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Even if dealing with fairies and demons, The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons wasn't a typical paranormal romance, but a classic urban fantasy: the "menages" between human Cy, fae Patrick and sex demon August was a whirlwind of events, sometime so crazy packed that was almost difficult to understand what was happening; an example? when Cy is "feeding" August, for what I know of sex demon, that means they are having sex, but I had to read two times that scene and still am not sure they were having sex... it was more an impression that a detailed description, so if you are expecting to buy this novel for the hot sex... well maybe you have to change your expectation. But if you are searching for a crazy urban fantasy, with IKEA and McDonalds throw in the middle of it, humor and satira, well, then, this is your book.

I'm pretty sure this is part of a series, and indeed the whole book was like "viewing" an episode of a modern television fiction, those snarcky, but clever series that are the hit of the moment. I'm not really a fan of fantasy, or urban fantasy, but I'm a fan of complex characters, and all three of them, Cy, Patrick and August are the best example of multilayered characters.

Publisher: Loose Id LLC (January 13, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: The Care and Feeding of Sex Demons

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The story of Brute and Gray was so sweet that I'm not ashamed to say in more than one occasion my eyes were brimming with tears. It was an out and loud crying, but more a lump in the throat, something that I managed to contain but nonetheless emotional. I was able to rein my emotions only cause, as I said, the story was sweet, even cute sometime.

Brute is not an ogre, but he is not far from it; very tall, and truth be told, quite ugly, he hadn't many chances at happiness; that he prefers men isn't apparently a problem, the problem is that male or female, no one is really attracted to him, cause before knowing him, and the good man he is, they see the ugliness, and no one has cared to go beyond that. Than a chance brings him to the court and he is apprenticed as guardian of a very special prisoner, a blind man and a witch to both. Brute didn't know Gray from before, he doesn't know what the man did, what he knows is that Gray was mistreated, and that he is hurting, and Brute doesn't like to see anyone hurt. Kindness will give space to friendship, comfort to desire, and soon enough, Brute and Gray are in love with each other, but Gray is still a captive.

I had the feeling the novel was more dramatic, I was expecting a tragedy to happen, and instead, while they have to face oddities and difficulties, the author managed to stay on a light tone, so much that, while commonly I don't like very much Fantasy novel, I truly enjoy this one, so much to list it as one of my favorites of this year.

Paperback: 270 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 3, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1623802261
ISBN-13: 978-1623802264
Amazon: Brute
Amazon Kindle: Brute

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Pretty nice "contemporary" fantasy romance, about a dual (meaning a born fox shapeshifter, dual cause he has two born shape, human and animal) and a male witch (actually a red witch, which, apparently, is keen on sex, but it's also monogamous) falling in love in the Sin City, Las Vegas, while investigating the strange deaths of other otherworldly creatures.

It was a good mix of humor and paranormal, that right touch of romantic comedy, with a push on romantic. Tag, the fox, is from a breed who basically approves not only menages a trois (he is a trickster, usually paired with a lord and a lady), but also polyamory in various deployment versions. Tag is bisexual, he has not really preference for men or women, probably he would be more comfortable with a pairing including both of them. But instead Paul, the witch, is bisexual as well, but he has always been more inclined to women. To both disconcerting, they are not only attracted to each other, their inner side are also considering exclusivity, something that, for the fox side of Tag has always been inconceivable.

I have to admit that more than the mystery plot involving the killer, I was more interested in the relationship between Tag and Paul, and I think the author was too, cause, while the mystery ends more or less 3/4 into the novel, the last 1/4 of the story is focused on the aftermath for Tag and Paul, and a nice too as well.

Fox's Folly is naughty and romantic, a mix that, if working, is really good experience.

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (July 17, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Fox's Folly (Duals and Donovans: The Different)

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Considering I love cats and that I'm pretty much of the idea that cats don't have owners, but that they chose the human who is best suited to take care of them, like a king paying a favor to a peasant, I was in line with the plot of Aloysius, the witch's familiar who is turned into the angelic beauty Alain, or maybe he is turned back? In Alain's form he falls in love with Luke, a young vet who doesn't know Alain's true form, and who doesn't question Alain's feline "quirks", on the contrary, he finds them endearing.

This was a "cute" fantasy romance, meaning that, it wasn't really pushing on the dangerous factor, but more in highlighting how pretty and flamboyant Alain was, how beautiful all supernatural creatures are, from male witches to elves to familiars who change shape. It had a some sort of yaoi flavor, maybe also due to the cover, but it was also something else, more subdued, I clearly remember that the cat-boy is indeed a recurrent theme in the yaoi novels.

Cataclysmic Shift was a light romance, a very pleasant read, especially if you are a cat lover; I don't think the reader had to dig and forcefully find a deeper meaning, if not the pleasure to spend some hours in a fantasy world. It was also naughty here and there, and truth be told, there were times when I didn't need it to be, I was happy enough with the innuendos, but that is entirely me, and instead, if you like some naughty sexy scene, you will find it here.

Publisher: Loose Id LLC (July 23, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: Cataclysmic Shift (The Aloysius Tales)

Series: The Aloysius Tales
1) Spell Cat
2) Brush with Catastrophe
3) Cataclysmic Shift

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I’m not really a fantasy lover, but Nor Iron Bars a Cage bore nothing of what usually makes me stay away from these novels: even if the setting was complex and original, it wasn’t overwhelming so much it eat the story: I don’t like when I spend too much time trying to follow all the details the authors is showing off to prove they have done homework. That of Lyon and Tobin is a rendering of a Medieval kingdom, so some of it was familiar, but it was a place and time where sorcerers and ghosts not only exist, they are even common occurrences; moreover, to threw the reader a little more off the current time and into the fantasy world, time and space and how to measure it was different, there wasn’t the concept of weeks or years or miles, but similar concepts (the week is actually 6 days and not 7, the length is measure in horse feet or arrows’ arch, and so on).

But what was the most beautiful thing was the sweet love story between Lyon and Tobin: they were kids together, and young, but yes, already probably in love. Tobin, second son of a nobleman, was destined to the army, Lyon, from the middle-class, was the apprentice of a sorcerer. Tobin thought they had time, that he could go in the Army do his deed, and come back to Lyon, but when he did come back, in the end, Lyon was believed to be dead. Lyon wasn’t dead, but for him, he wasn’t far from it. He is living like an hermit, in a small cottage far from the city and he is trying to not let his tragedy kill him for good. There is no space for Tobin’s memories, or maybe, he has forced himself to forget. But when Tobin knocks at his door, everything comes back in a rush, with the only difference that he is no more the boy to whom Tobin was hoping to go back home.

Tobin is a really good man, nor before or now he lets jealousy, or passion, eating his love; he loved Lyon before and he loves him more now. Even if he is one of the more trusted men of the king, he will put Lyon before his sire. Lucky for them, homosexuality doesn’t seem to be a trouble, they are fays, and being fay isn’t a condemnation. Tobin easily admits he was fay when they were young, and with that, admitting also that he was in love with Lyon. This love will give a reason to Lyon to try to overcome his tragedy, and be ready to face life again.

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Amazon Kindle: Nor Iron Bars a Cage (Free Download)

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Lost Sky is almost an eco-adventure novel, very visual in its development; the strength of the story is in the description of the subterranean island that Matthew discovers once he accepts the inheritance of his great-uncle Alexander; but with the island arrives also Salal, a supernatural being who was Alexander’s lover and who is still quite upset that his chosen companion decided to go back to the human world, leaving him. It seems almost natural that Matthew substitutes Alexander in Salal’s life, even if Matthew’s sudden attachment to Salal is quite strange, especially for someone as shy as he is.

The odd thing is that, I didn’t particularly like Salal, I find him quite brusque, and not really a good matching for a gentle, and sometime meek soul like Matthew. Their relationship seemed unbalanced, but for sure I didn’t wish to Salal what will happen in the end. Maybe there is an hint of non consensual relationship, meaning that I’m not really sure Matthew was aware, or fully willing, to engage with Salal, at first it seemed to me that Salal pretended from Matthew to replace Alexander, willing or unwilling.

The story starts a little slow, and actually Salal enters the scene more or less at midnovel. That is maybe the reason why I didn’t manage to connect with him. Anyway he is for sure an interesting character and he will redeem.

It’s a bittersweet story, and while the ending is good for one of them, it’s not so for the other. That is the reason why, more than a romance, I consider this the story of Matthew’s evolution and of the time when, leaving the safe shelter of his secure life, he will find the answers to who he is, what he wants and whom he wants to love.

Amazon: Lost Sky
Amazon Kindle: Lost Sky
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Queered Fiction (February 1, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 192044114X
ISBN-13: 978-1920441142

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The Hawk and the Rabbit is almost “innocent” in its development; the first impression I have of this story is that it has completely removed the concept of homosexuality as a sin. In this fantasy world, being gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight is like being a brunette or a blond, having brown or blue eyes, you are born with. If someone is complaining about something is, first that prince consort Henri is from a breed that is still using magic, while instead in Gaia’s kingdom magic was banned, and that Henri’s personal sorcerer, and advisor, Leal, is really too young, more a boy than a man (we will learn later that actually Leal is under a wrong spell and so his boyish looks don’t match his real age).

When Gaia falls under a dark blood spell, Leal isn’t capable alone to remove it and he has to ask help to the Dragon Knights’s Master, Hawk. Leal has a secret crush on Hawk, but the man despises magic and, in connection, he doesn’t trust Leal. Going together in a quest to retrieve some magic elementals that will help queen Gaia will allow to Hawk to understand that Leal is not a mean sorcerer, and that magic can be good (and even funny sometime).

As I said, this is quite the innocent tale, while Hawk and Leal will arrive to be intimate, it’s almost done in a “secretive” way, the reader will not take part to their intimacy. I had almost the feeling I was reading a young adult novel, or a fairy tale, it was more important the quest, and giving the change to Hawk and Leal to be alone and to know each other, other than “consuming” their love. Even the level of danger they encounter is mild, nothing cruel or really dark, and the worst it happens is to sprain a calf.

This one was a cute, light read, pleasant and smooth, and the fantasy setting wasn’t too heavy, so that I could actually enjoy the story without being distracted by the “surroundings”.

Amazon Kindle: The Hawk and the Rabbit (The Bestiary)
Publisher: Less Than Three Press; 1 edition (November 20, 2012)

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This is a Bittersweet Dreams title, so I knew that a not traditional happy ending was to be expected, plus the blurb was easy to decipher. So I concentrated more on the development of the story than on the ending, and I found myself enjoying very much the relationship of Alen with his mother, so much that, in the end, I was almost in tears.

The life of Alen is not easy or idyllic, but he does everything he has to do since he deeply loves his mother; but Alen has never felt as he belongs to the village he was born or among the people who always looked at him like a strange creature. Maybe that is the reason why he searched for solace in something else, and the only thing he has in his poor life is the fire in the heart of the cottage. Alen more than once convinced himself someone is in it, he saw a face, and that burning eyes were calling him.

That is the reason why, when he is condemned to the pyre, he doesn’t fear it, on the contrary, he sees it like a way to his freedom.

In the end, Burnt Offerings has an happy ending, only that it’s not traditional, the bittersweet is more for Alen’s mother, but she is like all mothers should be, glad for the happiness her son found.

Amazon Kindle: Burnt Offerings
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 25, 2011)

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Cover Art by Anne Cain

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Almost a comics in written format, I have the feeling that Pawn Takes Rook, first episode in the Checkmate series is part of something bigger in the author’s mind, something she has already developed and that is now feeding us little piece by little piece. A lot has already happened when the story starts and I struggled a little to fit all the details, but in the end I had a good idea: the time is the same as today, 2013, but it’s an alternative universe; the poly vaccine caused a genetic variation in the newborn who acquired special powers, and now almost everyone is a superhero. If you are really a good one, you are part of the Alliance, fighting the villains in the name of the law. Things you consider as given, televisions, laptops, are luxury items people save a life to buy.

Hogarth, the nephew of the Google’s algorithm creator, want to be part of the Alliance, but he is actually more a nerd than a hero. When he is rescued by Rook, a former Alliance hero, he sees him as his chance to meet the Alliance standards: if he cannot make it alone, why not try with a dynamic duo? But Rook is like a loose cannon, not really trustworthy, plus he is defective, like a pot that, when reaching the boiling point, instead of going in off mode, explode. Doesn't hurt that Rook is also an hunky viking, with startling icy eyes and long, blond locks.

You can say the author had a lot of fun writing this novella, I had the feeling like she planned it with friends, like a videogame she was playing and trying all the special effects. Yes, the mood was of fun, light entertainment, winking the eye probably to some favorite cartoon or comic character I’m not able to point out (not really a comic fan here). But even if I cannot pinpoint the origin, it was a funny little piece.

Amazon Kindle: Pawn Takes Rook
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition (March 12, 2013)

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Cover Art by Paul Richmond

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Considering the theme of the novel with the known impeding tragedy, I was surprised to find out this novel was almost “cute”, and probably the first clue was on the prologue, with God and Lucifer plotting on how to change the course of Jesus Christ yet another’s reincarnation.

The time is modern day, and Jesus is now an evangelist singer travelling the US along with a troupe of 12 friends and his mother. Jesus’s preferred among them is Judas, the same man who all the others like to hate, especially Mary Magdalene, the “harlot” pop singer who likes to make trouble among them.

Jesus, Judas, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Thomas, Peter, Matthew, all of them know what is happening, and what will be Jesus’s fate, and they are waiting for the moment when the local protesters will move from words to actions, ending yet another time Jesus’s life, and giving him the chance to sacrifice himself to a better purpose. But this time Judas doesn’t want to play the same plot, he loves Jesus and he wants for him to have the chance to live a long life, possible together with him. On the other hand, innocent Jesus, almost naïve and too tempting for his own good, doesn’t want to give up to Lucifer’s lure, but for once he is wondering if, at least, he cannot enjoy what Judas is offering.

The plot is not really complicated, but the originality is given by the development: each chapter is told by a different player, mainly Jesus and Judas, but also Mary Magdalene, the apostles and Mother Mary, and of course God and Lucifer. There are other characters in the story, but since they are not “aware” of the truth, they don’t have the chance, like others, to tell their version of the story. It’s like a reenactment of the Gospels, indeed the apostles told their own version of the same story, same as they do in this novel.

Considering I’m not a practicing catholic, maybe I’m without preconceptions, and I don’t see much scandal in this retelling of the Jesus’s story. For me it was a good exercise in romancing the myth.

Amazon Kindle: Revelations
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing (February 6, 2013)

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Vampires, Demons, Angels, Fae people, same old same old you would say, and instead nothing was as expected. The author took the usual characters of paranormal/fantasy romance and intertwined it in a story that was a mix of romance and horror, gothic in a modern setting. The strange mix was also aided by the choice of location, a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, that helped the gothic feeling due to the “being trapped” situation but at the same time was big and modern enough to dispel the haunting and dark. BTW I have the feeling the author did know about cruises since the little details she used were quite right, at least according to my experience.

Silas is a fae with a mission; he is using a glamour to mix among the other passengers, but Rhys seems able to see beyond it; to Rhys, Silas appears with an otherworldly beauty, that is actually his real looks. But also to Silas, Rhys appears “different”, and not only since he is young and cute. There is a mystery in Rhys’s past and apparently Silas has the right answers.

The novel was starting in an “ordinary” way, two men meeting by chance, passions flaring between them, good sex and all; the fact one was a fae, wasn’t particularly exceptional, considering this is a fantasy romance. So yes, I was thinking, good story, nothing out of ordinary. And then the real danger arrives, and more than paranormal is horror, vampires eating human flesh, not only drinking blood; and Silas, the fae, wasn’t cute and pretty, he was dangerous, armed with a sword, and when wounded, he was almost pathetic, gaunt and feral. The author took elements that usually convey beautiful imaginary, and turned them into horrific details, with a mastery that is almost unsettling.

Close Quarter was a surprise and a very good debut novel.

Amazon Kindle: Close Quarter
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (November 13, 2012)

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I'm a faithful reader of T.A. Chance from the beginning; long or short, with cowboys or sport stars, fantasy, historical or contemporary, a new story by T.A. Chase always climbs the first place in my reading list. They are always different but still there is always this mix of romance and naughty sex that make them so good. And in a way, I can say that T.A. Chase loves everyone of his characters.

Padraig is a ghost; but he is not living in Paradise, he is wandering the earth since when he died, he left too much things behind, above all his unrequited love for Gareth. When he was in life, Padraig was an hot head; he worked in the docks in Belfast and he was not exactly a good boy. And probably he didn't believe he was good enough for Gareth, a shy man who worked as employee in the docks office. Padraig and Gareth exchanged glances but seldom words, and at the moment Padraig died in a fight bar, he had just gathered enough courage to go finally talk to Gareth. Only that he hadn't time to do so.

Gareth is a really nice character, but who came out in full in this novella is Padraig. I can almost see him, always self deprecating himself, always thinking that, someone like him, doesn't deserve anything better than what he gets. As a dead man, he almost arrives to think that, well, maybe it's better that he ended like that, for his mother and Gareth will only be better without him. Even when he has the possibility to come back to life in the body of another man, a dying man, he has still this little doubt that maybe the dying man was better than him, and so he shouldn't deprive him of his life: mind you, Patrick doesn't do nothing to "kill" the man, he only happens to be there at the right moment for him to possess the body of a man that would die in any case.

Ten years for Padraig were without "time". Padraig knew he was a ghost, but for him time means nothing and so, when on St. Patrick's Day he has a second chance with Gareth, for him it's like he left the man only seconds ago. Not the same for Gareth, who is mourning his lost chance with Padraig for years, even more since when Padraig died, he received his last gift, the token which should have marked the beginning of their love together. And so when he is approached in a bar by a man with the same green eyes of Padraig, he does the unthinkable, he brings him home. Probably since so many years ago Gareth hadn't the courage to grasp his chance at love, and he always regretted it, now Gareth gives to this "second" Padraig in his life the chance he didn't give to old Paddy.

This is a novella and so spans only a night and a day in Padraig and Gareth's life. Their present time together is spent practically always in bed, like they have to make up for the lost time; the romanticism and the sugary feelings arrive all from their past together, even in few words, T.A. Chase manages to let you imagine the life of these men, when they were young and full of hope, when they still had all their life ahead of them. From here derives the mix between sex and romance I said before: when the reader is almost to the edge of tears, thinking to all the lost things, then he is plunged in an erotic scene, that even if detailed, it's never vulgar.

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This is the first book I read by this author, but even if I’m not sure, I suppose this is not a debut novel. The story is too polished, and the hand too expert for this to be a tryout, I really had the feeling I was reading the product of a skilled author. I have to be true, ghosts and zombies are not really my thing, and I was not really sure I wanted to continue reading it when I realized where the story was going, but the characters got me, and I couldn’t leave without knowing what was of them.

Goth-beauty Leif and farm-boy Dan were apparently a stereotype, and I was already imagining them playing by the “rules”, emo-style and all; but that is not what happened, and actually the author spent a great deal of time to build their relationship, giving time to them and to the reader to be really sure what was happening wasn’t something fading away in few hours of passions. The romance part of the story was well plotted as it was the paranormal-horror.

It’s not the first time I read about this type of horror, but I tend to not like it too much for the gruesome details; in Hainted, the author managed to have all the horror and tension with less “splatter”. I don’t know, it’s not easy to explain, but it was like she was more contained, less searching for the exploitation, but maintaining all the scariness anyway. Sure Hainted is not for the fainting reader, but nevertheless it can be within the range of who doesn’t mind a little bit of horror if the romance is good.

My compliments to Jordan L. Hawk to manage a self-published book which had all the feeling of a consummate author’s novel.

Amazon Kindle: Hainted
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

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A sweet fantasy romance, to a level that it could have been a young adult story, it tells the adventures of Guylian, a boy who is apprenticing with Macati, a young mage. Guylian is already 20 years old, but he looks and behaves like a younger man, whereelse Macati has still the joyfulness of being young, even if he is an experienced mage.

This is a full 100% fantasy tale, set in a like-medieval setting, but all in all, it’s a simple environment, so simple that let the reader concentrate on the characters. It’s also very sweet, and even if there is a romance in it, with quite a kinky development, all the sexual interactions between the main characters are limited to some kisses and love words.

Macati is living at the border of a small village, and even if there is magic in this fantasy world, the life is pretty ordinary, a baker, a tavern, a blacksmith, a vinery, all the possible medieval trades you can imagine, only that their business is assisted by Macati’s magic, a magic that is not dangerous, but useful. This magic is not used for evil purposes, but to make life simplier; it’s a magic which takes inspiration by natural processes, and as such, it creates but doesn’t destroy.

I’m really enjoying the production of Less Than Three Press, I’m surprise this small press doesn’t have a bigger following, since from what I can see, their novels are really high in quality, and very, very romantic.

Amazon: Living Words
Amazon Kindle: Living Words
Paperback: 254 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (October 11, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936202042
ISBN-13: 978-1936202041

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I think the main reason of this novel was to prove how stupid the war is and how rigid the military structure can be, above all if they try to see the world in Black and White.

The main characters of this novel are a group of kids with special powers. I say kids, even if they are probably in their twenties, since I had the feelings all these guys were taken from their family when they were still teenagers and they didn’t have the chance to grow into real adult and above all soldier. When the story starts they are approaching graduation day from the Military Academy, and to me it was like reading of boys approaching the last day of high school.

The story is told in first point of view by Mik, a misfit among them; Mik is an orphan and so he has no bad experience in his past with his family; all these boys have supernatural powers but this is not a bonus in this futuristic society, on the contrary you are considered an abomination, and most of the time your own family disown you… I think there is a parallelism here between being gay and having supernatural powers, like in today society you are disowned for being gay, in that futuristic society it happens the same when approaching adulthood you find out you have special skills people fear.

At the beginning I didn’t feel the attraction between Mik and his roommate Ash, but thinking at it twice, I noticed how Mik was jealous of his best friend; in any case it’s not Mik who does the first move, but Ash, almost taking advantage of Mik’s almost breakdown after he has to kill for the first time. Ash brings to bed a drunken Mik, and he has his way with him, tighten the bond between them that will last for all the novel, with some bumps on the road.

Dawn of Darkness is the first book in a series, and that is the reason why there is no a wrapping up ending; moreover, after the blow the author decided to give to the reader at the last chapter, he also opted for giving hope and the very last word will help many readers who maybe wanted a different ending.

Amazon: Dawn of Darkness: Daeva: Book One
Amazon Kindle: Dawn of Darkness: Daeva: Book One
Paperback: 328 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (November 18, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1466423714
ISBN-13: 978-1466423718

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This story was sweet and pretty. It could have been way more dramatic, the quest of Eros to find true love could have been long and unfulfilling, but instead the author choses to make him fall in love at first attempt, for Keith, who is, let us be sincere, very ordinary. 40 years old and on the nerd side, Keith has never had a long-term relationship because, a) he has never really fallen in love and b) because I think no one notice the good and kind guy who is behind the cold exterior. Said that, Keith has an ordinary job as accountant, ordinary hobby, ordinary life, but maybe this is what Eros needs, ordinariness. He is tired of the perfect life his mother bestowed upon him, perfect body, perfect beauty, all this perfect exterior is cold; even if he is not alone, one mother, two brothers, one ex-wife, Eros has never has someone who choses him for who he is, a guy, and not for what he is, a god.

As I said, the author decided not to play the drama card, Eros being a god is a nice addendum, but actually this could have been the story of a too pretty boy who wanted to find true love. Eros and Keith’s relationship evolves in a smooth and sweet way, with some bumps, but nothing major. Even the sexual side of their relationship is sweet, sexual but not explicit.

Amazon Kindle: No Greater Love (Sons of Aphrodite)
Publisher: Silver Publishing (January 28, 2012)

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Quite a complex plot for being barely a novella length story; in a fantasy/futuristic world, once that reverted back to more or less medieval times, Galon is a mage and he is a man’s man. For a mage that is not acceptable, also since mages have to reproduce as much as possible being theirs an hereditary trait. But Galon is not able to renounce to his most basic desires and so he is often in danger, like this time when Anzel arrives to save him.

Anzel is the scion of a wealthy and important family, and the power of his family name protects him even if he is the same as Galon; Anzel helps Galon and offers him shelter and love, something that Galon has never had in all his life.

I’m really surprise on how much the author packed in only 29 pages, she often did some elapses in time, but that didn’t diminish the strength of the story. The strange thing is that, this plot works in 29 pages but it would have been probably worked also in a longer fashion, probably even in an epic fantasy.

There is a latent sensuality in all the story, even if this is definitely not an erotic romance, so that it resembles more a story you can tell for goodnight.

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Warning, this is a Bittersweet Dreams title: It's an unfortunate truth: love doesn't always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

Drake is a dragon tamer, Aedan is a fire mage with dragon blood in his vein; tamers and mages are supposed to be enemies, but Drake is the only one who is able to tame the fire within Aedan, and so they tight a bond that is both love but also dependence.

I liked the fairy tale feeling of this novella, in a fantasy world were your skills identified the clan you belong to, Drake and Aedan should hate each other, but it’s not in Drake’s beliefs to hate anyone, not even your worst enemy. Here the tamers are not doing their job out of force or dominant attitude, but more through kindness and love. That is the way to conquer Aedan, a free spirit someone else already tried to tame with passion and submission; that was right the wrong way to do it, since passion instead of taming his fire, enkindle it even more.

In Drake Aedan will maybe not find burning passion, but he will find peace; a peace Aedan is willing to sacrifice everything he has to maintain, for him, for Drake, but also for the people they love.

Be aware of the warning, The Dragon Tamer is a story of love and devotion, a devotion that pushes Aedan to the ultimate sacrifice.

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Cover Art by Shobana Appavu
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The first book I read by Megan Derr but for sure not the last, Midnight impressed me for the originality and quality of the story, both characteristics seldom found in independent small presses. Or at least when such presses are targeting a reader in search of “fun”. And please take this as the right compliment I’m paying to this author and this press. It’s not easy to write a story that is able to both involve than amuse you, at the end of Midnight I’m an happy reader, since I spend some pleasant hours with these characters and I would be willing to spend even more time with them, like if I made new friends and I was still eager to know them even better.

It’s “ordinary” to write a paranormal romance about vampires, or elves, or werewolves; if you start to talk about dragons, ghosts, witches or draugrs (from what I understood the historical version of zombies), it starts to be a little less ordinary, but still, I had already read about them in previous paranormal novels… but having all of them together? In an historical setting that was giving a “fashion-like” side to the story? Well that was original, and good.

Devlin White, eleventh Duke of Winterbourne, is a black witch; yes, someone already told me that, if it’s a man, than it’s not a witch but a warlock or a wizard, but in the novel the author appealed to Devlin as a witch and so I will do. Midnight is the Devlin’s ward, an orphaned child Devlin met during one of his mission; unfortunately Devlin was unable to save the six years old child, but when the little thing awake from the death as a draugr, Devlin bound him with a spell to his own life: if Devlin dies, Midnight dies, if Devlin lives, Midnight lives and grows and loves… Devlin. 15 years are passed and Midnight is now a 21 years old youth, beautiful and more than faithful to Devlin and only him; Midnight has always been in love with Devlin, even when he was 6 years old, and that love is the reason why he awake from the death; that innocent love turned into passion when, at 15 years old, he spied Devlin with another man, a beautiful young man with long black hair; Midnight decided he would grew in the perfect image of Devlin’s lover, so that he could replace him in that role. It’s not Devlin who shaped Midnight into his lover, it’s Midnight who has done everything in his power to be the one Devlin can love.

There is a lot to love in this story, basically all the characters are wonderful, even the villains. The half elf, half wolf Barra, the knight Neirin and his dragon Troyes, the vampires Ceadda and Alucard, and many, many other paranormal creatures are more than supporting characters to Devlin and Midnight, but what I probably loved the most in this novel is what I said at the beginning, that it was fun and yes, something even light; there was a lot of “love” for pretty things, Midnight being the prettiest thing of all, and the dark, gothic side of the story was always softened by something sweet and romantic, like a kiss, or pretty and shiny like a useless, but beautiful jewel.

Amazon: Midnight
Amazon Kindle: Midnight
Paperback: 298 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (January 11, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936202638
ISBN-13: 978-1936202638

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I maybe have already said it, but I think that Tales of the Darkworld is probably the only mixed series (heterosexual and gay) really working out there. And for who like me, is skipping the het stories to read only the gay ones, it’s also a series working just fine, you have not the feeling you are not gripping something due to the lack of connection.

Wilson North is one of my favourite characters in Sunstroked, maybe even more than the main characters there, Corey and Seth. He is a vampire and a really good friend, former lover of both Corey and Seth, and the one that helped them realizing they were mate and meant for each other. I didn’t find any jealousy in Will if not that he wanted the same for himself. As in almost all the other stories I read in this series, the author doesn’t spend a lot of time beating around the bush and she has Will meeting his mate, the wizard Garrick right then, right there. And the sex as well is sudden and good, sex apparently is never an issue for Lex Valentine’s men, having a relationship working fine, well, that is another problem.

I like this approach of the author, letting you know the men are meant for each other, also letting you know they would be great together, giving you a taste of it, but then having the same men suffering a little for what they really want; it’s not a trite, you are my mate now we will be happy and together forever and more, but more, well, yes, you are my mate but having a relationship is complicated as much if not more than ordinary human.

But it’s not even so much the outside dangers mining their relationship it’s also a task to find the right balance; Garrick is a Dom, Will more or less has always been a submissive, again a starting point that should be easy, like for the mate thing. But again the author didn’t want to have it easy for Garrick and Will and they will have to discuss this whole thing of top and bottom, Dom and submissive.

Nice story and again a confirmation I will wait for next book, a continuous of Holden and Garret’s story, the pair in Fire Season.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Breathe Me In (Tales of the Darkworld)
Publisher: Pink Petal Books (April 15, 2011)

Series: Tales of the Darkworld
1) Shifting Winds
2) Hot Water
3) Fire Season:
4) Ride The Lightning
5) Common Ground
6) Sunstroked:
6.5) Breathe Me In

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There are two main points coming to mind as soon as I finished this book: that it’s clear the book is written by a man and that this man is young. I don’t know, maybe is the writing style, maybe is the reference to the “male” prettiness of the main characters, or something else, but to me it was like a mark all over the book. I’m not saying the book is too “virile”, on the contrary, there is a lot of emphasis on the love word, something that usually I don’t find with male writers, it’s only that I felt the “masculinity” of the story.

Aside from that, the author has woven a complex urban fantasy tale, with a mix of fairy tale and paranormal elements. In the middle of this “magick” melting pot, there is the love story between Finn, an handsome and very young warlock, and Brett, a man without roots trying to understand if he is the villain or the hero of this story.

As strange as it sounds, it was almost funny reading their story because they are so young, both of them I think under 25 years old. While Brett is living alone since when he was kicked out by his grandparents, Finn is still living in the comfortable, and welcoming embrace, of his family, a family that is a collection of extraordinary characters. They were never alone, and among the paranormal events they are living, there are also way more “ordinary” events, like being caught while having sex. Actually their same story started in a very conservative way, Brett and Finn paired by Finn’s brother in law on the assumption, you are gay, he is gay, you are both single and under 25… you are perfect together! Even if usually the algorithm doesn’t work like that, in this case it was right, since Finn’s paranormal family will help Brett reconcile with his unknown past.

I’d like to add that the “comfortable” feeling of Brett and Finn’s story, their almost comedy-like relationship, is something that doesn’t extend outside them; any other relationship, sexual or not, Brett is having outside that bond is all other than comfortable, sometime even brutal and for sure scaring. That is probably one of the reasons why Brett clings to Finn, he is able to be “normal” only in the not-normal context of their story. It was quite disconcerting to have this contraposition, horror outside, romance inside, but the author presented it in a way that it worked.

I have to warn the reader, this is book 1 in a series, and so it doesn’t have a real happily ever after, actually it’s not even a happily for now, but I’m confident the author will give us something more in the following books.

Amazon: Submerging Inferno: Men of Myth (Volume 1)
Amazon Kindle: Submerging Inferno: Men of Myth (Volume 1)
Paperback: 398 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (January 25, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1456558927
ISBN-13: 978-1456558925

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I remember Fire Season and I remember also that my feeling was Lex Valentine is quite an expert on the “classical” paranormal romance, and for classical I mean het romance. This is not a critique, on the contrary, this is probably one of the few time I read an M/M romance where the het couples are as much interesting as the gay ones.

The Tales of the Darkworld series is mixed, I believe that in the past 6 books, 2 are gay and 4 are het, and even if I read only the 2 gay novels, judging by the females in the stories I read, the other 4 books have to be very good as well. They are not overtly original paranormal romances, if not for the odd pairs, they are more good and ordinary stories whose strength is mostly on the characters, both main than supporting. There is actually no negative characters at all, at least not in the 2 books I read, and even the antagonist to Seth and Corey’s love (Will, that BTW was first Corey’s lover and than Seth), is actually quite nice, and I wouldn’t mind to read a story with him.

When I was talking about “odd” pair, it was not much about Seth, who is a werewolf (even if his cousin is mated with a dragon), but more about Corey, a wildling, i.e. a fae. When Seth meets Corey, the wildling is a sunny creature, very open and friendly, and more than ready to help Seth testing his sexuality; Seth has always questioned being gay, but before Corey he had no proofs. After the meeting, a little scared, a little elated by the discovery, Seth runs away to test his newfound sexual freedom, leaving a disrupted Corey trying to understand what he did to scare away his mate… yes since, for once, the shapeshifter with the best “nose”, was unable to recognize the mate bond, he mistook it for an aftershave!

That is what I was saying, even if the elements the author used for her story are quite ordinary, she put them together in an original way, and the story is a mix of romance, comedy and erotica, all of them balanced in the right way to not take over the others.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Sunstroked (Tales of the Darkworld)
Publisher: Pink Petal Books (October 7, 2010)

Series: Tales of the Darkworld
1) Shifting Winds
2) Hot Water
3) Fire Season:
4) Ride The Lightning
5) Common Ground
6) Sunstroked

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At book 3 in the Boys of the Zodiac series, I can affirm this is quite a variegated series. The Wicked Things is more or less a fantasy/fairy tale story, and I have to admit that I liked most the first part, when Travis was describing his way of life in a small village in the English countryside. A market analyst who moved back home to take care of his aging mother, Travis is lucky enough he can work from home, and so is life is marked by precise appointments, breakfast, lunch and the afternoon tea; it could sound stupid, but the fact that indeed Travis and his mum have not dinner, but hot tea with something else at night, made me appreciate a lot this novel, it was a touch of pure English style that not always I find in a novel set in England.

Aside from this little detail, and the introduction that Travis does of the village, Nether Stowey, and its people, all the rest of the story is a fairy tale about damned souls, wicked witch and good fairies; practical Travis will fall in love for the ghost of John Walford, a man who was hanged for the murder of his wife and that, by the way, was in love with another woman. Even if John is a protector, I think his mutual love for Travis is a little biased, meaning that he has not exactly many chances, Travis will prove to be someone very important and powerful, and John can only return the love (or he will be lost forever…). In a way the form John takes when he is cursed, that of a big black dog, well match this attitude: the dog John loves Travis since he is the first kind soul trying to help him; it’s a love without condition, that doesn’t consider the gender; the man John can only continue to love Travis, without condition as well.

This is not a long novel, and I had the impression the author, like me, was more interested in the “ordinary” life of Travis other than in his otherworldly adventure; for this reason I think she conveniently skimmed most of it, and the second part of the story was a little less captivating than the first, or at least it was like that for me.

Amazon: (Boys Of The Zodiac) Gemini: The Wicked Things
Amazon Kindle: (Boys Of The Zodiac) Gemini: The Wicked Things
Paperback: 130 pages
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (June 24, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1602727899
ISBN-13: 978-1602727892

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Aside from having a very hot cover, Skin Deep is also a very good novel. It’s the story of Will Ambrose and Cobalt, two men who have more in common than simple an odd name.

Will is a DJ for a night show on the radio. He is gay and out but that is not a free ticket for happiness; Will tends to attract people with violence issue, boyfriends who end to hurt Will and not only in a figurative way. And now Will is even more in danger since his boyfriend Lyle, not only is violent, he is also a cop, and so Will is scared to go for help. But one night Lyle goes way over a push and a bruise, and it’s the time that will realize that his life is in danger.

Cobalt is a hot tattoo artist with a successful parlour in Manhattan. His place is like a haven for people, and more than ordinary crow can understand. Cobalt is a banished fae, and he built a shield around his parlour to avoid unwelcomed guests. It was thought for protect otherworldly creatures, but it’s useful also to Will, he really needs a safe haven. And Cobalt is ready to give it to him, only that he fears that Will is not strong enough to also accept more from him. The previous three love relationship Cobalt had, all ended badly when his lovers discovered Cobalt’s true nature: they were not able to accept him, and refusing him, they refused also reality and lost their minds. Cobalt believes to be cursed and for sure he is not willing to start a relationship with a very fragile man like Will.

I like the intake of the author in the issue: there is no paranormal explanation, as Cobalt believes, he is not cursed at all. Like Will attracts bad boyfriends for him, since he is a fragile man bad boyfriends think they can treat like an object, Cobalt attracts fragile men; a fragile man sees in Cobalt a safe haven and they really need it. But there is fragility and fragility, and Cobalt doesn’t understand that Will is stronger than expected, and with a good man by his side he is able to face everything.

There is a good love story here, but there is also a good portion of violence; fortunately, the reader doesn’t witness it, but he has second-hand report. There is also rape, and again, you don’t read it, but you know it happened. So be aware, it’s not an easy story, but I like all the complex development. I think the author is planning more stories in the same setting, and so she spent quite a time in preparing possible scenario: there are too many supporting characters that have a strong personality to be confined only in this story, Nix and Malik, for example, but also Skelly and even Jared, Will’s neighbour who does only a little cameo, but who left me a strong impression.

Amazon: Skin Deep

Amazon Kindle: Skin Deep

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Cover Art by Anne Cain
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This is the retelling of an old fairy tale with the added spicy that the poor girl who is able to spin gold from draw is a boy. There is a bit of magic in this story, obviously, but not the reason why Freawyne lives in the clothes of a girl: when he was born there was the war and his mother didn’t want to lose her son to the army, and so she dressed him as a girl, and for everyone else he was a girl. Now the mother of the boy is dead, and he is living, not quite happily, with a drunken father. The war is ended, and also the prince is back home, handsome and young, and without wife.

During one of the drunken stupor of his father, the man boasts that his daughter can spin gold, and the prince dares him; now Freawyne is on an isolated room in a tower with a lot of draw and no idea how to convert it into gold. Plus there is the little problem of his real identity.

This is only a short story, less than 25 pages, and obviously it can’t be so much developed, but nevertheless it’s a nice tale. Here obviously it can’t be arisen the old question of the chick in boy dress, since it’s clear that Freawyine is a boy who behaves like a girl: he was raised in that way, he is aware to be a boy, he is even well aware of his body desires, and not at all ashamed to satisfy them all alone in his bed, but for all the other side of his personality he is a girl. He likes boys, he thinks and behaves as a girl, he is not daring or strong, and he is fragile and delicate.

Another interesting thing is the prince’s character. There is a secret in his past, something that, in only 23 pages, it’s not fully explained, but that would make him an interesting character for a longer story.

If I had to choose one particular thing of this short story would be the “naughty” behaviour of Freawyne when he is alone. It’s quite funny to see how he worries night after night, how he is absolutely unable to find a solution by himself for his troubles, but nevertheless, how he is almost depending from his body. Even when he is presented with a safe and nice solution, something he should grab without asking, he let it go for the passing relief of sex. It’s a combination of innocence and naughtiness that is irresistible.

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First of all this post about Damn Gorgeous will be as mysterious as the book itself since I can't really tell you who the characters really are, it's the main interest and the most original part of the book to find out by yourself. Enough to say that I read a lot, and all you know how much, and in the last three years I saw every imaginable paranormal being, but Damn Gorgeous introduced me to a new and unexpected one.

Spencer is a paranormal reporter for a national tabloid. Maybe at the beginning he believed in what he writes, but after all the fake paranormal events he "witnessed", now he is a bit skeptical. When he arrives to Falls River, Massachusetts, to write of the Lizzie Borden's haunted house, he didn't expect to fall in love. Virgil is the bed&breakfast owner from whom Spencer rents a room, and from the first night he becomes also Spencer's lover. All in all Virgil is a very good boy, he is honest with Spencer from the first, not hiding him anything. If Spencer wasn't a willing and predisposed soul, he would have run that first night.

I have to pay Jaye Valentine a lot of compliments, since, for the second time, with a slightly different mood of the story, he impressed me with the ability to make me like something that prior I wouldn't have thought possible to like. The first time was with the first book in the Starcrossed series, where the paranormal beings are not these misunderstood noble souls, but they are really demoniac and not at all penitent for their actions. Nevertheless they have a glamour that is almost impossible to resist.

The same feeling I had with this last story, but this time the mood is at the opposite, all funny and less "glamour". All right, Virgil still has his little secret, but all in all, he is a next door good boy type, gentle, caring, and the author has an intake in Virgil's otherworldly nature that turn something "ugly" in almost "sweet". Another feeling that I found recurrent in this author's work, is the young nature and attitude of the main characters: they are more boys at play than boring adults, they still face life with that irresponsibility that usually I find only in teenager characters, and instead these ones are nearly thirty years old man, more or less. Maybe it's due to the fact that these men have never stopped to dream, and doing so, they are young in soul if not in age.

Amazon Kindle: Damn Gorgeous

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I'm not usually drawn by menages stories, but I read and re-read the blurb of this novel, and was so attracted by it. A beautiful fallen Angel, Rion, new-born to the world like a baby after his fall; the farmer sidhe who takes care of him, Rex. A story sets in Scotland, a land I visited and loved... it was too tempting to not read, and I'm very happy to have surrendered to temptation.

It's true, there is some menages inside the story, and probably a female character who has a small role in this book, will take a main role in the continuous of the series, but Falling is basically a manlove book. Rex is a creature of earth, he is bonded to the land he takes care of, and while he nurtures it, he is nurturing back. It's centuries that he is living in the Lowlands, him a creature from the North, and he doesn't know why his People sent him there till the day he finds Rion, a Fallen Angel. Rex knows that he has to take care of Rion as he took care of the land the People gave him, but it's not a simple task; a Fallen Angel can gone mad, and if it happens, the sidhe who takes care of him has to kill his protege.

At first Rion is like a baby, he has no knowledge of his past and neither of the life on Earth. Everything is a discovery, but it's simple enough since they live in a secluded farm. And when Rion finds out that also Rex is a special creature, it's even simpler: Rion is no more alone in a stranger world. But Rex realizes that he is beginning to feel for the beautiful angel, and while for him it can be a choice, Rex has experience of world and different lovers, for Rion it's not. Rion has to make experience and if he will decide that he wants to spend the rest of his immortal life with Rex, then he will do it judging in full cognition of the facts.

The story is basically simple, and the legends involved are ancient, so there is nothing new, but nevertheless it's a very good story. I feel the myths, and the love for them. Rion and Rex live far from reality, but from what little hints I read here and there, I believe the time is middle-late XIX century; the strange thing is that it's not important when the story is set, since it has an immortal feeling: the same story could have been taken and moved at our time, and it would have been the same.

It's also pretty sexy and naughty, the sex scenes between Rion and Rex are always light but good, sometime even kinky, since Rion always maintain his "angel" look, complete with long white feathered wings, and Rex sometime is in his sidhe form, with little colorful wings and a tail. Despite this, the sex is nothing strange or icky, there is only the added bonus that Rex's tail is one more appendage that can be useful... Since I'm talking of the sex, maybe it's right to also spend some word on the het sex scene: as I said there are women in the story, and not only one. Both Rion than Rex, before starting their relationship, have het sex experiences with other sidhe, willingly or unwillingly; there is also a menages a trois, but it's really very short. As I said, all the het aspect of the story are so uneventful that you can really almost forget them.

There are many factors that drew me to this story, the cover (yes I liked it), the Fallen Angel (I'm a bit naught, sex with an angel...), the magic, Scotland... all of them are masterfully blend in a very nice story. So nice that I'm quite interested in reading also the second book in the story, even if it seems from the blurb that it's more an F/F story, and it's not usually my cup of tea.

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The novella is quite nice, a mix of western yaoi and romance, even if the yaoi component is not so strong to maybe discourage the M/M readers who are not fan of that type of novels.

Drew is a renegade werewolf, he was kicked out of his pack at 28 years old when he finally decided to come out from the closet. Drew is not an old fashioned shapeshifter, he is an website developer and so he has no problem at all to pack his things and move to an isolated cabin near a small town. And so he jumps on his bike and heads toward a new life. On the trail, he stops to do a "change" stop, means that he needs to shift, and he stumbles upon a strange creature, a young boy with silverly skin and two little black wings like a bat. The boy is frightened and shocked, and Drew decides to help him: astride Drew's bike, with Drew's leather jacket covering the bat-boy's wings, they ride toward the sunset.

Ciaran is an half-fairy half-demon who was summoned on earth. Till that moment he lived a secluded life on Fairy Land, his grandfather raised him only since he had not the courage to kill him as an infant. Ciaran's mother, a fairy, was kidnapped by a demon, and Ciaran is the result of that dramatic event. He is a shame for his fairy relatives, and when he is summoned on earth, the men who did it wanted to treat him like a slave. So Ciaran is quite skittish, and when he meets Drew he is all big black eyes blurry and frightened.

Drew and Ciaran start a cohabitation in Drew's little cabin that is almost a marriage: Drew works at home to gain the bread, and Ciaran cooks and cleans, and during his free time, rides a bicycle up and down the hill (see where I see a bit of yaoi influence, other than in the big black eyes?). Even if Drew is gay and attracted by Ciaran, he doesn't do nothing to frighten more the boy, and Ciaran, not used to human or fairy contact, his totally unaware that there can be more between two men than sharing house and meal... at least till the moment he doesn't see a soap opera on television and he starts to wonder.

All in all the novella is a sweet romance, with barely a kiss and something more at the very end of the book. But it's nice and tender, and I like the hybrid that is Ciaran, even if the demon's side of him shows only in his wings, there is nothing of demoniac in him other than that.

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Starting this book I was expecting a quite dark and gothic story, and instead the overall mood of this one is light and almost funny.

Ryzelmei, Ryzel, is an incubus. He is not a lesser demon like all the incubi, he is the son of Asmodai, and so he has some powers more than usual. In his life out of hell, this turns into him being a very wealthy man, with some thriving nighclubs and poshy hotels, that allow him to live in a comfortable way with only one pursue, find a good meal twice a day. Obviously a meal for an incubus means sex, but Ryzel, in his human form, is a very handsome man, a bit on the pale side, with waist long black hair, so it's not a problem to find willing partners. And lately Ryzel has also stopped to feed to death from his partners, and so his meal leaves him with only a faint recollection of a nice experience.

Then Quinlin, Quin, stumbles upon one of those nice experiences; Quin is blind but he has a gift, he can see auras, and so what he "sees" his a stronger aura that is encompassing a weaker one. He obviously interferes, and knocks out Ryzel with his cane. He doesn't do serious damage to the incubus, but enough to get notice. To Ryzel, Quin appears like a succulent meal and something more; to the incubus eyes, Quin is stunning and beautiful, to everyone else eyes he is quite average... what is between Ryzel and Quin that pulls them together and bonded them in a way Ryzel has never felt before?

I like Quin's character since, even if blind, he is not at all a weak or dependent man. Usually when you have a disability, you develop some other skill, and Quin develops his strong will. He is a pissy bastard! He is not friendly, he is quite brisk and he likes things done as he wants. He is not one to indulge or mourning, and he is also open enough to recognize his body desires; after meeting Ryzel, he can't deny that his body wants the man, and this doesn't change not even when he discovers that Ryzel is an incubus. It's not quite a problem for Quin, his grandmother, a seer, foretold everything and took the right measures to ensure an happily ever after for her grandson.

I believe there are some yaoi influence in the story, but they are not so strong or strict... Quin is obviously a top from the bottom, he is always feisty and talkative during sex, always giving orders even when he is on the receiving end. He doesn't like to be ordered around probably since he developed an independent core to make up to his blindness, and that attitude is brought on also during sex. Quin is also an hyperactive man, he is always in motion, or doing something, laziness is not a word in his vocabulary... for example, everytime they have sex, Quin is always the first to wake up, and more time than not, Ryzel doesn't find him in bed afterward.

On the other hand, Ryzel, as a demon and powerful man, should be the top in the relationship, but he never fulfils the general expectation. In life he is caught in the middle between feisty Quin on one side, and his powerful father on the other; during sex he always plans great things in his mind, things to do to Quin, and always ends following Quin's wishes... poor Ryzel would be a really frustrated demon, if not for the simple reason that he is a "sex" demon... sex is joyful and playful, and so Ryzel is like that, a man who enjoys the moment, who is able to savor the little things of life, who is willing to try and compromise if the prize of all of that is being good.

All in all Blind Desire showed to be a very nice, light and enjoyable story, with some a real funny core... and I believe the author has something in mind for Haskell, Quin's friend with benefits, and an horse... something I wouldn't mind to read.

Amazon Kindle: Blind Desire

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Cover Art by Rose Lenoir


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