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The type of novel I found reading Acrobat isn't what I was expecting. From the cover, from the blurb, I was expecting a lot more drama, more angst, and instead, even when the story turns into a little bit of drama, it was always with a romantic/comedy tune that has never had me worried about the main characters.

Nate is a 45 years old English lit college professor, gay with a 27 years old son he had with his best girl friend from high school, best girl friend who is still a huge part of his life. While Nate doesn't value himself a lot, he is not a reclusive gay man pining for love, he has actually a string of former boyfriends, all of them potential Mr Right material, but none of them the Mr Right for him. Two of them, the last, former boyfriend, Duncan, a police detective, and the papable next one, Sean, a surgeon, are still in the picture, when hunky neighbor Andreo enters the frame too.

Nate, missing the father role now that his own son has gone to make his own independent life, has became a father figure for Michael, the teenager next door under the care of his young uncle, Dreo, 28 years old. Apparently Nate has never cared much for Dreo, but cares a lot for Michael. But one day, Dreo makes it clear that he is very much interested in Nate, and that he wants him to become a permanent asset in the family he makes with his nephew Michael.

Now while Dreo is indeed a imponent figure, compensating the age gap with his dominant attitude, I found a little strange that Nate was complaining he wasn't right for a relationship with 32 years old Sean, 5 years older than his own son, and then he basically doesn't make a flitch in being in a relationship with 28 years old Dreo, only 1 year older than his son. But sincerely, cute Nate, cause Nate, even if 35 years old is very much cute, was such a funny character that I didn't care much about the incongruence. Nate is like a women magnet, but not for sexual reasons, but as your best gay friend. Do you rememeber that movie with Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett? yes, Nate is like Rupert, perfect in every aspect, just not for a woman. But he is a perfect boyfriend for Dreo, a perfect father for Jared and now Michael, a perfect son in law for Dreo's parents, a perfect friend, a perfect colleague, a perfect teacher... Perfect! and while being so perfect may be boring, the author managed I don't know how to not let that happens, and indeed I loved Nate.

Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 7, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613725000
ISBN-13: 978-1613725009
Amazon: Acrobat
Amazon Kindle: Acrobat

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I wanted to read a May/December romance, and truth be told, the age gap between Eli and Quinn isn't so huge to make it a truly May/December (23 yo Eli, 35 yo Quinn), but it was enough to tinge the story with that flavor.

Quinn was in a relationship with Peter, and since Quinn was basically without family, while instead Peter had a tight knit one, Peter's family became Quinn's one. Only that Peter, a firefighter, and I think also being a Catholic was a component of it, was basically in the closet. Even with his family, it was like the pink Elephant in the glass shop: everyone knew but no one commented. Then Peter decides he is not gay and moves to get pregnant a woman and marries her. Peter's family nevertheless continues to include Quinn in their family meetings and Quinn decides he needs a cover, an hot boyfriend who will let them know he is over Peter. Eli fits the bill.

I really like the interaction between Eli and Quinn, and I loved both characters: Quinn so strong in body but a gentle and kind soul, Eli a little firecracker, all energy but suddenly like a kitten in need of warm and milk... only to be back to his full energy outburst the moment after.

If I have to find a fault, is that the story wasn't so long and I wouldn't mind to read more about Eli and Quinn as a real couple, facing the obstacles of living together, matching their different backgrounds and having that works out.

Paperback: 232 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (November 6, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1609288122
ISBN-13: 978-1609288129
Amazon: Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore)
Amazon Kindle: Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore)

Series: Bad in Baltimore
1) Bad Company
2) Bad Boyfriend

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This was quite a beautiful romance, and strange enough, while the pace was slow, for various reason I will explain, the story wasn't at all boring, and actually it was captivating, like a blanket wrapping you in winter, letting no desire to go out of your nestle.

Hilary is 65 years old; already enough an original character for a story cause you aren't used to imagine senior people to have love story, or if they do, they are chaste, often with people their own age. When you pair him with 23 years old Tom, well that was unexpected. Above all cause, it's Tom who initiates everything, being charming and hinting to an interest that was beyond their common task of restoring a psychic garden in Hilary's backyard.

For Hilary is more upsetting to accept what people will think of them, than believing that Tom is really interested in him. Maybe cause Tom is really an open character, no hidden layer, honest and kind from the beginning; Hilary doesn't question if Tom has an hidden agenda, and so he believes Tom's feelings are sincere. What he questions are how much enduring they are, and what Tom's friends and relatives will think if he has a relationship with a man that could easily be his grandfather.

I liked how respectful the author was of these two men, and how she didn't deprive them of the sexual nature of their relationship. Tom is 23 years old and it would be unbelievable if he hadn't desires; sure their love making is different from that of two twenty something fellows, but nevertheless is satisfying for the both of them.

The story has its bittersweet undertone, and the author doesn't hide what is the possible future of this couple; they can find happiness, but indeed, happiness with Hilary will not last for the entire life of Tom, but is it better to love and lose or to not love at all?

Paperback: 202 pages
Publisher: Manifold Press (June 28, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1908312947
ISBN-13: 978-1908312945
Amazon: The Apothecary's Garden
Amazon Kindle: The Apothecary's Garden

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An emotional tale about a young man trying to moving on an abusive relationship; considering the theme, angst was an expected factor, but I was pleasantly surprise to find out that it wasn’t the main one. Too often the authors push on the easy tears button to make a story dig on your emotional barriers, and sometime it gets old. Here there was just that touch of drama, enough to justify the changing life decisions of Luke, but not so much to destroy him. Actually, the drama he is running away back home, and that comes back to tag him in Bristol, to me could have even stayed there, a memento of something bad that shouldn’t happen again, but it wasn’t really necessary for it to reappear in current time.

When 22 years old Luke meets 36 years old Paul, it’s obvious they are from different side of life, and it’s not only a question of age; while not rich, Paul is a teacher, with a steady job and a not wanted inheritance from his late partner. He is good from a quality life point of view, not so much when you talk about feelings. Paul wasn’t expecting to be alone at mid-thirties, he had figured he was to grow old with his partner in a contented and fulfilling relationship, without much bumps but good. Luke recognizes in him a companion loneliness, and he approaches Paul at a club. At first both Paul and Luke consider it a no strings attached night, but the sex is good, good enough they want to see where it will lead.

While Paul and his friends notice the age difference, and other differences as well, I have never felt like it mattered to Luke. Luke is more worried about his lack of formal instruction, or social status, than the fact he is so much younger than Paul. And there wasn’t either the common theme of the Daddy/boy pairing, it’s obvious that Paul is older than Luke, but Luke isn’t looking for a substitute fatherly figure. Maybe Paul’s work as a teacher will help him understanding Luke and pushing him towards the right steps without forcing him.

Paperback: 210 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 9, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613725922
ISBN-13: 978-1613725924
Amazon: Moving on
Amazon Kindle: Moving on

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This wasn’t at all your ordinary hot hunky firemen plot; oh, don’t get me wrong, Eric, the fire chief of Mesa, Arizona, is hunky enough, but truth be told, he isn’t exactly an hero. A closeted man until the age of 42 years old, he did come out only cause his marriage counselor told him he had to be open honest with his wife if he wanted to safe the relationship, and instead his wife filed for divorce. Well, discovering your husband is gay, and has always been, even before they married, isn’t an easy news to digest. Doesn’t matter Eric was always faithful in body, he wasn’t in feelings, and in a way, I understand his wife. To a point, cause how she behaves after that is a little too much, even for my sympathetic understanding. If that wasn’t enough, Eric got involved with his own son’s friend, a twink that now is basically molesting him, threatening to reveal their affair. And to add a cherry on the top, Eric begins an office affair with the new recruit the very first day he is in the office. Well, let talk about problematic heroes… in a way, Eric is a so wrecked hero that I wanted to pat him on the shoulder and comfort him, that something good had to happen sooner or later, cause worse than that was really difficult to achieve.

Maybe that was also what Tom, the new recruit, saw, other than the hot hunky exterior, that was in any case a good sight. It’s obvious that Tom has a problematic relationship with his own father, so I don’t exclude he is projecting a little on Eric, seeing him like a protective fatherly figure; sure, Eric is attractive enough, that is also a factor to take into account, but the immediate attraction, and the deep connection they have is well beyond the good looks of Eric. At the same time, I don’t exclude that Eric is searching in Tom his lost family, the feeling of being welcomed back at home, someone with whom he can relax and enjoy the second youth he is experimenting right now, cause he did pretty much screwed the first one he had.

Series: Uniform Encounters
Paperback: 188 pages
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (May 24, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1781846030
ISBN-13: 978-1781846032
Amazon: Set Ablaze (Uniform Encounters) (Volume 1)
Amazon Kindle: Set Ablaze (Uniform Encounters) (Volume 1)

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This is a typical gay western romance, with its plot developing in the middle of farm animals, Sunday roasts, and bunkhouses. I’m not familiar with that life, but, from what I can gather, the author is, the feeling felt true, cause it wasn’t a dreamlike utopia, but more low income jobs, small town community, that can be good and bad at the same time, and always checking the account books cause the next storm can be your defeat. So the setting was more than good, and I appreciated the choral job the author did with all the characters. Maybe I had some struggling at first in getting familiar with all faces, cause this is a second book in a series, and almost all the characters came from the previous story. But once you manage, the output is to want to go back and read that book.

There was an hint of May/December romance, meaning that Tommy is a very young cowboy and Noah is instead a more or less thirty years old pastor, plus Tommy is totally new to relationship, being gay but never had the chance to “experiment” it, while instead Noah hints to the fact he had at least one important long-term relationship in his past. But again, the author managed to make it playful and not like something really bearing on their love story.

There is maybe too much sex, but that is entirely me, and truth be told, there is an equal balance of plot and sex, so that this is for sure an erotic romance (meaning romance with sex) and not plenty erotica.

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (April 30, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613724756
ISBN-13: 978-1613724750
Amazon: Complete Faith
Amazon Kindle: Complete Faith

Series: Morning Report
1) Morning Report
2) Complete Faith

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The only regret I have upon finishing this one is that it took me so long to read it. Actually, I’m ashamed cause I really liked the previous military romance I read by Marquesate, so I knew this one was probably as good as well, but there are so many books out every month, that I tend to read new to me authors, and let the ones I have already read got behind. Well, don’t do my same mistake and if you haven’t the chance, read Basic Training.

The main strength of the novel is the balance between manliness and romance, military and love story: never once the author forgot these were soldiers she was writing about, but at the same time, the romance was “romantic” (sorry the double similar words but they fit).

Aside from the military theme, that already part of a romance tradition, the author also ventured in another classical romance theme, the May/December romance, or better the young/older lovers: Platoon Sergeant Col 'Bulldog' Wilson is 35 years old, while new recruits Chris Thompson is 21 years old. Of course the age difference is part of the plot, with Col wondering if Chris is not searching a substitute father in him, even considering the bad relationship Chris has with his own father, but the author managed to shorten it with a clever expedient: Chris never hid his sexuality, since he was a teenager, arriving even to tick of the “homosexual” square in his enlisting papers, and so at 21 he hasn’t maybe much sexual experience on the field, but he had plenty of time to be self-conscious about his sexuality and desires; Col instead has always repressed his feelings, and at 35 he has never been with a man before, and he still needs to arrive to pact with his own sexual needs, let alone feelings.

It will be a long path for Col and Chris, another thing I liked of the story, we followed them for years, not just during the heat of the passion, but a path with a very romantic happily ever after at the end.

Paperback: 276 pages
Publisher: MLR Press (October 20, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1608204618
ISBN-13: 978-1608204618
Amazon: Basic Training
Amazon Kindle: Basic Training

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A bittersweet tale about a summer’s fling: it’s 1891, Queen Victoria’s India, and Mair, a 18 years old young man soon to be leaving for England and his college future, meets Captain Charles Blackthorne, 35 years old and embittered by his current life. Charles sees in Mair his lost hopes, the innocent and young romance he didn’t have the chance to fully experiment, the lightness and carelessness to love and be love by another man. Charles is tired, more than tired he is weary of the clandestine affair he can have with other fellow soldiers, there is no romance in it, there is sex without passion, it’s only a mechanism, and to that, he can renounce. But with Mair he will have the night of his dreams, a night that will remain a lapse in time, nothing more, but everything he wants.

This is only a short story, and it would be interesting to know what it will be of Mair and his adventures in England and of Charles and his life in India; will they be able to fulfil their desires? Will they meet again? We don’t know, but for now, they had they summer’s lease.

Amazon Kindle: Summer's Lease
Publisher: Bristlecone Pine Press (September 20, 2011)

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On the summer of 1969, Young Man is a high school dropout who is spending his days prowling the East River Park in NYC. He has never actually spoken with any of the other park patrons, but he knows them: the man with the Chihuahua, the woman with the Dalmatian, and that old man who is always looking at him. Young Man doesn’t understand himself or his feelings, at times he is attracted by the woman, at times by the men, I think that whoever of them would approach him, Young Man would be fine, since basically he needs a leading hand. And Mr Chervy alias Miss Crystal, a retired teacher who cross-dresses only in the intimacy of his home, will be the one to take in hand, literally, Young Man. Young Man and Miss Crystal’s relationship is very much that of teacher and pupil, and while Young Man likes Miss Crystal, he doesn’t like the authoritarian persona he represents and he, liked dropped out of school, arrives to a confrontation with Miss Crystal that leads him away. Out again in the street, he meet the Librarian, almost a replica of Miss Crystal, another kind and lonely man who wouldn’t like better than finding a companion, someone who is never to leave him. Young Man will be the bridge between Miss Crystal and the Librarian, and maybe for the time being he will be with them, but I think that his task is accomplished, Miss Crystal and the Librarian will never be alone again, they now have each other, and if they wish to help other young men, why not, but the most important thing is that, while these young me will come and go, they will always have each other.

I know that probably this is not the most literary novella by Mykola Dementiuk, he wrote much important works, but to my romantic heart, this is my favourite; I really like Miss Crystal and the Librarian, they are compassionate men who need love, and I’m so glad that in the end they met each other. Young Man is probably a desperate case, he could probably improve, but I have the feeling that he will be always like that, a bad boy with a bad mouth. But that doesn’t matter, since he has not a bad heart, on the contrary, he is confused and needing love as much as Miss Crystal and the Librarian need. And for a little time, or maybe forever, they have found that love and each other.

Amazon Kindle: The Men on Grand Street
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing (January 25, 2012)

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Since it’s not the first time I greatly appreciated a story by Katica Locke, I shouldn’t be surprised by how much I enjoyed this last one; it’s only a novella, and I started reading it in a break, almost with the idea to give it a “try” taste and maybe continue later, and instead I was captivated until the last word. And trust me, you need to read that last word to fully appreciate this story.

Kae is a werecat, a little tabby domestic cat; out of boring, he cruises Tyress, a middle-age man who is more or less trying to pick up every man passing him in the pub and not having any success, on the contrary, he is regarded as a pity case. But Kae sees something in Tyress and it’s not with pity that he starts talking with him, only to find out Tyress is an Huntsman, i.e. a deadly enemy of any wereshifter. Tyress claims to be retired and he more or less, lets Kae go without any harm if not some spiteful words, but you know, curiosity kills the cat, and Kae is not satisfied until he doesn’t push Tyress to action.

The story follows with a cat and mouse hunt (or better a man and cat hunt), mixing sex and passion, almost non con sex with funny moment, and boys, was that a masterly proof of Katica Locke’s skills, it was something almost impossible to manage, but I have never felt like Kae or Tyress were hurting from each other behaviour even if I was at the same time trying to understand what was their final target.

Katica Locke recreated a perfect werecat in Kae, a cat when he was in shifted form, but a man with some “feline” behavioural traits when he was in human form.; Tyress on the other hand was one of the best middle-age characters, with that bittersweetness of men who come to realize their youth is gone and they will be never able to catch it again, with too many regrets and too little good memories.

Very good story, highly recommended.

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I don’t know what I was expecting by this novel but for sure I’m impressed by how the author managed to make of Philip Croft, the Rice Queen Spy, an even too real character, with the faults and down of a man, not an hero.

Philip Croft is a spy for the Queen of England, but he is not some fake James Bond; when the novel starts, Philip is 58 years old and under investigation for being gay. Investigation that implies physical torture to the hand of his same colleagues, betrayed by whom he believed were friends. And Philip will betray other colleagues, sure, brought to the edge by a sadistic man, but nevertheless he will shout the names of other homosexual men in the Service. After this experience, Philip is forced into an early retirement, but in a way this will be the freedom he was always searching.

Philip always lived his homosexuality abroad, in Asian countries were other foreigners profited of their wealth in comparison to the poor local boys. Yes, Philip is not some romance hero in searching for Mr Right; on the contrary, he is more like a sailor with a lover in every Asian Pacific harbours, and with his retirement he didn’t change his customs. Philip will open a gay sauna in London, and spend his winters wandering the Asia and in the end, having a 4 months boyfriend in Philippines, Reynaldo, while at the same time maintaining a friendly relationship with his employee in London, Kwan, and with an in-house boyfriend at home, Robin. And before and after these new boyfriends, he had always saved the memory of the love of his life, Tom.

There is a dark side in Philip the author is not willing to hide: Philip’s passion for young men, barely legally boys, borders into paedophilia, and indeed there are men in the circle of Philip’s friends that probably are not stranger to that; the same Philip is tempted, but for various reason he will never lapse, even if, only having being tempted is a nightmare that will always haunt Philip’s life.

Doing a balance of the pros and cons of Philip, he has to come out with more positive traits since, in the end, he will find a young man, Robin, who will be faithful to him until the end. And yes, the author chooses to accompany the reader until the end of Philip’s life, an end that is no bad, an end that will see Philip old and not alone, but maybe a little haunted by one too many ghosts. But you could say that he has so many ghosts since he had so many years to live and love.

Amazon: The Rice Queen Spy
Amazon Kindle: The Rice Queen Spy
Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Senneff House Publishers; First Edition edition (September 10, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0975275666
ISBN-13: 978-0975275665

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Cover Art by Steve Walker
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This novel by Adam Fitzroy has written “UK” all over; in the setting, that is easy, but also in the mood and the feeling, bittersweet humor, comfortable romance, fire under the ashes sex, all bundled together in more than 500 pages, all of them perfectly timed in a slow paced rhythm.

Callum and Jon are the most unlikely likely couple you can imagine; unlikely due to the age differences, the different life expectations, maybe even a little bit their upbringings; likely since they are both actors, they understand each other without many words, and they of course are in love.

As I said this is not a fast paced romance, and I truly enjoyed how Callum courted Jon without more or less Jon realizing it, and in a way without neither the reader. Callum is probably the most complex character since, truth be told, the author was really good in making him an easy target for the reader hating: Callum is the one who drags Jon in a relationship to then dumping him and marrying a woman; Callum is the one who dares to come back into Jon’s life when he needs comfort without considering how painful that can be for Jon; Callum is the one who continues to maintain a bond with Jon when it would be better for the other man to be freed… but fellow readers, trust me and don’t give up on him since I will assure you he will be able to atone all his sins.

On the other hand I think you can love or hate Jon, there are no half-measures with him; hate him since he has that aloof halo around him like nothing can touch his heart, since his heart is wrapped in ice; love him since it’s easy to understand that it’s not ice around his heart, but simply a self-protective shield. It’s easy to like Callum, he is like a puppy, or a teddy bear, and he is scandalously and unashamedly free, really proving his young age, but he is also considerate of Jon’s feelings and troubles. It’s not explicitly written, but I think he was the one cutting their relationship since, in a way, he was trying to protect Jon, Callum knew that Jon was not ready to lose everything in exchange of his love; that was where Callum was wrong, and maybe he was a little presumptuous from his side to pretend to know what was better for Jon, but still, I think he did it with good intentions.

I really love the setting, the small town feeling of the theatre world, where everyone knows everyone else; the little gossip that was sometime reflected by the more mainstream media gossip, but that was mostly told behind closed doors, in front of a cup of tea; the tight net of relationships, marriages and funerals all in the span of less than 3 grades of connections (friend of a friend). Of course in more than 500 pages, the stories told are not only that of Callum and Jon, but also of their circle of friends, in good and bad, no one character will enter the scene without a purpose or/and its own story to tell, and like those gossiping spinsters or widows in front of a cup of tea, the reader will enjoy to listen to their bad or good outcome.

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Car Trouble by J.M. Snyder

Another short story in the Working Man series. Terrence is a more than forty years old Afro American business man that one day heard a strange sound in his new mercedes. Since his baby feels not well he immediately take her to a garage. Here he finds Jimmy, blond young guy with a penchant for older man...

Obviously the baby is forgotten for a little bit while the daddy plays with the hot mechanic.

Really there is nothing more other than Terrence is a pretty interesting man, very vain and selfconscious that maybe is lucky to find a man like Jimmy who likes to be direct. And I have also my glimpse to a possible happily ever after, so I'm satisfy.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Car Trouble
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (May 1, 2011)

Easily Addicted (Working Man) by J.M. Snyder

Zach and Trevor meet at work during a lunch break. Trevor is a smoker and is spending his break indulging in his vice. And Zach immediately fancies him and tries to approach him. But Trevor is just out of a bad relationship and the forward attitude of Zach finds him unready. But rethinking to the opportunity he has so easily refused, Trevor is not more sure he has made the right decision and he is waiting for a second chance.

J.M. Snyder doesn't tell us how many years old are both Zach and Trevor, but I have the feeling they are somewhere between 25 and 30. No more college student, but not still adult. Young. And Zach gives me the impression he is young and somewhat innocent. He is open and friendly, very selfconsciousness. He knows to be handsome and probably he is not used to be denied.

The story is very short, less than 30 pages, but I have liked it a lot. Zach is a wonderful character, he could be easily decipted like a spoilt brat, but he is so nice that you can't find him nasty. And Zach seems to be the classical good boy, the person you dream to find to spend the rest of your life.

Amazon Kindle: Easily Addicted
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 16, 2010)

Lunch Break by J.M. Snyder

Nick works in a grocery to save money for his tuition. He is a simple guy with dreams of his own and when he sees Kevin one day at lunch break, he thinks that one of his dreams comes true: Kevin is a ten years older African-American man, who practices with a lawyer. He is refined and classy, and beautiful. 

Nick can't believe when Kevin asks him out. But obviously he has no intention to refuse this great opportunity.

The Working Man series by J.M. Snyder are short but very interesting stories. Short but complete, you have in less than 25 pages an entire story that let you fill what it's not said with your imagination.

In this case Nick is so sweet and Kevin so selfconscious and tender, that I'd like very much to read a whole story with these two characters.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Lunch Break
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (June 18, 2011)

Makin’ Copies (Working Man) by J.M. Snyder

A drunk joke during Friday Night Christmas Party could cost to Johnson his work: he has photocopied his butt (and all the other jewels around) with the office printer and has left the proves to find to Mr. Sanford, the boss.

But lucky for Johnson, Mr. Sanford has admired the "proves" and now he wants a first hand experience and not only a photocopied one.

What will Johnson do? Even if Mr. Sanford his an handsome men, he is also twice his age....

A very short, less than 15 pages, but very nice office affair which leaves you with a stupid smile face and a thought: but why when you find a nut thing during Christmas Party, it doesn't become a new begin like this one?

Amazon Kindle: Makin' Copies
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (March 5, 2011)

On the Job by J.M. Snyder

Another short story in the Working Man series by J.M. Snyder.

Charles is a service tech for a cable company who accept to go on a call for a new install since the customer is particularly trouble. But when he arrives to the designed site he discovers that Billy, the customer, is a very handsome young man, and also a flirty twinkie. Charles seems not able to take off Billy's hands from him, and he quite manages to do the work before Billy jumps to his bones.

As all the Working Man series, also this one is a very little one, less than 25 pages, but as always is well plotted and the characters are deepens and originals. It's very funny to see Billy's open seduction and he is a mix of boldness and naiveete. Charles has no game till the beginning in trying to deny him something.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: On the Job
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (July 3, 2011)

Opening Day at the County Fair by J.M. Snyder

Jesse is a 20 years old country boy. He lives in the middle of nowhere and the only divagation to his routine is the annual county fair. But now for him the county fair is work, no more a child to run all around, he has to spent 6 days selling vegetables.

But this year something is changing, and has the name and the face of Davis (from jefferson davis I suppose): a pale and handsome guy of his same age, son of a contractor who previously lives in the same county and now returns only for the fair. But this year he has sent his son instead, and Jesse and Davis will spend this six days in ways more interesting than work.

I like this very very short tale. It's less then 30 pages but J.M. Snyder has decipted a complete world in few words. You can feel the heat of the day and the dirty of the road. Jesse's secret desires, the liberty he found in the arms of Davis, the joy to have another six days and maybe no more, but it is still joy, because are STILL six days and not ONLY six days... what different perspectives has youth.

Amazon Kindle: Opening Day at the County Fair
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (October 15, 2010)

Pleasure Cruise (Working Man) by J.M. Snyder

Andy is a young college student who has the nut idea to join two friends on a "normal" cruise during winter break. And cause it's a normal cruise, most of the people on the ship are couple and the others are not interested in three young guy, one of them gay.

So when Andy spots the cute Hispanic bartender, Carlos, he thinks to have found a way to spend two weeks on the ship. But Carlos is not very fond of Andy's friends and the first night they meet it doesn't end in a good way for Andy. But there is always breakfast time (in bed...).

Another short story, less than 25 pages, this one is "pure" pleasure. Andy and Carlos are two young men who want to have funny without commitment and broken heart, and what better place than a cruise ship to do that? in a confined space is very simple to find a way to meet.

Amazon Kindle: Pleasure Cruise
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (February 27, 2011)

Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams by J.M. Snyder

Ahi ahi ahi J.M. Snyder, you are a teaser... Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams is a very very short tale about how sweet could be a summer fling. Like in a old comedy of the '50 (even if I think it's a contemporary setting) Sean and Andrew fall in love in front of a sundae and Andrew woos Sean sending him messages through a friend (I last did this when I was 12 years old...).

And because it's a old comedy style, you will read only of tender kisses and walking hand in hand: no sex allows in a sweet tale, and then too hot things could melt the ice cream...

All right, joke apart, if you want to take a break from all the iper sexy M/M story I have read lately, try this tale by J.M. Snyder: maybe for the first time in months I have read something I will have no problem to reccomend also to a underage reader...

Amazon Kindle: Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (October 29, 2010) (Contains the stories: At Your Service Cafe de l'Amour Car Trouble Closing Time Easily Addicted Lunch Break Makin' Copies On the Job Opening Day at the County Fair Order Up Pleasure Cruise Speed Trap Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams Tech Support )

Amazon: Working Men
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (August 3, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1463763107
ISBN-13: 978-1463763107

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Usually I don't like anthologies. The simple reason is that I can't be satisfy by too short stories, and when I like the characters is even worst, since I always felt like they are gone too soon. So it's always with a bit of prejudice that I start an anthology, and the reason why I choose to read it is always different, but usually since there is at least an author in the anthology that I like.

Rough Cut is different so. First of all it's a collection of stories from the same author, Vincent Diamond, ones I had the chance to read and like, especially in the Under Arrest Anthology. One reason more is that, the very story I like in that anthology, was also in this collection and it has also a sequel, so even better, since one of my prejudice falls as I have the chance to read more on two characters I liked very much and way better since the story I read in the past didn't have an happily ever after and I'm a looser for HEA. And finally the big surprise, almost all the stories in the anthology are related one to each other and tell us about the same pair, an ex cops and his bad boy lover, and so it's almost like having a full novel, plus some nice appetizers and desserts.

"Lions and Tigers and Snares" & "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" : Byron is an agent who has to discover an illicit traffic with dying big felines. So he works undercover in a shelter, playing the role of volunteer and looking around. But more than looking to illicit traffic, he is looking at Kendall, the man who leads the shelter and that probably is head to foot involved. But Byron sees how Kendall loves the big cats and he is sure the man can't be the ones who sells them to certain death. (Lions and Tigers and Snares)

& (Cold Hands, Warm Heart)

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Amazon Kindle: Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (June 25, 2011)

"A Cold Night's Sleep" & "Fire": Sandy is a retired cop. He had a very bad experience during a fire and he still blames himself for the death of a little child. Plus he is scarred by the fire, inside and outside. He prefers to live alone in a cabin with a cat and no one to care who can leave him like his former lover did. Tanner is an ex con who arrives to the cabin during a storm and Sandy offers him a shelter to the bad weather. Also Tanner has his scars, they are only inside, but they are not less painful. And from a scarred man to another, Tanner can see beyond Sandy claims to want to be alone. But probably Tanner needs to set something in his life and it's not time for him to stop with Sandy. And Sandy is not yet ready to forget and move one. Maybe not now, maybe not ever.

"A Cold Night's Sleep" is the short story I remember. In "Fire" Vincent Diamond tells us something more on these two guys, and maybe the romance I thought ended in the first story, cab have a "better" end in this second chapter. (A Cold Night's Sleep)

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Amazon Kindle: A Cold Night's Sleep
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (November 17, 2010)

and (Fire)

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Amazon Kindle: Fire
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (November 26, 2010)

"Haunted", "Slide into Desire", "Walking the Blue Line", "Deep Trouble Undercover", "A Question of Taste", "Dangerous Days" & "Tropical Daze": all these stories are about Steven and Conrad. Steven is a undercover cop, he is searching proofs of a drug dealing during the rave parties. Conrad is the man who organizes the raves. It should be a simple mission, not a very dangerous one, they are dealing mostly with young kids, college animals... But Steven cares too much, since he falls in love with Conrad. Conrad is an half spanish half cuban guy, sexy and smooth talking; he lures Steven inside his world and in his bed. Steven is new to all this, he can't even imagine to fall in love with a man, but here he is and in love. But Conrad? it's only sex? and then there is the little problem that Steven should do his work and his work probably will lead Conrad in prison.

I don't want to spoil the story, since probably I will ruin to you the big surprise it revealed me. Reading "Haunted" I almost believed that this one was one of that wonderful but sad story, with two star-crossed lovers condemn to be forever torn apart and instead... read and you will know! (Haunted)

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Amazon Kindle: Haunted
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (June 6, 2011) (Slide into Desire)

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Amazon Kindle: Slide Into Desire
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 11, 2010) (Walking the Blue Line)

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Amazon Kindle: Walking the Blue Line
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 26, 2010) (Deep Trouble Undercover)

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Amazon Kindle: Deep Trouble Undercover
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (January 27, 2011) (A Question of Taste)

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Amazon Kindle: A Question of Taste
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (February 12, 2011) (Dangerous Days)

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Amazon Kindle: Dangerous Days
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (February 19, 2011) (Tropical Daze)

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Amazon Kindle: Tropical Daze
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (March 13, 2011)

Sheperd: Felipe is a good guy who ends in prison. He is not gay, but two years in captivity could change a man. This is not a love story, maybe it's more a life journey, the surviving tale of a man who sees his world collapse and needs to refocuses his priority and beliefs. (Sheperd)

Amazon Kindle: Shepherd
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (May 22, 2011)

"Bruised", "Back in the Saddle" & "Horsing Around": another pretty long and so very satisfying story. Marcus is a man who has loved and lost. He is still mourning but maybe he is ready to be back in the saddle. David is a vet student who helps Marcus in his horse farm during summer. He is young and innocent and so tempting. He sees and wants Marcus and with his joy of life forces Marcus to live again, to want again, to want David. But David is soo young, and new to real love, plus Marcus is his first man, before him David never thought possible for him to love a man. Family and future seem big handicaps in their ride to life. (Bruised)

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Amazon Kindle: Bruised
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (April 16, 2011) (Back in the Saddle)

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Amazon Kindle: Back in the Saddle
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (April 23, 2011) (Horsing Around)

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Amazon Kindle: Horsing Around
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (May 7, 2011)

Irish Cream: an old man remembers a lost lover, a love born and died when they can't even think for it to last, but if death didn't call, what could be? Now he has only memories, sad and cold, but cherished. (Irish Cream)

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Amazon Kindle: Irish Cream
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (July 11, 2011)

What links all the stories? they are sweet and sexy, but a bit sad. Even when there is an happily ever after, and lucky for me, there is often, I always felt like a suffused sadness. Erotic stories sometimes are like a roaring fire, these instead are like simmering ashes, and maybe it is better, since a roaring fire blasts and ends in a blur, and instead the ashes last longer. So these stories, they spread inside you like a comforting warm, and remain with you long before you close the book.

Amazon: Rough Cut: Vincent Diamond Collected
Perfect Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Lethe Press (May 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 159021109X
ISBN-13: 978-1590211090

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I was worried, probably for all the wrong reason, that Tricks was a lot darker than how really is. But as soon as I started reading it, I realized that this was mainly a romance, sure, with a light dark tone, something that it’s easy to identify with the setting, a windy and apparently always grey and shadowed Chicago, and also with the world in which Arliss, our hero, is living.

A former teenage hustler and now exotic dancer, Arliss has a naiveté in him that makes him easy prey; but that same naiveté is also what allows him to see Sean’s sadness when the guy enters the club where he is dancing. Sean is there to forget a recent break-up, and Arliss would be more than willing to help him, but Sean instead treats him like he would with a possible date, someone you don’t want to use and throw out, but instead court and love.

Sean is not as naïve as Arliss, but he is for sure almost as innocent; 38 years old against the 21 of the other guy, he is well beyond in experience. Plus he was out of the dating game since a bit, and from what I gathered he was never good at it. Sean gave me the idea that, in a love game, he would be more the prey than the hunter. How these two can work together is a mystery, but sometime it’s not opposite that attracts, but two halves of the same apple. Even if Arliss likes sex, he had enough of the emotionless version of it, and he really needs the kindness that Sean can show him. Maybe Sean is not as sexy as other men, or young, or wealthy, but he has a good heart, and he is an unassuming kind of guy that could be as sexy as hell even without knowing it.

It’s strange how, even if the novel is mostly about tricks, exotic dancers, porn movies… sex is probably the less important side of the story. Sure our hero do their share of it, but the author almost skips through the main scenes, concentrating instead on the foreplay and the aftermath. There is really any hard-core scene, just some “play” (hands, mouth), like to underlight that this is really a romance and not an erotic novel. True, we have not to forget this is a story about two men, and the author is a man himself, so you will not really find bed of roses and champagne, but maybe vodka and beer, and maybe our two heroes will not stop to simply cuddling on a couch, but nevertheless, as I said, sex is not what this novel is all about.

I also really liked how the novel maintained its light tone, even when the drama took place: having Sean calling his mom when he didn’t know what to do was almost funny, but brought things into a less tragic perspective and gave Sean the courage to do what it was right.

Amazon: Tricks
Amazon Kindle: Tricks
Paperback: 196 pages
Publisher: MLR Press (October 14, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1608202143
ISBN-13: 978-1608202140

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A classical family story, this is a mix of gay for you and “peter pan” syndrome. Sebastian is a 27 years old gayer than gay graduate student. He is the one with the “peter pan” syndrome, he doesn’t want to grow. Plus he is so gay. Both these are reaction to issues he has with his own parents, who didn’t disowned him when he came out since basically, they were not so caring anyway. When he came out to his mother she asked him that his behavior didn’t t become too embarrassing, and he started to behave like he is always in a gay parade; when his parents started to make comments on him always being in college, doctorate after doctorate, he not only didn’t choose an academic job, but he decided to specialize in a matter that has no future in the academic world. It’s not hard to read in Sebastian’s actions a clear refusal of his original family. A refusal that is even more clear in his attachment to Bella’s family.

Bella is Sebastian’s best friend; for her own reason, she is as incapacitated as Sebastian to grow up. Pairing with Sebastian is only a way to delay her own development, but Bella is younger than Sebastian, and she is still in a moment in life when she is still allowed to be uncertain of her future. So is not for Sebastian.

When Bella’s brother, Asa, comes back home after a bad divorce, he offers to Bella and Sebastain to come living with him; I think he is doing a nice thing towards Bella, but he is also trying to build a family around Jordan, his son. Jordan’s mother abandoned him and her family and Jordan is not reacting well to the news. Bella will play the role of the substitute mother, and that will help also her with her own psychological issue and Sebastian, well, Sebastian is tagging along. I don’t think Asa was thinking to a role for Sebastian in this makeshift family but when Asa and Sebastian meet, it’s clear what Sebastian’s role will be, he will help Asa in regaining trust in love.

Asa is bisexual, and he is quite open about it. He was married, but in a way, he was pair opportunity; he doesn’t judge his possible partner basing his opinion on the genre, but more on the common interests. And he has lot in common with Sebastian. Sincerely between the two, it’s Sebastian who has more issue, Asa only needs a little time to adjust to the new situation, but he is soon ready to fall in love again.

The story is nice, maybe Asa is a little too perfect to be true, a construction worker who has more the body of a model than a blue collar, with a wonderful house and an even more wonderful family, he is the perfect dream date. Not sure such fine man really exist, but in the end this is a romance, not real life.

Amazon Kindle: Bewitched by Bella's Brother

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Cover Art by Anne Cain
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This is a D/s story that doesn’t take itself seriously. Mischa thinks to be a badass Dom, but he is more a big teddy bear waiting for his owner; 41 years old and independently wealthy, Mischa apparently doesn’t need anything and anyone, but he is alone. One boy, one scene, no names was always his rule until he doesn’t meet Tom.

Tom is a virgin 26 years old graduate student; gay but inexperienced, but he meets Mischa by accident, he takes the chance to experiment some of his wildest fantasies; after all Mischa, as I said, is not at all the dangerous man and Tom has the impression he will be safe with him, and so it’s.

Now when I said that this story doesn’t take itself seriously, I was not implying that the BDSM side of the story is light; on the contrary, that is probably what sometime put me off. I’m not really a huge fan of the lifestyle, and more or less, I can find it intruiguing if there are not much pain/pleasure games. In A Russian Bear the pain/pleasure games are what the story is all about: Mischa likes to inflict pain on his sub, through the physical pain of the sub he receive his pleasure. Even if it’s not the “usual” pain, whips, wax or similar, it’s maybe even more intense; no blood involved, but the type of pain that goes directly to nerve endings.

But if they can go in deep and itense during the scenes, they are mostly private show, to be performed inside the wall of their home, and once the scene ends, Tom and Mischa go back to be a balanced couple, where Mischa maybe is wealthier than Tom, but not for this reason he is the one in command. Tom is a perfect example of top from the bottom, he has Mischa wrapped around his little finger, and it’s even worse, since it was not even Tom’s intention, Mischa did everything by his own.

There is plenty the idea that BDSM is a way to release stress, Mischa has an important and stressful job, managing big sum of money for other people, and he needs something to relax; in his less payed, but nontheless important job, also Tom needs a way to release stress: while Mischa likes to be still in command, Tom instead wants to let it go and being taken care of. I think that, even if better payed, Mischa’s job is mostly a one man show, and Mischa resents the loneliness of it; when relaxing he also needs the human contact, and more time goes, more this contact has to be personal, and a “one night stand” sub no more fit the bill. On the other hand, Tom is a College TA, people depend on him, young students seek his lead and advice; when the weekend arrives, Tom wants to let it everything goes, and being again a carefree young man who only seeks pleasure.

Amazon Kindle: A Russian Bear

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Silver Romance is one of my favourite genre, maybe since you don’t find it often around; and then, probably, I feel more near to the pain for love of a 45 years old or more man than a barely legal kid. But, truth be told, I prefer my silver foxes to be “unaware”, not really hunters on a prey, but more prey themselves. And so the Silver Foxes of C.B. Potts are right up to my alley, almost all of them are Daddies for play, meaning that, more or less they are preys of the pretty clutches of their boys.

In Board Meeting, a young soldier, back home from a war that probably he didn’t want to fight, seduces his father’s friend, maybe hoping to find again the innocent boy he was before leaving, the same boy who secretly admired that man so full of passion and strong beliefs.

Ring Tones is the story of a Daddy with a good boy, who sometime needs to be a boy himself. His lover can’t give it to him, and so he “hires” help. This silver fox is so “out of the world”, an artist with the head more on the clouds than on earth, that I can’t really don’t like him, even if he is actually cheating on his partner: it’s cheating since the partner doesn’t know it.

Goodnight, Daddy, sees the young lover far from home, needing the comforting and warm words of his Daddy to fall asleep. You can think that this man is not independent, that he clings to his Daddy, but instead I think that he has the other man in his little fit.

Where the Buffalo Roam is the classic college boy falls in love for dude ranch cowboy story; it’s fated to have an happily for now end, but maybe college boy will be smart enough to not losing a good thing when he finds it.

Seducing the Hunter is a game in style, it’s all the brainstorming inside the head of a old writer, who is approached by a young man on his favourite bar; when the flow of thoughts starts, the old man is the hunter, but at the end he will be the prey, and the reader sees it all happen following that flow.

R&R and Christmas Morning are about the two same men, two soldiers in Vietnam, who, despite the war, and the ever present death danger, manage to find a reason to live and love. You don’t know if they will make it out of Vietnam, but you know that, even if it seems impossible, they were at least a bit happy there.

Crackhead Soup sees a father in visit to his son at college discovering that the boy has not yet understood that college is for study and not party. But the distraction of his son’s roommate will help the man to soothe his discontent, and maybe it will give him a reason more to check his soon more frequently in the future.

Getting Person is about two men working at the same factory, who really don’t know each other; or better, the older one thinks to know his colleague and he also thinks he is good in hiding the gender of his bed’s companion’s choice, but the younger one will let him know, with no doubt, that the secret is out, and that he wants to profit of it.

Rough Road is a danger escapade of a young man who likes rough sex, and does everything to find it in the most dangerous places… I don’t know if I’m so fond of this story, above all since the young man really puts himself in danger, and more or less, he is only lucky that nothing yet happened.

Getting Ready for Christmas is a fun little tale of a college boy who want to prepare a surprise for his older lover back home: maybe since he is young, or maybe since his lover wanted to wait, they didn’t have anal intercourses, and the young man wants to “prepare” himself for that, with the help of a dildo.

Rural Rentboy is a “pretty man” themed novel, with the older, and handsome man from out of town, who rents the young whore of the town for a night. The sex is good, the rent boy is smart, but I would have not mind if there was the chance of happiness for him; true, maybe he likes his life as it’s, living good and saving money for the future, when he will be the one to choice his partner.

Flower Power is another story that was good, for the sex and the characters, but again I’m not sure to like how it ended: a man gets smitten for the florist who has to plan the flower arrangement for his marriage. I will only give you an hint: the marriage will not be annulled.

Ringside is about a young boxer and the coach who helps him out of misery. They had almost a father/son relationship, since the day both of them realized it was not enough. Now they have to learn how to live with this new development, or renounce to having the other in their life.

Mountain Music is a funny tale about an aspiring musician who ends up in bed with the man who can help him with his career, and he doesn’t even know.

Emergency Room is about a young hot cop and the doctor of the emergency room where he drags a drunk man one night: you will never know where and when you will find your Mr Right.

Shutterbug is the tale of the debauchment of a country biker boy to the hands of an apparently inoffensive photographer… only that the pictures he takes are not innocent, and biker boy will, willingly, become a star, but only for selected eyes.

Hornbrook is set in 1935; two buddy friends discover that their friendship can lead to something more, only that, one is willing to take the risk, and instead the other not.

Greasy Monkey is again about two buddy friends, working in the same machine shop, one teaching the other the job, and both of them teaching each other way more than that.

Amazon: Silver Foxes: Steamy Stories of Older Men

Amazon Kindle: Silver Foxes: Steamy Stories of Older Men

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Cover Art by Kimball Davis
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Jack and Ricky are exactly at the opposite: Jack 48 years old and embittered by life, is living like an hermit in suburbia; for Jack is almost a self-reclusion, a punishment he is inflicting himself for some past sins. Ricky is 18 years old and at the beginning of his life: he has just discovered sex and his first experiences were not so good, not bad enough to discourage him, but probably enough to give him the idea that, trying with someone more skilled maybe will do the difference.

Ricky knows Jack since forever; he is his neighbour and his parents’ friend. When Ricky started to dream about boys instead of girls, Jack was a good wet dream material, an openly gay man just living next door. On the other hand, Jack has never once considered Ricky on a sexual level, and when his father asks him to hire the guy for a summer job, he takes it more like a bother than a chance. It’s not clearly said, but I had the feeling that Ricky consciously tried to seduce Jack, right for the reason I said, Ricky knew that sex could be good, and he wanted to learn from a master.

Jack is almost dormant: he has not sworn off sex, but he confined himself far from temptation; when temptation falls on his lap, he is not against the idea to profit of it. But Jack, even if doesn’t consider the age difference an impediment, well knows that Ricky is really young, and willing assumes the role of the training ship: Jack doesn’t take, he gives, but only if asked; he poses like an inflatable doll for Ricky’s inexperienced hands. It’s a strange relationship, since for sure there is no sense of guilty on Jack’s side for being older, or on Ricky’s side for being younger, but both of them are well aware of their age difference; they don’t consider it a limitation but instead an advantage.

I also liked a lot that Ricky, even if obviously appreciative for Jack’s willingness on sharing his sexual experience, doesn’t erase himself on Jack; when they reach some points where Ricky is no comfortable to go, Ricky is also strong enough to say no, and Jack is also balanced enough to accept that no. On the other way, Ricky is willing to learn and absorb, and in case, to change his mind: but it’s not something he does to please only Jack, it’s something he understands it will be good for both of them.

There are 30 years between Ricky and Jack, but truth be told, the age difference seemed shorter, but it’s Ricky who shortened it; he is way more mature and balanced than boys his age. Jack instead has all the strength of a lived past, and the wisdom of someone who was able to capitalize that past. For this same reason, nor Jack or Ricky start this relationship swearing forever and exclusive love to each other: Ricky needs to see, and try, what is good and what is bad, and then, when he will have enough elements to ponder, only then he will be able to take the right decision.

There is a lot of sex, and it was always good; there is also a good romance, a right dose of drama, but not too much angst. Anah Crow and Dianne Fox again confirm to be a pair of authors able to write romances apparently simple and good (family, love, happiness, good feelings), but never “light”.

Amazon Kindle: Slow Bloom

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Recipe for Love (Cattle Valley 15) by Carol Lynne

This is probably one of the stories I was waiting most of all, I have a soft spot for girly looking guys, above all when it’s clear that, behind the fragile look, there is a strength that few men can demonstrate.

Jay is the favourite of all the inhabitants of Cattle Valley: he is young and innocent looking, and everyone wants to protect him. But no one wants to be his lover, maybe since they are scared to hurt him, or maybe since Jay is not exactly butch looking, and you need to like the waif style to like him; in few words, Jay is too pretty to be real, and this kept good men at distance; then, if a man gets close to him, he is often of the idea that he can control a fragile man like Jay.

There is one man who would like Jay not only as a pretty object to show off, but he is the Don Juan of Cattle Valley; Erico, the owner of the fanciest restaurant in town, is also quite famous to be always the buddy friend of every man but never the lover. At first Erico sees in Jay only a strangely attractive man, someone who is not his usual type; and then Erico can’t “use” Jay like he usually does with men, the townspeople are there looking at them and at once threatening Erico if he will hurt Jay, and then warning Jay against Erico. With this basis, nothing can really happen between them, and at the beginning of the book, Erico has lost hope.

And it’s at this point that Jay displays his real self: a librarian outside the bedroom, he is a slut inside, and he is also very horny and he needs a man. And Erico is there, willing to be that man, and scared enough by all their friends that for sure he will not dare to really hurt Jay; but a little bit of pain during sex is something not only Jay is willing to accept, but above all that he needs.

I was expecting for the drama to be on Jay’s side, given his past, and instead he comes out pretty much like a young and steady man, who perfectly knows what he wants in life and that is more than able to take care of himself; who instead needs help is Erico. This is an unexpected and nice turn that gives balance inside the couple, so much that, I realized or remembered only at the end of the book that Jay is way much younger than Erico, and that this was indeed a May / December relationship.

Amazon Kindle: Cattle Valley: Recipe for Love

Amazon: Cattle Valley Vol 8 (Volume 8)
Paperback: 244 pages
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (May 13, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0857150693
ISBN-13: 978-0857150691

Series: Cattle Valley
1-2) Cattle Valley 1:
3-4) Cattle Valley 2:
5-6) Cattle Valley 3:
7-8) Cattle Valley 4:
9-10) Cattle Valley 5:
11-12) Cattle Valley 6:
13-14) Cattle Valley 7:
15-16) Cattle Valley 8

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Cover Art by April Martinez
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This novel is an old fashioned fantasy novel; actually if not for the fact that is setting in a fantasy world and that the names are not real, and the events are imaginary, it could well be an historical novel, there aren't real "fantasy" event if not for the fact that some of the characters in the story have the "sight", the ability to see the illness inside other people or to foresee the events of the following days (but not too far from that).

The story is very long, and at the beginning it runs separately for the two main characters: Yveni is the heir of the duchy of Sardelsa, but when his father dies, he is too young to take the throne, and the regent decides to get rid of him; before the plan takes out, Yveni runs away, disguising himself as the poor son of a trader. At the same time, in a near kingdom, Paole is assisting his dying master; Paole is a slave and before arriving under the protection of his Master, he has seen many owners, and not all of them were good. Paole has developed an hard shell around him, and not even the gentle behavior of his last Master helped him to trust again. Even the fact to discover that his Master has freed him and made him his heir is for him another proof that he was only a slave, since his Master didn't trust him to be enough faithful to remain with him as a free man.

Spending his first year alone allows Paole to understand the need of company that his Master had, and Paole, that was taught as an healer decides to take an apprentice; and instead he finds himself with a slave. In his flight from the man who wants him dead, Yveni was kidnapped and sold as a slave. Even if he is almost 18 years old, Yveni seems younger and when Paole buys him, he thinks to have a little brat in his hands, not a young duke. Paole is not a noble man, but he has his principles; he likes men, and I have the impression that he like very young men, but he accepts their attentions only when they are given freely: being Paole an handsome man, and having very useful knowledge, when he is travelling from town to town, he is not against the idea to accept a different sort of payment for his services from the young men he meets.

Yveni doesn't know what to think of Paole; at first he sees him like a profiter, but more time he spends with him, more he is attracted by the older man. Yveni is very young, and he is very innocent, he was never awaken to sexual desires before; maybe he is attracted by Paole only due to the fact that Paole is there when Yveni starts to wonder about his sexuality, or maybe Yveni starts to feel something since Paole is the right object of his desires, and he has never before met someone else he was attracted to. Anyway there is a bit of sex in the story, but not so much, it's more a question of feelings and how to deal with them. The problem is not much that Yveni is attracted by Paole (it's not exactly explained, but I believe that in this fantasy world homosexuality is not common but not illegal), but more that Yveni is a Duke and he needs to marry to have an heir. And maybe another problem is that Paole, in their relationship, is the top dog, and being only a "consort" to Yveni is not enough for him: Paole is tired to be a "slave", he finally has the freedom he always wished, and now it's not simple to loose it to be again the "property" of someone else, if if this time it's a love bond.

I like how both characters change during the story, at first both of them are quite the imperfect heroes, one, Yveni, a spoiled brat, the other, Paole, a man who seems unable to have real feelings. The story is very long, also in a time space parameter, it lasts two years in the life of the characters, and so it's only right that they change during it. For Yveni it's also a natural change, he passes from being a teenager to being a man, and instead for Paole it's more a thing to understand what is really important in life.

Amazon: Many Roads Home

Amazon Kindle: Many Roads Home

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Happy Ending is set in the same East Coast small town, Smithfield, like Gobsmacked, and has some traits in common with it, but it’s an independent story.

The feeling of a “familiar” story, the little town where everyone knows everyone else, the gay characters that yes, maybe have some trouble, but more or less are living like ordinary people among the small community, those are the traits in common. Other than that, David and Seth are two completely different characters from Tony and Mark.

Seth is a 36 years old business man, and truth be told, neither so nice. His sister Nikki died leaving him the sole relative of a six years old baby girl, Molly, and Seth is not sure what to do with her. Seth is used to deal with construction workers and budgets and due lines, not with barbies and little pony, all in shades of pink and purple. The new turn in his life also cost him his in live partner, Quinn, who packed and moved in Florida; I have the feeling that Seth misses more Quinn’s cooking abilities than the partner though.

From what I gathered, Seth is a creature of habit who doesn’t like change; for this simple reason it's never passed on his mind to cheat on Quinn, not since he loved the man, but since he was not interested in looking around. When Quinn is out of the picture Seth, after a short period of mourning, starts to notice again the dating world around him, and his eyes focus on David. Not that it’s so difficult, in a small town like Smithfield David works three jobs, and all of them are somewhat involved with Seth: he is a masseur in the spa where Seth goes once a week; he is a waiter in the pub Seth frequents more than once a week; and finally he is a young adult writer and Seth has a six years old girl who reads his books.

But David is not Seth’s type, or so he thinks. First he is way to younger, 10 years; second, he is not on the same level of Seth, he has no steady job, he is the picture on unsteadiness; third, with his long black hair, piercings and tattoo, he is not the man Seth would picture on his side, even less now that he is the parent of a child. But one thing is thinking it and another thing is to convince his body that he doesn’t like David. David on the other hand, after the initial usual misunderstanding, seems more than willing to deepen their acquaintance, and the sex is great, easy and without second thought regrets.

As before, the story is good, the drama and angst is there, but like the small town in which the story is set, also the drama is small, not so overtly imposing to overcome the romance. All in all, everything is near, even the solution and the answers to all the questions. Happy Ending, like Gobsmacked, is a little and nice story, with an homey flavour.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Happy Ending (Men of Smithfield)

Series: Men of Smithfield
1) Gobsmacked:
2) Happy Ending

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Passion by M.L. Rhodes

This is a spin off story from a previous book by the same author, The Elf and the Shoemaker. Robert is the customer who bough the little bottle of passion oil in Logan's shop, but Passion is not a fantasy tale like the other one.

Robert is a forty years old successful business man who starts to realize that he has nothing of really serious in his life. Truth, he has his multi-millionaire business, a beautiful home and a sporty car, but he is alone. He has even tried to make a move on Logan, but we read in the previous book that the man just started his relationship with the elf, and so he brushed off Robert, even if in a gentle way. Actually I was quite sad for Robert since he was a really sweet guy. One of the most interesting scene in the book, is reading the same scene again, this time from Robert's point of view. Robert bought also one of the magic bottle of Passion oil, and after using a bit of it on himself, he goes to his usual friday pub, and as always he is pining after Jesse, the handsome bartender. Jesse has never left Robert believe that he could be interested, and actually Robert thinks the man to be straight. But this night the weather helps him and conjures to make them spend more time together.

Robert confirms to be a sweet guy, not at all the cold businessman; there is no actually any drama in his past life if not unfortunately the usual rejection from a too strict family, but probably Robert spent too time building his firm and not enough caring for his personal life. Now he is in that moment of his life when, if he doesn't do something really soon, he could end with a lonely, even if comfortable, old age... and he doesn't want that. But Robert is not desperate, he is not willing to pick up the first man only to fill a void in his life.

On the other hand Jesse is recovering from a tragic past and from a sense of guilty that is eating him alive. But he has eyes, and he saw Robert from the first time he entered the pub; and now months after maybe his sense of guilty is a little dumped down, and he is ready to let the man nearer than before. But Jesse, even if obviously the stronger in body, and probably the leading man in the relationship, is also skittish like a wild horse, and maybe Robert, with his quite aplomb and his serene behavior is the right man to approach him.

I like the story, even if it's not so long, neither in page or time: it spans only some hours in Robert and Jesse's life, but they are intense hours, and overall, it's a real romantic story.

Amazon Kindle: Passion

Satisfaction by M.L. Rhodes

Satisfaction continues where Passion ended: Jesse and Robert, five months later are living together, but unfortunately it's not exactly an happily ever after. Satisfaction is a clear example of a romance where reality makes its appearance: love not always is the answer to all the questions.

And so, even if he is in love with Jesse, Robert is not ready to change completely his life. As before, his work, his business, seems the more important thing in his life rather than his lover. Robert is often out of town, and Jesse is regretting the choice to move in with him: as he said at one point, at least before he was living with a girl best friend, and if he was alone at night, it was his own choice; plus he hadn’t had the chance to savour a different life, one shared with a loved one, and so he didn’t miss it. Now being alone is even worst, since Jesse knows that he loves Robert, and would like to be with him always and forever. But as I said before, love is not the only answer.

The author chooses to give a reason more for Robert’s unrequited behaviour, not only the abandonment from his family. Robert is avoiding staying put too long in a place since he fears to loose it; not having strong bond with something, makes it easier to renounce to it when he will loose it. Even if not consciously, Robert is not convinced that his love story with Jesse will last, and so he is avoiding getting “comfortable” with it.

On the other hand, Jesse has quite a lot of reason to be upset, but, truth be told, sometime I think that he should be more supporting of Robert. It’s not like they are living together for years and Robert has always deserted him; it’s only five months, and Robert is asking a delay only since the economy is risky. True, Robert is asking that having a hidden agenda, an agenda that maybe he doesn’t even realize to have, but neither Jesse. I think that, in this case, the difference in age between Robert and Jesse is quite clear; Jesse has not yet fully developed an emotional independence that allows him to be sure of Robert’s love.

Anyway, Satisfaction is a good dose of reality on the big romance that was Passion, but it’s not too much to ruin the romance itself, it only helps it to be more near to the ordinary lives of the readers, where not all is love and flowers.

Amazon Kindle: Satisfaction (print book)

Amazon: Passion & Satisfaction

1) The Elf and Shoemaker:
2) Passion
3) Satisfaction

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Rase Illion is a forthy something (maybe fifty) multimillionaire business man. He has not made his fortune, he has inherited it, but he was very good in manage and multiple the millions. A friendly ex wife, a son in college, a new trophy wife, he should be the happiest man, and instead he is living an half-life. He always had an inferiority complex with his father, he was never the son his father wanted him to be. First of all he was gay and second he liked to be dominate; when his father discovered it, in the worst way after he finished in hospital due to a too rough scene, Rase again tried to be the perfect son. He married, he had a son to perpetuate the family name, he took care of business family... for thirty years he tried and he was never good enough. Then his father died without giving to Rase the acceptance he craved, and five years later Rase is still in a limbo, not yet realizing that he finally can be what he wants.

Gabriel is a young lawyer who lost his work; he makes both ends meet as stockboy for Race's firm and he draws Race's attention when he is found with a pair of cuffs in his pocket. When Rase goes to him in search of relief, Gabriel thinks the man is like all the others, men who believes to buy him, and he unloads on Rase all his hunger. Rase takes all and ask for more; only one night with Gabriel is enough to trigger a series of events that will change Rase's life.

Rase's character is pretty good developed. We know why he acts like he does and what are the reasons for his insecurity and desperate need of love. Even if I can't relate with his need to be hurt, and badly hurt, it's probably something linked with his relationship with his father, some unanswered questions he needs to close like that. Rase is lucky to find someone like Gabriel, someone that care for him enough to hurt him physically, but not to hurt him emotionally.

Gabriel is a strange and interesting character. He is not a main hero in the story, the story is almost all about Rase. And so we have some bits of information on Gabriel, but not all his story. Why he is without work? What happened in his past? Was he really a whore, as he called himself, or was it a metaphoric expression? Why he wanders around with a pair of cuffs in the pocket?

For how much strange it can be sound, I found Uneven a really tender story. Rase is a very good man, someone easily to hurt in his feelings (it's too simple to hurt him in body, he asks for it) and Gabriel seems to understand it, and even before deciding if he wants or not a relationship with the man, he tries to be careful and not to hurt him.

The sex is good, a bit "hard", with a lot of masochism play, so maybe not for all, but as I said before, in someway it's a caring love.

Amazon: Uneven

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This book is different from the usual novels I was used to read by this author. First, it's shorter, a novella instead of a long novel; and second it has a bittersweet undertone that runs throughout from beginning to end, something that makes the novella less lighter, not sad, on the contrary there is even sometime when a smile spontaneously blossom on your face, but it's not a full laughter, it's more a warm slight rise up of the corner of the mouth. The main theme of the book is the research of the perfect blue, the same blue you can see in the inside of the flames, something you don't expect to see among all those reds; it's the same perfect blue of a mountain lake, and like the mountain lake, the book transpire peace and comfort, more than thrill and chaos, like the mountain streams that suddenly die in the peaceful water of the lake. The story is like that, a sudden moment of peace among the chaos that is the life of both characters.

Adam is a firefighter and he saves Jared from the fire that destroys his house. He is not able to save also the house, he is impotent since a big fire is roaring around and they are out of water. In a way, the impotence Adam is feeling is not heightened by Jared's reaction to the loss of his house: Jared is like fallen into a trance, in few words he explains to Adam that the house was the last project of his husband, a famous architecture, and losing the house is like losing once again his husband, died few months ago of cancer.

As easily as the water flows, the story moves up of some weeks, and we find Adam visiting Jared in a private clinic; Jared is depressed and he has not found a reason to come out of his trance. Adam understands that Jared needs a shock, and practically forces the man to come with him in Colorado, in the mountain cabin his family own there. The main reason is to show Jared the mountain lake with the perfect blue water the same color apparently Jared is searching. The real reason is that Adam is fallen in love with the man and wants to shake him off from the prison of his memories.

Even if Adam has all the good intentions of this life, unfortunately he is not doing the right thing. Jared fell in love with his very much older husband when he was still a teenager, and from that moment on he lived in the shadow of the bigger than life man beside him. Even if Jared was talented, his light was obscured by his husband's genius and little by little, Jared disappeared. When his husband died, apparently also Jared died. The fire was not a trauma, probably instead was a way to freedom. Inside the fire and in the eyes of the man who saved him, Jared finds something that pushed him a little more out from his self-imposed prison. The journey in Colorado helped some more, but if Jared accepts the love offered by Adam, it would be only like falling in another prison: where his husband was older and genius, Adam is younger and full of life, but both of them are men that can obscure Jared if he first doesn't find his way in the world. To be happy with Adam, Jared has to finish his growing process, the one that was interrupted by his husband when he took Jared with him. Even if Jared is 37 years old, he is still more or less a teenager if compared to Adam.

Amazon Kindle: Blue Fire

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Cover Art by Anne Cain
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This one was a certain to-buy-book: first it's a may/december relationship and I love it, second it's a Loose Id LGBT book and with rare exception I buy all of them (but this doesn't mean that I read all of them...), third it has a young character, probably virgin, and I'm very naughty about it... Plus, and I'm sincere about that, after deciding that I would buy it, I discovered that it was the first book of one of my LJ friends (I recognized the cover) and so one more reason, since I followed all the gestation (how I missed that it would be out with Loose Id, I don't know, but my brain sometime lose a chip here and there).

When I first opened it, thinking to read it on a session before sleep, I had a little surprise: it was 300 pages long, no way I could read it in one night. And another concern was: it is enough good to keep my attention for so much pages? The answer is yes: the book is funny and compelling and if not for my body need of sleeping, I wouldn't put it down till the end. But as soon as I had the time to end it, it was my first thing in the to do list!

Tristan is a 19 years old horny guy... well, poor boy, horny maybe is a strong word, but it's exactly what he is. At fourteen years old Tristan was wondering if he liked girls or boys, but since he was a very cute boy, and girls are smarter then boys at that age, all the girls around caught him before he was able to catch a boy. And so for the next five years Tristan enjoyed the life and the girls... but now he is arrived at a point where he is able to discern, and sexual release is not the only thing he wants. He is finally ready to admit that he is attracted by men, and a man he wants... being around all that girls has taught him a lot of things, above all that the better place to drag is a bookstore. And since he wants to draw a man, what better place that the gay section?

On his very first expedition, Tristan gets lucky... maybe... since the man he hooks up is Officer Michael Truax, the young cop who patrols the neighbor and that always preaches him about being a good boy. But Michael is also a very sexy guy, 27 years old and friendly when he is not on duty. Soon Tristan is ready to forget that Michael is a cop, to enjoy the fact that he is a gay man willing to teach him a thing or two on how it should be the life of a healthy gay man. What it starts like a funny thing soon becomes the real thing, and Tristan has to decide if he is ready for it: no doubt that he is in love with the man, but he is still a 19 years old boy at his very first experience on the "dark" side... maybe he needs to consider other ways, before setting for true?

In this book there is the right dose of awareness that being a gay man today is not always simple, but luckily our two characters don't fight too much to find their way in the world; reality is there, right behind them, and sometime it makes its appearance, but all in all, it leaves them free to enjoy their love.

Michael is a very nice character. Strong, good, tender and caring... and wealthy! A good son, loving with his mother, and a good boy, always ready to offer an hand or an ear. Maybe he is not a man easy to fire up, but he is always "warm"; and he has passion inside: he doesn't deny his desires and his needs; he was attracted to Tristan since the guy was 17 years old but obviously he has never act on his passion since the moment the boy is legal and willing; but as soon as he understands that the boy is ready to be pick up, he is there in front line: no regrets on being too old or on gives him space to test his newfound sexuality, if someone needs to teach something to Tristan, it will be him.

Tristan is a joy to read. He is funny, sweet and sexy. He is clearly a boy with a great spirit and a loving family behind him. He was raised in good way, and he has strong values; he knows what is right and what is wrong; life maybe has put him in front of some obstacles (he lost his father 2 years before), but all in all he walks in steady grounds. And so he can enjoy life, and makes enjoy it also to you, with a freedom that is refreshening.

The story of Michael and Tristan is funny and sexy. There is a lot of sex, but it's always light and not angst: it is almost like you savor it with the same joy and sense of discovery that is of Tristan.

Amazon: Crossing Borders
Amazon Kindle: Crossing Borders
Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC (September 8, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1596327839
ISBN-13: 978-1596327832

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Cover Art by Anne Cain
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When I read a story like this, I always wonder if really in the world there are still places where a wandering boy can find shelter in an isolated cabin inhabited by a grumpy but gentle man, and be happy. Places where nature is still the Lady of all, and the nearer town is miles away, and so a mourning soul can find peace. Places where, if you want, you can live of little, harvesting almost all you need. This is the place told in Wild Raspberries, and it's a nice place.

Dan is a runaway boy. Small town raised and too soon without the gentle touch of a mom, when his father found about him being gay, Dan runs away, not bearing the hard words of the man. This is a thing that Dan does a little too often, running away when there is an argument, instead of having the courage to stand his position. But Dan is young, barely twenty, and maybe he needs to grew a bit more. Avoiding greater trouble, but still not going out without scratches, Dan arrives near Tyler's cabin.

Tyler is a scarred man, if not in body, in soul, and he searches solace in the loneliness of the nature. But even if as a former soldier, he has done things that still haunt him, he is not a bad man, and seeing a boy in need and not helping him is impossible. But at 34 years old, Tyler is convinced that he can avoid to become involved with a too young man,

For the first time Dan is around a man, a real man, who makes him feel good. There is not shame around Tyler, Dan can be bratty and free, he can flirt and play, and receive strokes and not slaps. Oh yes, Dan is a teaser, and with his teasing he forces Tyler to going out from his isolation. Even if both realize that, in normal circumstances, probably they are not made for each other, there in the isolated cabin, they are very good together. Tyler instills a bit of trust in Dan, drop by drop, and Dan gives back a bit of joy to Tyler. If only the outside world would not interfere.

The story is sweet and romantic, and also in some points, funny. And then I have always had an inclination for the May / December relationship: there is something refreshing in a young man who can have a skilled hand to accompanying him step by step into the adulthood. And even if Tyler growls and snarls, he never bites (if not as foreplay...).

Amazon: Wild Raspberries
Amazon Kindle: Wild Raspberries
Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Torquere Press (August 5, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1603703209
ISBN-13: 978-1603703208

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