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I have often said sci-fi or fantasy is not my strength, but now I’m also wondering if I haven’t missed some basic knowledge: is there some sci-fi tradition about feline-like aliens abducting men/women? That is cause Wishes is at least the fourth series I read with the same theme from different authors, and while two could have been a coincidence, 4 is really becoming a tradition.

Auri is the lieutenant of a terrain spaceshift who is basically sold into slavery without him being aware of that. Kanar, the king of Felinians, recognizes in Auri one of his mates (he has already three and was told by an oracle he will have a fourth) and agrees to a commercial agreement with Earth only if their ambassadors give him Auri. Yes, you have it right, not only Auri is not willing, he is also basically abducted, and the first mating with Kanar is not consensual. It was quite difficult for me to accept this development of the story, even if, indeed, it was more coherent with the mood of the story of, let’s say, a fake courtship with Auri arriving to understand how lucky he was.

The author was very true to her story and development, the Felinians have a polyamory society, Kanar has, with Auri, four mates and he basically divides his time among them, with nights where they have one-to-one meetings, and other where they have ménages a trois; when I arrive to this point of the story, I understood the comment of one of the mates that 4 was a good number, it basically meant no one feels excluded when it’s his night “off”.

I felt like the same issues I had in accepting this society were reflected in Auri: he had to adapt to it, overcoming his beliefs of what a “normal” relationship should be. At the end of the story, I cannot really say if Auri’s, and mine’s, ideas are right or wrong, it’s all a matter of perspective, in Kanar’s society, what they are doing is the common behavior, and the merit of the author is to make it plausible.

Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: Etopia Press (November 19, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939194237
ISBN-13: 978-1939194237
Amazon: Wishes
Amazon Kindle: Wishes

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I have to be truth, I picked up this book as soon as it was out cause I wanted to read a good mpreg story, and that is not easy to find. While the good part was there, there isn’t much of the mpreg, I think that, being this a series, most of it will be in following book.

The main theme is an interracial love story between a young human, Dale, and a warrior alien, Keyno. From what I could gather, the alien race hasn’t really gender, they are all warrior with the ability to conceive; only that, as an aftermath of a chemical war, their reproductive system was damaged, and now they need to find mates who are able to carry on a pregnancy; female apparently won’t go, cause the babies are bigger than usual, and it leads to miscarriage. So basically, Keyno’s people is travelling the star system, vising various planets and picking a few thousands of willing or unwilling men to be “harvested”. At first, Dale was on the unwilling side. But he soon changed idea when he saw the advantage of having a sexy mate like Keyno, even if he comes with a tail and a little more fur than usual (cat-like) and with the requirement for Dale to be the one to give birth to their babies.

Let me say that I enjoyed the story, it was mostly light and cute, not really heavy-set on details like many sci-fi novels. So yes, I’m not a big fan of sci-fi, I prefer my stories like this one, but this is also a warning to possible readers of what they will have reading it, if you are hard-core sci-fi fans, maybe it’s good for you to set your expectation.

Another little warning is for the character of Dale, he is a brat, a cute, little brat, well aware of the appeal he has on Keyno and able to use it. The relationship between them is, or better, should be Dominant versus submissive, but Dale soon learns the technique of topping from the bottom, and he has soon Keyno tied around his little finger. Truth, that was fated from the beginning, cause Keyno’s people is used to consider mates like precious ones to be protected and cherished.

I wouldn’t have minded to read a little more about Dale and the prospective pregnancy but he mostly joked about it using stereotypes about women and pregnancy; I suppose the real deal will be in following books when it will be his time to experience it.

Series: The Harvest
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Storm Moon Press LLC (October 31, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162757073X
ISBN-13: 978-1627570732
Amazon: The Harvest: Taken: Book 1
Amazon Kindle: The Harvest: Taken: Book 1


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Divisions is another little step into the life of tiger Dev and fox Lee. They are now a couple, together in front of their respective families and the public. Dev’s football team is backing him, new friends are helping them settle into the life of a committed couple and some old friends are creating troubles. This new installment in a series that I loved since book 1 is confirming my idea that this is a very ordinary love story, a nice romance, with that just touch of sexy to make it good, about anthropomorphic characters, but that is like saying the guy had black hair and blue eyes, or the girl had long hair and brown eyes, only that here you have a guy with long stripes and big paws or the other guy with a fluffy tail…

It’s also about football, and for me who is not an expert, the feeling is that Kyell Gold knows about the stuff, and so, if you are a fan of that sport, I suppose this is definitely a book you wanted to read; from my external point of view, I suppose there are more men fan of the sport than women, so I would say this is quite a manly romance, but hands up, I’m pretty sure there are also women who love the sport (and the players!).

Other than football the main theme is Lee’s struggle with his mother, who has joined an ultra-conservative group that is supposedly helping the families remained united when a kid comes out. Unfortunately the group is moistly trying to “pray out” the gayness from the kid, often with tragic outcomes. Even if in an anthropomorphic setting, unfortunately this side of the story rang very true, and it’s saddening to think that this is really happening somewhere, especially in small town where the abused kid (because this is abusing) has no one else helping him out of that trap.

Kyell Gold started the book advising the readers that, once he finished the first draft of the story, it was too long to fit only 1 book, and so he split it into two separate novels. So you will reach the end knowing that not everything will be wrapped up here, but also with the good news that soon enough you will have the chance to spend another pleasant day reading about Dev and Lee.

Amazon: Divisions
Paperback: 388 pages
Publisher: Sofawolf Press (January 18, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936689278
ISBN-13: 978-1936689279

1) Out of Position:
2) Isolation Play:
3) Divisions

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Cover Art by Blotch

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“City of Foxes” by Cornelia Grey: In an post-apocalyptic world, Jake is man without roots, lonely and brooding… i.e. exactly the mourning hero type who is sure to score. And of course, to add even more fascination to his persona, he helps Kye, a one of the foxes, half-man half white fox. Helping Kye, Jake gains the protection of Liam, another white fox/man who is also the leader of a group of rebels, people living outside the border of the old city. This tale has really the feeling of an old fashioned sci-fi/futuristic romance; it’s more adventure than romance, even if there is sexual tension between Jake and Liam, but they have little chances to turn the tension in man-on-man action. Not that the white little pointed ears and the long bushy tail of Liam wasn’t attractive, on the contrary it was just that level of “kinky” to be enticing.

“Trust Me” by Elizabeth Hyder: pure sci-fi, this story follow “futuristic” college boys in a military academy; all people in the academy are some sort of alien, and Koit is a breed with human body but with sparse brown scale. Plus he is completely bald. Koit’s best friend, Sera, thinks he should try a same-sex relationship, mostly since, from what I understand, Koit is not taking seriously any of the one night stand he is having with female. Being gay, lesbian or straight is more or less like having blond, black or red hair, and so it’s not that Koit is against the idea, I think he is reticent mostly since he knows that Sera is right, and that his true feelings are in danger if he finds the right man. Sexuality and sex is pretty natural in this futuristic world, and Koit has not so many trouble in finding men willing to let him satisfy his curiosity. I liked the feeling of this story, it was “modern” (as in futuristic) without being too “strange”, and in the end, even if half-alien and living in a spaceship, these guys and girls were basically like any other college boy or girl living far from their family for the first time.

“Alpha’s Pride” by S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet: in a fantasy world, Alec and Nahele are half-man/half feline creatures living in wild packs in a hierarchic society. Nahele is the Alpha and he has been for centuries and Alec, and others, think he has lost focus, he has settled down in their comfortable situation, thus endangering the pack. Alec is Nahele’s best friend with benefits, when they want, and like, Alec shares Nahele’s den and furs, and he plenty enjoys it. But even if he loves Nahele, like a friend, a lover, a brother, Alec is also aware that he will have to betray him, challenging the other for the Alpha’s role. Alec’s only hope is that Nahele will not destroy their bond in the event of Alec winning the challenge. A little warning to readers, this tale has non con sex, even if it’s tamed by the awareness that both men have deep feelings for each other, but in one only occasion, sex will be used as a mean to prove the other’s high authority on a submissive member of the pack.

“I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside” by Wayne Mansfield: a strange urban fantasy tale about a young Greek man, Panos, with a long-hidden secret: he is scales and gills on his body like a fish. He doesn’t know his own origins, he was found by his adopted parents, and aside from that, he is like any other man, and as such, with the desires of any ordinary man. So, maybe hoping to finally find a suitable companion, Panos opens his house to Jason, renting him a room, but also letting the man near him, enticing him, until the day Panos judges Jason is ready to know the truth about him. I liked how the author didn’t stress so much the “paranormal” nature of Panos, it was like Panos has some sort of “mark”, but that didn’t make him an alien creature.

“Opening Worlds” by Cari Z.: a sweet and almost old fashioned romance (wait until the last word and you will understand), this novella follow spaceship captain Jason falling in love for Ferran, a young alien. Ferran comes from a matriarchal society, and since he is sterile, he was destined from his birth to be, more or less, a male housekeeper. He has a docile streak and as usual among his people, he is very sensual, and they see sex like an ordinary expression of deep feelings. Jason in comparison is more reserved, maybe even a bit aloof, but it will be impossible for him to resist to Ferran, even if they know their love is doomed by the impeding due of Ferran, to go back home and marry a woman chosen by his mother.

“Songs for Guitar and French Harp” by Angelia Sparrow: in a post-apocalyptic world, Arthur and Gordon are “constructs”, that means they are built in a lab mixing human body part with animals. Arthur is an half-bear and Gordon an half-lion. As expected, they are working as “freaks” in a travelling carnival, but Arthur got luckier than Gordon; Arthur’s mother, fell in love with a human, and even if they can’t legally marry, Daddy Frank treats Arthur and his mother like people and not property. Gordon instead was bought and as such he is no more like a stab of meat for his owner. Even if Arthur and Gordon are still teenagers, they will have to face hard times, separation, fear and abuses. I liked the feeling of innocence the author managed to preserve for young Arthur even if he was facing a world that resembles an hell. The terrible things Gordon has to face are very clear to the reader, but the author didn’t feel necessary to put them on your face, and I approve of her choice.

Amazon: Wild Passions
Amazon Kindle: Wild Passions
Paperback: 198 pages
Publisher: Storm Moon Press LLC (June 17, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0982700857
ISBN-13: 978-0982700853

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Cover art by Nathie
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I admit that one of them main reason I bought this book is since it was an anthropomorphic novel and I’m a bit hooked on this genre. The author did a nice job with the theme, but she remains quite high level so I think this is a gay romance that can appeal even the non-fan of that theme; sure, there are some not-to-miss details that makes this an anthropomorphic novel, like the highlighting different species and different traits, but other than that, you soon forget you are reading about a crossbreed wolf and raccoon and a fossa (big compliments for the original choice), to being involved in a love story between a 32 years old metal rocker and the 24 years old wanna-be rocker he wants to help, other than love.

Actually, I’m not an expert on the genre, far from that, I read more or less 5 novels in total, but I think the author had some concessions on the strict rules, like the fossa has a rabbit pet, when btw there is also a rabbit as supporting character, and the guys went out to dine on a steakhouse eating moose when, again, there is a deer as supporting character… these are all little details that made me wonder; true it would have been unrealistic having carnivores eating only fish, but still…

Now, please, don’t get me wrong, aside for these very stupid details, I really liked the story; it’s not overtly erotic, there are just that sex scenes to make them fitting right in the plot without boring the reader, and the love story was very sweet and romantic. The show business background was nicely done, it’s clear the author knows her business when talking about metal rock and underground scenes, and I also wondered about her knowledge of a not so notorious city like Dresden; through for an European reader, Dresden is well known, and even I that are not so skilled in hard rock know that Germany is a big name for that music field, but the author really immersed the reader in an original setting, Germany, with a skill that, again, seems to arrive from direct experience.

The book is also pretty long, almost 500 pages; yes, sometime, especially at the beginning, I was wondering when the story would have finally kicked in, but I think that was supposed to highlight how Marcus was reaching a breaking point, how he was really tired of his life as it was, and when Bard enters the scene is like fresh air, pure energy that shakes Marcus from his numbness. Not exactly Sleeping Beauty and his prince, but almost. Speaking of prince and princess, there is not really a dominant role in the couple, sometime it seems that Marcus is taking that role, but it’s more due to the age factor I think, and when talking about sex, they pretty much take turn… so yes, this is definitely a balanced couple, in each meaning of the word.

Amazon Kindle: Rainbow in the Dark
Publisher: Silver Publishing (August 10, 2011)

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Cover Art by Rukis
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Threesome (Between a Fox and a Hard Place 1) by Misa Izanaki

In a futuristic world where shapeshifter are living among humans apparently without problem, Aoi is an elf, former whore and now stripper. He chose to leave his previous career after meeting Itsuki, a werefox, better a kitsune, a japan mythological figure, who can shift in a fox, but also when he is in human form he maintains the ears and the tail of a fox.

Itsuki is a big man with basic needs: eat and sex. All the world outside can fall down, but don't try to prevent him in pursuing his scope. Itsuki grew up in a very accepting and big family and so he has no problem to open his home (and bed) also to Aya. Aya is arrived searching his father and believing that Aoi was him. But the time weren't right, Aoi can't be Aya's father: true, he loved Aya's mother, but many years before Aya's birth.

Still, even if Aoi is not a fatherly figure, and he also doesn't want to be one, he feels responsible for the boy and decides to take him in. At first he doesn't think it will be a literally "taking", but more days pass and more the attraction between Aoi and Aya is strong, and since Itsuki is not against the idea to have two pretty boy as live in lovers... the duo becomes a threesome. All perfect until Aoi's family arrives to throw water on the fire.

This is the first chapter in a continuing series about the elf Aoi and his kitsune lover Itsuki. Misa Izanaki is not new to mingle Japan myths and western fantasies, I liked very much My One and Oni, and since that one was also longer, I felt it complete. In this case instead I'm happy to have just ready the second chapter to read, since many points are still open and I would haven't enough patience to wait to much.

Geas (Between a Fox and a Hard Place 2) by Misa Izanaki

Second chapter in the chaser series Between a Fox and a Hard Place. Aoi and Itsuki bring their new lover Aya to meet Itsuki's family: like their threesome, also Itsuki's parents are a trio, a male and female kitsune and a human male. They open their arms to Aya as they did before to Aoi and all seems perfect.

But Aoi's family is not still happy of Aoi's decision to not take the role of dragon guardian for his grandmother. And finds a pretty nasty way to make Aoi change his mind.

This second chapter serves to the readers to become a bit more accustomed to the new threesome and maybe to accept better the new element, Aya. It's also a proof that Aya and Itsuki can't be a couple without Aoi, he is the glue that take them all togheter.

Between a Fox and a Hard Place is a truly funny series, without any link to reality: it's a sexy romp written to relax and you should read it in this way. Heavy hints to yaoi manga and Japanese myths and culture.

Amazon Kindle: Between a Fox and a Hard Place: Geas

Home (Between a Fox and a Hard Place 3) by Misa Izanaki

Aoi is at home and safe... apparently. In the third installment of the series, Aoi and his two lovers, Aya and Itsuki, back home from Japan, need to find a new balance: Itsuki is costantly worried for the safeness of his lover Aoi, and Aya is searching to be a mediator. At first everything seems all right but a stupid accident puts Aoi in temporary leave from work and he doesn't know when he will be able to work again. From the one who was supporting the family, now he feels himself like a stepping stone and Aya and Itsuki need to work hard for convincing their man that he is still sexy and loved as before.

There is as always a lot of sex, joyous and funny, and without heavy and angst feelings. But maybe now Aoi is starting to understand that he can't repair everything with a good sex session and he also needs to grow a bit: even Aya, who for age can be his son, seems to be more adult than him. And also reality make an appearance in this "fantasy" tale, a reality represented by the bills that should be paid, and so Aya and Itsuki finally need to find a work themselves, since Itsuki is still of the idea that "his" Aoi should whore himself only to him and Aya.

This series is light and funny, it's the right thing if you want to rest and relax.

Amazon Kindle: Between a Fox and a Hard Place: Home

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How I like when I find a book, a real long and complex book, which takes me tied up from the first page to the last with the eagerness to read faster to know what happens and the hope to slow down to make it lasts a bit more. And when I finish the book, I wish to start it again to convince me that, yes, I just read a very very good book and that yes, I found another author that will gift me many beautiful stories in the future...

Kory is a seventeen years old guy. Middle-class family, private school, every gadgets a guy his age could want. But Kory is not happy, he was dumped by his girlfriend cause he wrote a beautiful poem for school paper and he didn't dedicate it to her. Worst, lately he prefers to spend his spare time at home, on line or reading, rather than with her. Probably he would finish dumping her, but still it hurts that she takes the decision from him.

So Kory decides to spend sometime in the municipal pool, and not in the usual private pool where all his friends gather and where he has to suffer the sympathetic smiles... And he meets Samaki. Samaki, same age like him, but from the poor side of the city, is a very nice guy, someone he could talk to. Kory is happy to find a new friend but still, when they part, he has the feeling to have missed something, to have not answered some untold questions by Samaki. And when he recalls all the time spent together he finally understands... Samaki was hitting on him, Samaki is gay...

How can he tells to Samaki that he is not gay? cause he is not gay... but if he is not gay why he has these dreams on Samaki? dreams that he has never had of his former girlfriend? And maybe he is so happy with Samaki cause he feels for him... But what he felt is wrong, Kory is from a strictly catholic family and he knows that God will not love him if he is gay. But when he cofesses his sin to Father Joe, he is surprised to not find a condemned glare in the priest eyes, but instead Father Joe tells him to see inside himself and to ask help if he needs. Not image of hell in front of him, not eternal damnation. And more he opens himself, more people he finds who accept him.

Waterways is the coming age journey of Kory. It's a three part story: Aquifers where Kory discovers what he feels, Streams where he has to take some decisions, and Oceans where he strengthens that decisions and starts his adult life. All along he will have Samaki and along the path he will loose some people and he will find new friends.

Waterways is a pretty intense, very romantic and utterly beautiful novel... so, does it matter if Kory is a otter and Samaki is a fox? Does it matter if this is an anthropomorphic book where all the characters are of different animal species? Someone said to me that people freak out when they are put in front of a book about love between "animals"... I replied that maybe this is a book where it's more problematic the "furry" thing than the gay theme, but that I would read it anyway cause I have no problem at all. And I'm very happy to have done so, cause Waterways is an huge discovery. I find really interesting how Kyell Gold deals with the furry theme, converting all the human world in a melting pot of breeds: usual expressions like "on the other hand" become "on the other paw", the different animal scents can be a problem, but also an arousing thing when Kory dreams of the musky fox scent of his boyfriend, the patch of white fur on Samaki's groin could be arousing like no other else for Kory's young body...

I will treasure Waterways among one of the best book I have ever read and for sure this will be not the last book by Kyell Gold that I will read.

Beautiful cover and interior illustrations by John Nunnemacher.

Amazon Kindle: Waterways

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Cover Art by John Nunnemacher

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Lately I was neglecting this furry lovers series by Jade Buchanan for a very silly reason: I don't like menages and even more when the menages is among two male and a female. This is the fifth book in the series, but I only read the first one and skipped the following three since they are all menages. Now finally Jade Buchanan returns to a male on male story, and so also I'm returning to read her.

Khalid and Pran's characters are actually spin offs from the previous series, The Felidae. Pran is the Tigris who challenged Rajiv in a tribal tournament in Usama's Journey's book. Khalid is the half breed Tigris and half breed Leo named in Navin's Master's book, the estranged brother of one of the Tigris, actually the only one who has some power on Pran.

I remember that I was intrigued by this possible story and wondered how it could be: till now, the books I read on these two series always paired a strong alpha male to an omega male; sometime the alpha males where two, but always they were balanced by an omega male between them. Here instead both Pran than Khalid are alpha males, but there is not a clear dominant between them. The author chose to balance them in the two most obvious way: Pran is older than Khalid, and so the age difference gives him points, and Khalid is bigger than Pran, and so the physical appearance gives him his points. Since this is a society where the physical strenght is a strong component of the political power, maybe Khalid has some more points than Pran, but not so much.

As always the story is not very long, 71 pages, and after the two main characters resolve their conflict, there is a lot of sex, very physical and with an heavy dose of brutal force, but always tempered by love. Jade Buchanan doesn't forget that, at the end, she is writing about half beast, and so her characters can't be shrinking violet, and they must be driven by instinct.

Amazon Kindle: The Pridelands 5: Khalid's Challenge
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (November 21, 2008)

Series: The Pridelands
1) Darren’s Surprise: 
2) Zula’s Stand
3) Sheer's Choice
4) Griffin's Joy
5) Khalid's Challenge

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