after, so I'm satisfy.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Car Trouble
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (May 1, 2011)

Easily Addicted (Working Man) by J.M. Snyder

Zach and Trevor meet at work during a lunch break. Trevor is a smoker and is spending his break indulging in his vice. And Zach immediately fancies him and tries to approach him. But Trevor is just out of a bad relationship and the forward attitude of Zach finds him unready. But rethinking to the opportunity he has so easily refused, Trevor is not more sure he has made the right decision and he is waiting for a second chance.

J.M. Snyder doesn't tell us how many years old are both Zach and Trevor, but I have the feeling they are somewhere between 25 and 30. No more college student, but not still adult. Young. And Zach gives me the impression he is young and somewhat innocent. He is open and friendly, very selfconsciousness. He knows to be handsome and probably he is not used to be denied.

The story is very short, less than 30 pages, but I have liked it a lot. Zach is a wonderful character, he could be easily decipted like a spoilt brat, but he is so nice that you can't find him nasty. And Zach seems to be the classical good boy, the person you dream to find to spend the rest of your life.

Amazon Kindle: Easily Addicted
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 16, 2010)

Lunch Break by J.M. Snyder

Nick works in a grocery to save money for his tuition. He is a simple guy with dreams of his own and when he sees Kevin one day at lunch break, he thinks that one of his dreams comes true: Kevin is a ten years older African-American man, who practices with a lawyer. He is refined and classy, and beautiful. 

Nick can't believe when Kevin asks him out. But obviously he has no intention to refuse this great opportunity.

The Working Man series by J.M. Snyder are short but very interesting stories. Short but complete, you have in less than 25 pages an entire story that let you fill what it's not said with your imagination.

In this case Nick is so sweet and Kevin so selfconscious and tender, that I'd like very much to read a whole story with these two characters.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Lunch Break
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (June 18, 2011)

Makin’ Copies (Working Man) by J.M. Snyder

A drunk joke during Friday Night Christmas Party could cost to Johnson his work: he has photocopied his butt (and all the other jewels around) with the office printer and has left the proves to find to Mr. Sanford, the boss.

But lucky for Johnson, Mr. Sanford has admired the "proves" and now he wants a first hand experience and not only a photocopied one.

What will Johnson do? Even if Mr. Sanford his an handsome men, he is also twice his age....

A very short, less than 15 pages, but very nice office affair which leaves you with a stupid smile face and a thought: but why when you find a nut thing during Christmas Party, it doesn't become a new begin like this one?

Amazon Kindle: Makin' Copies
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (March 5, 2011)

On the Job by J.M. Snyder

Another short story in the Working Man series by J.M. Snyder.

Charles is a service tech for a cable company who accept to go on a call for a new install since the customer is particularly trouble. But when he arrives to the designed site he discovers that Billy, the customer, is a very handsome young man, and also a flirty twinkie. Charles seems not able to take off Billy's hands from him, and he quite manages to do the work before Billy jumps to his bones.

As all the Working Man series, also this one is a very little one, less than 25 pages, but as always is well plotted and the characters are deepens and originals. It's very funny to see Billy's open seduction and he is a mix of boldness and naiveete. Charles has no game till the beginning in trying to deny him something.

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Amazon Kindle: On the Job
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (July 3, 2011)

Opening Day at the County Fair by J.M. Snyder

Jesse is a 20 years old country boy. He lives in the middle of nowhere and the only divagation to his routine is the annual county fair. But now for him the county fair is work, no more a child to run all around, he has to spent 6 days selling vegetables.

But this year something is changing, and has the name and the face of Davis (from jefferson davis I suppose): a pale and handsome guy of his same age, son of a contractor who previously lives in the same county and now returns only for the fair. But this year he has sent his son instead, and Jesse and Davis will spend this six days in ways more interesting than work.

I like this very very short tale. It's less then 30 pages but J.M. Snyder has decipted a complete world in few words. You can feel the heat of the day and the dirty of the road. Jesse's secret desires, the liberty he found in the arms of Davis, the joy to have another six days and maybe no more, but it is still joy, because are STILL six days and not ONLY six days... what different perspectives has youth.

Amazon Kindle: Opening Day at the County Fair
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (October 15, 2010)

Pleasure Cruise (Working Man) by J.M. Snyder

Andy is a young college student who has the nut idea to join two friends on a "normal" cruise during winter break. And cause it's a normal cruise, most of the people on the ship are couple and the others are not interested in three young guy, one of them gay.

So when Andy spots the cute Hispanic bartender, Carlos, he thinks to have found a way to spend two weeks on the ship. But Carlos is not very fond of Andy's friends and the first night they meet it doesn't end in a good way for Andy. But there is always breakfast time (in bed...).

Another short story, less than 25 pages, this one is "pure" pleasure. Andy and Carlos are two young men who want to have funny without commitment and broken heart, and what better place than a cruise ship to do that? in a confined space is very simple to find a way to meet.

Amazon Kindle: Pleasure Cruise
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (February 27, 2011)

Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams by J.M. Snyder

Ahi ahi ahi J.M. Snyder, you are a teaser... Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams is a very very short tale about how sweet could be a summer fling. Like in a old comedy of the '50 (even if I think it's a contemporary setting) Sean and Andrew fall in love in front of a sundae and Andrew woos Sean sending him messages through a friend (I last did this when I was 12 years old...).

And because it's a old comedy style, you will read only of tender kisses and walking hand in hand: no sex allows in a sweet tale, and then too hot things could melt the ice cream...

All right, joke apart, if you want to take a break from all the iper sexy M/M story I have read lately, try this tale by J.M. Snyder: maybe for the first time in months I have read something I will have no problem to reccomend also to a underage reader...

Amazon Kindle: Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (October 29, 2010) (Contains the stories: At Your Service Cafe de l'Amour Car Trouble Closing Time Easily Addicted Lunch Break Makin' Copies On the Job Opening Day at the County Fair Order Up Pleasure Cruise Speed Trap Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams Tech Support )

Amazon: Working Men
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (August 3, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1463763107
ISBN-13: 978-1463763107

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This was quite an interesting fantasy novel mixing pain with pleasure but above all giving to a Dom/sub relationship is true and original meaning, that is no only that of being a sex game.

Verity Lysimachus Severi Sephandus Fen of the House of Fen has probably a name longer than his age; even if for the current standard he is not so young (around 25 years old), he is still what you can identify to a post-graduate student in a fantasy Veiled University. As one of the older students he has some rights, like they were not enough those his spoiled self already were claiming, and so he is assigned a servant, Iskander. Even if younger than Verity, Iskander has a dignity, and a self-consciousness, that make him appear older and for sure savvier. Iskander has that dignity that sometime you see in Asian people, even when they are forced by economic conditions to accept job under their status, nevertheless they perform the task with accuracy and perfection. Iskander is so perfect that Verity almost forgets he is around and so Verity goes back to his bratty attitude, hopping up and down the bed of almost strangers, all linked together by the characteristic of being young and pretty, and so easily conditioned by Verity who leads them around like lap-pet.

One night Iskander, who has never questioned his Master’s behaviour, decides to teach him a lesson: in a way, Iskander is doing his job again at perfection, his duty is to take care of Verity and to make him perfect as well, and teaching Verity a lesson is the best way to straighten up the romp student. Iskander was taught since he was young how to deal with servants and similar and so he mixes this skill with sex: bondage, flogging, gagging are all good methods, and by the way, it’s not that Verity is complaining so much.

But one thing is to enjoy the sex in the privacy of their bedroom and another thing is to admit to strangers that he is having sex with a servant; and so Verity gets distracted, or maybe search distraction in the arms of Liulfr. In Verity’s eyes this is not a betrayal since, first he is not yet arrived to admit that he has a relationship with Iskander, and second, he is still convinced that he is the Master, and since he cannot perform his masterly duty on Iskander, then he has to find another willing recipient.

I like that, even with being an heavily fantasy setting, the story was not too much out of the ordinary to not allow the reader to identify with the world setting. Sometime, especially in the first part of the story, I was so focused on the blossoming relationship between Iskander and Verity that I almost forgot this was a fantasy, it could have been well a college romance set in a maybe ’40 or ’50 of the XX century European University. Then the second part of the story out-tracks a bit, or better the fantasy side comes out strongly than before; again nothing too much, but definitely clearly fantasy.

Amazon Kindle: The Lord of Misrule
Publisher: Circlet Press, Inc. (September 14, 2010)

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The first thing I noticed was the strange contrast between the familiarity I had with these characters and indeed the short span their story lasted in total: this is the third book in a series all centred around Petey, a young and at the beginning innocent guy, and his boyfriend, and Master, Matt. All three books are pretty long, and both characters are probably “older” than their true age, and so, when I was more or less in the middle of the third book, I was surprised when Petey highlighted that it was neither a year he has met Matt. They have gone through so much, and experienced even more, that it seemed impossible to me that they were indeed still teenager.

That is probably the first impression I had of this couple, but above all Matt, they were walking into “dangerous” path when other boys their same age are probably still playing with videogames and going to football match. Petey has probably had to grow before his age when he lost both his parents, even if he has an older sister, he is pretty much without a strong leading, and he found that leader in Matt. Matt is absolutely not a fatherly figure, above all since he is the same age as Petey, and also since, according to me, Matt is also a bit selfish. Sorry, I arrived, and finished, the third book, but still I don’t like so much Matt: he is spoiled, moody, and yes, selfish. He is good for Petey, no doubt in that, but I think he has first of all himself in mind and then Petey; as soon as Petey agrees with him, and with his choices, Matt is the best of the boyfriends, but if Petey has his own opinion, than Matt reacts like the spoiled child he his. I agree with the author, and Petey, when he highlights that Matt is very much like his own father, and that Petey will probably evolve like Matt’s mother: at the beginning a spare wheel of her husband tank, with time she has developed her own character and she has managed her husband without him neither knowing it.

The author toned down a lot the kinky side of the story, and actually in this third book the sex is almost “vanilla”, just the sex toy here and there, but nothing too much or too strange; true there is a mild scene with a double couple sex scene, but it was almost expected and more or less harmless.

There was maybe a bit too much of pink glasses perspective, above all in the fact that everyone, really everyone, in the end had an happily ever after, and that was something that really had me realized these were almost all teenagers and so probably real life had still to touch them; and the hope is that, if it will reach them in the future, it will be clement with all of them.

If you have read the previous two books, I think the third volume is a must; if not, I think you can probably read book 3 without too much problem, and maybe for who is particularly impressionable, reading only book 3 can be a solution (in book 1 and 2 the sex is really out of ordinary and there is also a bit of violence in book 2).

Amazon: Puppy Love 3: Reawakening (Volume 3)
Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: Fanny Press (July 15, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1603814825
ISBN-13: 978-1603814829

1) Puppy Love:
2) Puppy Love 2: Building a Family:
3) Puppy Love 3: Reawakening

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Cover Art by Paul Richmond
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Faceoff (Playing The Field 1) by J.M. Snyder

This short story by J.M. Snyder it's all a question of "play": the hockey game Christian and Ronnie are playing on the ice, for the first time in opposite team after being fellow players the years before; the play of glances they are doing, Christian trying to catch Ronnie's look, and Ronnie trying with all his own to avoid him; the secret game they were conducting, playing the role of teammate and being instead lovers. The book lasts the time of the game, during which Christian replays his story with Ronnie and more the game goes on, more the time is near the actual one, and the final move will be played here and now.

Usually in a sports romance there is always the big issue of being gay in a uber-manly world, a world that seems to deny that gay men can also be good players (no pun intended). Instead in this short story, this issue is down-played; it's not denied, but it's not the main problem Christian and Ronnie had. When their relationship started, they probably recognized a fellow soul in the other man, the necessity to hide the relationship was common understanding, and the things seemed to develop nice and easy. But Christian is a young professional players, with still big dreams and stars in his eyes: he wants to hit the big game, and the little league where Ronnie and him are playing is not his final target. Ronnie instead is content with his life, with his steady role in a small town league that probably allows him more freedom, always with discretion. And so it's not the "gay" issue that torn them apart, but more Christian's ambition.

Now three months later, Christian wants to "play" their problem on the field, and instead Ronnie seems to prefer to avoid all of it. It's really ended between them? Actually there was not a break point, Christian simply left and Ronnie didn't stop him... the final confrontation will prove if their love (if love was, since no one said the big word), was real or was only another game.

As I said the book last only the space of a game, so it doesn't want to be all-inclusive of all the possible strand of the story; it's more a moment in life, but both characters are quite nice. Christian maybe is more developed, but Ronnie has potential: his reasons are not quite explained, I can only imagine them, like my idea that he prefers to "play" in a small field to avoid the judgment of the big media, but I believe this is a bonus; I have enough hint to fill the void that a short story usually leaves.

Amazon Kindle: Playing the Field: Faceoff
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 11, 2010)

Tee'd Off (Playing The Field 2) by J.M. Snyder

The second in the theme sports series by J.M. Snyder, Playing the Field, is a bittersweet story which is perfectly set in the golf course world. I don't know, but I always link golf with quiet and also a bit of sadness, maybe since ofthen the movie industry influence that idea.

And so here we start along the memory lane with Greg, a man that has always dreamed to live of golf and that he has always felt more at home in a golf club than everywhere else. He has now the perfect life, he lives and works for a golf club and he can enjoy its atmosphere every single moment of his life... but maybe the golden cage is more like a real cage, above all when prevents Greg to meet and seriously set down with a man. He has plenty of opportunity to meet willing men, but Greg has a point to not have relationship with customers, and the people who work for the club like him, are mostly temporary worker, today here, tomorrow perhaps.

Greg has never realized as the life is fast flowing through his fingers till the moment he meets again Trey. Trey was the son of the first man for whom Greg was a caddie, the man who helped Greg to realize his dream. Trey was four years younger, and Greg has never seen him as nothing more than an annoying kid. Not even when Greg started to have feelings for other men, he thought twice to Trey. But now Trey is back again in his life, all grown up and willing... where all those years went? Is it possible that, while Greg was living in his golden cage, the world outside move one? The meeting of the two men should be a nice chance for Greg to have some fun, and instead it starts a chain in Greg's mind that will lead him to wonder if what he has is what he really wants, and if Trey could be something more of a weekend fling. At the same time, the thought to having a relationship with Trey means, in a way, to close a chapter of his life that probably Greg is not yet ready to do, if Trey remains the little annoyng kid of his memories, Greg will remain forever the young man with great expectation.

For a 40 pages long short story, Tee'd Off has two round characters and a nice set, and it's really an enjoyable story, above all, as I said, for the setting in an exclusive golf club, and for the taste of a life that not all people can have.

Amazon Kindle: Playing the Field: Tee'd Off
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 26, 2010)

Play On (Playing The Field 3) by J.M. Snyder

Play On is another short story by J.M. Snyder sets around some sport field, this time soccer played by college guys. Sean is a junior at College and also in the soccer team. He is one of the best player but then Cordero joins the team; it's not the competition that distracts Sean from the game, it's the man: Cordero, with his African American look and his cool behavior is like fire for a moth, Sean can't resist to be near the man.

Quite daring for someone you don't know well, Sean makes clear his preferences with Cordero the first day, and good for him, Cordero returns the interest. It's hot, fast and often sex till first day, but only after practice; it seems that, other than a great sexual agreement, there is nothing much else between them: they have different friends, different interests... The mood of the story is exactly like that, it's not a romantic love between Sean and Cordero, and I'm not saying that they will have no chance to an happily ever after, it's only that, in this moment, no one of them is searching something more. Now the only problem is to have enough sex to satisfy the initial hunger so that they can also play on the field, instead of playing only out of it. Or the other possibility, is to find the time to meet also out of the practice day, so that when it's time to start the game, they are not horny like two teenagers who have just discovered sex.

Another hint that basically this is an erotic romp, and not a sweet romance (if sex in the shower, on the couch, on the kitchen table is not enough...), is that Sean's attraction for Cordero is very much physical; Sean doesn't even know what Cordero is studying, what he likes, what he wants, he at first doesn't even know if Cordero is gay, but despite all of this, Sean knows that he wants the man; Sean likes African American men, he even tries to melt with the slang, that is not his own, to have better chances at success. So Sean is more attracted to what Cordero represents than to who really Cordero is. But as I said before, for a sexy romp without expectation to be more, this is more than enough and leads to very naughty and enjoyable sex scenes.

Amazon Kindle: Playing the Field: Play On
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 16, 2010) (print book)

Amazon: Playing the Field: Volume 1
Paperback: 178 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (February 2, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1456521535
ISBN-13: 978-1456521530

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A classical family story, this is a mix of gay for you and “peter pan” syndrome. Sebastian is a 27 years old gayer than gay graduate student. He is the one with the “peter pan” syndrome, he doesn’t want to grow. Plus he is so gay. Both these are reaction to issues he has with his own parents, who didn’t disowned him when he came out since basically, they were not so caring anyway. When he came out to his mother she asked him that his behavior didn’t t become too embarrassing, and he started to behave like he is always in a gay parade; when his parents started to make comments on him always being in college, doctorate after doctorate, he not only didn’t choose an academic job, but he decided to specialize in a matter that has no future in the academic world. It’s not hard to read in Sebastian’s actions a clear refusal of his original family. A refusal that is even more clear in his attachment to Bella’s family.

Bella is Sebastian’s best friend; for her own reason, she is as incapacitated as Sebastian to grow up. Pairing with Sebastian is only a way to delay her own development, but Bella is younger than Sebastian, and she is still in a moment in life when she is still allowed to be uncertain of her future. So is not for Sebastian.

When Bella’s brother, Asa, comes back home after a bad divorce, he offers to Bella and Sebastain to come living with him; I think he is doing a nice thing towards Bella, but he is also trying to build a family around Jordan, his son. Jordan’s mother abandoned him and her family and Jordan is not reacting well to the news. Bella will play the role of the substitute mother, and that will help also her with her own psychological issue and Sebastian, well, Sebastian is tagging along. I don’t think Asa was thinking to a role for Sebastian in this makeshift family but when Asa and Sebastian meet, it’s clear what Sebastian’s role will be, he will help Asa in regaining trust in love.

Asa is bisexual, and he is quite open about it. He was married, but in a way, he was pair opportunity; he doesn’t judge his possible partner basing his opinion on the genre, but more on the common interests. And he has lot in common with Sebastian. Sincerely between the two, it’s Sebastian who has more issue, Asa only needs a little time to adjust to the new situation, but he is soon ready to fall in love again.

The story is nice, maybe Asa is a little too perfect to be true, a construction worker who has more the body of a model than a blue collar, with a wonderful house and an even more wonderful family, he is the perfect dream date. Not sure such fine man really exist, but in the end this is a romance, not real life.

Amazon Kindle: Bewitched by Bella's Brother

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Cover Art by Anne Cain
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This is by this time the fourth book I read with this fellows, and so now they are for me as familiar as old friends. I know them and I don't need to find new hint to understand them, but, it's strange, they seem always a bit different from book to book.

Jonty has always been the more easy of the two, in everything he did, job, life and love. Both Jonty and Orlando had bad experience in the past, but Jonty probably had the more traumatic experience, he was abused when he was a young boy at school. Despite this, he grew up as a good boy and with a joy of life that seems untainted by what happened years ago. And instead in this book, where he has to investigate in the murderer of the same two men who abused him, we discover that Jonty is very good in wearing a mask. A mask that, for a bit, he is unable to lift even with Orlando, who is the real love of his life.

Also Orlando changes a bit in this book. He has always been the shier of the two, the one who always worried for the future, who was always skittish to express their love through a physical manifestation. And instead now, he is very much physical, almost if he understands that Jonty needs the material assurance that a warm body gives. And he is also very protective, but always in a quiet and good way, even if he has all the reason to hate the men who abused Jonty, he realizes that he can't have an outburst of rage, it would be worst for Jonty than everything else.

As you all know, I'm not much for the mysteries, so, when I read one, I notice other things ;-) This time for example, my attention was caught by two different things: the setting, and with that I mean the various habitat where Jonty and Orlando move, like they restored Georgian cottage or Jonty's family country house. The author describes them in such a detailed way, that it almost seems to the reader to be there, living with them. The second thing I noticed where the supporting characters, that were as nice as the main ones, and sometime take the center stage; above all, Jonty's mother, Mrs Stewart and her husband, but also Jonty and Orlando's housekeeper, Mrs Ward, and finally, but not last, Rex Prefontaine and Matthew Ainslie, this last a character I would really loved to see having an happily ever after of his own.

I like this series, since it has a suspending feeling, it's an historical, obviously, but it is set in a time that it's not so far from us, and so we can identify in the men. How they live, how they think, how they love. Orlando maybe, is a bit too innocent, but I think he would be the same even in a modern setting, Orlando is an innocent at soul. And Jonty needs him to be like that, to cancel the ugliness of his past experiences with men very much not innocent.

Amazon: Lessons in Power (Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 4)

Amazon Kindle: Lessons in Power: Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 4

Series: A Cambridge Fellows Mystery
1) Lessons in Love:
2) Lessons in Desire:
3) Lessons in Discovery:
4) Lessons in Power

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Blood Moon is the second book I read by this author, and where the previous one was a coming of age story about two high school students, this is a “trendy” vampire romance. I use the word “trendy” since I think it follows a bit the today love among teenagers for young vampires and werewolves, see the Twilight saga and related.

Noah and Zack, the two heroes in this romance, are maybe a little older, 21 years old, but they are not much more adult. Zack is still spending most of his free time with his family and he was not able to break the umbilical cord with his mother; maybe he was traumatized when he “lost” his best friend, and love of his life, at 18 years old: he grew up with Noah, and as soon as he moved from being a child to being a young adult, he associated love, and sex, with Noah. But as he is not independent now, he was not precocious then, and so he was 18 years old at the time he found the courage to kiss his best friend. And one kiss was everything he got since the morning after Noah told him it was better they never seen each other again. Now three years later, Zack is still “mourning” the loss.

When Noah suddenly reappears in his life, even if he is not exactly the same as before, Zack doesn’t see the reason to send him away: three years are a long time, and Zack understood that he is no able to forget him. And then vampires are trendy, as I said before, and if they are also independently wealthy and with a good fashion instinct, well, they make also a good boyfriend.

If the feeling is that Zack and Noah’s life together is not exactly dangerous, even if they try to convince the reader it’s not like that, well, I think you are right; in a perfect “teenager” video game perspective, life is a forever, and death is not a game over, but merely a stop here and start from beginning. Nothing really bad happens, and real confrontation is always delayed. Everyone is beautiful and sexy and ordinary concerns, like how you will explain to your mother that you will be never more able to join her on Sunday lunch, or that you can’t attend daily courses at college, are something you will face later, always later.

In Zack and Noah’s new world, everyone is young, and also your enemy is handsome. There is no drama or regret in being a vampire, no dark and gothic thoughts, and maybe for the first time, a vampire story didn’t give me an oppressive and gloomy feeling; being turned is more a party than a condemnation, and not even that is the moment when this young men will grow, on the contrary, it seems to be another excuse to not growing at all.

Blood Moon is a fresh and cute story that I think will appeal to a young or very young target. Or to an older reader who prefers paranormal stories not being too much dark.

Amazon Kindle: Blood Moon

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Jack and Ricky are exactly at the opposite: Jack 48 years old and embittered by life, is living like an hermit in suburbia; for Jack is almost a self-reclusion, a punishment he is inflicting himself for some past sins. Ricky is 18 years old and at the beginning of his life: he has just discovered sex and his first experiences were not so good, not bad enough to discourage him, but probably enough to give him the idea that, trying with someone more skilled maybe will do the difference.

Ricky knows Jack since forever; he is his neighbour and his parents’ friend. When Ricky started to dream about boys instead of girls, Jack was a good wet dream material, an openly gay man just living next door. On the other hand, Jack has never once considered Ricky on a sexual level, and when his father asks him to hire the guy for a summer job, he takes it more like a bother than a chance. It’s not clearly said, but I had the feeling that Ricky consciously tried to seduce Jack, right for the reason I said, Ricky knew that sex could be good, and he wanted to learn from a master.

Jack is almost dormant: he has not sworn off sex, but he confined himself far from temptation; when temptation falls on his lap, he is not against the idea to profit of it. But Jack, even if doesn’t consider the age difference an impediment, well knows that Ricky is really young, and willing assumes the role of the training ship: Jack doesn’t take, he gives, but only if asked; he poses like an inflatable doll for Ricky’s inexperienced hands. It’s a strange relationship, since for sure there is no sense of guilty on Jack’s side for being older, or on Ricky’s side for being younger, but both of them are well aware of their age difference; they don’t consider it a limitation but instead an advantage.

I also liked a lot that Ricky, even if obviously appreciative for Jack’s willingness on sharing his sexual experience, doesn’t erase himself on Jack; when they reach some points where Ricky is no comfortable to go, Ricky is also strong enough to say no, and Jack is also balanced enough to accept that no. On the other way, Ricky is willing to learn and absorb, and in case, to change his mind: but it’s not something he does to please only Jack, it’s something he understands it will be good for both of them.

There are 30 years between Ricky and Jack, but truth be told, the age difference seemed shorter, but it’s Ricky who shortened it; he is way more mature and balanced than boys his age. Jack instead has all the strength of a lived past, and the wisdom of someone who was able to capitalize that past. For this same reason, nor Jack or Ricky start this relationship swearing forever and exclusive love to each other: Ricky needs to see, and try, what is good and what is bad, and then, when he will have enough elements to ponder, only then he will be able to take the right decision.

There is a lot of sex, and it was always good; there is also a good romance, a right dose of drama, but not too much angst. Anah Crow and Dianne Fox again confirm to be a pair of authors able to write romances apparently simple and good (family, love, happiness, good feelings), but never “light”.

Amazon Kindle: Slow Bloom

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Kristair is a very ancient vampire who needs to find a human vessel to survive, and since he lives in the United States, who is the perfect candidate? Who is young, strong and handsome more than a college football player? Jacob is the chosen one and from the meeting of an ancient warrior with a modern one, the result is a very balanced couple: where Kris is brooding and too much serious, Jake has all the energy and joy of life of a young college student whose primary purpose is to be a number one athlete and secondary to enjoy as much as possible the frat life.

When Kris picks Jake among the crowd, he decides to give to the young man a bit of space and a slowly but effective courtship starts, with Kris letting Jake know that he is there, ready for him when Jake will decide it’s time, and Jake who enjoys a little bit of teasing of the older man. Yes, even if Kris appears to be the same age or just a little older than Jake, it’s clear that he has a very much older soul, and Jake plays a bit the role of the twink with a sugar daddy; he likes to be wooed, to be cherished like a treasure, and he likes to tease Kris. But when in the end, Jake will welcome Kris in his bed, and body (and not only in the sexual meaning of the word), Jake will reveal a strong core, that is not easily commanded, not even by a powerful and ancient vampire; in bed, between them, it’s not easy to understand who is the Dominant and who is the submissive.

The mood of the story is really dark and gothic, a mood that I would dare to compare to the Anne Rice’s Vampire tales; Kris has a lot weighting on his shoulders, above all knowledge, dangerous knowledge that he has no way to share if not finding his true mate. The bond between Kris and Jake will allow the first to lighten his burden, but nevertheless the story will not loose its darken mood. Even when having sex, even considering Jake’s young age and his previous almost coquettish behaviour, there is always the feeling that something tragic will happen, that these two lovers will not have an easy life together… enough to say that in the end, I’m happy to know that this is only the first book in a series of three with the same characters.

Even if the story is set in Pittsburgh, there is a strange feeling, like a hot and bothered atmosphere, the same thing you experience during hot summer nights. The darkness I told before is not a cold one, as I said it’s like during a summer night, and probably this is due to the two main characters, way different from the usual lean and emaciated vampires: nor Kris or Jake are like that, they are more like football players, hunky and hot, tattoed and strong. So strong is their presence that they affect all the story, spreading their hotness around. And maybe it helps also Jake’s Southern origin, like the author describes him “drawl and quick temper, filled with boldness, strutting around like the cock of the morning”.

Amazon: My Heart is Within You

Amazon Kindle: My Heart is Within You

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Cover Art by Dan Skinner
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Well, I’m always kind to college boys stories, since the guys are so young and cute that it’s difficult to not enjoy their story. At that age, they are no more teenagers, but they are not yet adult: the world is still in front of them and everything can happen, even that you fall in love for your man-whore and straight roommate and, in the end, that love is not either without hope.

Clay and Jack have spent the first years in college together trying to bed as many girl as possible, and now that the last months of permanence in their shared dorm room are approaching, Jack seems to have increased the effort and instead Clay is at a junction: to be or not to be an adult? To be or not to be gay? To love or not to love Jack? Yes, since in the last weeks it’s not beautiful woman that stars in Clay’s wet dreams, but it’s his roommate Jack, and Clay has not heart to tell Jack that he is mistaking in changing woman each day since first, he, Clay, would like to be one of that women, and second, not having Jack a steady girlfriend is the only consolation Clay has.

Clay is so stuck inside his brainstorming mind that he is not even able to realize that Jack is giving him hints that he could indeed been interested in him: if bringing him in a gay club didn’t do it, well Jack doesn’t know what else it could. More than fear Jack’s refusal, I think that Clay is afraid of admitting that he is gay. Being gay will change too much the simple life that Clay is having, college, girls, friends… admitting to being gay in a way it means being an adult, and Clay is not yet ready to be that. I like Clay, but he definitely is not the usual mourning gay in the closet too clever for his age; Clay is, indeed, a simple college boy, like so many others like him, and for this reason he has all the insecurities of his age.

Jack is maybe a little more self-conscious, but it’s not really that he is a lot more grown up than Clay. I’m not sure to like him as much as I like Clay, but that is probably due to the fact that, in the end, Jack is bisexual, he is really a man-whore, for women and men alike, and he is totally unrepentant: he takes his pleasure when and where he finds it, no matter the gender of the partner. So, probably, for romantic Clay, Jack is a bit too much, but maybe, as Clay admitting to be gay will grow, so Jack, starting a relationship with someone that he actually knows, will understand that there is something more in life than a notch on the bedpost.

Buy at 1 Romance Ebooks

Amazon Kindle: Dead Men Get No Tail

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Kim Dare is an expert in telling stories of young boys about to become adults; college boys whose life is changing, but they are still so young that any change will be faced with an open mind and a whole lot of prospects for the future.

Tyler is in love with James, but James is straight, or so he thinks. When a friend of him runs telling that he has seen James in their local gay bar and that he is alone, Tyler rushes there to not having the man snatched away from someone else. But sincerely James is there all alone, right waiting for him to come save him from a life in the closet.

That is probably the nicest side of the novel: Tyler is a submissive, or at least he likes to play the role during sex, and he pinpointed James as a Dominant, but truth be told, James is a novice to all gay things and Tyler has to play training ship with him. And sincerely, I didn’t have the feeling that James was really a Dominant, but to me it seemed he didn’t want to disappoint Tyler, a guy he was mooning over for months; if Tyler wants a Dominant, then James will do everything to please him.

James and Tyler are really young and cute, and their D/s relationship is fresh and light; nothing really serious, James and Tyler are playing at being Dom and sub, like they would with a new toy, with all the thoughtlessness of their college years, without really thinking to a future (not that I don’t see a future for them, on the contrary, I can imagine them 10 years from now remembering how happy they were in college together).

There is neither drama, James’s coming out is done wih an easiness that is not so common, but that probably it would be the best way to approach things; James is not exactly the “gay” type, he is more the boy next door, the man every girl would like, and by the way also any guy. Maybe the little fact that he was way more of a gentleman with the girls had to ring a bell in someone mind, but one way or the other, when Tyler put his hand on him, James is prime for the taste and eager to learn more on the gay life. And of course Tyler is more than willing to teach; Tyler is also willing to play according James’s rules, and to follow his pace: if James wants time to come out, Tyler will give it to him. But once James had a taste of Tyler, there is no way back in the closet.

Amazon Kindle: Gay Since Today (G-A-Y)
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (February 1, 2010)

Series: G-A-Y
1) Gaydar:
2) Gay Like You:
3) Gay Until Graduation:
4) Gay for Pay:
5) Gay Divorcee:
6) Gay Since Today

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If someone wants to read the best funny romance ever, than they has to read Almost Like Being in Love. I really don’t know why I didn’t read it sooner, it was a book that many people recommend to me, but there was a little voice inside me that was murmuring, “it’s not possible that a book that is so liked from so many people, it’s actually a good romance, people don’t really like romance”. And so I waited and waited, and then, when I finally bought the book, I left it in my reading list, and week after week I was looking at it, always saying, the next will be it, and never actually open it. That was the catch, I didn’t open it; but once you did, it’s impossible to close this book without arriving to the last page.

This is actually two stories in one. In 1978 Travis and Craig meet in boarding school, both with a dysfunctional family behind and with a lot of dreams ahead; they are 17 years old, and they don’t believe to be gay, even if, when you know by memory Barbra Streisand’s birthday, when she was not yet the gay icon, maybe a little doubt you should have. Anyway, the Travis and Craig of 17 years are sweet and cute, and as all the young people, they love with all their heart. They are young and they believe the world is right there in front of them, ready to see their love grows and becoming the only important thing in their life. They really believe they will be together forever… they are only 17 years old. That is the catch of first love, it’s wonderful and enormous, it’s all you can think, but it doesn’t survive the long distance. When Travis moves to California and Craig to Massachusetts for College, the love of their lives becomes a warm memory. It’s not even said why they stopped to write, it’s probably as simple as it’s, they were young and they were far from each other.

20 years later, in 1998, Craig is in a long-term relationship with Clayton, who is really a good men, and Travis is pursuing a love affair with Julian, a 28 years old twink. Suddenly Travis realizes that he has never found the love of his life since that place is already occupied, by Craig. Now the only important thing is to find Craig and to tell him that he still loves him and everything will be perfect. But what will happen when Travis will find out about Clayton? The problem is that Clayton has really no fault: he is madly in love with Craig, he is handsome and caring, he asked Craig to marry him. And while Travis and Craig shared a blissful and young romance of less than a year, Clayton shared 12 years with Craig.

That is the strength of this novel, that I, the reader, was not able to pick between Travis and Clayton. I like both of them. At first I was hoping for a misstep of Clayton, for something that would help my romantic heart to fall on the basic rule, you will never forget your first love, but I was not lucky, the author didn’t help me, and Clayton was really perfect, but not that perfect that makes a man boring, the perfect that makes a man a wet dream. On the other side there is Travis, funny, crazy, madly in love Travis. How can you don’t cheer for him? Really at one point I was almost hoping for a threesome, yes, me, the romantic at heart that always says that she doesn’t like ménages, but there was really another choice?

The story has not a typical development, it’s written like writing on block notes, exchanges of emails, piece of hypothetical screenplays, even jury verdicts, all of them written by the different characters, Travis, Craig and Clayton, obviously, but also their family and friends. If at the beginning it’s a little strange, soon you start to enter in the flow, and you even have your favourite, like mine that were the American History Test where Travis asked to his students to help him in love, and the exchange of email between Gordon, Travis’ best friend, and his father.

Amazon: Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel

Amazon Kindle: Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel

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A sweet and tender love story about two young guys in love. This is basically all the plot and Gil and Dustin are also two representative of the usual crowd of a college dorm, the geek and the jock, and when these two types meet, usually the result is always nice.

The main difference in this story is that, where Gil is obviously shy, also Dustin is not exactly daring, and so they are dancing around each other, both of them trying to draw attention without being too obvious. Then during an hot summer night, Dustin finally has the courage to admit that, if he is always around Gil, asking stupid question and basically trying to steal time with him, it’s since he is interested in him more than as a simple roommate.

This is only a short story, barely a night in their life, and so obviously there is no time to further develop the relationship, but it was nice to read how both Gil and Dustin are shy but tentative in bed, how both of them want to please the other more than themselves. They are so sweet that I felt for them, wondering how two sweet and kind guys like them will survive once they will go out the safe shelter of Gil’s bedroom. But this is probably another story.

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J.M. Snyder could make you laugh, like in The Positions of Love series, but when she decides to make you cry, well she does a very good job!

In this short story, less then 15 pages, the two characters don't have a name. They are Lover and Cutter for me. Lover is a good boy, an head to heart boy, I could think at him like an athlete or some other All American boy. And he loves Cutter. Cutter is a shy guy, maybe with some unresolved conflicts in his life, perhaps with his family. He loves Lover, but sometime, in the long hour of night, he is so lonely and he feels a great pain, and he has to exorcize that pain. He cuts himself, hoping that the physical pain helps him to forget the mental one.

Will Lover be enough strong for both of them to save his little Cutter?

A very short story, but you have to read it, it's heartbreaking.

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Amazon Kindle: Afflicted
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (August 12, 2009)

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