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One day I was browsing the Internet for nothing in particular and I saw a picture of two male seahorses carrying their babies (not big in bioligy, but from what I understand, female seahorses lie the eggs and male seahorses carry the babies in their pouches until their are ready to leave the "nest"). I thought, this would be a good plot bunny and they I thought, impossible no one has already written it and with a short internet search I found two titles The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse & The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx.

The first one is more traditional (if traditional can be used in a paranormal shapeshifter story...) and it is about a shapeshifter shark falling for a shapeshifter seahorse. Of course Byron and Skylar, the human version of them, are reflecting their shifted forms, and Byron is all domineering towards the cute and shy Skylar. Indeed, Byron and Skylar know each other, but Byron is trying to avoid Skylar as much as possible, not trusting himself near the fragile man. But of course, as soon as Skylar needs protection, Byron will be there ready to claim his mate.

It's a cute story and most of the focus is on the expected outcome, Skylar will get pregnant with Byron, and he will carry one little shark and one little seahorse. Maybe the nice twist is that, the baby shark will inherit his seahorse father attitude, and instead the baby seahorse will take upon his shark father, becoming in the end a spoiled brat young man, who will star in the second book, The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx.

The second pair, seahorse Layton and lynx Preston is maybe more "strange" than expected, and in a way, it's odd to think two really different creature, one from the water, the other from the ground, can not only mix, but having babies together. But that is indeed a futile reasoning, this is paranormal fiction and everything is possible.

Layton and Preston's story is more comedy than that of Layton's parents; from Layton's bratty behavior to him getting knocked up the first time he had sex cause he wasn't considering the option.

Anyway, these two stories filled my impromptu thought of a story involving a shapeshifter seahorse and male pregnancy.

The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse
Series: Mate Or Meal
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (May 11, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162241022X
ISBN-13: 978-1622410224
Amazon: The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse
Amazon Kindle: The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse

The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx
Series: Mate Or Meal, Siren Publishing Classic Manlove
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (June 20, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1622411900
ISBN-13: 978-1622411900
Amazon: The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx
Amazon Kindle: The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx

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Sometime you need something with no emotional involvement, meaning no angst, no drama, something funny and cute, and so, even if I have tons of books I need to read, yesterday night I browsed the kindle ebooks and picked this one: a rabbit shifter mated with a dragon? Well, it had to be funny! And what promised, it delivered. But actually, considering I’m not new to a Stormy Glenn’s comedy, I have to say I noticed a huge improvement, while preserving her distinctive touch of cute bottom boys, this time Beauregard “Bunny” is not really over the top; he has his quirks, he likes shiny things, and yes, truth be told, he is maybe a little bit naïve, he doesn’t really question life or events, but he is cute, and sweet, and that is his strength and the reason why he really conquers Sebastian, without really trying.

A point I notice about this Midnight Matings “universe”, and considering this is the only book I read, I’m not sure if it’s only this book or the whole series, is that there is no “gender”, meaning that, Beauregard or Sebastian aren’t gay, straight, bisexual or else, they simply do not consider gender at all, so much that, when newborns are in the story, not one questions if they are boys or girls, they are simply babies, to be cherished and loved.

Series: Midnight Matings
Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (July 25, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1610348087
ISBN-13: 978-1610348089
Amazon: Scales and a Tail [Midnight Matings]
Amazon Kindle: Scales and a Tail [Midnight Matings]

Series: Midnight Matings
1) Squeak And A Roar by Joyee Flynn
2) Scales And A Tail by Stormy Glenn

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I have to be truth, I picked up this book as soon as it was out cause I wanted to read a good mpreg story, and that is not easy to find. While the good part was there, there isn’t much of the mpreg, I think that, being this a series, most of it will be in following book.

The main theme is an interracial love story between a young human, Dale, and a warrior alien, Keyno. From what I could gather, the alien race hasn’t really gender, they are all warrior with the ability to conceive; only that, as an aftermath of a chemical war, their reproductive system was damaged, and now they need to find mates who are able to carry on a pregnancy; female apparently won’t go, cause the babies are bigger than usual, and it leads to miscarriage. So basically, Keyno’s people is travelling the star system, vising various planets and picking a few thousands of willing or unwilling men to be “harvested”. At first, Dale was on the unwilling side. But he soon changed idea when he saw the advantage of having a sexy mate like Keyno, even if he comes with a tail and a little more fur than usual (cat-like) and with the requirement for Dale to be the one to give birth to their babies.

Let me say that I enjoyed the story, it was mostly light and cute, not really heavy-set on details like many sci-fi novels. So yes, I’m not a big fan of sci-fi, I prefer my stories like this one, but this is also a warning to possible readers of what they will have reading it, if you are hard-core sci-fi fans, maybe it’s good for you to set your expectation.

Another little warning is for the character of Dale, he is a brat, a cute, little brat, well aware of the appeal he has on Keyno and able to use it. The relationship between them is, or better, should be Dominant versus submissive, but Dale soon learns the technique of topping from the bottom, and he has soon Keyno tied around his little finger. Truth, that was fated from the beginning, cause Keyno’s people is used to consider mates like precious ones to be protected and cherished.

I wouldn’t have minded to read a little more about Dale and the prospective pregnancy but he mostly joked about it using stereotypes about women and pregnancy; I suppose the real deal will be in following books when it will be his time to experience it.

Series: The Harvest
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Storm Moon Press LLC (October 31, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162757073X
ISBN-13: 978-1627570732
Amazon: The Harvest: Taken: Book 1
Amazon Kindle: The Harvest: Taken: Book 1


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Aside from being among the Bestsellers in Gay Romance for last year, I was drawn by this series for the m-preg theme. I think someone suggested this to me, and being the first one a novella, I thought, why not? The commitment is not too much if I don’t like it, and if I like, there is always book 2. I read it in one night and bought the second novella the same night.

Valentina Heart doesn’t shy away from the chosen theme, and actually, it’s the main reason why Prince Rinin is able to barter a marriage instead of being a sex slave to King Merinej. Rin is now alone, his kingdom lost the war against Merin’s one, and now the council has decided for him: he will be the pawn to beg mercy. Since he was born, Rin wasn’t fated to be a warrior, too fragile and precious; he was special, a man able to give birth, but that is also coming with the almost certainty of death if he tries. And now he is supposed to be a sex slave to Merin, him that doesn’t have any idea of what sex or even the simple contact with a man means. But for once Rin decides to rebel, and proposes to Merin a marriage: he will bear Merin’s child, a child of two kings, someone destined to be powerful and of perfect lineage. If death will come, for Rin it will be better than a life as a slave.

This is for sure a story that appeals to many, but at the same that is not suitable to all. This is a gay version of the Savage Romance, with many of the clichés of that genre, but also with all its attractiveness. It’s not realistic, it’s not about equality in a relationship, it’s about a strong character in relationship with a more fragile one, but fragility doesn’t mean stupidity. Rin is not stupid, he is naïve; he is the first to admit he was not raised to be a leader, and he doesn’t want to be. But at the same time, he is proud of his ancestry, and wants the respect he deserves.

I strongly suggest to approach these two novellas as a whole, and to read both of them close to each other.

Amazon Kindle: King's Conquest (Mending the Rift)
Publisher: Silver Publishing (January 21, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Owner of My Heart (Mending the Rift)
Publisher: Silver Publishing (July 14, 2012)

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In the chaos that was my reading list this last year, I almost forgot this book, and that would have been a big mistake. I’m an early admirer of the M/M sci-fi/fantasy novels by Stephanie Burke, and I’m still eagerly waiting for the third instalment in her Space Opera series; Stephanie Burke was among the first, and few, authors of mpreg stories I read, and the quality of her stories are always well above the average. Even if her novels are funny and light romances, you can clearly understand that there was a good research and plotting behind it, a thing that is proved in this same book, at the end you will find a good bibliography helping you understand where Stephanie Burke took inspiration for this original M/M romances.

The story is for sure out of the ordinary: in a fantasy/futuristic world, Astika, a mythological creature from India with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a snake, who can shift in a secondary fully human form, meets his mate in Baltimore (how I like the combination of an ordinary city with fantasy characters); Taza is a sea horse, who can, like Astika, shift in a fully human form, preserving some characteristic from his original form: pretty and huge eyes, long colourful mane and the ability to carry children!

Basically Astika is the unwilling savior of Taza, he was simply talking in a bar when Taza decided that Astika’s back was the right place to attach himself and hide from the man who is hunting him. When Astika, trying more to defend himself than Taza, helps the bartender kicking out the villain, Taza decides Astika is his savior: between the married and un-dead bartender and the unmarried and handsome Astika, the choice is simple and logic. No matter that Astika doesn’t want a mate, he saved Taza and now he is responsible for him. And when it comes out that Astika is as much as noble as Taza (the only heir to an undersea kingdom), the arranged marriage is sponsored also by Astika’s parents, he has no escape.

Truth be told, nor Astika or Taza are really strong and independent heroes, actually they resemble more spoiled rich brats and together they are a pair that will lead for sure to funny situations, while trying to running away from different types of pretender and at the same time spending their “honeymoon” exploring their body differences. The story was mostly light, at times arousing, and for sure original; even if you are usually not a fan of sci-fi/fantasy genre, if you like pretty twinkies, I recommend this one, even if one of the twinkies (Astika) is 7 feet tall!

Amazon Kindle: Absolute Perfection
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (September 14, 2010)

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Cover Art by Christine M. Griffin
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Second in the Futuristic Regency series by J.L. Langley, this is the story of Payton, the older brother of Aiden, and second in line to the throne of Regelence. Regelence is a planet where men can marry, more it's more common for the peers to marry a man, and they can also procreate in lab an heir with the genes from both male parents and without the female component.

Payton is a IT geek and Nate, Aiden's husband, asks him to help in decipher a message which probably hides a conspiracy against both Regelence than Englor, the other planet in the Alliance that lives accordingly to the Regency rules. But in Englor those rules are more strictly than in Regelence, and even if same-sex marriage is not against the law, it's highly discouraged. And so Payton, who is a pampered prince nursed to become a beautiful ornament to the arm of a powerful and rich man, finds himself suddenly free to roams Englor's street without a chaperon, even if it appears that his genetically modified interest in other men is not so welcomed.

But not all the men on Englor are the same, and Payton meets Simon, not other than the heir to Englor's throne. Simon is a friendly and very sexy man, one that, as soon as he spots the pretty new officer, can't help to seduce him. Not that Payton resists so much to the advances... it's almost not clear if Simon seduces Payton or if Payton is the "innocent" seducer.

Even if Simon is the supposed Alpha male, he is really too open and young to be a real dominant character; Simon is the perfect scoundrel, very good in the battle field as well as in the bedroom, no matter that, in his case, the chosen bedroom partner is a male and not a maid. And Payton is not the usual virgin maid type of character; true, he is virgin, but he is a lot older than his 19 years old. In a way, Payton is more ready to be a king than Simon; Simon still needs the advice of faithful counselors, but not since he is prudent, I believe since he is still too young. So Payton and Simon make a good match, and together maybe they will manage to not destroy Englor...

As usual in a J.L. Langley's book, there is a lot of funny situations, and Payton is the perfect little firecracker, cute and to be handed with caution. Not sure if Simon is strong enough to handle him. So funny and sex as well, but I have to said that the sex it seemed more... dirty, but in a good way. Sex was always an heavy component in the mix for the previous books by the same author, but in this case it was an orgy of sense, down and dirty; with the balance of the humor, the result is a very involving story.

Amazon: The Englor Affair (Sci-Regency)

Amazon Kindle: The Englor Affair

1) My Fair Captain:
2) The Englor Affair

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Cover Art by Anne Cain

Cover Art by Anne Cain


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