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There was an odd naivite in this story that was all of its main character, Simon, and thanks to the hand of its author, Eric Bishop-Potter. People say to 17 years old Simon that he looks older, but actually I think he was all in all a teenager, with the reactions to life, and its bad turns, that only a teenager can have.

Simon is most likely bisexual, but he is also in love with his stepbrother Jimmy (same mother, different fathers); not that Simon ever says that, but evertthing he is doing is to give Jimmy, who is slowly becoming blind, the chance to see how much of the world he still have the time to see. Jimmy, good-hearted and plain beautiful, has only one dream, to see the Grand Canyon. But Simon and Jimmy are from the wrong side of London, living on government allowance, and there is no chance they can afford the trip. So Simon, after a chance or two at different odd jobs, decides to turn tricks, the faster way to get the money he needs.

Simon approaches to sex is detached, I really didn't feel like he considers it something worthy or important; he has it with women and men, but more like scratching an itch than as an expression of his feelings. Simon is very physical, but I felt his involvement more real in "innocent" acts like when he is dancing with Jimmy, or just lying in bed with him, without touching, than when he is having sex or turning trick. Actually, when these latter are happening, it felt dirty, and instead, when he is intimate with his stepbrother, it felt honest and pure.

This novel was a surprise, I drank it in one gulp, but it still lingers around me.

Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd (July 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1848767374
ISBN-13: 978-1848767379
Amazon: Jimmy, Mrs Fisher and Me
Amazon Kindle: Jimmy, Mrs Fisher and Me

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A quickie, an hot dream about a forbidden fantasy unveiling to being even more forbidden than expected. Like in that old television fiction where people are gathering in an enchanted island where they dream will become true, here the host is played by Native American Tavish Black and the dreams he makes true are sexual fantasies. Mitch came to Tavish expecting his forbidden desire of a ménages a trois to come true, what he is not expecting is for his twin brother to be part of it. Even if, what Mitch declared wasn’t really his true desire and Tavish knew it.

This is a quick read, just a night in the life of the men involved in each fantasy, so you haven’t to expect full development, or characters’s life turning events. Nevertheless, the author gave a little of background to them and an hint of a possible future development. Other than that, this is simply to enjoy an hot, short story, to be savored when in the mood and quickly consumed.

Amazon Kindle: Whisper (A Tavish Black Fantasy #1)
Publisher: Hot Corner Press (January 6, 2013)

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Again I had the feeling that G.A. Hauser “matured” with this novel, or maybe she decided that she doesn’t care of what people think romance should be and she wrote what she likes. Jean is a modern Alice in the Wonderland who falls into a hole, figuratively speaking but also for real; when he enters D&D’s tattoo shop, what he thinks he wants is a small tattoo in a place no one will see, especially now that Jean is single and without prospect partners around; what he finds are two hot men plus one to spare who are more than ready to show Jean a completely different world.

Harry, the shop owner, is 29 years old, very handsome and a little brooding; he had a very bad experience in the past and now he is very careful to give his heart. Clyde, Harry’s adoptive brother, his 39 years old, wanna-be porn star, and as open as Harry is closed; Clyde is very possessive of Harry and not in a brotherly way, and where I know I shouldn’t like his character, he is yes possessive but also obsessive, I think he is the more fragile of the two. Clyde helped Harry when he was down, but at the time Harry was only a teenager, now instead he is a grown man, and he grew stronger and steadier than Clyde. The spare guy is Sam, who joins Clyde and Harry when they want to play, and the new play thing is Jean.

There is a lot of sex, down and dirty sex, a little on the BDSM side, but mostly for the fun not as life choice. Jean at first has this idea of romance, made of courtship and bed of roses, and instead he finds immediate sex and satisfaction and a dungeon to play… the guy is fast to change is idea and to understand that this is his chance and he hasn’t to let it go. Champagne and roses can wait, in the meantime he will enjoy the immediate gratification.

The story is more complex than the sex, the one between Harry and Jean is the easier relationship, what gives complexity to the plot is the bond between Harry and Clyde, made of love and hate, tenderness and irritation. It’s strange since it’s Clyde that pushes Harry to let it go with Jean, but then he is the first to try to stop him when things get serious, like he wasn’t expecting for Harry to follow his push.

G.A. Hauser are not romance for all, but if you manage to enter her world made of real gay men, every novel is a discovery.

Amazon: Down and Dirty
Amazon Kindle: Down and Dirty
Paperback: 258 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (August 18, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 146351073X
ISBN-13: 978-1463510732

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This is another twincest story and so probably no up for everyone out there. I actually don't mind read them, as I said, probably due to the simple fact that, being both men, there is no chance of an unwilling pregnancy that could be quite risky. And so, for me, a twincest has a reason to be if the two men involved are in love, and I don't believe it's so hard that it happens between identical twins, as one of the two men in this story thinks in his mind, it's like loving yourself, a modern version of Narcissus.

Plus Dominic e Mason, the two twins, have one reason more to be in love of each other, they have been always two alone against the world: abandoned by their mother when they were still children, abused by their father, Dom and Mason went away to find their path as soon as possible, always together, always relying on each other. They have also one another thing in common, other than the physical appearance, they are both gay, and they live in a small town USA where it's not so easy to find a partner. Or at least so they tell to themself, maybe to hide another truth: they are in love with each other but that love is forbidden.

Of the two, Mason was the first to realize the truth; the shyest and smaller of the two, he was also the one for whom was always easy find a boyfriend. But Mason is hiding behind his "easiness": he is in love with Dom and he knows that, and he is searching to replace his brother in his heart with other men. When that doesn't happen, Mason finds a way to have at least something from Dom: anonymous sex in a bathroom, with Dom that doesn't know who is on the other side of an hole in the wall. But when Dom finds out the true, it's time also for him to finally recognize that truth: why he has never had a steady relationship? Why does he always compare other men to his brother?

This is only a short story, barely a night in the life of the two brother, but it's a very intensive and changing life experience. I like that the author tried to give an explanation to the two brothers' love for each other other than a sex thing. The story has a bit of background, but due to the length, it has not a future evolution: the twins and the reader know that it will be not simple for them, but we don't know, or read, what will happen. It's left to the reader's imagination.

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Amazon Kindle: Tempestuous Relations

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"Famous for the notorious witch trials of 1692, the small seaport town of Salem, Massachusetts had been trying to smudge out the horrible image of murder and injustice for centuries. In a complete turnaround, the town had begun welcoming anyone who was a self-proclaimed witch, and by the early 21st century, one in four Salem residents claimed either to be a witch or to know one."

It seems an idilliac situation, isn't it? A place where everyone would be glad to come, if he is interested on the paranormal side of life. And so it's not strange that Cash Rowan, ghost and demon hunter, chooses Salem as his final point for the Halloween night. But Cash is searching a specific demon, and maybe this time he is lucky. Jace is the owner of the Demon Tailz, a upper-class night club, and he welcomes Cash at open arms... the reader is expecting a hot night but it is not what he will have.

Cash is not searching for sex, and Jace has that side of his life covered since he is in a relationship with his twin brother Konnor. To know what it will happen, you need to read the story, since if I tell you more, I for sure will spoil it, it's only 25 pages long. But despite being so short, the story is really really nice.... well maybe nice is not exactly the right word: it's a mix of splatter and comic, love and sex, Ghost (the movie) meets "The Night of Living Dead" or something similar... I didn't know if I should feel horror or smile or be a sappy romantic.

There are at least three unexpected events: when Cash reveals his real purpose, when Jace helps him, and when Konnor comes back home. All of them gave me a feeling of surprise and a need to re-read the scene to be sure to understand well what it was happening... and since it's, as I said, a 25 pages long story, I believe it's quite an achievement. Can't wait to read the following chapters in a series that I believe will be a favorite of mine.

Amazon Kindle: StarCrossed 1: Demon Tailz

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