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Eric Alan Westfall The Rake, The Rogue, and The Roué (Another England #1)
Gay - Historical Romance
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Publication Date: February 25, 2017
Amazon: Eric Alan Westfall The Rake, The Rogue, and The Roué (Another England #1)

The scene is 1815-1816 in Another England, where men of a certain, ah, bent, are known as friends of Edward’s. Our heroes are nicknamed the “Three R’s.” Peregrine, our blond British viscount rake; Rory, our brawny, hairy, sometimes kilt-wearing, Scots rogue, and Michel, the languid, lethal English-born roué with the French name and French title. They’re close friends. Intimate you might say. Especially since Peregrine is having really great sex with both Rory and Michel. And neither of them knows about the other.

Besides his dear Mama trying to marry him off, Peregrine has a problem. He's given his word of honor to each of them he won’t disclose what’s going on. What’s a horny rake to do when he knows the three of them together would be incredible in so many ways, but can’t say anything to make it happen?

Even worse, what happens if his two men find out about all the secret sex Peregrine has been enjoying?

You’ll have to read to find out those answers. Along the way: a duel, mysterious inheritances, a nefarious bishop, a scheming lord, a love poem, some wit and humor, a frantic race home, a frolic by the sea, a portrait and...oh, yes...some great sex.


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