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I have always been more an historical or contemporary kind of reader, but sometime I don't mind a paranormal here or there; true, I'm not really a fan of the big paranormal novel, special effects and all, I prefer ordinary story, and so a novel about house cat shifters was up my alley. Trouble Comes in Threes is about Dolf and Tal, a black and white domestic cats who are already mated to each other, but their Goddess decides to give them another mate, a human, that is, more or less, in the middle between them: Dolf is an Alpha male, the future leader of their clowder, Tal is an Omega male, gentle and kind, and sometime he is not able to meet Dolf's needs of dominance; at the same time, Tal is also a male, and so he has needs Dolf, a full dominant, isn't able to fullfill.

It was nice to see the three of them interact; Kirk, the human mate, was indeed perfect, a mix of strenghtness in body and gentleness in soul, a flavor for kinky that can match Dolf's desires, but also a willingness to submit, that makes him the perfect companion for someone like Tal, who isn't Dominant at all, but needs to dominate sometime; a stronger man wouldn't do, cause Tal needs to feel like he can be the leader sometime.

It wasn't a complex plot, and in a way, I enjoyed more when the plot was even more simple, just the three of them in the remote cabin of Kirk, but even when they joined Tal and Dolf's clowder, the mood was mostly homemade. As I said, I prefer a paranormal novel which is more ordinary than extraordinary, and so this one was fitting my needs.

Paperback: 234 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 29, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1632165503
ISBN-13: 978-1632165503
Amazon: Trouble Comes in Threes
Amazon Kindle: Trouble Comes in Threes

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Second Change Sam won a Rainbow Award as Best Erotic Romance, and indeed the erotic side of the novel has a lion share on the whole, but it's not all. The character of Tristan, a young man with an abusive recent past who is scared the sin of the father will loom upon the son, was quite nice; moreover, the toppy attitude, so clear since he was 6 years old, paired with a bottom preference was cute as well. The mix of drama and cute was strange but well melted in an unique layer. His boyfriend Cory, the silent but strong type, not an hero but an ordinary guy with a tendency to be the protector without any dominant side, was again, original and complex. For both of them, I like the idea they fell in love at 6 years old, already so clear in their mind they liked boys and not girls, so natural and not forced. Cory's mother didn't oppose to his budding sexuality, and so Cory grew up gay and comfortable with that; an utopia most of the time, but not something unheard of.

The plot concentrated on Cory and Tristan as college student, with only the prologue showing how they met in first grade; what happened in between is only told in flashback, but I think there was material there for a whole book; in a way, Second Chance Sam seemed like a second book in a series, good and standalone, but the "other" book seemed good as well.

Another original character was Sam, probably one of the very true bisexual characters I met in a Gay Romance; Sam is a good man, big heart on a big body, clever even if not of the "college" breed from where both Cory and Tristan come from. But that is not a derogative trait for him, Sam has his own business, true, he works with his hands more than his mind, but nevertheless, he is a professional, and above all, someone who loves his work.

Paperback: 210 pages
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC (November 16, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1623005728
ISBN-13: 978-1623005726
Amazon: Second Chance Sam
Amazon Kindle: Second Chance Sam

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I have never liked much ménages a trois, so maybe I had some prejudices starting this novel, but I have to say the author managed to convince me this triangle was not only possible, but even satisfying for all men involved.

Josiah and Mateo, just one year apart from each other, met while in the same foster home: Josiah the good guy, but painfully shy, already aware of being gay, but with absolutely no courage of admitting it; Mateo, the bad boy, from the wrong side of town, waiting to be of age to go back to the gang his father was leading and that he was supposed to replace. Nothing seems to link them if not they are both orphans and gay, and with an emptiness that, to their young age, seems possible to fulfill only being together, their two alone against the world.

But of course it is not so easy to let behind your past, and they need a mainstay, someone like Tristan; even if no one would say Mateo needs protection, I had the feeling Tristan wanted to expiate his supposed past crimes taking care not only of Josiah but also Mateo. Taking care of Josiah is easy, he is like a puppy, someone who looks at you with hope in his eyes, so much that it’s impossible to say no. But Mateo is like a stray dog, someone who doesn’t look you cause he doesn’t want to trust again for the fear of being betrayed again; but like a stray dog, if you manage to convince him you are worthy of his love, he will repay you with ten thousand more love back.

This is an erotic romance, and as such, the sex scenes are a good share, and an important element of the story. Said that, it’s also important to notice that there is a story indeed beyond that, and this is what I appreciate more.

Publisher: Riley Hart (February 2, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Broken Pieces

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I have often said sci-fi or fantasy is not my strength, but now I’m also wondering if I haven’t missed some basic knowledge: is there some sci-fi tradition about feline-like aliens abducting men/women? That is cause Wishes is at least the fourth series I read with the same theme from different authors, and while two could have been a coincidence, 4 is really becoming a tradition.

Auri is the lieutenant of a terrain spaceshift who is basically sold into slavery without him being aware of that. Kanar, the king of Felinians, recognizes in Auri one of his mates (he has already three and was told by an oracle he will have a fourth) and agrees to a commercial agreement with Earth only if their ambassadors give him Auri. Yes, you have it right, not only Auri is not willing, he is also basically abducted, and the first mating with Kanar is not consensual. It was quite difficult for me to accept this development of the story, even if, indeed, it was more coherent with the mood of the story of, let’s say, a fake courtship with Auri arriving to understand how lucky he was.

The author was very true to her story and development, the Felinians have a polyamory society, Kanar has, with Auri, four mates and he basically divides his time among them, with nights where they have one-to-one meetings, and other where they have ménages a trois; when I arrive to this point of the story, I understood the comment of one of the mates that 4 was a good number, it basically meant no one feels excluded when it’s his night “off”.

I felt like the same issues I had in accepting this society were reflected in Auri: he had to adapt to it, overcoming his beliefs of what a “normal” relationship should be. At the end of the story, I cannot really say if Auri’s, and mine’s, ideas are right or wrong, it’s all a matter of perspective, in Kanar’s society, what they are doing is the common behavior, and the merit of the author is to make it plausible.

Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: Etopia Press (November 19, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939194237
ISBN-13: 978-1939194237
Amazon: Wishes
Amazon Kindle: Wishes

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This is a free story on the author’s website, so I strongly recommend you to give it a try, cause, a real novella completely free? What is there not to like? Moreover if you add to it the fact that this is a good start knowing a new author.

I have this imagine in mind of Byron, good-looking, not really a jock, but with enough body built to appear masculine, and then, surprise, he likes to cross-dress, even if cross-dressing is limited to the underwear.

The day Byron finally admits to himself he is gay, is also the day he is kicked out of home by his homophobic father, and is also the day he is almost raped and risks his life in a car accident. And the day when he meets his own personal angel, in the guise of Cobin, the emergency doctor patching him up and offering shelter.

Cobin seems the perfect dream-comes-true prospect boyfriend, if not for the little detail of Nathan (that indeed is not so little), currently Cobin’s best friend, but to everyone, Byron included, is perfectly clear that Cobin and Nathan are destined together, and who is Byron to break that perfect picture? From Nathan’s friends and colleagues to Cobin’s family, everyone is only waiting for the two guys to open their eyes and get together, and Byron decides to play Cupid. Problem is that playing that game most likely means losing his own heart.

The story is nice, maybe a little naïve sometime (what about the accident with a dead man outcome? Is it even possible that police don’t investigate?), but with a lot of potential. With just a little bit at the beginning explaining Byron’s path to admitting he is gay, and a little bit at the end, to tighten the bond of the newfound romance, this could even be a full novel length story.


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The first thing I noticed of this book was how sexy the cover was. When I was browsing the author’s website, I read how the author’s mother was reading this novel (in print) in a doctor’s waiting room, and some other lady commented on the cover and she proudly said it was her son’s novel. I thought that was sweet but I also thought how daring! With that very sexy, and very male on male cover. Good for her and good for her son to have such a mother. In any case I had the feeling this novel was pushing the boundaries of erotica, and that was a wrong impression. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there is sex in the story, and it’s a ménages a trois, already a daring subject per se, but sincerely the erotica part of the story is not the main purpose of the novel.

We have three men, long term couple Justin and Spencer, and third man Dutch. Already like that it doesn’t sound good for Dutch, moreover if you considered that Justin was cheating on Spencer; and even if, in the end, he broke with Dutch to be faithful to Spencer, considering the fact that Spencer is HIV positive since his previous boyfriend cheated on him, it doesn’t look good for Justin. The fact is that, for how much I wanted to hate Justin, or Dutch, or even Spencer, I didn’t find a good reason for doing so. And truth be told, while Justin is the cheating man, I found that also Spencer had his own faults, above all not being able to be totally open with Justin, he still maintain a layer of protection around his heart. Dutch on the other hand is totally bared, at the third bad breakup, and not able to bear one more. If I have to be sincere, of all of them, I have probably a soft spot for Dutch, he seemed to be the more fragile.

The narrative style is quite complex, alternating chapters of flashbacks and present day, and basically they are two novel in one: how Spencer and Justin met, and what happened after the initially happily ever after (that in the end was not so “happily”). What I liked is that, indeed, it described something real, ordinary: it’s not that Spencer and Justin not love each other anymore, but they need to learn how to live together, matching needs and desires, career and relationship.

Amazon: 3
Amazon Kindle: 3
Paperback: 340 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 15, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613727739
ISBN-13: 978-1613727737

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I read a warning about this novel in another review saying “if you are not a lover of M/M novel, steer away from this one”… I think I should counter this warning with this one “if you ARE a lover of “traditional” M/M novel, steer away from this one”, since Dark Soul series is far, far away from you traditional M/M pairing, so much that, I would probably remove the M/M tag for it; maybe bisexual, more probably gender bending, but M/M is too constrictive.

The story is for sure engaging and adrenalinic; you have no time to take a breath and your characters are moving so much, and developing so deeply, that you can say they are completely different people at the end, especially Stefano. I think his development surprise the reader as much as the character himself. Probably the feeling of being fast paced is due to the fact this is actually a collection of stories, and so it’s like being on a rollercoast, up to the apex, down to the final and again up as soon as the second story starts and then again and again.

Another element adding to the fast-pacing component is the multi-country setting, many countries will enter the set, some of them lived by the characters, some of them part of their culture.

This is not a story about two men, Silvio and Stefano; for sure you need to add in the mix Donata, Stefano’s wife, and I arise to the level of main character also Battista, he is like a puppeteer, and for that he is as important as the other.

Sincerely I’m not sure what has to be my advice to who is not reading the collection but the separate stories; I enjoyed having the chance to read them all, and my perception of the whole story is different due to that. I suppose you can read and enjoy them also as standalone, not knowing what will be the final closure for these characters, as I said, apex and downfall for each story is enclosed in them, but my suggestion is to give a shot to the entire collection if you have the chance.

Amazon: Dark Soul Collection
Amazon Kindle: Dark Soul (Vol 1)
Amazon Kindle: Dark Soul (Vol 2)
Amazon Kindle: Dark Soul (Vol 3)
Amazon Kindle: Dark Soul (Vol 4)
Amazon Kindle: Dark Soul (Vol 5)
Paperback: 286 pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (December 12, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937551318
ISBN-13: 978-1937551315

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More light than the previous books in this series, mostly since the story is mainly set in an isolated lodge in the forest giving the characters more freedom, it follows the same trend of mixing together strong and domineering men with more gentle and kind companions. Peter is the captain of Duke Logan; in a previous book Logan and Drake, a pair, shared their bed with Peter, but Peter is bisexual, and he is in love with his wife, and so that was only a passing fling. Unfortunately Peter’s wife dies in childbirth, and Peter convinced himself it was the punishment for his sin. Despite this, when Logan sends him to Marsden Lodge, an hunting lodge in the northern border of his dukedom, Peter falls in lust (not love) with Arvel, the deaf mute caretaker of the place. Arvel is petite and pretty like a forest fairy (no pun intended), with big lavender eyes and long red hair; he would have not survived the harsh life of a medieval village if not for the help of Gareth, a big and burly mercenary that between hirings comes back to Arvel and helps him. That of Arvel with Gareth is love, but Arvel is really like a forest creature, welcoming and friendly with everyone who shares with him a kind spirit. And so Arvel welcome Peter not only inside the lodge, but also in his bed. And when Gareth comes back to him as usual, Arvel wants for Gareth and Peter to be lover like he is with Gareth. Everything is perfect if not that Peter understands his relationship with Arvel, or even the one he will build with Gareth, is not love; this will be righted by him meeting with Caelin, a young man who destined to priesthood, was shunned due to his sin of homosexuality.

Silent Lodge is an erotic tale, the various relationship in this tale, between Logan, Drake and Peter, between Peter, Arvel and Gareth, and between Peter and Caelin, are built upon sex, and only in some cases they developed in love. But the sex is without regret, especially when there is the chance to deepen the relationship beyond a simple escapade. These men don’t consider what they are doing a sin, because they are not harming anyone; this is even more evident due to the isolation of the lodge: who can be affected by their actions if no one is aware of what they are doing? Basically the sin is only that since people, and not God, stated it.

Amazon: Silent Lodge
Amazon Kindle: Silent Lodge
Paperback: 290 pages
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC (November 25, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1607377403
ISBN-13: 978-1607377405

Series: In the Company of Men
1) The Mercenary's Tale:
2) Jackson’s Pride:
3) Baymore's Heir:
4) Silent Lodge

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Cover Art by Christine M. Griffin
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A sweet fantasy romance, to a level that it could have been a young adult story, it tells the adventures of Guylian, a boy who is apprenticing with Macati, a young mage. Guylian is already 20 years old, but he looks and behaves like a younger man, whereelse Macati has still the joyfulness of being young, even if he is an experienced mage.

This is a full 100% fantasy tale, set in a like-medieval setting, but all in all, it’s a simple environment, so simple that let the reader concentrate on the characters. It’s also very sweet, and even if there is a romance in it, with quite a kinky development, all the sexual interactions between the main characters are limited to some kisses and love words.

Macati is living at the border of a small village, and even if there is magic in this fantasy world, the life is pretty ordinary, a baker, a tavern, a blacksmith, a vinery, all the possible medieval trades you can imagine, only that their business is assisted by Macati’s magic, a magic that is not dangerous, but useful. This magic is not used for evil purposes, but to make life simplier; it’s a magic which takes inspiration by natural processes, and as such, it creates but doesn’t destroy.

I’m really enjoying the production of Less Than Three Press, I’m surprise this small press doesn’t have a bigger following, since from what I can see, their novels are really high in quality, and very, very romantic.

Amazon: Living Words
Amazon Kindle: Living Words
Paperback: 254 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (October 11, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936202042
ISBN-13: 978-1936202041

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Again I had the feeling that G.A. Hauser “matured” with this novel, or maybe she decided that she doesn’t care of what people think romance should be and she wrote what she likes. Jean is a modern Alice in the Wonderland who falls into a hole, figuratively speaking but also for real; when he enters D&D’s tattoo shop, what he thinks he wants is a small tattoo in a place no one will see, especially now that Jean is single and without prospect partners around; what he finds are two hot men plus one to spare who are more than ready to show Jean a completely different world.

Harry, the shop owner, is 29 years old, very handsome and a little brooding; he had a very bad experience in the past and now he is very careful to give his heart. Clyde, Harry’s adoptive brother, his 39 years old, wanna-be porn star, and as open as Harry is closed; Clyde is very possessive of Harry and not in a brotherly way, and where I know I shouldn’t like his character, he is yes possessive but also obsessive, I think he is the more fragile of the two. Clyde helped Harry when he was down, but at the time Harry was only a teenager, now instead he is a grown man, and he grew stronger and steadier than Clyde. The spare guy is Sam, who joins Clyde and Harry when they want to play, and the new play thing is Jean.

There is a lot of sex, down and dirty sex, a little on the BDSM side, but mostly for the fun not as life choice. Jean at first has this idea of romance, made of courtship and bed of roses, and instead he finds immediate sex and satisfaction and a dungeon to play… the guy is fast to change is idea and to understand that this is his chance and he hasn’t to let it go. Champagne and roses can wait, in the meantime he will enjoy the immediate gratification.

The story is more complex than the sex, the one between Harry and Jean is the easier relationship, what gives complexity to the plot is the bond between Harry and Clyde, made of love and hate, tenderness and irritation. It’s strange since it’s Clyde that pushes Harry to let it go with Jean, but then he is the first to try to stop him when things get serious, like he wasn’t expecting for Harry to follow his push.

G.A. Hauser are not romance for all, but if you manage to enter her world made of real gay men, every novel is a discovery.

Amazon: Down and Dirty
Amazon Kindle: Down and Dirty
Paperback: 258 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (August 18, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 146351073X
ISBN-13: 978-1463510732

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I knew Kari Gregg as an author before reading this book and I knew she likes her submissive to be VERY submissive and her Dominant to have a protective streak. In a near future, a genetic mutation whose purpose was to inhibit aggression had instead highlighted the Dominant side of most, men and women alike. But among them there are some anomalies, 1 out of 1000, who instead have become more submissive, wanting the touch of a Dominant lover, better craving it. Connor is one of them, and IT director who already before the mutation was a kind and nice guy, but now he is like honey for the bears. When the change happened, Connor was in a relationship, but his partner became aggressive, so aggressive that he had to me forcedly removed from Connor and not the poor guy is without a Master, i.e. prey to everyone who is daring enough to claim him. David, Connor’s CEO on the firm, understands that he is in danger and decides to temporarily claim him, until he will be able to find a suitable Master. David is straight, soon to be married to Hannah, and even if he is attracted to Connor, he cannot be what Connor’s need. Problem is that, to David’s eyes, Emmett, the right Master, is not good enough for his precious Connor, not until the time Emmett will not prove to David to be worth of Connor, and to do that he has to court Connor, to cherish and protect him like David is doing. Between them Connor is not able to think straight (no pun intended), David is a safe shelter, warm and comfort, but Emmett is like a volcano, hot and sexy. If only he could have both their qualities in one package…

To the more skittish readers, I have to give a warning, Connor is not playing to be a submissive, he is a submissive; after the mutation Connor has feeble memories of the independent man he was before, he knows he was someone different, and that is the reason why I approve of David’s attempts to recreate a safe haven where Connor can thrive, but Connor cannot live alone; Connor needs a Master to live, he needs to be said what to do, how to do and when to do everything, from the simple shower to eating to working. Approaching this story, readers have to try to think like Connor, to live in the body of a “prey” since to the 1000 Dominants out there he is the only 1 submissive available, and so he is a coveted prize.

There is some sex, not as much as you could imagine, and to some level, there is some non-con sex, or at least, sex that at the beginning needed a little convincement. Plus David and Emmett, with their bartering and fighting sometime forget that Connor is there and maybe he needs them; sure none of them want to hurt Connor, but sometime they don’t realize it.

Amazon Kindle: Collared
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (November 26, 2011)

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Cover Art by Petite-Madame VonApple
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Aislinn Kerry builds a future possible world where clones are common occurrences, arriving to have women “bear” their own clone instead of risking to have a child with a stranger. Adrien and Cristian’s case is not the same, being Cristian only few years younger than Adrien, but they grew completely apart from each other, Adrien in the US, the son of show business people and becoming himself an actor, and Cristian in rural Spain where he is now the owner of a B&B. I don’t know if the author wanted to make a statement about human genetics and homosexuality, since she really didn’t highlight it too much, but both Adrien than Cristian are gay, even if their upbringing was completely different.

Adrien doesn’t know about Cristian, while instead Cristian knows about the actor, and every step in his life is conditioned by that knowledge. Cristian has a mix of love and hate for Adrien, he cannot really hate him since he knows about their connection, but loving him is not either possible, being Adrien out of reach. But when Adrien knocks at his door, that is Cristian’s chance to complete his life since until that moment a piece was missing, the other half of himself. Cristian is in a relationship with Felix, and Felix will work us conduct between Adrien and Cristian, through the sharing of a partner, Adrien and Cristian will be able to reconnect.

I think many could find odd, if not even too kinky, for a man to have a sexual relationship with his clone, but for me is at the same level of a woman who decides to give birth to her own clone, it’s all a question of biology more than morality. In a way the author lets understand the reader she is not really fine with the idea of giving birth to your clone, but no prejudices is expressed for Adrien and Cristian’s sexual relationship, or at least I didn’t feel any.

Adrien, Cristian and Felix will build a perfect ménages, each of them completing or giving something one of the other two needs, something the other lover was not able to provide. Removing one of the three will unbalance the relationship, and so it’s essential for them to be together.

Aside from all the clone thing, the future world where Adrien, Cristian and Felix are living is pretty much the same as today, the issues Adrien is facing with his notoriety are exactly the same, the lack of privacy, the need to satisfy the public demand, and so on.

Amazon: Double Feature
Amazon Kindle: Double Feature
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (August 13, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1611249503
ISBN-13: 978-1611249507

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This is a funny romp but do not search a realistic story in here; unless you don’t compare it to some frat house type of story where the boys involved always try to prove that, under 21 years old you are really not an adult. Don't get mistaken by the cover, there is very little of innocence or naivete in this book.

Actually one of the four boys, Matt, is 22 years old, and then there is Jason, 19, Jamie, 17 and Alan, the narrative voice, 19. Alan doesn’t say much about how they are together, I did my own version, probably Matt found all three of them in different moment and they ended living together in Matt’s house. Since there is no parents in the picture, and apparently no one of them is working, actually Jamie is still going to high school, my idea is that Matt is a trust fund boy and he is maintaining all of them. If you are wondering how Jamie, that is underage, is allowed to live with them, add to the picture that Jason is a tech wizard and not they are “officially” brothers, even if nothing brotherly is happening between them. Matt, Alan, Jason and Jamie are in a foursome, and apparently it’s working really well, and that is the main incipit of each chapter, that is a single story of its own: Alan wants to prove to the reader how good they are together and how they can overcome all issues.

I have to say that some of the tricks they organize against people who did them wrong are really wicked, to a level that I almost felt pity for the object of their vengeance. Truth, it’s a backslash, they attack only when attacked, but nevertheless they are merciless. That is where the not-realistic side of the story comes into view, it feels a little impossible for them to not being questioned, but I don’t think realism was what the author was searching, this is a funny romp, and as such, it accomplishes its task.

Building the story in this way, each chapter a story of its own, allow the author to have an endlessly source of inspiration; Matt, Alan, Jason and Jamie’s story is not a circle that is closed with the last chapter, but it’s more like a series of vignettes, and if the author likes them, as I think, they are always there ready for more “devil” adventures.

Amazon Kindle: Just Don't Mess With Us: Family Matters
Publisher: Ormidon Publishing; 2.0 edition (May 1, 2011)

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I read a very limited number of M/M/F ménages a trois because usually I don’t like very much the female in the ménages. It’s not that I see her as an intruder, it’s more that she usually comes out as insipid in comparison to the two men. In Climbing the Ladder B.A. Tortuga solved this issue making Sammy not only an independent woman with a high executive career, but also as much as an Alpha as Mesa, the shapeshifter wolf who claims Sammy’s husband as his mate and as a corollary, also Sammy.

Kody was Mesa’s lover and best friend when they were puppies; but 2 years ago Kody left without much notice and now that Mesa is the Alpha pack, he wants back his mate. But Kody is now married to Sammy. Kody and Sammy’s marriage is not an ordinary one, actually Kody is way more a “wife” than Sammy; Sammy is the one who gains money and maintains their home, and Kody takes care of her and of that home. When Mesa comes to claim Kody, there is no question that Sammy would be able, and willing, to go over the break-up with Kody, but it comes out that she is the third in their mating, that Kody left right for the purpose to find her and bring her back to the pack and to their bond.

The story is very much about Sammy and the quest to make her sure of their bond. That is probably another reason why this ménages a trois works better than other I read, Sammy doesn’t disappear between Mesa and Kody, actually she is the center of their attention. She is probably even too strong, and if not for the reason that Kody is a mild and gentle man, their relationship would have probably already had trouble to work. But Kody is more than pleased to be the one taking care of both his mates.

Mesa plays accordingly to his role, he is an Alpha all around, few words, a lot of action, but also able to trust his mates when needed; they pretty much complete each other, I think Sammy is the mind, Mesa the body and Kody the heart.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Climbing the Ladder (Shifting Streams, Book One)
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC (October 16, 2011)

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This is only a short story, less than 20 pages, but it has definitely a plot being at the same time wickedly naughty; Gabriel and Sebastian are both chasing after Alejandro on the street of Madrid during the Carnival. They both arrived that day, summoned by Alejandro’s letter, brief but clear: “I'll be in Plaza Mayor. Catch me if you can. Get here first and I'm yours”. What Gabriel didn’t know accepting the invite is that Alejandro did the same with Sebastian.

Even if they are chasing the same man, I didn’t feel in Gabriel a real dislike for Sebastian, on the contrary, he seems almost fascinated by the other man, so much that sometime I had the feeling Gabriel would have liked to catch Sebastian as much as Alejandro. And so when Gabriel and Sebastian unite the strengths to become real hunters and not only toys in the hand of that little tart that is Alejandro, it was not a surprise.

When they will finally catch Alejandro, the young man win the lottery: two hot men all focused on him, with only one purpose in their mind, having their pleasure while at the same time bringing it to him as well. True, in the hand of lesser men, Alejandro would have been only an object of desire, but he has still an ace to play that will overturn the plates on the favour of all of them.

Good teaser that enticed me to search more from this author to test if she is able to make me smile as well with a long story as she did with this short one.

Amazon Kindle: The Game in Spain
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC (November 6, 2010)

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Threesome (Between a Fox and a Hard Place 1) by Misa Izanaki

In a futuristic world where shapeshifter are living among humans apparently without problem, Aoi is an elf, former whore and now stripper. He chose to leave his previous career after meeting Itsuki, a werefox, better a kitsune, a japan mythological figure, who can shift in a fox, but also when he is in human form he maintains the ears and the tail of a fox.

Itsuki is a big man with basic needs: eat and sex. All the world outside can fall down, but don't try to prevent him in pursuing his scope. Itsuki grew up in a very accepting and big family and so he has no problem to open his home (and bed) also to Aya. Aya is arrived searching his father and believing that Aoi was him. But the time weren't right, Aoi can't be Aya's father: true, he loved Aya's mother, but many years before Aya's birth.

Still, even if Aoi is not a fatherly figure, and he also doesn't want to be one, he feels responsible for the boy and decides to take him in. At first he doesn't think it will be a literally "taking", but more days pass and more the attraction between Aoi and Aya is strong, and since Itsuki is not against the idea to have two pretty boy as live in lovers... the duo becomes a threesome. All perfect until Aoi's family arrives to throw water on the fire.

This is the first chapter in a continuing series about the elf Aoi and his kitsune lover Itsuki. Misa Izanaki is not new to mingle Japan myths and western fantasies, I liked very much My One and Oni, and since that one was also longer, I felt it complete. In this case instead I'm happy to have just ready the second chapter to read, since many points are still open and I would haven't enough patience to wait to much.

Geas (Between a Fox and a Hard Place 2) by Misa Izanaki

Second chapter in the chaser series Between a Fox and a Hard Place. Aoi and Itsuki bring their new lover Aya to meet Itsuki's family: like their threesome, also Itsuki's parents are a trio, a male and female kitsune and a human male. They open their arms to Aya as they did before to Aoi and all seems perfect.

But Aoi's family is not still happy of Aoi's decision to not take the role of dragon guardian for his grandmother. And finds a pretty nasty way to make Aoi change his mind.

This second chapter serves to the readers to become a bit more accustomed to the new threesome and maybe to accept better the new element, Aya. It's also a proof that Aya and Itsuki can't be a couple without Aoi, he is the glue that take them all togheter.

Between a Fox and a Hard Place is a truly funny series, without any link to reality: it's a sexy romp written to relax and you should read it in this way. Heavy hints to yaoi manga and Japanese myths and culture.

Amazon Kindle: Between a Fox and a Hard Place: Geas

Home (Between a Fox and a Hard Place 3) by Misa Izanaki

Aoi is at home and safe... apparently. In the third installment of the series, Aoi and his two lovers, Aya and Itsuki, back home from Japan, need to find a new balance: Itsuki is costantly worried for the safeness of his lover Aoi, and Aya is searching to be a mediator. At first everything seems all right but a stupid accident puts Aoi in temporary leave from work and he doesn't know when he will be able to work again. From the one who was supporting the family, now he feels himself like a stepping stone and Aya and Itsuki need to work hard for convincing their man that he is still sexy and loved as before.

There is as always a lot of sex, joyous and funny, and without heavy and angst feelings. But maybe now Aoi is starting to understand that he can't repair everything with a good sex session and he also needs to grow a bit: even Aya, who for age can be his son, seems to be more adult than him. And also reality make an appearance in this "fantasy" tale, a reality represented by the bills that should be paid, and so Aya and Itsuki finally need to find a work themselves, since Itsuki is still of the idea that "his" Aoi should whore himself only to him and Aya.

This series is light and funny, it's the right thing if you want to rest and relax.

Amazon Kindle: Between a Fox and a Hard Place: Home

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The previous series, Screen Shots, finished, all the men paired, now Willa Okati has enough material to play, and so from a shot she moves to a scene ;-) The new spin off series starts using the same couple who was in the first book, college guys Cody and Aaron, former roommate, now lovers and also start of the 20SomethingTwinks, the online p**n website where sex is fun and good, more a thing of boys at play than real business.

Katherine, the owner of the company, wants to film on special locations… but no, don’t think she is ready to send her guys all around the world, it simply means that she redecorated the barn outside the farmhouse they are using as headquarter, and she wants to send Cody and Aaron out to play, like a mother would do with two unrequited boys.

Not only that, she will let them free to experiment, and so there would be no director or assistant, only them, two bodies and a camera. When Cody and Aaron arrives on the new location they are immediately ready to start, sex between them is still good even if they are doing it in and out the work field; but there is a little surprise: Guillermo, one of the new twink who is auditioning for the website, is there to see, and maybe pick up the courage to try something more than a solo in front of the camera. It’s a right choice for Willa Okati to choose Cody and Aaron as training ship for Guillermo, they are probably the more “ordinary” of all the 20Something Twinks, and above all they are also a couple in real life; Guillermo needs to be assured that what he will do in front of the camera is natural and good, something he would do anyway for his personal pleasure; it’s not a “real” job, it’s more playing and being happy while gaining some money doing it.

Right for this attitude of the guys, the strong feeling that they are happy and good, I don’t mind if there is not exclusivity between the different couple. It’s clear they are enjoying themselves, as it’s clear that, once they ends the “day” work, two, or three of them, will go home together, and continuing being happy. When they will be no more 20 something twinks, they will have someone beside them with whom they will share the rest of their life and choose what they will do, maybe franchising another p**n website!

Series: Screen Shots
1) Seduced:
2) Smolder:
3) Slinky:
4) Submissive:
5) Sexology:
Series: Screen Scenes:
1) Surrender

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In a way or the other, the previous 4 stories in the Screen Shots series were about a couple or at least a triplet; then, it’s true, they all played together, and as I said before, the feeling was of a community based on love. One by one, all the men involved in, the porn website specialized in pretty twinks, found their match, and in the end, there is a spared one, the cameraman, Jake.

Jake is a college student who is writing his dissertation on the modern sex industry; he really tried to face things with the right distance, to not be involved in the game, but it was like taking a kid on a candy shop and saying him not to eat anything. Thank to a lucky coincidence, Jake and 9 of the “employees” (3 couples and a triplet) are trapped in the basement of the former farm converted in headquarter of the firm, and they all think it’s time to make Jake feel welcomed in their “family”.

It’s not only a surprise for Jake, but also for the reader: Jake will not play the role of the toy for all of them, but instead he will take the lead; more, he will also top Gabriel, the big bad boy who is the boss man in the triplet with Brandon and Dylan. This is a nice novella, and in a way even traditional, usually at the end of a loved series, authors write a wrap up story, where all the main characters of the previous books get together and celebrate their love, and so they do here; I have only a small complaint: Jake enjoys it all, and fully embraces the’s philosophy, but in the end, he is only a temporary player, he is not really a steady addition for any of the previous matched men; true he is having the time of his life, but I wouldn’t mind to see him paired with someone with whom he can go back at home when the game is over.

Series: Screen Shots
1) Seduced:
2) Smolder:
3) Slinky:
4) Submissive:
5) Sexology

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Bound to Please perfectly explains one of the reasons why I understand the existence of a ménages a trois, while I usually am a monogamy supporter.

Benny is in love with his boss Jason, a Dom and the owner of a BDSM private club (he is one of the character in Phoenix Rising, the previous book by Kimberly Gardner set in the same community). With his body and heart Benny is willing to give anything to Jason, but with his mind he is scared by all the different layers a BDSM relationship can have. Jason knows that, if he pushes the boy, Benny would probably agree to a Master / slave relationship, but deep inside it’s not what he wants.

Enter Rain, former porn actor and now fetish model; he is one of the models Jason is using for his exhibition, and he is more than willing to be the guinea pig for the most extreme of Jason’s pictorial fantasies. Rain is a happy to go guy, sex is something good and full of joy, and he lives it like that, willing to share his body with a freedom that Benny envies. But Rain is not selfish, obviously, and he finds in both Jason than Benny something he needs: Jason is the authoritative figure he needs to have an appearance of stability in his life, and Benny is the buddy friend he wants to not forget that, indeed, life is a good thing.

There is a complex work of balance in the trio: Jason needs both Rain than Benny, since the two together fulfil all his desires, his sweet and his hard side; Rain needs both Jason than Benny; and Benny needs both Rain than Jason, Rain to help him understand that there is not to be feared in the type of relationship the darker side of Jason needs. No one of them is complete without both of his lovers, missing one of them would be the end of the whole relationship.

I like all the characters, but for sure the boys, Benny and Rain, are the best; Jason is good but he fades on the background when the boys are around, something that is strange considering he is the Dom. Benny and Rain, purple and blue hair, are like boys at play, I have always the feeling to hear someone laughing when they are in a room. Jason is not their puppeteer, he is the one who is fallen in their net; I have this image of Benny and Rain building a net with colourful rope, and Jason totally caught in the middle.

There is a lot of sex, some of it also quite extreme, but above all I have this feeling of esthetical beauty: each scene is like a carefully planned painting, with full and deep colour, it’s a very visual feeling. On this matter, at the beginning the cover led me in the wrong direction: it gave me the idea of a futuristic / fantasy romance, and so I didn’t realize that indeed, this is a totally contemporary novel, and moreover, the sequel of Phoenix Rising.

Buy Here

Amazon: Bound to Please

Amazon Kindle: Bound to Please

1) Phoenix Rising:
2) Bound to Please

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Cover Art by Anne Cain
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The second appointment in the Horsfall series, about two twin horse shapeshifters and their human lover, is less “light” then how it could seem.

Apparently Oliver is having the time of his life having a relationship with two men like Bayard and Marshall; before meeting them, Oliver was quite the nerd guy, the one that no one looks twice. And so having two handsome and strong lovers at the same time it’s at the same time inebriating but also unbalancing: why they are so attracted to him, what they find in him that makes them so caring and affectionate? Those are the questions that continuously wander in Oliver’s mind, and plus there is also the little problem of the strange nature of their relationship… no, not the paranormal nature of his lovers, that is still a secret for the outside world, but the fact that Oliver is having a ménages with two men, and as a cherry on the top, the men are twin brothers. That is not exactly something he can share with the world, above all since Oliver is an independent professional consultant who relies on the trust his clients have on him.

If Oliver’s troubling thoughts were not enough, also Bayard and Marshall are questioning the relationship; there is not space in their mind for the idea that it will not work, but both of them have different troubles about it. Marshall was the twin Oliver chose as second, in the first book, it was Bayard who made the first move on the man, and Oliver only in a second time arrived to consider the possibility to have a relationship with both of them. And so I have the feeling that Marshall is a bit unsecure, he always fears that Oliver in the end will choose Bayard, and this lead Marshall to be quite “insistent” in his affection towards Oliver, but at the same time also a bit oppressive, always searching for reassurance. Bayard on the other hand gave me the feeling that he is taking back, like he is forcing himself to give space to his “little” brother. He is way more the stronger of all of them, and I think than in the long, that attitude will lead him to be frustrated and eager to claim his right on Oliver.

So yes, for a less than 50 pages novella, Taste Test has quite a lot on the fire.

Series: Horsfall
1) Tail of Two Brothers:
2) Taste Test

The Rainbow Awards: Third (and last!) Phase:
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Eye of the Beholder (Cattle Valley 11) by Carol Lynne

The eleventh book in the Cattle Valley series is the classic example of why this is a serial, and it's almost impossible not to read it in the right order. Bo Lawson is a spin off character from another serial, Campus Cravings. He was Lark's first lover, and he had a quite important role in Lark's book, A Biker's Vow. In that book, Lark and Kade were considering to move in Cattle Valley, and Bo tagged along when they went to perusing the area. He liked the place and he decided to stay; in the very first scene in Cattle Valley he set his eyes on Rance, but in the following books there was no indication on what happened to them. In this perspective, you are not forced to read all the Campus Cravings books to enjoy this one, but maybe it would be better if you read at least that book, A Biker's Vow.

Bo is a friendly and handsome man, so friendly that he managed to stay friend with Lark even after their relationship ended and he married with a woman. Bo lived in a Canadian "free love" community, and why he married a woman it's not quite clear, since Bo's preferences are all for men. But in the community the marriage's bond it was not so important, it was almost like a roommate statement, if you are married, you share a room, nothing else. Bo's main characteristic in that story it was his HIV positive status, something he shared with Kade, and this allowed Kade to see that, even if positive, you can still have a normal life, with some precautions more, but still a life. The same acceptance Bo found in the community, he finds also in Cattle Valley, and when his story starts, he is in the middle of wooing Rance, trying to overcome Rance's barriers.

It's not Bo's HIV+ status that put a stop to their story, it's something in Rance's past; I like this taken on the story of the author, she deals with Bo's illness in a light mode, but not underestimating it; I believe that she willingly decided to not make it the turning point of the story but at the same time giving the right importance to the matter. Actually, once the reader finds out Rance's secret, compared to Bo's trouble, I had almost a reaction like, "well, is it all? And you have a problem due to that?" and since I'm quite naughty, I also anticipated the enjoyable conclusion that Bo arrives to... I don't want to give up the story, but it's all a question of right angles ;-)

Book 11 in the series is one of those books that is nice and good, without any breaking event, but nevertheless essential to the story; it serves also to know something more about Jay, the almost androgynous new Cattle Valley's character, and about Asa, the multimillionaire gay man who decided to move in Cattle Valley, but that I still haven't quite framed.

Amazon Kindle: Cattle Valley: Eye of the Beholder

Cattle Valley Days (Cattle Valley 12) by Carol Lynne

As I have already had the chance in the past to notice, Carol Lynne can write light and almost unbelievable love story, where everything is perfect and the happily ever after is just there around the corner, and then, she suddenly comes out with a full drama, like Cattle Valley Days.

From the blurb and the beginning of the story, I was ready to read one of those wrap up books that usually an author writes when a series is going on for so long that she fears the readers could have lost the thread. These books usually are light and funny, a all come together type of story where old and new friends meet, they share happy news and are all good. In this one, Carol Lynne also gets together even the Good Boys, the characters from the Good-Time Boys series from which she span off the Cattle Valley one.

As it should be, the main characters of Cattle Valley Days are once again Nate and his partners Ryan and Rio. Nate is plunged till his head in trouble to organize the Cattle Valley Days, the rodeo weekend during which there are also sports tournaments, carnivals and a great ball on the street. For Nate this is the final test, the time he can prove to the city that he is a good mayor; only that Nate is not able to delegate, and he is taking all the decision on himself, from the big things to the smallest trouble. This reflects bad on his relationship with Ryan and Rio, for different reason: Rio was used to have Nate around him all the time, even if they have an official job as owner of the local gym, they actually spent all the time matchmaking their friends, and waiting for their Alpha man Ryan to come back home. They were like boys at play, taking all with lightness. Now Rio is all by himself and he feels lost; he also fears that he is living again the nightmare of his parents' divorce, when he was forced to choose between them: if put in front with the question if he prefers Nate or Ryan, he really doesn't know what to do.

On the other hand, Ryan at first is supporting of Nate. He knows what it means to be in charge, and he thinks to understand Nate's stress. But then the lack of Nate's availability starts to get even to him. And maybe he starts to feel like he is no more the Alpha man he was before. Nate is trying to do everything by himself, he doesn't search Ryan's counseling, and Ryan doesn't like it, he wants to be there for his man, he likes to be the mainstay of their relationship.

So on, the story was less light than I was expecting, but it was still a simple quarreling among lovers, nothing major and something they obviously can deal with. Then Carol Lynne decides to give a dramatic spin to the story, something that involves not only Nate, Ryan and Rio, but all the town of Cattle Valley. And this is like an earthquake to all the series, since, more or less, Cattle Valley till now was like the Paradise, a place where everything was perfect, where everyone knows everyone else, and where it was only a question of time to find an happily ever after for your own. Maybe after 11 books, Carol Lynne decided to give a taste of reality even to her perfect little paradise place on earth.

It was a surprising read, something unexpected. At the end of Book 11 I was waiting for Jay's story, and when Cattle Valley Days came out, truth be told, I was a bit disappointed: why Carol Lynne felt the need to write something more on an "old" trio like Nate, Rio and Ryan, when she had so many new possibilities with characters like Jay, Enrico, Asa or Mario? Now I understand that she needed to prove that, in Cattle Valley you can dream, but nevertheless, it is a place like all the others, where there are good and bad things. It's a splash of reality that gives deepness to this fictional world.

Amazon Kindle: Cattle Valley Days

Amazon: Cattle Valley Vol 6: Eye of the Beholder / Cattle Valley Days (Volume 6)
Paperback: 258 pages
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (August 19, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1907010963
ISBN-13: 978-1907010965

Series: Cattle Valley
1-2) Cattle Valley 1:
3-4) Cattle Valley 2:
5-6) Cattle Valley 3:
7-8) Cattle Valley 4:
9-10) Cattle Valley 5:
11-12) Cattle Valley 6

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Cover Art by April Martinez

Cover Art by April Martinez
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When I first took up this book I was really curious since it was the first time I heard of shapeshifter horses. Yes, yes, it's even too easy to make a naughty joke, and the author knows well, since she did it too.

Oliver Philip meets Bayard Stoddard for a job as safety consultant in the man's horse ranch. First time Oliver lays his eyes on Bayard, the man is lost: Oliver doesn't know if Bayard is gay, but Oliver definitely would like to find out. And when he learns that there is also a twin, Marshall, it's like a forbidden fantasy comes true, two big and strong men to sandwich him. But the second brother, Marshall, is not there and so Oliver limits his daydreaming to the one in front of him Bayard. The meeting goes well and Oliver is on his way home with a possible contract and a lot of fantasies to re-use at the right moment. He has not found if Bayard is gay, but the man was friendly and open to possibilities.

On his way back, Oliver finds a big horse, just like the ones Bayard showed him in his ranch, shackled at a tree along the road. The horse is evidently suffering and Oliver can't help to free him... but as soon as the horse is free, it turns in a very naked man, much like the one he just left... Oliver has found Bayard's brother, Marshall.

From this moment on, I had the feeling that the story rushed a bit. Oliver takes an unconscious Marshall home to Bayard, and Bayard asks Oliver to spend the night... all right I'm not against good sex, and good sex was, but what are Bayard's reasons? Oliver's ones are quite clear, he didn't hide them. During his encounter with Bayard, Marshall wakes up and claims that Oliver is his own. Bayard at first doesn't want to share, and allows Marshall only to witness to their encounter... first, it would be kind to really ask Oliver, and not to make him in front of an impossible decision, when sex is obtruding his mind. Second, it's not nice towards Marshall to let him near the candy but don't give it to him (like an horse with a carrott, pun very much intended).

Bayard probably realizes that he didn't behave good nor with Marshall than Oliver, and now he is willing to share... and I think he again behaves with few delicacy. Lucky for him, Oliver has his secret fantasy of being with two men, and so he is willing to please both men, but this part of the book arrives at the very end. Again I think, like the shapeshifter horses' idea, that it has possibilities, and was a bit sad to see it happens so late in the story. Of my same idea was probably also the author, since the second book in the story will focus again on the same threesome.

Even if Bayard and Marshall are twin, they are very much different in behavior; Bayard is a very authoritative man, and he proves this side of him in the way he behaves with both Oliver than Marshall. He is not a bad man, during sex he is gentle and caring, but I have the feeling that he is the boss and he is not used to be denied. Marshall is more an happy-to-go guy, used to the freedom to roam the fields without worries, since there is his older brother (of five minutes) to take care of everything else. In this perspective, I'm more lean to forget Bayard's initial possessive streak, it's a bit like when an older brother is asked to give his toys to his brother since he is little... but who is thinking to the big one? And then there is Oliver: from every side you look, Oliver is a classical bottom, he loves to be led and ordered around, and so, again, maybe Bayard's domineering attitude is exactly what Oliver wants.

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I'm not usually drawn by menages stories, but I read and re-read the blurb of this novel, and was so attracted by it. A beautiful fallen Angel, Rion, new-born to the world like a baby after his fall; the farmer sidhe who takes care of him, Rex. A story sets in Scotland, a land I visited and loved... it was too tempting to not read, and I'm very happy to have surrendered to temptation.

It's true, there is some menages inside the story, and probably a female character who has a small role in this book, will take a main role in the continuous of the series, but Falling is basically a manlove book. Rex is a creature of earth, he is bonded to the land he takes care of, and while he nurtures it, he is nurturing back. It's centuries that he is living in the Lowlands, him a creature from the North, and he doesn't know why his People sent him there till the day he finds Rion, a Fallen Angel. Rex knows that he has to take care of Rion as he took care of the land the People gave him, but it's not a simple task; a Fallen Angel can gone mad, and if it happens, the sidhe who takes care of him has to kill his protege.

At first Rion is like a baby, he has no knowledge of his past and neither of the life on Earth. Everything is a discovery, but it's simple enough since they live in a secluded farm. And when Rion finds out that also Rex is a special creature, it's even simpler: Rion is no more alone in a stranger world. But Rex realizes that he is beginning to feel for the beautiful angel, and while for him it can be a choice, Rex has experience of world and different lovers, for Rion it's not. Rion has to make experience and if he will decide that he wants to spend the rest of his immortal life with Rex, then he will do it judging in full cognition of the facts.

The story is basically simple, and the legends involved are ancient, so there is nothing new, but nevertheless it's a very good story. I feel the myths, and the love for them. Rion and Rex live far from reality, but from what little hints I read here and there, I believe the time is middle-late XIX century; the strange thing is that it's not important when the story is set, since it has an immortal feeling: the same story could have been taken and moved at our time, and it would have been the same.

It's also pretty sexy and naughty, the sex scenes between Rion and Rex are always light but good, sometime even kinky, since Rion always maintain his "angel" look, complete with long white feathered wings, and Rex sometime is in his sidhe form, with little colorful wings and a tail. Despite this, the sex is nothing strange or icky, there is only the added bonus that Rex's tail is one more appendage that can be useful... Since I'm talking of the sex, maybe it's right to also spend some word on the het sex scene: as I said there are women in the story, and not only one. Both Rion than Rex, before starting their relationship, have het sex experiences with other sidhe, willingly or unwillingly; there is also a menages a trois, but it's really very short. As I said, all the het aspect of the story are so uneventful that you can really almost forget them.

There are many factors that drew me to this story, the cover (yes I liked it), the Fallen Angel (I'm a bit naught, sex with an angel...), the magic, Scotland... all of them are masterfully blend in a very nice story. So nice that I'm quite interested in reading also the second book in the story, even if it seems from the blurb that it's more an F/F story, and it's not usually my cup of tea.

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All right, I'm sincere, I don't know if I personally like how the series evolved in the last chapter. Please take a good look to that "personally" word, this is an opinion of mine, and it's totally based on my personal taste, it's not a judgment on the value of the writer or the story.

The two cops in this series, Gary and Dan, both evolves in reverse flow. Gary starts like a very troubled man, who is not sure of his sexuality or his life at all. He was a molested child, he denied his homosexuality for a long time, and when he finally admitted his love interested to Dan, he found out that he probably was bisexual, not homosexual. At first both Gary than Dan probably thought that it was a remainder of that denial period, or maybe an hint that Gary was not ready or willing to seriously commit to only one person... but more the time passes, and more Gary realizes that he is not complete with both Dan than Kim by his side. If he is forced to choose, his love for Dan is stronger, and in book 3 he tried to commit to that love only, giving up his relationship with Kim.

On the other side Dan started like a very strong and self-conscious man. He was gay and proud, he was a cop by the book, he knew what it was right and wrong. He was the steady man that Gary needed to heal and flourish... or not? Being Dan so "straight" (no pun inteded), so convinced of his own idea, makes him quite inflexible. To live with Gary you have to comprimise. In the last three book Dan went through all the rollercoast that is a relationship, the happiness, the sadness, the denial of love and the realization that you can't live without. Now it's time for Dan to decide if he is willing to accept Gary as a faulty man, or if he wants to be alone with the icon of a dream man that is not real.

So, this is a menages... no way to avoid the definition. At least the author wrote it as I like it, with the male/male pair stronger, but nevertheless it's a menages. Kim is also a nice character, and in a way, the fact that she really is in love with only one of the two men, Gary, make all the story more real... Kim is in love with Gary, there is no competition inside her, like Dan is in love only with Gary. There is no relationship between Kim and Dan is not friendship... giving that, it's still a menages? Nice point of discussion.

Series: Moment of Truth
1) To Serve and Protect:
2) Choosing the Light:
3) Missing the Ocean:
4) Learning to Love

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With the third chapter in the Moment of Truth series, the author almost made me think that I didn't understand anything of the story... the second book ended with Gary who confessed a betrayal to Dan, he said that there were someone else. Dan stomped out of their home to drawn his sorrow in the alcohol, but he receives the advice to not let it go. Meanwhile Gary was again thinking to suicide, but this time he is stronger and he is able to weight the good and bad side of life. When Dan comes back to him, Gary is also able to let Dan understand that it's not only his fault if their relationship is having trouble, and that Dan has to take upon himself his responsibility.

Now if you haven't read the story and don't like to be spoiled, stop to read NOW.

If not, please continue... at the beginning of the relationship Gary was straight; he was a former abused child, and he denied his homosexuality. In fact he acted as and more than a normal straight man, he had girlfriends and he was quite popular. Then he met Dan and thanks to his love for him, he was able to consider a gay relationship. As often in a "gay for you" themed book, Gary has no interest for other men, he is in love with Dan, and only due to that love, he can have also a sexual relationship with a man. But basically Gary never stopped to like women. And Dan had this fantasy to see him with a woman... it was like putting the straw near the fire! Now Gary has feeling for a woman, and Dan has to decide if he loves enough Gary to share him with another person, a woman... or maybe he has to decide if he loves Gary so much that he can't even consider to share him. According to you, what Gary wants? For someone who doubts to be a good partner choice for anyone, he would prefer that Dan accepts to share him, or he, instead, would like to hear from Dan that he can't share his love? Dan is facing a test, and the more romantic readers just know the answer to the previous question.

Series: Moment of Truth
1) To Serve and Protect:
2) Choosing the Light:
3) Missing the Ocean

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With this last book, G.A. Hauser pushed a bit the boundaries between romance and erotica, and also between reality and fantasy. Her characters are actually behaving badly, walking even more on the border, edging on the verge of a nervous breakdown; if before her characters were "bad" and too emotional, in this last book they reach the final step, they go all crazy, but it's a craziness for love, and so, again, I can forgive them. I actually don't read a G.A. Hauser to have a true and accurate book on gay life, I read one of her books for the glitter of the show business, for the hotness of cops in uniform, for reading of a man that is unsteady and emotional like and more than a woman, who makes mistake, and cries, and in all his craziness, can admit that he is a wrench, but his man loves him all the same, or maybe right for that reason.

Mark has made a descending parabola from the first books in which he appeared. He is still handsome and loved, but he starts to feel the weight of his age. First he had to prove himself having first a threesome and than a foursome with his partner and two very young actor (Acting 2). The he had to be sure of Jack's undying love for him, and to do so, he involved Jack and his partner Adam in another foursome with Steve (Action 3). Actually, this last experiment, other than confirming him that he has a lot of men loving him, served to Mark to convince him that he is still desirable, same reason why he started to modelling at the age of 38. After a youth and young age spent trying to force himself to love women, Mark now seems to not have boundaries, he is becoming all gay, and a bottom, arriving to refuse to top in bed. He has still big issue of self-esteem, and sex is the only way for him to bond people to him. It's not a chance that everytime he fights with Steve, he then enticed him to bed parading himself all naked in front of his lover.

Mark has barely started to regain a bit of self-esteem and stability with his partner Steve, than another brick falls on his head: a 18 years old boy knocks at his door claiming to be his son. And since Alexander is the spitting image of his father, there is no doubt of it. For Mark is both a dream and a nightmare: he is fiercely protective of his new found son, he wants to give him everything he lacked, above all the love of a father, even more when he discovers that also his son is gay, but at the same time he is scared; Alex represents everything he is losing, youth and beauty, and having him in the same house with Steve is a torture. On the contrary of Mark, Alex retorts to his stepfather's refusal of his sexuality flaunting it, emphasizing all his twinky trait... in a word, Alex is a born teaser and a sex fiend.

If at first Alex comes out like an unpleasant boy, with all his teasing toward Steve and Jack, little by little the reader understands that he is really very young and in deep need of love. And that probably he has not the right perspective on sex; in the past he used sex to "buy" love, now that he doesn't need it to gain the affection from the people around him, Alex is lost. But he will find a young boy, a virgin, that will teach him that sex without real love means nothing. After all, this is a romance ;-)

Amazon: Behaving Badly

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Since I'm not enough M/M focused and I LOVE to go against the preconceptions :-) here is a book to improve that 2% of my feminine side...

All right THIS is a menages, no dancing around the matter, no trying to find some hidden meanings, this is a pure and simple polyamour menages. And probably I wouldn't have read it if, first it wasn't the fifth story in a series I already read all (and one of the stories it's even an erotica M/F), second it wasn't from an author I like. For me these two very important details since even if I like to try new authors, I'm also a faithful reader and like to follow the things, so really, it would have been impossible for me not to read it. Said like that, it seems almost that reading this book was almost like take a bitter medicine, and instead I have to say that it's a nice surprise.

And the nice surprise is not determined by the fact that this is a menages where the M/M side of the couple is stronger than the M/F, but exactly for the opposite thing. Sasao and Kyoru have a very good marriage, two children and a good life; Kyoru's career in the ChildsPrey group is steady and fruitful and Sasao's career as actress is taking a dive toward success. Always would be perfect if not for the fact that Kyoru is bisexual (yes, great taboo, a bisexual man!) and after years of monogamous relationship he is starting to miss something. He always likes to have sex with his wife, but he misses that edge he had while having sex with a man. And the problem is that temptation is there in the house for him, in the beautiful and sexy body form of their bodyguard, Ken.

After being hired to protect Sasao from a stalker, Ken remained with the family as factotum, from security to nanny services all in once. Why a man with his credentials accepted to do that is quite clear: Ken was banished by his family when he admitted that he was bisexual, loosing not only his family support but also his work in the military Corps. And now he probably enjoys to be near a real family, even if he is not part of it. I believe that Ken is not particularly drawn by one of the two, Sasao or Kyoru, he is attracted by them as a whole. They represent what Ken wants but he is not willing to break them as a couple to reach what he wants.

And then there is Sasao. Sasao loves Kyoru, point. She can admire Ken as a beautiful person, both in body than soul, but she do that as if she was admiring a piece of art, she will never even consider to betray her husband. But loving him as she does, she comprehends that her husband has needs that she is not able to satisfy, even with sex toys. Since Kyoru loves her back, and Ken respects her, it's up to Sasao to be the pointer for their relationship. It's a subtle play of balance in this story, and probably it wouldn't have worked, if, as I said, the M/F part of the menages was not so strong. Another thing that allows things to work is that Ken isn't inclined towards one of the two more than the other.

Another warning to the readers (I need to give that since probably there are more M/M minded people between my friends than not), most of the sex scenes are between Sasao and Kyoru (and it's obvious since I said that they are the stronger in the menages), there are then some solo, and only a polyamour scene. But my opinion is that all of them are very nice and well done.

Series: ChildsPrey
1) Orange Moon:
2) Winter Song:
3) Under a Silver Moon:
4) Secret Moon:
5) Their Lover

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All right, this book is quite a challenge for various reasons, and so you are warned, don't continue to read if you don't like spoilers, since I probably am not able to explain all this book left to me without using a bit of them.

First of all please tell me where is the small town USA where the two main characters live; it's a wonderful place, where everyone knows everyone else, where a widow mother brings up not only her two sons, but also another runaway boy. A place where that same mother doesn't freak out when her teenager daughter gets pregnant and she doesn't ever know who is the father, and that becomes her son's best friend when he comes out. A place where a teenager crush could last 15 and more years and could, at last, become the real thing.

Cameron is a photographer and he has a pretty good life, a nice independent house, a loving family and good friends. He is just out an abusive relationship, but he was good enough to realize that it was not good for him and got free; now yes, he has some self-esteem issues, but nothing serious. And so when he has the chance to meet again Jeremy, his teenager crush, he is open and ready to accept him in his life. On the other side Jeremy is finally happy that things happen at the right moment: also him his bringing a torch for Cameron since their teenager years, but for a reason or the other he has never made a move. Now both of them are free and willing, and for Jeremy is pretty easy to convince Cameron to give him a chance: flowers, restaurant and a good night of sex and Cameron is totally convinced. And here is the first moment when I was a bit perplexed on Cameron: for a man who is just out of an abusive relationship, he is quite "friendly", but then, the reader knows that Jeremy is Cameron's first and real love, and so maybe it's better for us not to wait to much for seeing them happy together.

I was almost drowning in sugar, with a perfect picture of family happiness, when a stalker from Cameron's past decides that instead he is not at all happy that Cameron found his true love. And so reader please enter Patrick, Cameron's best friend and the runaway boy that Cameron's mother welcomed in her family. Patrick was the first person that Cameron informed of his blossoming relationship with Jeremy, and he did so calling Patrick at 2 in the night while the man was in bed with another man. All right they are pretty close so at the moment the reader, me, didn't find strange that Patrick was not angry, and then he had the chance to have another round of sex with the man in his bed, that almost made me thing that Patrick and Keith were another couple in the story. But no, Patrick disappeared only to enter again when Cameron is threatened: he is right there for him, he encourages him, and when something very nasty happen, he comforts him while Jeremy is temporarily not available... wait a moment... is Patrick bringing Cameron to bed? Oh no, no, no... ah, phew, no, they are only lying in bed, one under the cover and one on it. For a moment I fear that... NO! now Jeremy is back and they are having a threesome?!? Oh well, Cameron is willing, Jeremy is willing, Patrick is willing (Patrick is a slut, he is always willing!), all right I can accept it... But wait: Cameron went out and he is supposedly in danger, and Jeremy is having sex with Patrick?!? All right, all right, I know that Cameron knows it, and that it is only a way to let it go fear and tension, but still, it's really hard to accept for me.

Joke apart, what I want to say is that I'm not totally convinced that the "sex with all" turn the book took was all of my liking, but this is something that arrives from my gut. Otherwise, the book is quite full of both funny than interesting characters, not only Cameron, Jeremy and Patrick "the slut" (sorry I have to say it, but don't get me wrong, I like Patrick), have their development, but also all the other characters around, from Diane, Cameron's mother, to his niece Emily, to friends Ben and Kennedy, all of them, even till the less important like Jeremy's employees or Patrick's colleagues. And don't forget that I said that I like the "sugary" atmosphere of this small town USA, it's a good place where to live, so also the setting is nice. I'm not disappointed by this book, you can't always read the same story, and probably if Jeremy and Cameron met, made love, and walked toward the sunset in perfect harmony, this would be only another sappy story. In this way, it's different, and maybe better... but still, if I was a man and I had a boyfriend, I would take him far from that slut of Patrick ;-)

Amazon Kindle: Picture Perfect (Lost Boys and Love Letters )

Amazon: Picture Perfect

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I want to try an experiment, I want to write this post on the second book in a continuous series without reading what I wrote of the first book. Why I want to do that? Since I have the clear feeling, soon after finished the book, that this second one has left me a deeper impression in comparison to the first one.

Carl and Keith are both young actors in a cable drama. The tone of the show is quite sexy and they play two gay men in love: the first book was about the two of them finding out that the role they play on video was not so far from what they really felt: not Carl or Keith were gay but they were irresistibly drawn to each other and at the end of the book they started a relationship that seemed doomed by the public opinion.

In this second book, it is soon obvious that they can't pretend to be straight, they live together, they spend every free moment they have together, they work together: Carl and Keith seem to be joint to the hip. Problem is that around them there are discording opinion: the show wants for them to continue to walk on the edge of the dark side, and if they want they can also plunge deep inside, and instead their agents want from them to deny, deny, deny, and maybe also date some fake girlfriends only for the sake of the media. Maybe stronger men will be able to take their own decision, but well, let me say that nor Carl or Keith are strong men, they are quite young and also a lot naivee.

All in all Carl is not a so bad character, he is the more steady in the couple, he is probably also the one who has more to loose. He is not a novice to the show business, before this new show he had some other experiences and a taste of how it could be if he was a star. So probably he is the one who is more cautious when it's time to risk everything in the name of love. But despite all this, Carl is the one who I feel more involved in the relationship, maybe he is the one who is not used to burst his feeling to the wind, but I believe that his feelings are the ones which run deeply, at long distance probably he would be the one who would take more seriously their commitment.

And then there is Keith: he is not only new to gay love, he is new at love at all. He has never had a serious relationship in the past and for him all his a game. He is discovering a world of which he doesn't know nothing and he wants to experiment, even when experiment means open their couple to a third man (speaking of flying low and trying to avoid publicity...). Anyway he is like a baby with a new toy, he maybe doesn't realize how bad it can go, but he doesn't do that with malice. Since he is on the open with Carl, and he doesn't hide anything, he doesn't see it like a cheating. In a way I believe that Keith is behaving like a great majority of young gay men: being faithful and exclusive it's maybe a mental boundaries of mine that I'm trying to projecting to the characters of the book, and instead I should try to read them as they are, and not as I would like them to be.

In this book G.A. Hauser returns to her beginning style, with two young and hot man in love who haven't anything in mind if not doing it down and dirty. If it's consensual and if they don't do anything to arm other people, why they shouldn't play and be happy together? And so there is plenty of sex, scorching and loud, very "vocal". But there is also a novelty, finally a female character that it's not so bad, almost sympathetic with the two heroes, a character in which sometime I believe I could recognize the author herself; but don't get me wrong, this woman is far from being a fairy godmother. She is quite similar to the sister in The Kiss, probably the only other female character by G.A. Hauser that I really liked.

Amazon: Playing Dirty

Amazon Kindle: Playing Dirty

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6) Acting Naughty (Action! 1):
7) Playing Dirty (Action! 2)

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