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A nice seasonal romance, Christmas + kid is a sure recipe for success. Bianca "Bee" is the only daughter of a single gay dad; the story is old, Gavin and his best girl friend from high school got together only one time at prom night and Bee was the result of that. It is possible their story was fated to end, maybe like friends, but unfortunately Bee's mother passed away in a car accident, and now Gavin has decided to move to the big city and moreover to a gay friendly condo. There he meets Curtis, one of the few straight neighbors and so, even if Gavin has a big crush on Curtis, they become "only" best friends... but Bee has other plan for this coming Christmas.

While I liked Gavin, a sweet man, very right in the role of dad, actually, it was easy to image him as an househusband, devoted to the home and his daughter while his partner cared for the money side of the relationship, at time I wanted to knock Curtis down. First of all, if you are not gay, why did you let Gavin fall for you, well knowing he has a crush? It was selfish, he wanted the family Gavin and Bee represented, without giving to Gavin the partner he deserved.

Anyway, that was mostly me, Curtis wasn't at all a bad man, actually he was very good with Bee, and also a good friend for Gavin. The story had, of course, a light tone and an obvious happily ever after waiting for the two men. I also enjoyed that, while Bee has a main role in the plot, she wasn't stealing the center stage to the love story between the two men.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 30, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Bianca's Plan

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Even if part of the story takes place under Christmas season, this is not “only” a seasonal romance. Rusty and Oliver, our boys, met during their last year in high school; Rusty’s life is already set ahead of him, he will go to Berkeley, he will become a lawyer and at the right moment he will married a nice girl, possibly from his same neighborhood, and they will have a white fenced house with 2.5 kids. Only that Oliver messes up everything, only being Oliver. Rusty only knows he likes Oliver more than all the other girls he went out with, and when he is at Berkeley, he misses him so much; doesn’t help that college is not really his cup of tea, and on the contrary of many boys his same age, Rusty is not able to fake it just for the thrill to have some years away from home at his parents expenses.

Coming back home to Oliver means that Rusty will have to change all his life, the only life he knows; but Oliver and his family are there to replace everything he is losing, and some more.

Truth be told, even if it wasn’t for sure nice to lose your family at only 18 years old, Rusty is way luckier than many other boys; when he was complaining his home wasn’t good enough to have Oliver over, I was thinking, but you have an home! And it has even more than 1 room, and it is all yours. Here, sincerely, Rusty proved how spoiled he was before meeting Oliver, how he was able to consider everything for given. He is not a bad guy, he has the heart in the right place, but he was raised by the white elite, and they taught him that he was one step above everyone else, especially Oliver, with his mixed cultural origins and his just a touch too brown skin. In a way, I think his parents were more upset that Oliver wasn’t a WASP than the fact he was a boy.

Paperback: 214 pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (December 4, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1626490872
ISBN-13: 978-1626490871
Amazon: Christmas Kitsch
Amazon Kindle: Christmas Kitsch

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This was mostly a funny and light seasonal romance, but indeed, it had an unexpected deepness in the characterization, subtle but not stupid. Mick is apparently a college jock, too handsome for his own good, but little by little you see hidden layers within him, the first his decision to leave the frat dorm to be able to really concentrate on his study; Mick was introduced to sex at 14 years old, basically abused by a female family friend: it’s not that Mick considers that an abuse, not until he realizes that now he considers sex with women something detached, something that is not giving him the emotional fulfillment that he needs. The only real emotional attachment he has always had has been with male friends, in particular with his current roommate, Fielding.

Fielding is basically a genius, a child prodigy who has never had the chance to “live”; Mick not only take care of him on a physical level, forcing him to eat healthy and doing some outside door activities, he is also allowing Fielding to go out from his “intellectual” cocoon. The author doesn’t touch this point, but Fielding is maybe afflicted by a light form of autism, to a level that sometime he is detached from reality. Like the time he asks Mick to touch him the art of kissing, without considering gender and sexuality: to Fielding kissing is without gender, cause no different genitalia are involved…

Really, really nice novella, a pleasure to read, especially in a cold winter night, it warms your heart.

Publisher: Eli Easton (November 16, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: Blame It On The Mistletoe

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First of all, let start with the point that I liked this novel, sex scenes and all, and this was odd for two reasons, one that I usually don’t care much for the sex, unless is good, and second, the sex happens between two men who aren’t the intended romance of the story. Miles is in a dying relationship with Itai, and that is clear, and he meets Nic, who could be the right man. But Miles is not a cheater, and so, while he is still committed to Itai, he will not betray him, if not with the feelings that he is starting to develop for Nic. But Miles and Itai are also young, and they like sex, Miles in particular, and they are healthy young men, and so, during the development of the story, there are intercourses between them, and as I said, they are good, even if unfulfilling from an emotional point of view. Here the odd, I usually don’t care for unemotional sex, but this time it was so natural, that I did, saving sharing the same disappointment as Miles, when, in the aftermath of the sex, he realized that good sex wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

Sweet & Sour is an Hanukkah story, and the Jewish heritage of Miles is an important element of the story, from the more evident aspect, being Miles the owner of a kosher deli, to the little details like the tradition of lighting a candle for each night of the Hanukkah and sharing little gifts with your beloved.

I have always enjoyed these seasonal romances by Astrid Amara, they are now a longed for yearly appointment.
Expected publication: November 26th 2013 by Loose Id

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Very classical seasonal romance with a bromance subtheme. Adam awakes in an hospital bed with a caring boyfriend by his side, Joe. He is in pain, but the soothing presence of Joe is helping a lot, and Adam thinks how lucky he is to have such an handsome and caring man by his side. The problem is Adam doesn’t remember Joe and he doesn’t remember anything else of his past life. Doctors are confident the memory will be back and Adam doesn’t worry too much. But as soon as Joe brings him home, their home, Adam finds out he is not Joe’s boyfriend, but his best friend since forever. They are not together and moreover Adam is straight, and with a girlfriend, while Joe is gay and single. But why Adam feels like he is in love with Joe, and why Joe is protective of Adam to a level that it seems almost jealousy?

The story is simple, sweet and cute. No much drama, just an happy and welcoming family and two “stupid” guys who need just to sit down and talk to each other. From this point of view, it was right, Adam and Joe, even if pushing thirty, are basically still boys who have barely left the safe shelter of their home (and with home I mean Joe’s family who “adopted” Adam when he was still a teenager; it’s not a legal adoption, but Adam, being Joe’s best friend, was more at Joe’s home than his own). When they started to move from the young adult to the adult world, and the instinct of having a relationship and building an home started to make their appearance, both Joe than Adam feared ruining their bromance if they gave a try to moving it to something different. But now it’s time to let those fears go away, now it’s time to spread the wings and fly.

Amazon Kindle: Inseparable
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (November 30, 2012)

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Hill Valley is like a town without time, like one of those Christmas villages insider a crystal bowl, perfect and beautiful, but tiny and fragile. This was my feeling reading this story, that Zach ended in a fairy tale place, but the story is not a fantasy and maybe these small towns still exist. Place where people care for each other, where the town cop really works for the community.

Ben is that town cop, when he finds 17 years old Zach sleeping on a bench in a cold winter night, he doesn’t think twice to bring the boy at his mother’s home for Christmas Eve, and then for the following week, and then for the rest of his life. They don’t have much in this small town, but what they have, they share. Plus Zach is gay like Ben, and Ben’s mom has never once rejected his son, unlike Zach’s parents who threw him out when it was clear he was not cured from homosexuality despite all the reprogramming therapy, the blows and what it hurt more, the completely lack of love.

Yes, this is a Christmas tale and as such, it’s positive, pink glasses perspective, everything clicking in the right way. This is how a Christmas tale is supposed to be, and so you haven’t to question if that is possible, if it’s realistic… sometime Christmas miracles happen, and if not, well, at least you can read about them.

Zach is cute, Ben is perfect, Ben’s family is even more perfect than him, the villain will disappear without much trouble, almost doing everything by himself, like a magic that with a touch of wand made him just puff away. Just like a miracle.

Amazon: The Christmas Throwaway
Amazon Kindle: The Christmas Throwaway
Publisher     CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Second Edition, new cover, editing changes edition (March 8, 2013)
Language     English
ISBN-10     1482731428
ISBN-13     978-1482731422

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This anthology is so nice and romantic that is really difficult to say if I like a story more than the other, they are really very good.

Lucky Dip by Clare London: A light and very romantic story about a primary school teacher and his former boyfriend who wants a second chance. Andy is so cute and tender that I was wondering how Greg could have ever thought to let him go, and truth be told, I would have not bought his reasons so easily like Andy does, but you know, when you are in love nothing else really matters. There is no drama in this Christmas story, and even if sex happens, it’s behind closed door (pun intended), so the major focus of the story is the romanticism, and a love story that is sure to have an happily ever after of the type that warms your heart.

Butterscotch Kisses by Chrissy Munder: Matthew has been dumped by his boyfriend, but that is not really what is upsetting him, but more the fact he has a fear for heights. And so he is going over and over back to the same place where the break-up happened, but after the first time he has one reason more to go: the cute ticket guy, Adam, and his funny hats and warm smiles. Now Matthew’s target has changed from trying to overcome his fear to conquering Adam. Again a sweet and romantic story, no sex at all, just some very tender kisses.

Wintertide by Lou Harper: more with a bittersweet feeling than the previous two, Wintertide is probably my favourite. It’s about Oscar, an handsome 40 pushing 50 years old man who has recently lost his 25 years long-time partner, Charlie. There is no regrets in Oscar, he knew he loved Charlie as much as it was possible, and Charlie loved him back, so Oscar’s sadness is right, but not incurable. And so when he meets Jem, young man with a stray attitude, Oscar brings him home, to cherish and love him, something Jem is not used to. Oscar and Jem are average people, not model striking beauty, not sun-tanned wealthy businessmen, but their love is sweet and romantic, one of the nicest novellas I read in recent time.

When in Amsterdam by Josephine Myles: Interesting multicultural love story, between Brandon, Englishman, and Jos, from Amsterdam. Jos is bringing Brandon to meet his family in Amsterdam for the Sinterklaas, a local festivity, and Brandon is surprised to find out that instead of elves helping Santa Klaus, there are the Pietens, black-little men. To Brandon’s sense of justice it seems a little insensitive to use something deriving from slavery as children fairy tale and also turning it into a tourist souvenir, but actually there are more important things on Brandon’s mind right now, like trying to understand if he is able to being the dominant lover Jos needs, not an easy thing for him to be, Brandon being so kind and sensitive every time and in all occasion.

A Pint of Beer, a Bag of Chips, and Thou by JL Merrow: a funny May/December story about Liam, a twenty-something guy who has the hots for the silver fox he sees everyday while he is playing the saxophone in the London Tube. Even if Liam has a wonderful life, a loving mom and two wonderful aunts living with them, plus another one who is in a lesbian relationship, it’s clear that his interest in older men it’s due to the fact he didn’t have a fatherly figure in his life. Liam’s father is more than 10 years younger than his mother, and has now a new family and doesn’t care much for his first son, probably since he didn’t want him from the beginning. But as I said, Liam is not bitter about that, and when he meets Neil, it’s love at first sight, a love that will grew strongly until the Christmas Eve night when he will have finally the chance to meet him.

Amazon Kindle: Winter Warmers
Publisher: Pink Squirrel Press (November 26, 2011)

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This Christmas by J.M. Snyder

This Christmas is a sweet story about two college guys who are both alone for Christmas time in the campus. Despite what everyone is probably thinking, is not at all a naughty story, and Ned and Bobby are not taking advantage of the freedom of being far from their family in an almost empty college dorm. Ned is still harbouring a broken heart, his boyfriend Jake cheated on him and not in a good way, if there is any good in cheating; he did it very bad, very hurting and it’s not easy for Ned to forget. Doesn’t matter that, from a memory here and there, we can understand Jake was not really Ned’s soul mate, doesn’t matter that probably Ned is better without him, and doesn’t matter if Bobby was Ned’s high school crush way before he met Jake. When Ned meets Bobby on Christmas Eve, and Bobby lets Ned understand he would like to spend Christmas together, Ned is not ready to fulfil this dream. Luckily for Ned, fate has other idea in mind and Bobby is a very persistent guy.

As I said, this is not a story about sex, and actually between Bobby and Ned there would be no sex at all, while instead Ned remembers some past experience with Jake; it’s like the author wants to make a point, Bobby and Ned is a true romance, and they don’t need to get down and dirty to prove the reader. I liked this approach, I like the author focused more on the feelings than on the bodies.

Amazon Kindle: This Christmas
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (November 28, 2009)

Secret Santa by J.M. Snyder

Secret Santa is a classical office romance, with all the sweet naughtiness that usually these romances convey. Micah is Jewish and so he should not partake in the Christmas festivities, but his office organized a Secret Santa gift exchange and now he has a nice little packet on his desk. Only that inside the packet there is a box of condoms and the message is very, very naughty. In an office of few people, there are only 2 other gay men, and one is in a committed relationship, so Micah is sure the gift is from Brady. Brady is no bad as a chance, but Micah would have preferred for him to be Jonathan. Only that Jonathan is not gay, as Micah found out the very first night they hung out together, when his drunken move on him was kindly rejected, kindly but still rejected. Micah doesn’t believe in Santa, but maybe, if he is a good guy, he will have his dream comes true.

A nice and sexy short story, with a final sweet touch, Secret Santa is a good short interlude during the Christmas season.

Amazon Kindle: Secret Santa
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 26, 2010)

This Christmas is included in So in Love: Stories of Gay Romance. Contains the stories:
•Caught Off Base
•Henry and Jim
•His Song
•Love in the Library
•This Christmas

Amazon: So In Love: Stories of Gay Romance
Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (September 29, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1449520545
ISBN-13: 978-1449520540

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Scott is Madison’s best friend and he knows her brother Anson to be a spoiled little brat; plus last time they met, 18 years old Anson tried to kiss 23 years old Scott and Scott ran away so fast to run over Anson’s turtle, Myrtle… not exactly the best exit and one that is still in the memory of all Madison’s family. So it’s for sure with a lack of enthusiasm that Scott accepts to spend Christmas with Madison’s family.

He starts to change idea when they go and pick up Anson, now 21 years old and very, very hot. But still a brat. It will not be an easy Christmas for Scott, but also for Anson it’s a time to come to term with his insecurities, and also to decide if his crush for Scott is something that will can turn in forever love, or instead it has to remain a good memory of his teen years.

I like the tone of the story, it was funny and light, the typical dramas happening when you put together in the same room people who have still to come to term with their own personal issues; even if it’s Christmas this doesn’t mean troubles remain out of the door, on the contrary, they seem to implode at the same speed as the Christmas day is approaching. But the drama are not so big to prevent these people to understand that they are lucky to have a family supporting each other, and even if there are little disagreements, in the end love is bigger than them.

Maybe I have only a little complaint, while I love the Grandpa character, and his escape with the Christmas tree was fantastic, his little secret seemed a little too much, I think that to have him supporting of his nephew would have been enough. But again, it’s a minor complaint from my side, and in the end, Grandpa is probably the best character of all the story.

Amazon Kindle: I'll Run Away For The Holidays
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (December 31, 2010)

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This is the second chapter in the very common life of Colin and Martin, two ordinary gay men living in northern UK. I remember their story was very, very romantic, about a blind gay man, Martin, who was setting out to spend yet one another Christmas alone with his guide dog and that fell in love just days before Christmas with the delivery guy, Colin.

Nor Colin or Martin are “special” men, and aside for Martin having a disability, they are pretty much not “hero” material… what is heroic in being a delivery guy? But nevertheless the story was romantic, the love between Colin and Martin sweet, and Colin, despite his boring job, was a wonderful romance hero, sweeping Martin away in a brisky December night and giving him the most perfect date of his life.

Now 5 year later Colin and Martin are living together, but they reached almost a breaking point: Colin inadvertently caused the death of Martin’s dog, and Martin is not able to forgive him. That is what made so special to me this novella; sorry if I’m rude, but when there is a character with disability in a romance novel, they are almost always saints… they are never wrong, they are always so polite that sometime I’d like to knock them off to see if I would have a reaction. I loved that Martin was not perfect, I loved that he was angry, and bitter towards Colin, even if, truth be told, Colin didn’t deserve it. Why I loved it? Since they were realistic. Can you imagine Martin’s feeling of loss when he is deprived of his guide dog? True, Colin is there, loving him, but to Martin is like someone was emasculating him.

Don’t worry though, this is a seasonal romance, a Christmas tale, and as such, our common heroes will find a way towards happiness.

Buy Here

Amazon Kindle: Colin and Martin's London Christmas
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 16, 2010)

1) Colin and Martin's First Christmas:
2) Colin and Martin's London Christmas

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Strange coincidence wanted this is the second Christmas tale I’m reading in August, and even stranger coincidence is that it’s from an author I was not expecting to be so sweet and romance like.

Ryan is middle thirty and alone, even more bad when it’s around Christmas time; Ryan has also another reason to not like this period, he had his heart broken when he was 16 right under Christmas by a sweet boy named Noel. Now almost 20 years later, he meets another Noel, again at Christmas, and again he is a sweet and innocent boy. Is the past repeating itself?

We are in full Christmas swing with this novella, with all the right seasonal romance rules: everything seems too good to be true, Noel is pretty and sweet, good-hearted; his family is supporting and approving of Noel’s relationship with Ryan, so approving that even if they met only days before, Ryan is invited to spend Christmas over at Noel’s parent’s home. And on an on in full Christmas swing as I said. It’s nice, and good, to be able to dream like that, especially in a period when lonely heart needs some warmth. But also when it’s not Christmas, sometime you need to simply switch off from reality and immerse yourself in that type of atmosphere.

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I’m sure that for the fans of the urban fantasy genre, Astrid Amara is probably one of the goddess of that field, but I have to admit that I absolutely love her light comedy romance: this is the third I read of her seasonal romances and they are one better than the other.

In this one, Zach and Austin are quite a recent couple, just six months into their relationship and they are still on the boyfriends stage; true, Austin would like to move on the next level, but Zach is reluctant, he is scare that Austin will turn like his past boyfriends, from knight in shining armour to bastard. To give credit to Austin he has never behaved in a wrong way until now, and so, maybe to test him in a 24/7 situation, Zach decides to invite him over during a 3 days road trip that will end in Zach’s parents home right in time to celebrate the Hanukah.

Austin is not really happy of the arrangement, the car is fated to fail them and the weather is not good, but he loves Zach, and Zach is able to make sad puppy eyes when someone deny him something, and so here they are, in a cramped little car in the middle of a snow storm.

Confirming Zach unconscious theory, the forced closeness brings out their worst sides, but it also allows them to understand that love is the most important thing, and that their love is stronger than shadowy memories from their past.

Truth be told, Zach is the one who thinks the most and will mend most of his scars; Austin let it out here and there that his past was not happy either, and that on the opposite of Zach, he has not an idyllic relationship with his parents, but nothing more is said, and while Austin’s secret desire, to build a family with Zach will be granted, he will still have the unresolved issue with his previous family.

Of course, between open heart discussions, heated quarrels and sweet skirmishes, there will be also hot, very hot sex, with just that touch of kinkiness in the end to make the season naughty. Zach and Austin enjoy their sex, and even when they are a little angry with each other, the desire they have for the other will never lessen, so that it is always clear to the reader that they will be able to find an agreement, since a good relationship like their cannot be destroyed by something futile like silence or too much love.

Amazon Kindle: Love Ahead: Expect Delays
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (November 30, 2010)

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Cover Art by Marci Gass
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The Positions of Love (Book 1) by J.M. Snyder

The first book on the new series The Positions of Love, sequel to The Powers of Love, see Matty and Vic approach their first Christmas together.

Despite his bulky body and tought behaviour, Vic is a tender guy, who has had a very difficult life and is waiting is very first Christmas with Matt cause it will be the first time in his life he will celebrate the Season in happiness.

The search of Vic for the perfect gift is heartwarming and Vic is like an elephant in a glass shop: he doesn't know how to move and he fears to break everything around him, but in the end he will find the right gift, a gift which arrives from the heart and from the deeply love he has for Matt.

And Matt is a beautiful man, both in body than in soul: he is caring and loving and wants so much to please this bear of a man with the heart of a child.

Of all the short stories about Matt and Vic I have read, I think this one is my preferred. And it opens wonderfully a series which seems to be very interesting. I can't wait to read more.

Amazon Kindle: The Positions of Love Book 1: The Positions of Love

Two Pillars Position (The Positions of Love 2) by J.M. Snyder

Another brief chapter in Matt and Vic series.

Matt is at work, in the gym where he is swim instructor, and Vic decides to do some weight before work. But when Matt, through their telepathic powers, knows of Vic's presence, there is no way that he will let Vic go to work without first share a little hot moment in the shower...

But the Two Pillats Position (make love standing in the shower and not pulling out with a motion of the hips) gives a very strange new power to Vic...

The story is very short but it's only one in the new monthly appointment by J.M. Snyder. For who loves Matt and Vic adventures, made of the very nice men in love, this is a really tasty add. What I like of Matt and Vic is that they are two real characters, in an unreal situation.

Amazon Kindle: Amazon Kindle: The Positions of Love Book 2: Two Pillars Position

Clasping Position (The Positions of Love 3) by J.M. Snyder

It's Valentine's day and Matt wants to go out for dinner in a classy steakhouse.

But before going out, Vic and Matt makes love, and as always, a new power is transferred to Vic through Matt's sperm: this time Vic can create sparks with his body. It's a funny power since Vic starts to melt everything around him.

Even if Matt is a dominant in the bedroom, it's Vic who is the steady guy in the couple. He is happy to content every whims of his silly lover, above all when Matt drinks too much, and becomes an horny man...

Another short, less than 25 pages, but funny enstallment in the Positions of Love series, that it's becoming like a monthly appointment for me.

Amazon Kindle: Amazon Kindle: The Positions of Love Book 3: Clasping Position

Hammock Position (The Positions Of Love 4) by J.M. Snyder

Another little story in the Matt and Vic life, this one really short, less than 30 pages.

Matt and Vic feeling the spring in the air decide to spend an afternoon near the river. But what they thought to be a beautiful place to make out in open air, reveals to be a bit too crowded. And so in the end they change the setting in the rear seat of Vic's car.

What they finish to do is the Hammock Position, with Vic sits on Matt's lap. And this position gives a new superpower to Vic, the ability to move things with only the mind power. And Vic will have soon the chance to experiment this new power to help a bus full of children.

Since this series started, Vic is little by little coming out as a real superhero. What it was only a game between Vic and Matt, now starts to be something bigger and that puts Vic under the eye of the media. We will see in the next episodes what will happen.

Amazon Kindle: Amazon Kindle: The Positions of Love Book 4: Hammock Position

Two Dogs Position (The Positions of Love 5) by J.M. Snyder

Vic and Matty continues their adventures. This one is a little "domestic". Our couple wants to threw a dinner party and they worry about the neighboor on the first floor, that always complains for their rumors. But Vic's landlady, a sweet nanny with an eye right for Vic, tells them to not worry and to enjoy their time with friends.

Before the guests arrive, Vic and Matty decide to try an "old style" position, the doggy style... what they didn't expect, has ever, is the collateral effect: Vic gains "dog" superpower:  high hearing and protective feelings for his home and its inhabitants, like the landlady. And like a good dog, he will be able to protect his master.

Less than 25 pages, is another scene in Vic and Matty's life and a small chapter to add to this funny series. More time pass, more details the author adds to the couple and their environment.

Amazon Kindle: The Positions of Love Book 5: Two Dogs Position

Cowboy Position (The Positions Of Love 6) by J.M. Snyder

In another of the little scenes part of The Positions of Love series, Matt and Vic experiment a new for them position, but a quite favorite in the M/M romance genre, the Cowboy position.

This time the story is sweet and tender, since tells us something more on the day-to-day life of the couple. How they have a routine, Matt cooks, Vic cleans up, and then they cuddle on the couch, kissing and caressing till the bed time moment.

But when they want to try something new, they never know what superpower it will bring to Vic: sometime they are good powers, sometime not so good. The Cowboy position, for how simple it's, it's not so healthier for Vic.

There is not much to say on this one, since it's very short, less than 25 pages, other than that it's almost like we are becoming part of Matt and Vic's family, and so it's quite right that we read also of their simple life, made of chores and habits.

Amazon Kindle: The Positions of Love Book 6: Cowboy Position

Kneeling Butterfly Position (The Positions of Love 7) by J.M. Snyder

Not always Vic and Matt have the same idea... Vic is more a type of couch in front of television and cuddle with his lover, Matt sometime instead has shopping frenzy, and when a new megastore opens near them, he can't help to be there first time in the morning, even if outside rain and lightining are pouring.

Matt drags Vic into a clothes department to buy new jeans to his lover, and obviously he wants for Vic to parade in front of him with every single pair he wears. And since Vic has a such good body it's a little step to find the two of them locked in a small dressing room, trying to use at best the little space. Vic will prove unexpected flexible ability...

Another little scene in The Positions of Love series, with another position for Matt and Vic to prove and another power for Vic to discover. Like in the previous one, I like to read about their ordinary life, of their life as a couple. It's pretty interesting to see how the most uncommon things happen to a so common couple.

Amazon Kindle: The Positions of Love Book 7: Kneeling Butterfly Position

Pillar And The Ivy Position (The Positions of Love 8) by J.M. Snyder

Like every long term relationship, also Vic and Matt face some moment of uneasiness: Matt is curios on the possibility of new sex games between them, and instead Vic is more a traditionalist, he would be glad to have a quite sex session in bed, missionary position or something similar. But he loves Matt and what Matt wants, Matt gets. And so they plan a morning in the swimming pool Matt attends, and it will be sex in the water... with obvious consequences when Matt's sperm has its collateral effect.

Vic is a down to heart guy, he is simple and open, he has not hidden side; Matt is a bit of a player, he likes to play and experiment and Vic is the perfect playmate, always eager to comply Matt's desires.

Another brief chapter, 23 pages, in the Vic and Matt's series. As always there is a mix of normality and paranormal, with Vic doing the dishes after dinner, with all the grumpiness of a man caught doing a chores, and with the all too normal needs for Vic to call in sick when another superpower makes its appearance... Vic's boss should be a very comprehensive guy, since lately Vic's leaves from work are escalating.

Amazon Kindle: The Positions of Love Book 8: Pillar and the Ivy Position

Tripod Position (The Positions Of Love 9) by J.M. Snyder

In book 9 of the Positions of Love, we learn something more on Vic's past. Vic is a quiet guy, he loves to stay home and make out in front of the television with Matt, but there is a secret hidden in the bottom of his closet, a box full of leather... Vic in the past was a leather man, and he went to those clubs so cherished by the biker type.

For Vic's birthday, Matt wants to do something special for Vic, and a night out in one of those clubs seems a good idea. The problem is that Matt is a very light drunk, and with what they drink at dinner and the beer they take in the club, Matt is gone for good, and as always Vic needs to play the role of the knight in shining armour. It's always quite funny to read that the stronger in the couple, and also the one that all consider the macho man, is instead the bottom. Not only that, Vic is also the more insecure; doesn't matter how big and strong he is, when he is around Matt, he is always fearing the moment in which Matt will awake from his sex indulged stupor to find out that he is tied to Vic, a man who doesn't deserve him. This is obviously Vic's thought, since Matt, and the reader as well, know better, and they can clearly see that they are fated to stay together.

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Lotus Position (The Positions Of Love 10) by J.M. Snyder

Usually Vic and Matt's little life scenes are spent in the comfort of their small apartment, or in the big suburban space of their town. Not much people around, and this is good, since Vic and his strange powers are not something that is good to advertise. But even a superhero goes on vacation, or better the superhero's lover want to go on vacation, and Vic has to follow: we already know that Vic will do anything to please his lover Matt.

Matt drags Vic to a small beach town full of piers, amusement parks, shops (obviously shops, they are almost addictive for Matt) and... people! It's almost impossible for Vic to not be discovered, but, lucky for him, disguise in a crowd is easier than among few people.

On the sexual position of the day, Vic and Matt find out that it's very romantic to make love at night on the beach, if not for the little grains of sand that stick everywhere, especially in some intimate places... but Vic is all for the little "pain" during sex, and so he doesn't complain too much.

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The Arc Position (The Positions Of Love 11) by J.M. Snyder

It's Halloween time and Matt wants for them to going to a party his friend Roxy is having. As usual, it will not take too much for Matt to convince Vic to do as he likes, using sweet words and even sweeter sex; this is probably the thing I like most in this series, the contrast between Vic's rough exterior and instead his real behavior, that it is a quiet man, who loves to cuddle in front of the television and to spend as much time as possible only with his partner. Vic is always caring of Matt's happiness, and even if he doesn't like something, he would do anything to make Matt happy.

And so Vic accepts to wear a cop costume, but Matt has the brilliant idea to try a new love position soon before leaving for the party and the consequences are always surprising... let me say that Vic has to change his costume's choice to adapt his new looks. This is probably the most interesting part of the book, since again it underlights as Matt is the kinkier in the couple, even if he has the looks of a good boy; Vic could be the one that looks like a biker or a big bad guy, but for real he is the most conservative man, he doesn't like to experiment, and instead Matt always finds something interesting, in a sexual way, in the strange paranormal powers he gifts Vic.

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Sideways Position (The Positions Of Love 12) by J.M. Snyder

Amazon Kindle: The Positions of Love Book 12: Sideways Position (print book)

Amazon: The Positions of Love (print book)
Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (March 3, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1456587013
ISBN-13: 978-1456587017

Series: The Positions of Love
0) The Powers Of Love 1: Origins:
1) The Positions of Love
2) The Bonds of Love:

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Gabriel has recently moved to Hawaii; usually he doesn't regret his decision, but during Christmas season he misses the snow and the real Christmas trees, and also the cold weather! Maybe he would be less of a grudge if he had someone near him to share the Christmas joy, but Gabriel is alone, until Keoni enters his sweet shop: a beautiful Hawaiian man from an influent family, Keoni is a dream comes true, but Gabriel can't imagine that the man is interested in him. Truth be told, Keoni is alone like Gabriel, and he misses to have a partner beside him. He is also tired to travel to world for business and he would like to finally settle in a place. Maybe during this Christmas season both men will see realize their wishes.

The story is nice, Gabriel is somewhat a character full of surprises, since he starts as a shy man, almost dreamy and not very upfront with what he wants, and then suddenly he becomes almost a vixen, teasing and sexy, and seduces poor Keoni with almost the man doesn't realizing it. To be sincere, I didn't understand fully Keoni: he is a very handsome man, but also unselfish and generous, not with his money but with his feelings, that is better; I believe Keoni likes the idea of love, and he is ready to fall in love, and it's not important if his partner his a male or a female. This is why I didn't understand him, I didn't understand if it is his first gay experience with Gabriel or not... but in the end it doesn't matter.

I was also surprised by the end, not since it's not an happily ever after, but since it's almost too normal after the dream comes true scene we read before; Keoni is coming back home from a tiring business travel, he would like to spend some quality time with Gabriel, but he realizes that he is too tired... all right love is the most powerful force in the world, but if you are sleep deprived...

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This is really an original short story since it's not actually a romance, but more a coming of age from two point of view, mother and son.

In 1990 Elaine is a young mother with a four kids, one of them a teen. Elaine is divorced and remarried with a nice man, but her previous husband was abusive both with her than with their kids. As a consequence, Elaine is very worried for her older son's behavior, so close and brooding. It's not the usual behavior of a teen, Elaine knows that her son wants desperately tell her something but he has no courage. Having moved in a small town probably didn't help since Danny, her son, has real few chance to mix with a variety of people to open him to the world. So when Elaine hears the gossip town about Mike and Harry, two openly gay men who live in a nearby ranch, Elaine listens carefully, eager to maybe learn something that can help her son.

Christmas is near and Elaine and Danny are driving home when they have a car accident; marooned in the snow they are rescued by Mike and bring home with him. Suddenly the point of view switch from Elaine to Danny, who is now the one eager to learn, to finally see how two gay men live together. For sure in his teen mind, they have sex each moment, they have an exciting life, they are... they are perfectly normal, to middle age men who share a quite and lovely life, trying to not listen to the gossip town.

It's a very nice tale, in both its part, when we follow Elaine's musing and worries for her son's care and when we discover along with Danny that being gay is not a so big drama, and that he probably can have the courage to talk with his mother, and his mother probably will not throw him away for not being the perfect son he thought she wants.

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