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My first review of a book of Ethan Day, dating back to February 12, 2009.

Lately it seems that I read a lot of books that have a starting point similar to an Hollywood comedy movie, but since I love comedy, for me it's not at all a problem. And then some comedy I love more than others, like My Best Friend's Wedding, and not since I like Julia Roberts, but since I LOVE Rupert Everett, you can don't believe me, but I liked him even before is coming out, when he was a young actor in an old Italian movie, Cronaca di una morte annunciata.

Anyway in this story Davis is the classical good boy next door: gay and shy, he arrived at College still a blushing virgin and he was obviously swept away from the first good looking guy with enough patience to see behind his protective shield. Jack actually was not a bad guy, and he really liked Davis, and so, after deflowering the virgin, he also played the role of perfect boyfriend for four years, since the lights of New York called him, and he left without a good reason. Davis, poor guy, still loves him, and he has always hoped that, sooner or later, Jack will see a different light and realize that his true love is back at home. So when Davis receives a phone call from Jack announcing that he is marrying a man he met only two weeks before, Davis is sure that he is doing a big mistake and that he has to do everything to stop him. With his best girl friend in tow, he goes to Chicago with every intention to break Jack up from his future groom, Tadd.

Problem is that Tadd is every bit the perfect man, and Davis has no many chance to succeeded. But an help arrives from Alex, Tadd's best friend: Alex has his own reason to want to test Jack's love for Tadd, and then, it's not an hard work to feign interest in Davis, since the man is really cute.

It's the classical comedy of mistake, and also a whirl of possible pair: Davis-Jack, Jack-Tadd, Davis-Alex, Alex... well I need to leave a bit of mystery, needn't I? But even if there are different interaction between the men, the author manages to never actually making no one cheats on someone else: using different time level, all the possible couple are tested to allow the reader to see how they are together, but in the end, only the real one, the true love will conquer all.

I like the mix of high society party world with the small town tittle-tattle behavior of all the characters: even if Davis is plotting to do a very nasty thing, he never really behaves as a villain, and all his attempts are more funny than dangerous. In a way Davis is still that eighteen years old virgin boy who was starstruck by friendly and handsome Jack; doesn't matter if he left 6 years before, Davis is still waiting at home like a good little wife for her husband to be back home after playing around. Probably if Jack was a really bad man, the reader would have no doubt to whom Davis should choice, but instead Jack is really a good guy, maybe a bit selfish, but not so much to make him a nasty character. And so the reader has the same problem as Davis, he is unable to letting Jack go toward his new path.
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Not sure why this story pickedd my interest, it was probably the description of "Guy", the bartender who basically rescues and beds Jimmy without revealing much of himself, if not he is for sure a better guy that the manys Jimmy met before.

Guy seems to not ask much and instead gives a lot. He is safe and strong without being domineering, he is kind and gentle without losing masculinity, he is, in one word, my dream man. And apparently also Jimmy's dream.

If I have to find an irk with the story is that, for how much money Guy's family may have accumulated in the years, I don't think it's likely Guy may afford a Ferrari, that even second-hand, I think it's a more than 300.000 $ car. Sure Guy's character is well-established, with his own property, but he is in any case a local shop owner, a Ferrary was out of character.

Said that, I loved Guy (without the Ferrari :-) ) and he is the main reason why this novel was so good. And by the way, I understood which was Guy's real name way before Jimmy, probably at the first hint Guy gave him, and it was funny to see how instead Jimmy was without a clue.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition (January 21, 2015)
Amazon Kindle: What's in a Name?

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I loved Kevin and Cedric's story probably for the same reason someone didn't: it was over the top, it wasn't everyday ordinary life and it was very much like a Cinderfella fairy tale. I haven't read all the books by this author, actually I think I read only one, her first novel, and this one, but both stories dealt with the high life not many of us have the chance to experiment.

True, in Disasterology 101 Kevin is a construction worker, divorced and with three kids, struggling to reach end of the month with only his salary, but on the other end Cedric is so rich one can only start to imagine it. To compensate his lack of money, and to not make the relationship unbalanced, Kevin is indeed the perfect man, attentive, caring, loving, exactly the one who will be able to understand Cedric's needs.

Cedric has a badly case of OCD, and he will never be 100% well, but with the right man beside him, he can have some sort of stability and Kevin is the one who can give him that. Always talking of balancing the characters, I liked that the author didn't make a whimpering queen out of Cedric; it would be easy, giving his psicological weakness, to translate it in physical weakness as well, to have him someone who needed also the body strenght of Kevin other than his psicological support. But Cedric is a strong man, if not for his OCD, he would be probably the one in charge in the relationship, and with his extreme wealth, that wasn't a good recipe for happiness with Kevin. Like this, Kevin and Cedric match, Kevin's stability helps Cedric's OCD, Cedric's strenght, and yes, domineering attitude in bed, matches Kevin's inexperience in gay relationship.

I was also quite invested in supporting characters, would love to read a story about Evan.

Paperback: 398 pages
Publisher: MLR Press (July 17, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1608208818
ISBN-13: 978-1608208814
Amazon: Disasterology 101
Amazon Kindle: Disasterology 101

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This was a really sweet romance, with just that touch of kinky to make it sexy: Nicholas Goring, the butterfly hunter earling, may have, most of the time, his head on a cloud, but when he manage to tack down Dave, then he becomes like a little tiger, tenacious and hungry, overwhelming Dave with his desire.

There was an hint of bittersweet in the story, something related to Nicholas's "condition", the son of an earl, when his family butler agrees with Dave the contract terms, he also asks him to take care of Nicholas, like he is a precious thing. And indeed he is, Nicholas, precious, and fragile, but as I said, he unveals hidden strengths, that maybe aren't useful in real life, but that make him intriguing, also to the eyes of otherwise straight Dave.

Truth be told, I don't believe Dave is straight; he fell in love with Denise when he was 5 years old, and just by chance, Denise is a strong woman, way stronger than Dave. I have the feeling that, if Dave was approached by a boy and not a girl, he would have fell in love with the boy too. Dave needs a leading hand, not in real life, but for his emotional path: what a strange combination, a guide who needs to be driven.

Julie Bozza puts together an unlikely pair, but right for that, it was endearing to read how they fell in love, and the ending was almost fairy tale.

Paperback: 172 pages
Publisher: Manifold Press (November 12, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1908312963
ISBN-13: 978-1908312969
Amazon: Butterfly Hunter
Amazon Kindle: Butterfly Hunter

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For once, I did know the mystery since the beginning (I'm not usually that good), even if I didn't know who was the culprit. But to me, that wasn't a spoiling of the enjoyment of reading the story, cause there were many points I deeply appreciated, two out of them, the love story and the setting.

The setting was faboulos, and considering I love that Gilded Age atmosphere, and I usually try to visit at least one of those villas each time I'm in the US, I was fascinated like Griff by the architecture, and I believe the description of the lives of who was lucky enough to grew up among those walls was spot on. And the there was Pierce, so handsome and aloof, but only at first glance, cause he is the one initiating the spark between Griff and him, and once fire took place, it's hot. The sex scenes, when happening, were at the same time erotic but classy, perfectly in character with the protagonists, and again, the setting.

I often say that, but I have to say it again, once you read a novel by Josh Lanyon you have the best of two worlds, the romance and the mystery/thriller.

Publisher: Carina Press (May 5, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Stranger on the Shore

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Taking a quite common "romance" plot and giving it a twist: the plot of two friends betting on the chance one of the two will be able to have someone else falls in love is common, the originality here is that, usually, when the plot is unvealed, the one doing the bet is never strong enough to admit their fault and plead for forgiviness. And I said strong cause, to me, it's a proof of strenght if you are able to admit your mistake. That of Kent and Terry is the shorter story, but my favorite.

The second story follows Blaine and Spencer, respectively Kent and Terry's best friends and future groomsmen planning the wedding and falling in love in the meantime. This is maybe more traditional in its plot, but the nice twist is given by the fact that neither Blaine or Spencer are "wedding planners", actually, apparently, they aren't even "marrying types", but having to do it for their best friends will face them with unexpected developments.

I was used to Sandrine Gasq-Dion's Assassin/Shifter story, and this is a new side of her writing, more light, in a way, with less enphasis on her usual themes, and for that reason, more fluid and easier to approach, especially if you are not familiar with the author and want to try her.

Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Wilde City Press, LLC (August 28, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1925031349
ISBN-13: 978-1925031348
Amazon: A Betting Man, A Marrying Man
Amazon Kindle: A Betting Man, A Marrying Man

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I have never liked much ménages a trois, so maybe I had some prejudices starting this novel, but I have to say the author managed to convince me this triangle was not only possible, but even satisfying for all men involved.

Josiah and Mateo, just one year apart from each other, met while in the same foster home: Josiah the good guy, but painfully shy, already aware of being gay, but with absolutely no courage of admitting it; Mateo, the bad boy, from the wrong side of town, waiting to be of age to go back to the gang his father was leading and that he was supposed to replace. Nothing seems to link them if not they are both orphans and gay, and with an emptiness that, to their young age, seems possible to fulfill only being together, their two alone against the world.

But of course it is not so easy to let behind your past, and they need a mainstay, someone like Tristan; even if no one would say Mateo needs protection, I had the feeling Tristan wanted to expiate his supposed past crimes taking care not only of Josiah but also Mateo. Taking care of Josiah is easy, he is like a puppy, someone who looks at you with hope in his eyes, so much that it’s impossible to say no. But Mateo is like a stray dog, someone who doesn’t look you cause he doesn’t want to trust again for the fear of being betrayed again; but like a stray dog, if you manage to convince him you are worthy of his love, he will repay you with ten thousand more love back.

This is an erotic romance, and as such, the sex scenes are a good share, and an important element of the story. Said that, it’s also important to notice that there is a story indeed beyond that, and this is what I appreciate more.

Publisher: Riley Hart (February 2, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Broken Pieces

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An emotional tale about a young man trying to moving on an abusive relationship; considering the theme, angst was an expected factor, but I was pleasantly surprise to find out that it wasn’t the main one. Too often the authors push on the easy tears button to make a story dig on your emotional barriers, and sometime it gets old. Here there was just that touch of drama, enough to justify the changing life decisions of Luke, but not so much to destroy him. Actually, the drama he is running away back home, and that comes back to tag him in Bristol, to me could have even stayed there, a memento of something bad that shouldn’t happen again, but it wasn’t really necessary for it to reappear in current time.

When 22 years old Luke meets 36 years old Paul, it’s obvious they are from different side of life, and it’s not only a question of age; while not rich, Paul is a teacher, with a steady job and a not wanted inheritance from his late partner. He is good from a quality life point of view, not so much when you talk about feelings. Paul wasn’t expecting to be alone at mid-thirties, he had figured he was to grow old with his partner in a contented and fulfilling relationship, without much bumps but good. Luke recognizes in him a companion loneliness, and he approaches Paul at a club. At first both Paul and Luke consider it a no strings attached night, but the sex is good, good enough they want to see where it will lead.

While Paul and his friends notice the age difference, and other differences as well, I have never felt like it mattered to Luke. Luke is more worried about his lack of formal instruction, or social status, than the fact he is so much younger than Paul. And there wasn’t either the common theme of the Daddy/boy pairing, it’s obvious that Paul is older than Luke, but Luke isn’t looking for a substitute fatherly figure. Maybe Paul’s work as a teacher will help him understanding Luke and pushing him towards the right steps without forcing him.

Paperback: 210 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 9, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613725922
ISBN-13: 978-1613725924
Amazon: Moving on
Amazon Kindle: Moving on

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I liked this story, more I loved it. Yes, it was long, and not really fast-paced, but I loved every single word, and in a way, I found it to be sweet and romantic, but also passionate; not overtly on your face, but more a passion shimmering beneath the ashes, ready to spark into a burst of flame if stoked, but otherwise warm and constant, slowly feeding the love of these two men.

This is not really a beyond the social barriers story, it’s clear to everyone, Mr Hillier included, that his new gardener, Mr Ashton, isn’t from the working class, but more likely a destitute from the middle class. They are on the same social status, but something happened in Mr Ashton’s past, and Mr Hillier respects the other desire to not talk about it. Slowly but steadily their friendship deepens, to a level that Mr Hillier realizes his feelings for Mr Ashton aren’t simply friendship; for Mr Ashton there wasn’t any doubt from the start, cause he well knows his preferences are for men, and that is the reason why he has nothing in the world: homosexuality is a crime, and he wouldn’t wish to anyone what happened to him, let alone to Edward, who is married with children. But fate will give them a push towards an happiness that, if not open, it’s at least comforting.

While reading this story, I was feeling that yes, what was happening was possible; even in the small details, for how much sad (like the death of small children due to the lack of health care knowledge) to the big picture of the attitude toward homosexuality in a Victorian society, everything was realistic. When Edward realizes he is in love with William, he is not only scared, he is aghast; even if he arrives to admit he is in love with William, and shares a bed with him, the thought of anal sex is impossible, a crime not only for the law (and Edward is a lawyer) but also to the eyes of God (a God that Edward has started to question, even before his homosexual feelings for William).

The Walled Garden is the best example of historical romance, cause it manages to remain realistic but at the same time delivers a romantic lovestory.

Publisher: Manifold Press (April 12, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: The Walled Garden

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This is really a gay fairy tale (no pun intended) cause it’s sweet and romantic, to an innocence level that only very young mind still have, but that also an adult could appreciate, if they wanted to dream.

The story is Cinderella, from beginning to the end. The author didn’t try to divert too much from the original, and the only major change she did is to have Cinderella becoming Cinder, the young cousin of the two twin sisters from hell, Penelope and Jessalyn. Cinder will fall in love with his Prince Charming, Xavier, but Xavier is the heir to the crown, and he needs to marry to a certain age, to meet the requirement to be eligible to the throne, and his birthday is upcoming. How Xavier and Cinder will manage to achieve their happily ever after is part of the reason why you will have to read the story, cause that wasn’t in the original Cinderella fairy tale.

I liked the author maintained the story to an “ingénue” level, just some chaste kisses; I’m not sure if the two even consummate their love, cause, well, like in the old tradition, the author says and doesn’t say, leaving to the imagination of the reader to fill the dots.

Another point that I liked is how the author approached the homosexuality; first of all this is a fantasy story, so well, isn’t like there a right or wrong way, but the author simply had Cinder admit to himself he prefers men, but in a way like he was admitting he prefer fish over meat. Of course there were troubles involved, Xavier needs to marry a woman, but well, Cinder being a man wasn’t really the main issue, in a way it was more problematic that Cinder was a servant and Xavier a prince.

Publisher: Silver Publishing (February 3, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Cinder

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Considering I’m not a really big fan of BDSM novels, it’s with a little surprise that I must admit I liked this one; maybe cause the authors didn’t go into much details during the “scenes” and while I knew those mustn’t be without consequences for Brandon, it wasn’t like the authors were gloating on displaying his hurt. And that is strange cause Jonathan, the Dom, is a self-proclaimed sadist, and so he should enjoying it. But, maybe due to his physical presence, not at all intimidating, or maybe cause I could tell he really cared for Brandon, I had always had the feeling he was doing more for Brandon than for himself.

I didn’t read the first book in this series, pretty obvious it was about how Brandon met Jonathan and how they ended up knowing each other; from what I gathered it didn’t span a lot on a time perspective, Brandon ran away from his Master/slave contract with Jonathan almost at the beginning, save coming back asking Jonathan to take him back and that is where the second book start. But even if basically this is one story divided into two books, I didn’t miss the first one; I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be the same if you stop to the first book.

This is Brandon’s education to the BDSM world, everything is pretty much evolving around him, or inside his mind, that is the reason why we really don’t know Jonathan and his reason. Truth be told, to me was pretty clear he was deeply attached to Brandon, and it sounded strange he was willing to let him go at the end of their six-months contract. So maybe we didn’t need any more insight on Jonathan, cause Jonathan was open to the reader with his desires and expectation, while instead the troubled character was Brandon. What Brandon wants is no clear, does he want money or love, temporary or commitment?

I appreciated that Jonathan was able to push Brandon to his limits while at the same time respecting his fears. If I have to find a reason to go back to the first book is to find out how the authors managed to introduce Jonathan and his role as a Dom, when from an outside point of view he is totally at the opposite: very small, smaller than Brandon, younger even (only few months) and with elflike feature… the only thing making him bigger than Brandon is money. I loved this contrast, and it was a confirmation that appearances don’t matter, the attitude is what counts.

Paperback: 262 pages
Publisher: Riptide Publishing (June 11, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 193755144X
ISBN-13: 978-1937551445
Amazon: Power Play: Awakening (Volume 2)
Amazon Kindle: Power Play: Awakening (Volume 2)

Series: Power Play
1) Power Play: Resistance
2) Power Play: Awakening


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The title is quite evocative of what happened with this book, Boats in the Night who met, maybe even brush, but then go on their respective paths far from each other. I had this book in my reading list from probably the first week it was out, and for a reason or the other delayed the read, until I realized it was almost 2 years. There wasn’t really any specific reason, moreover, as soon as I started it, I realized this is exactly the story I like, cute, tender, just that touch of angst, but nothing too much to make you sad. It’s an heartwarming story of hope and love, with that UK flavor to make it fashionable.

I loved both characters, stuffy Giles (I imagined him like a Colin Firth’s sort of man) and gipsy-like Smutty, they were for sure perfect together, opposites attracts, but above all, they were balanced; nice touch the fact that Smutty wasn’t some young lad searching for a sugar daddy, he was actually older than Giles. I more than loved the small town setting, I had the chance to visit Bath and around this past winter, and so was able to visualize what the author was describing and it was great. Like for the story, nothing was really against these men and their love, and for once, I liked I hadn’t to worry for them and just enjoy their love.

If you want to experience the same contentment I’m feeling right now, don’t make my same mistake, and if you “brush” paths with Boats in the Night, take your time to stop and enjoy it.

Publisher: Josephine Myles (November 15, 2011)
Amazon Kindle: Boats in the Night

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As in the previous book I read by Kindle Alexander, you can tell this author knows romance and romance rules. This is a cinderfella meets prince charming story, family values, happily ever after and all. There is basically everything you want in your romance, the teasing, the courting, the showing off how proud you are of your beloved (with red carpet walk and all). There is also the sex, but not so much or too much to distract you from the love story: these two men enjoy each other bodies, but it’s not for the sex they are together (even if Gage quite enjoys Trent’s body).

I have also found quite true the issue Trent is having finding the right partner to share his already made family of two children under 6 years old. True there are gay couples wanting to marry and having children, but when the family is already there, and it’s not yours, I believe it can be more difficult to find a partner.

The main story was the love story between Gage and Trent; there was a mystery/thriller subplot concerning Gage that will have a connection with Trent, sincerely, I think that part was a distraction from the love story, and, ab absurbo, the one that was more disconnected from the realm of possibility: when I say this is a perfect romance, I’m implying this is stuff from the dreamland, but actually not impossible in real life; you can fall in love with prince charming, and prince charming can fall in love with you, true, there aren’t many of them around, but if you are lucky enough, you can find yours; but all the political/thriller/adventure plot, involving secret services and very important people, well, that was something out of the romance dreamland and maybe it clashes with the pink cloud where I was lulled by the reading of the love story.

Amazon: The Current Between Us
Amazon Kindle: The Current Between Us
Paperback: 284 pages
Publisher: Kindle Alexander LLC (June 18, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0989117367
ISBN-13: 978-0989117364


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Quite classical vacation fling plot, on this occasion in a winter Paris, always remaining the city of love, what is probably the most interesting thing of all is Jason’s character and is approach to realizing he is in love with a man.

Jason is a successful lawyer in Philadelphia with a beautiful fiancé and bright future planned ahead. But then he comes home one night to find his fiancé in bed with another man and this opens the drawer of doubts in Jason’s head. Profiting of the empty Paris apartment of his sister Rosalie, he decides to take a two months leave of absence. On the first night in Paris, Jason, a jazz lover, enters a club an meets 22 years old Jules.

At this point it arrives what I said is the most interesting aspect of all: Jason isn’t questioning his attraction to Jules, sure he wonders why he is attracted to a man when he was in love with a woman just days before; but Jason’s questions don’t arise from prejudices and sincerely the fact that Jules is a man isn’t really an issue, more troubling is that he is so younger than Jason. Jason had some homosexual experiences in college with a buddy friend, but nothing important and nothing that left him with regrets. Basically Jason is on the middle of the Kinsey scale, being equally attracted by men and women; gender is not an obstacles, problem is the compatibility of the partner.

Anyway, Jason is in a moment in life where an age difference is not something that will prevent him from enjoying the Paris fling, and from fling to love the step is short.

From Jules’s side, this is a typically Cinderfella story: kicked out from home at 16, Jules lived on the street and then thanks to the help of good friends; now he is a struggling artist who would love to be a jazz artist, but probably he was destined to end as waiter. Jason’s connections will help him to find his path, and if that means that their love will also have a component of gratitude, well, that is right, and coherent with the story.

Amazon: Blue Notes
Amazon Kindle: Blue Notes
Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 30, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613722729
ISBN-13: 978-1613722725

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Cover Art by Anne Cain

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Apparently a light erotic romance, there were at time when this novel went a little beyond. The character of Morric had a darkness in him that made this man more complex than the simply eye candy blue collar lover that attracted Grant’s attention.

Grant is a self-made millionaire who is enjoying is early almost retirement; a computer wizard, sometime he still behaves like a spoiled teenager who is playing with big toys, like muscle cars and co. He is not a bad boy, only a little self-centered. So self-centered that, even if he says that he cares a lot for Marty, and I didn’t find any reason to not believe him, he let pass months before coming to visit, so long that he doesn’t know Marty hired a new mechanic, Morric, and that Marty is terminal ill.

That was the first hint the author decided to make this story less light than first impression; the second is Morric and his stubbornly decision to not let Grant have it easy with him. Morric is not the last toy Grant will use and toss away, if he wants to play, they will do it together. I quite enjoyed Morric, he is round and square, able to understand his issues and trying to overcome them. So much that sometime I found Grant to be too immature for someone like Morric; but the positive side of Grant is that, like a stubborn puppy who wants to share his love, he ignores Morric’s attempts to push him away and is always coming back for more.

Amazon: Grant's Mechanic [Blue Collar Lovers]
Amazon Kindle: Grant's Mechanic [Blue Collar Lovers]
Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (May 14, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1627400605
ISBN-13: 978-1627400602

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More than a whole novel, this was more a nice, sweet novella; it’s odd to use the word “sweet” in relation to a story regarding saloon prostitutes, but this one was indeed sweet and very romantic. Probably a quite ordinary western romance plot, the one about the young cowboy falling in love for the soiled dove and sweeping her from her feet to ride together towards the horizon… with the exception that Lila is transgender and the reason why young Tommy fell so hard for her is that he couldn’t care less for women and he has actually a crush on his boss, Hal.

When Lila realizes that the virgin cowboy she picked isn’t actually scared of women due to inexperience, but that he actually prefers men, she feels safe to reveal him her secret. If I hadn’t known that what Lila did was not only possible, but even ended up in some newspaper of the time, I would have probably questioned the possibility for Lila to pass not only as a woman, but to even exercise the older profession in the world, implying intimate contact with men. Actually what I questioned was not that, but more the fact that Lila, after meeting Tommy, basically will not continue with her trade: true, she is falling for Tommy, and Tommy is paying her, but nevertheless, I think at the time the life of a prostitute wasn’t so easy. The author managed it making the time span of the novella quite short, less than a week.

I’m sure life will not be easy for them, Tommy is really young and naïve, he has no real money, and even if they manage to find a place where to start anew, they are bound to have problem, how they will manage to buy the land, the cattle? But I suppose that is not the purpose of the novella, the target was to write a romantic, happily ever after story, and that target was totally achieved. Lila is a good character, she felt real, a soiled dove with a tender heart, someone who is able to comprehend Tommy’s fear and not making fun of them; that is probably the reason why Tommy falls in love, other than, simply as that, Lila is also the first, and only, experience he has with sex and desire, but why we cannot believe that your first real love can be also your forever one?

Amazon: A Cowboy's Heart
Amazon Kindle: A Cowboy's Heart
Paperback: 170 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 12, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1475057318
ISBN-13: 978-1475057317

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Hill Valley is like a town without time, like one of those Christmas villages insider a crystal bowl, perfect and beautiful, but tiny and fragile. This was my feeling reading this story, that Zach ended in a fairy tale place, but the story is not a fantasy and maybe these small towns still exist. Place where people care for each other, where the town cop really works for the community.

Ben is that town cop, when he finds 17 years old Zach sleeping on a bench in a cold winter night, he doesn’t think twice to bring the boy at his mother’s home for Christmas Eve, and then for the following week, and then for the rest of his life. They don’t have much in this small town, but what they have, they share. Plus Zach is gay like Ben, and Ben’s mom has never once rejected his son, unlike Zach’s parents who threw him out when it was clear he was not cured from homosexuality despite all the reprogramming therapy, the blows and what it hurt more, the completely lack of love.

Yes, this is a Christmas tale and as such, it’s positive, pink glasses perspective, everything clicking in the right way. This is how a Christmas tale is supposed to be, and so you haven’t to question if that is possible, if it’s realistic… sometime Christmas miracles happen, and if not, well, at least you can read about them.

Zach is cute, Ben is perfect, Ben’s family is even more perfect than him, the villain will disappear without much trouble, almost doing everything by himself, like a magic that with a touch of wand made him just puff away. Just like a miracle.

Amazon: The Christmas Throwaway
Amazon Kindle: The Christmas Throwaway
Publisher     CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Second Edition, new cover, editing changes edition (March 8, 2013)
Language     English
ISBN-10     1482731428
ISBN-13     978-1482731422

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A very nice reverse cinderfella theme, meaning that, the Prince Charming here is the one needing to be rescue by the “peasant”. Gavin Montgomery is the middle son of a very wealthy family; his older brother is already presenting the good boy façade for the society, and his younger sisters are one the rebel and the second the social/political climber… no stereotype remains for Gavin who is basically living in the shadow. Sure he is gay, but in today modern “good” society, that is no more a scandal, above all when his father decided that could be a good promo and became a supporter of Marriage Equality.

And then Gavin meets Jamie, the police rescue diver coming to drag Gavin and his friend Beau out of the river; now don’t think Gavin did some tragic mistake, but truth be told, he was not far from it. Gavin did not have stability in his life, aside from trying to patch together his dismantled family. On the other hand, Jamie doesn’t have a real family, but he is building it with friends, problem is they are all couples, and they would like for him to follow on the same path.

The story is a classic with a touch of sexy, or maybe even a little more than a touch. Both Gavin than Jamie are quite free when coming to sex, and when they are still consider themselves unattached, they are not against the idea of group sex or exhibitionism, of course always considering that they are not doing a wrong to anyone.

The cinderfella theme was always a favorite of mine, and I quite enjoyed this new twist of having the rescued becoming the rescuer. Not that Gavin has to be really rescued, more he needs love, plenty of love, and above all he needs something real, basic, something that money is not able to buy. Jamie has plenty of what Gavin needs, and aside from some initial misunderstanding, Jamie is also able to not judge Gavin from the appearance, to read behind the bored brat to see the simple guy who would like a suburban white fenced house with a back yard and a dog into it.

Amazon Kindle: Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (April 23, 2013)

Series: Bad in Baltimore
1) Bad Company
2) Bad Boyfriend
3) Bad Attitude

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I have to be sincere saying I picked this book for the title that seemed funny and for the assumption I was to read a quite ordinary romance balancing the blue collar lover with the white one. That is not actually what I got and the change was unexpected but good.

Nicholas “Nick” is a classic car mechanic, but that doesn’t mean he is some high-specialized guy with some geeky training; he inherited the garage from his father, and yes, he did some training, but he is basically a down-to-earth type, who loves to work with his hands and who has no issue at all with being gay… maybe the only trouble is that he is off the dating pool for too long he cares to admit. But recently his life got sidetracked by his sister leaving her teenager soon with him and his aging father coming to live with them, basically to take care of them but ending with the one being in need of care.

Through his job, Nick meets Henry, a super clever brainy scientist, not used to date, but like Nick not having an issue at all admitting he is gay; on the contrary, when he meets Nick he is the one doing the first move, something Nick wouldn’t dare due to their different social status. That was the nice novelty, while Nick is the blue collar man, he is not for that the “top” or the strongest in their relationship. Even if Henry is quiet and controlled, he is the one who has the upper hand, in and out the bedroom. But again, not in the ordinary way like the Master type, the one weighting his brain where his body cannot outwin the counterpart. Henry is stronger because he is more confident, more sure of who he is and what he wants.

I liked the little faults in Nick, how he was obviously not ready to take care of a teenager, how he wasn’t able to read him, but not in a mean way, simply for inexperience. Same apply to his way to approach a relationship, again doing a lot of mistakes. But instead of bringing him down to my eyes, that was exactly the reason why I liked it, a lot.

Amazon Kindle: Brainy and the Beast
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (April 8, 2013)

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I followed this couple of billionaires around the world for the last three books, so my judgment is probably biased, but I really feel like they are old friends and I know all their antics and like with friends, you accept them and smile with indulgence.

Glen & Tyler are very young and very wealthy, a wealth that is impossible to imagine. They are married and in love and doesn’t care if that is not legal in some of the countries they are visiting, where it counts they have the backup of their wedding contract and where it doesn’t count, they have Tyler’s millions to let them be not only accepted, but also welcomed, everywhere. They are using the world as their personal playfield, the political contacts as aces in the sleeves, and the money as tokens. If they see something wrong, they simply make a call and have it righted. Is it real? Is it possible? Maybe not, but that is not the reason why you are reading Glen & Tyler Adventures, you want the dream of impossible, you want the little satisfaction Tyler is feeling when he can say, Glen, my husband, and have him threated better than a king.

While quite clever and cultured, both Glen than Tyler are basically young men with still the wish to enjoy life without much commitment, aside from the commitment they took with each other. As such, in more than one occasion, the author highlighted how they still enjoy to admire the players in the field, both men and women, but in the end, they are exclusive with each other and the game remain on a watch don’t touch level. Glen and Tyler decided to be together because they were in love, not since they didn’t have any other option, in a way the body would be willing to try, but their heart is binding them to their marriage votes.

I have to warn the possible reader, to fully appreciated this series, you have to start from book 1.

Amazon Kindle: Glen & Tyler's Paris Double-cross (Glen & Tyler Adventures)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Series: Glen & Tyler
1) Honeymoon Adventure:
2) Scottish Troubles:
3) Paris Double-cross

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Cover Art by Michael Broderick

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Reading this book, sometime I had the feeling the author would have liked to write a full historical novel, but she opted for a fantasy to allow her characters to “live”. This is because, aside for a paranormal element, as big as it’s, the presence of dragons, the rest of the novel is pretty much a classical medieval novel, with intrigues and adventures, to a level that, if not for the sex, I had almost the impression this was a young adult novel. Much to this point was the young age of the two main character, just 19 years old and struggling with the duty of being adult but still with the innocence and naiveté of young men.

Tomas is the heir to a throne, Griffin is his best man and knight in shining armor; sometime it was endearing to see these blossoms of men trying to behave as adults, since, truth be told, they have not yet experimented enough to be considered as such. Moreover, they have just found the courage to admit to each other their love, and suddenly that love has become something bigger, more important, almost too important for such young men.

As I said there is sex, and that is perhaps the only reason why this is not a young adult novel; if you remove the sex, and after all it’s not so much in the story, the rest of the novel is really like the old fashioned fantasy novels, with a quest for the young men and many occasions to display courage and noble feelings. Truth be told I didn’t feel as the sex was really important in the story, it worked well even without it. Or better, I appreciate the fact they did have the chance to express their love, but to me it was enough to know even without reading it; I had the strong feeling that was not the main target of the author that instead wanted to write about Tomas and Griffin’s journey towards adulthood. And as for all young men, that is an important journey, and so the story felt as a metaphor of that, didn’t matter they were two young men in a fantasy medieval setting, they could well relate to two teenagers of the XXI century.

Amazon: The Prince of Galerir
Amazon Kindle: The Prince of Galerir
Paperback: 238 pages
Publisher: MLR Press (October 25, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1608207668
ISBN-13: 978-1608207664

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Don’t know why but I had the wrong idea this was a paranormal romance, and on the contrary it’s far from it. St-St-Stuffed is a contemporary novel, about two young men, and they fall in love, so you can add “romance” to the description, but I wanted to highlight this is more wide story than the love story.

This is the story of Karl and his search for a path in life, and of Paul, who was thinking to have found that path and instead everything crushed around him. Karl and Paul together is another story as well. And then there is Karl and Charlie, Paul’s son, a father-son relationship Karl was never expecting to find and love so much.

If I have to be true, when I read the impromptu of the story, of how Karl was the bully that made Paul’s life an hell when they were only kids, I thought, “I have already read this story” because indeed was really similar to another novel and to add to it, also in that other novel there was a kid. But St-St-Stuffed is a completely different situation, and the old fight between Karl and Paul is only a mean to give a complex layer to the relationship building between them now as adults.

Then there is the totally absence of labels; Karl is gay, probably Paul is bisexual, but it’s not that this is categorizing them into label. In no way Paul is prejudiced about Karl, and actually I don’t seem to recall a moment in the story when Karl says to Paul “I’m gay”, being gay is being Karl, not need to “declare it”; on the other hand, it’s not like Paul comes to Karl saying “I’m straight” or “I’m bisexual”. Sure, when it’s Paul’s time to admit he is attracted by Karl, then there is an obstacle in the story they will need to overcome, but that is Paul’s past coming up and showing his fragility.

Again, as for another novel but Anyta Sunday I read, closing this novel, I have the feeling that, wrapped in a romantic story, I read something deeper and complex.

Amazon Kindle: St-St-Stuffed (Enemies to Lovers)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Series: Enemies to Lovers
1) Shane and Trey:
2) St-St-Stuffed

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Tailor Made is a funny romp about a naïve, and slutty young man suddenly thrown into the shark pool of business.

Wyatt is unemployed and available, meaning that with the recent economic downfall, he found his job cut like many others. His current job, after his business degree that truth be told didn’t teach him nothing of useful. Instead his previous career, the one he did to pay his study, taught him a lot: Wyatt was a porn star. Now it was actually easy for Wyatt since he would have sex anyway, he plenty enjoys to have sex whenever and with whoever he fancies at the moment. So when Wyatt lands this new job as special personal assistant of William Bowen, he doesn’t question much why his only apparent job is to be nice to William’s business associates; and if most often than not he ends having sex with them, for which he receives nice money gifts, again, Wyatt’s naiveté makes him things it’s only a fringe benefits of his role.

We follow Wyatt’s adventures with a smile on the face since he is so innocent and yet so scandalous that you can only smile to his antics. One time Wyatt’s conscience makes him try to leave the job, he still hasn’t understood what is actually happening, but he does wonder something strange is going on, but when William doubles the offer of tailor made suits, plus a company card and a no limit credit card, what a boy has to do, if not say thank you and fly to Lady GaGa’s concert in a private jet?

Even if I lost count on how many men Wyatt did sleep during the novel, sex is not actually the main reason for this novel; it’s more a funny tale than an erotic romance, and even if sex happens, it’s not detailed to the reader. And even if Wyatt has a love interest in the story, this novel is pretty much focused on only Wyatt, he is the one and only, and even if he is dumb, you will see that, in the end, he is the smartest of everyone since he will manage to land exactly what he was searching from the beginning, a wealthy husband that will allow him to be the queen of the house, and like Queen Elizabeth (I and II) teaches, with all the power in his hands.

Amazon: Tailor Made
Amazon Kindle: Tailor Made
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books (April 17, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 161845076X
ISBN-13: 978-1618450760

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A sci-fi version of the Pygmalion story, Alarin is a late teen pickpocketing guy and sometime street hustler; one night he accepts the wrong deal and he would be probably dead on a dark alley if not for Maleus, a wealthy businessman passing by.

The society where Alarin and Maleus are living is a futuristic city divided in social levels that are reflected in the floor you are allowed in: poor people stay in the bottomside part of the city, where the sun cannot reach them, where vitamins and proteins are the new drugs; wealthy people live above, without never going below.

Maleus’s intervention in helping Alarin is not casual, he was looking after the guy, and that same night he was perusing the bottomside to find the guy; his proposal is simple: he will give Alarin, food, clothes, shelter and everything in exchange of the absolute possession of Alarin’s body and soul. Despite the premises, indeed Maleus is more like a teacher than a lover, and most of their sexual encounters are like a lesson, Maleus is teaching to Alarin to behave in a bedroom like he is teaching him to behave in a room full of people. Little by little the reader will understand Maleus has an hidden agenda and Alarin is the missing piece to his puzzle.

This is not a classical romance, and as it’s, there is not you classical happily ever after; probably the main reason is due to the fact that this is born like book 1 in a series, and so the story is not complete with this novel, but it has a follow up in book 2, Rysykk's Remedy.

Even if both Maleus and Alarin have venial reason to enter in this relationship, their bond will move from interest to love, and there will be an exchange of love words between them, but despite this, Maleus will not renounce to his agenda, and Alarin will remain more a pawn than a partner, at least for this first instalment of their story.

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A futuristic approach to the old fashioned Cinderfella story, Redemption is the story of Jason, a young man who has an immediate need for money and the fastest way to find it is to sold himself into a bondmate contract for 20 years. Even if the term “bondmate” can suggest something more romantic, the bondmate contract is basically the modern way to be a slave: accepting the contract Jason accepts to become a property of someone else, man or woman is the same, if they have the money to buy his contract.

In a way, Jason is lucky since the one to buy the contract is Devin, an handsome man in his thirties who is basically a workaholic without time for a private life. Buying a bondmate is a perfect solution, during the day Jason will be Devin’s personal assistant, during the night he will share his bed, if Devin is in the mood, or otherwise he will stay in his room, without risk to hear recrimination. Devin’s former wife was a society butterfly and she left when she realized Devin was not her personal escort, but he had actually a job he had to do.

I liked the contrast between Jason’s expected role and his physical appearance: Jason is strong and young, not at all weak, and if not for the urgent need of money, he had also perspective on the future, he was a post-graduate student with excellent credentials. When Devin takes him home, I had the feeling Jason felt like an elephant in a glass shop, and I think also Devin was questioning if he had done the right choice.

Another interesting point is how homosexuality in this futuristic society is no more a taboo, basically everyone is bisexual, and indeed Jason had only one previous homosexual experience, but he has no issue at all at being bought by a man, while instead Devin, from what I understood, had his same share of women and men in the past, and I think he has picked a man now since he is still burned by the bad experience with his ex-wife.

Amazon Kindle: Redemption
Publisher: ODC Press (April 1, 2012)

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Quite a complex plot for being barely a novella length story; in a fantasy/futuristic world, once that reverted back to more or less medieval times, Galon is a mage and he is a man’s man. For a mage that is not acceptable, also since mages have to reproduce as much as possible being theirs an hereditary trait. But Galon is not able to renounce to his most basic desires and so he is often in danger, like this time when Anzel arrives to save him.

Anzel is the scion of a wealthy and important family, and the power of his family name protects him even if he is the same as Galon; Anzel helps Galon and offers him shelter and love, something that Galon has never had in all his life.

I’m really surprise on how much the author packed in only 29 pages, she often did some elapses in time, but that didn’t diminish the strength of the story. The strange thing is that, this plot works in 29 pages but it would have been probably worked also in a longer fashion, probably even in an epic fantasy.

There is a latent sensuality in all the story, even if this is definitely not an erotic romance, so that it resembles more a story you can tell for goodnight.

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A 100% Cinderfellas story: Cyrus and Weber met some years before during one of Cyrus’s travel with his friends. A surgeon from San Francisco and a cowboy from Texas is apparently a mismatch, but they click together in a perfect way. Weber thinks the only reason is that they are meeting every few months, so that Cyrus has always the feeling it’s a light escapade; Weber is sure that, if they had to enter in a routine, the novelty will soon wear off and the wealthy surgeon will find a better match.

But when they are over forty and Weber’s career as bull rider is over, he forgets the last time he left Cyrus he was told to not come back if it wasn’t to stay forever; Weber’s need for warm and comfort brings him to Cyrus, and Cyrus is there to welcome him. Weber thinks he will “recharge” his soul and then he will go away, again with the idea that this is the only way his relationship with Cyrus can work. But this time there is a difference, Cyrus’s sister desperately needs a nanny, and Weber has a way with her three kids. Not only Weber is now the hero of the younger members of Cyrus’s family, he is also loved by Cyrus’s parents, sisters and brother, plus sister in law and also Cyrus’s friends… nothing seems to be against the idea of them together as a couple if not Weber’s feeling he is not enough for Cyrus, like a frog with a Prince Charming, only that, for how much kisses Cyrus is giving to Weber he will not turn into a Prince.

It was a nice and simple romance, full of good feelings and family values; maybe some situations were a little too much pink glasses perspective, but well, it was a romance after all, wasn’t it? I really liked Cyrus, how he was persistent in his loving Weber, how he was able to wait and ready to catch his man when it was time.

Amazon Kindle: Frog
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (April 24, 2012)

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First of all, I was surprise to find out this was an historical romance, I don’t know but I was of the wrong impression it was more sci-fi/fantasy. In a way, there is a steampunk flavour on it, it’s not that the author pushed much on fantasy details, but I think she took some “liberties” to make the story more a romance than a historical novel. For example, John Fauth is a University professor and a scientist, and his machine to find noble metals seems a little too much futuristic to be true, but I’m not so familiar with the various scientific discoveries and their time to be able to tell how much far from reality the author went. Another of such liberties is maybe the forced profession of Robert Belton, a male prostitute in a brothel in Seattle; while it’s true molly houses and similar places were already existing at the time, a saloon/slash brother in a frontier town like Seattle in 1898 I think was not a common place to find a male prostitute. Again the author made it believable, specifying Robert is a “necessary” evil thing, according to the owner of the brothel; but I wonder who would have been the courage at the time to enter such a place and openly ask for a man instead of a woman (since women were available); from Robert’s words, even if they were not the majority, and the women gained more money than him, he still had customers.

In any case, from my point of view, these were more positive than negative aspects, they made the story more “light” and easy to enjoy. That is probably the main thread of this story, it was quite romantic, sometime even sweet, despite the event that those men had sex without even knowing each other names, and it was more focused on them than on the adventure part of the plot. In the end, John’s target completely changed, and by the way, since the beginning, he was not the aloof professor someone could imagine, but more a man in love, basking in the warm given by the proximity with the object of that love.

Robert is a man who had to do what it had to be done, not for some teary story about little brothers or ailing parents, but simply since he lost all his money gambling and now he has to find a way to pay his ticket to Klondike and an hypothetical treasure (the gold). He doesn’t like what he is doing, but not for the sex per se, but more since he would like to be able to have it with someone he likes more than with strangers. When he meets John, it is a dream comes true, also since John seems to not be reticent to admit his preferences in bed companions, and he is quite good when he is into that be with someone else.

Amazon Kindle: Noble Metals
Publisher: Carnal Passions (January 2, 2012)

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The first book I read by Megan Derr but for sure not the last, Midnight impressed me for the originality and quality of the story, both characteristics seldom found in independent small presses. Or at least when such presses are targeting a reader in search of “fun”. And please take this as the right compliment I’m paying to this author and this press. It’s not easy to write a story that is able to both involve than amuse you, at the end of Midnight I’m an happy reader, since I spend some pleasant hours with these characters and I would be willing to spend even more time with them, like if I made new friends and I was still eager to know them even better.

It’s “ordinary” to write a paranormal romance about vampires, or elves, or werewolves; if you start to talk about dragons, ghosts, witches or draugrs (from what I understood the historical version of zombies), it starts to be a little less ordinary, but still, I had already read about them in previous paranormal novels… but having all of them together? In an historical setting that was giving a “fashion-like” side to the story? Well that was original, and good.

Devlin White, eleventh Duke of Winterbourne, is a black witch; yes, someone already told me that, if it’s a man, than it’s not a witch but a warlock or a wizard, but in the novel the author appealed to Devlin as a witch and so I will do. Midnight is the Devlin’s ward, an orphaned child Devlin met during one of his mission; unfortunately Devlin was unable to save the six years old child, but when the little thing awake from the death as a draugr, Devlin bound him with a spell to his own life: if Devlin dies, Midnight dies, if Devlin lives, Midnight lives and grows and loves… Devlin. 15 years are passed and Midnight is now a 21 years old youth, beautiful and more than faithful to Devlin and only him; Midnight has always been in love with Devlin, even when he was 6 years old, and that love is the reason why he awake from the death; that innocent love turned into passion when, at 15 years old, he spied Devlin with another man, a beautiful young man with long black hair; Midnight decided he would grew in the perfect image of Devlin’s lover, so that he could replace him in that role. It’s not Devlin who shaped Midnight into his lover, it’s Midnight who has done everything in his power to be the one Devlin can love.

There is a lot to love in this story, basically all the characters are wonderful, even the villains. The half elf, half wolf Barra, the knight Neirin and his dragon Troyes, the vampires Ceadda and Alucard, and many, many other paranormal creatures are more than supporting characters to Devlin and Midnight, but what I probably loved the most in this novel is what I said at the beginning, that it was fun and yes, something even light; there was a lot of “love” for pretty things, Midnight being the prettiest thing of all, and the dark, gothic side of the story was always softened by something sweet and romantic, like a kiss, or pretty and shiny like a useless, but beautiful jewel.

Amazon: Midnight
Amazon Kindle: Midnight
Paperback: 298 pages
Publisher: Less Than Three Press (January 11, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936202638
ISBN-13: 978-1936202638

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Knowing (and having read) the previous works by Erastes, I was a little “scared” to start this one: a story about two lovers in the Prussian army during the 1866 war… I was expecting good setting, dark passion and a lot of drama for these two men, and well, the happy end was not a sure thing. But I was wrong. Maybe the author tamed a little her inclination for realistic drama due to the guidelines of the publisher (Carina Press is indeed a romance publisher, and the happy end is one of the sacred rule of the romance), and the result is the same love for a good setting, the same researched and detailed plot but with a little more of happily ever after.

The little different trend is clear from the beginning, when Captain Rudolph von Ratzlaff and First Lieutenant Mathias Hofmann are planning to elope together after one last battle. They are lovers since the day they met in a tavern and even if Mathias wonders how a man of an high social status like Rudolph is willing to share his life with a simple middle class man like him, they are both clearly in love. But the fate decides to make it a little difficult for them and Rudolph suffers from amnesia due to a blow he received in that last battle. He has forgotten the last two years, and so his relationship with Mathias, but he has not forgotten his previous male lover, Ernst, in Berlin. Rudolph is planning to go back to Berlin and to Ernst, and Mathias decides to stay near him, to see if he will regain his memory and with that, their love.

As I said, this novel is way more “light” than expected, and in some point, it sounded almost like a comedy more than drama; Rudolph was not at all a romance hero, on the contrary, sometime he was very much ordinary man, with the related faults: he was easily deceived by a pretty face like Ernst, and even when he realizes that he was manipulated by his same servants, his reaction is “soft”. I had the feeling that Rudolph was a good representative of the aristocracy of the time, maybe a little too used to obtain what he wanted without fighting too much for it. On this regard, Mathias is a little more “active”, and he seems to fight more for their relationship. I have the feeling both of them believed in their love, but I also think there was a good chance for them to not succeed in their common happily ever after due to really stupid obstacles.

I enjoyed Muffled Drum, above all I loved the unexpected “sweet” romance I found.

Amazon Kindle: Muffled Drum
Publisher: Carina Press (July 4, 2011)

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I really, really liked this historical adventure/mystery novel, despite all the ugliness it dealt with it managed to be also sweet and romantic, but I cannot avoid to think the author was a little too severe with one of her characters and I hope she will come back to these men and time.

Former whore Ira Adler is now well nestled with crime lord Cain Goddard. Ira knows Cain’s affair are probably against the law, it was the reason why he ended up with him: Cain was one of Ira’s usual customers, and when the young man came to one of their appointment beaten up by a constable, Cain took care of him and of the constable, only that the output was very different. Cain offered to Ira the role of confidential secretary, teaching him the job, sure, but matching it with other special tasks, tasks that Ira is more than willing to complete.

Aside for being a crime lord, Cain is a perfect romance hero, he is always careful of Ira’s well-being, he never questions him, even when Ira’s word is against that of one of Cain’s oldest employee; Cain is the first to speak the word love, and even if he is aware that Ira is not meeting his feelings, he is also willing to wait for the young man to be ready (of course we are speaking of emotion, on a physical level they are already sharing a life like a married couple and probably more, considering the custom of the time); when time is passing, and Ira is not yet ready, instead of being impatient, Cain is willing to again open his heart and gifting Ira with a tangible sign of his love. I think that, if Ira doesn’t want him, I’m ready to fall in love for him myself.

I understand Ira’s integrity, he hasn’t never had one and now that he has found that being honest is giving him an independency he didn’t know, he is not willing to let it go. And to think that all is due to the only mistake that Cain commits, i.e. to ask to his lover, former pickpocketing thief, to retrieve an object from a man that is blackmailing him. A simple task, something that a former whore like Ira could do blinded, but an event that will also cause Ira to go out from Cain’s umbrella, to go back to his old life for the first time in two years. As I said, that is Cain’s only mistake, he had Ira in a golden cage, a wonderful paradise bird who was singing only for him, but he let it go, and now it will be difficult to convince him to come back.

Ira in his way, feels for Cain, but he is not in love with the man. Ira is probably stronger than Cain, and a little harder to fall in love. Actually, the reader will learn that all of Cain’s trouble, past and present, are always due to his tendency of falling in love, and that is a situation when you are weaker. Again you will understand that, even if I really like Ira, my favourite is Cain, and I hope that, in the end, Ira will see that with love, you can change even the most devil of the crime lords, and Cain is far from being the worst.

Amazon: The Affair of the Porcelain Dog
Amazon Kindle: The Affair of the Porcelain Dog
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (June 14, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1602822301
ISBN-13: 978-1602822306

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It’s very clear this author is used to write erotic historical romances, and I’d like to highlight the word “erotic”, since in this case it weights a little more than the “historical” one. Nobleman Nathan has done his due to the dukedom, 2 sons and 1 daughter, and now he has no patience left for his demanding wife, a wife that, by the way, has already found a replacement for the role of bedmate. There is no love between Nathan and his wife, and from what I understand, never there was. Even if it’s not detailed, I think their was an arranged marriage of some sort. Sure, to my opinion, Nathan could have found someone nicer to be the mother of his children, but then the children seem to not have taken from their mother.

Lately a new addition to the household has helped with raising the kids: Henry, Nathan’s steward, spends as many time as he can with the children, and they seem to care for him as much as they care for their father. Nathan is not against the idea, but he himself would like to have a deeper bond with the young man, only that Henry has never expressed any interest or given him any signs he would be willing. Aside from that, Henry’s devotion to Nathan is exclusive, and when he learns about a possible threat to the man’s good name, he is ready to risk his cover for him: Henry is a former whore and he escaped a molly house; the man who is blackmailing Nathan is the same man Henry was running away from; of course Henry’s plot will not go as smoothly as he hoped and Nathan will have to help him. That is no surprising at all, what will be a nice surprise for the reader is the changing in powership that will happen between Nathan and Henry.

At the beginning I found Henry to be a little too submissive, too weak; I was already thinking to tag this story as a “classical” breeches rippers, with the poor young man falling in love for the dashing aristocrat; but even if this is a breeches rippers, you will have a surprise on whom will have his breeches ripped. I think this is due to two major factor: Henry’s bad past experience preventing him to fully trust another man, with his body but above all with his freedom, and Nathan’s need for once to not be the one in command, his need to let it go, and exactly at the opposite of Henry, to be able to trust someone with his body and his freedom.

This is book 1 in a series, and it’s clear who will be the pair of book 2. What remained an open point is if maybe this is not a spin off of some other series by the same author, mainly since some of the supporting characters, having only a cameo role, gave me the idea to have a some sort of shared past with both Henry than Nathan, and so there was a little bit the feeling to be plunged in the middle of the action with little preparation. But in a way, it was no bad, since the reader was soon at the main course, without wasting much time with the appetizers.

Amazon Kindle: Almost an Equal (The Hunt Club Chronicles - Book 1)
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing (June 15, 2011)

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While I was browsing October Gay and Lesbian releases on Amazon, I stumbled upon this book; I didn’t know the author, it was a self-published book, so I didn’t know either the publisher, but if an author is willing to pay for an original cover art from Michael Broderick (author of a coffee-table art book for Bruno Gmunder) then he has to be pretty confident of his own work. So I bought the book and since the story was too nice, I also decided to read it as soon as I had my hands on it (sorry to my thousand books long reading list).

As in an old fashioned Hollywood comedy, Tyler has to marry before his 25 years birthday to inherited the trust fund from his grandfather. But even if Tyler had plenty of girlfriends, no one is readily available and so Glen, Tyler’s best friend since they were teenagers, and current roommate, proposes him. Now you are thinking, Glen is gay and in love with Tyler… yes and no. Glen is a “gay for you” type of guy, meaning that he fell in love with Tyler 10 years before, but he wasn’t ready to admit it. Until the day Tyler had insignificant relationships, Glen had not the feeling to risk losing him and it was enough. But now that Tyler has to marry, no way Glen will let someone else get his guy. Since nothing is against the event Tyler is marrying a man, and they are living in Vermont, in less time than thinking it, Glen and Tyler are married and when the judge says Glen can kiss Tyler, Tyler has an epiphany as well: he is in love with Glen.

The first part of the story is very much comedy and roses: everything is perfect, Glen and Tyler are in love, Glen’s family support them, Tyler inherits 36 billion dollars (yes, that is right, he is the 4th richest man in the world) and they exchange as marriage gift hockey teams. They spend their time having fun, meeting gay guys, and mostly doing nothing. It was fun but I was wondering how the author was supposed to fill the other 2/3 of the book. And then the book took a romantic adventure turn, with someone threating Glen and of course Tyler becoming the knight in shining armor protecting his damsel in distress (even if the damsel is built like an hockey player and probably weight 1 and half his knight).

Sure the story is not serious, sure it’s naïve and funny, and no, despite all the threats and dangers, no one will get harm, not even the villain. This is more like a young adult romantic comedy than a real thriller, and even if it’s not specifically aimed to a YA target, giving the amount of sex (almost none if not some “talking about it”) and the light tone of the whole, I would say maybe the actual target can include also some teenagers… it’s good for once to have a light and funny story, sure not realistic, but so romantic.

Aside from that, I think this sugar and honey story will also appeal to the more adult reader who wants a break from reality. It’s like reading one of those glossy magazine, with all the fashion and design pictures on them: only one out of 1000 could really relate to them, but nevertheless it’s nice to dream. Glen and Tyler are not rich, they are well far more than rich; they have a penthouse in NYC, an island “near” Long Island, another one in the Caribbean sea, plus probably an home in every major city, in and outside the US. They own planes and ships, banks and hospitals, and more important than that, 2 professional hockey teams, but in the end, they like to cook for each other and for their friends when they have them at dinner. And then they are stupidly in love, and the author has already planned book two in Scotland and book three in Paris (see attached picture for reference), just the right way to hook me to this series.

Amazon: Glen & Tyler'S Honeymoon Adventure
Paperback: 402 pages
Publisher: (October 15, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1257851454
ISBN-13: 978-1257851454

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Cover Art by Michael Broderick

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After some days spending reading wonderful but not light novels, I really needed something different, a Hollywood comedy style story. Aside from the nice coincidence that indeed Keeping House is set in Hollywood, Los Angeles, it’s you all around love comedy plot with a cinderfella twist. Micha Blake is the spoiled younger son of a very wealthy family of Hollywood producers; he doesn’t like the family business, but he doesn’t disdain their money. When his brothers dare him to find a job and maintain himself for a year, the only job 20 years old without college degree Micha is able to find is the one as housekeeper for ad executive Donovan Holloway.

As the perfect ad man, Donovan has an idyllic imagine of what suburbs life should be: white fences, garden pool parties and a welcoming house waiting for him when he comes back from work. When he realized, at a young age, he was gay, that dream changed only a little, substituting the wife with a husband. Donovan was raised in a hippy community and what for other people is a conservative, and fake, lifestyle for him is the realization of a childhood dream. Even a younger husband (Donovan is pushing 40, Micha is barely 20) fit perfectly into the picture, how many of those perfect family have indeed a younger wife paired with a handsome, but older husband?

Even if light and mostly funny, the story was truly romantic, and someway even realistic; the life of a spoiled rich kid Micha was leading I think is the real life of many of those boys and girls you read in the trashy magazine, teenagers playing to be rebels but with enough money to buy drugs and expensive toys. And among those spoiled brats, the twincest story between Dex and Trick is one I for sure will read (it’s the second book in the series).

As I said, the plot is mostly romance, and there is not drama at all. It’s a nice and good story, with just that touch of sex to make it enticing, but mostly it remains on the “sweet” level.

Amazon Kindle: Keeping House (Truth or Dare)
Publisher: Breathless Press (May 5, 2011)

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Sean Michael is an author that I have already the chance to appreciate more than once and I clearly remember that I liked the first story in this series, but for a reason or the other (maybe since all books in this series are medium-long length) I didn’t read them as soon as they were out. And after picking up the second one, I have to say that was probably a mistake.

I’m true, another reason why I was not so ready to read them is that BDSM is not my cup of tea; but the story of intellectual Billy who “rescues” found artist Montana (Tanny) was more romantic than erotic, even if, don’t get me wrong, sex is an important share of the story.

Billy is a very nice character, even if he gave us few hints to understand his past (foster kid, self-made man), you can understand that he is the type of man that instead of closing his heart to the world in a way to protect it, he decides to wide open it and he is ready and willing to share the little love he received multiple to the nth. So when Tanny approaches him on a street, Billy looks beyond the scruffy exterior, beyond the junky drifter asking for a smoke, he sees a potential neither Tanny is able to see.

Billy takes Tanny in, he gives him shelter and food, but not right at that time sex; sure, Billy is open in his interest for Tanny, but he makes also clear that sex is not barter for what he is giving to Tanny. In a way Billy is repaying who was good with him being good with another, so Tanny has to not give anything back. When, and if, Tanny will be interested in a love relationship, than it will be only since he is really attracted to Billy.

I like the similitude the author chooses for the word “Found”: of course Billy found Tanny and helped him; but Tanny is also a found artist, he makes trinkets from the trash, objects that he is not able to recognize as artistic pieces (a point Billy will help him to understand). In this found art I see another similitude: like for the objects Tanny creates and that he is not able to see as art, Tanny is also not able to see himself with Billy’s eyes; Tanny doesn’t understand why Billy loves him, since Tanny doesn’t see in himself anything to love, and like for his art, he judges himself something of little value. Again Billy, like for his art, will help him to understand what great gift he is to Billy.

The BDSM side of the story enters late in the plot and even if Billy shares this interest with other friends (all the members of the Hammer’s nightclub), it’s something that Billy and Tanny share only between them; their relationship is not really of the Dom/sub type, at least not at this moment, Billy is more like a therapist, using their bond to help Tanny to focus on what their future can be.

Amazon: Found
Amazon Kindle: Found
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Torquere Press (June 24, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1603707468
ISBN-13: 978-1603707466

Series: A Hammer Novel
1) Bent:
2) Found

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I love the old fashioned romances, the type where a prince charming is coming to save the virgin damsel, I have even a tag for them, only that, being this a gay romance, it’s a “cinderfella” and not a “cinderella” story; and well, here the damsel is not even virgin, far from it, but the prince charming is perfect, with his slightly resemblance with a notorious English actor of romantic comedies (is this the moment where I confess my secret passion for Hugh Grant? Between him and Colin Firth I don’t know why I didn’t move in England to find one prince charming myself…)

Shining in the Sun respects all the rules of the cinderfellas stories, but it manages to be original thanks to its characters, that don’t play along the rules. Prince Charming is Ptolemy Alexander St. John-Goodchilde, Alec for short, who is a very wealthy, very shy, mommy boy City of London businessman; a perfect fiancee on the side, an ordinary life for 11 out of 12 months per year, his only rebellion is to take the month of August all for himself, and sailing without purpose on his yacth, the Lady Jane. This year though there was an impediment, and he is waiting for his car to be repaired in some Cornwall tourist trap seaside village when he meets cindefella Darren.

Darren is the neglected son, the one his father left with his grandmother when their mother fled, the one who is now taking care of the ailing woman in the only way he knows, selling his body to rich men. But at least he fouls everyone, and himself, telling that he is in love with those men, that if they hurt him it’s only because it’s their way to express that love, that he is capable of taking care of himself and his grandmother, at least since the day he awakes in an hospital. Like Alec, also Darren has the month of August out, out of his obligations, out of his fears, and if in that month he really sells himself for money, well, then he can always say that it’s only for a month, that he is not really a whore.

Alec doesn’t cruise Darren for sex, and when he sees him, the educated man that is in him makes all sort of classical comparison to prove to himself that is interest for Darren is something ethereal and pure, but he is also quick to use his money to chain Darren to him for at least one afternoon, that then become a night. And even when he is shown the reality, he is quick to find a reason, Darren after all came back, if he has stolen his money, it wasn’t for himself, Darren is proud and sincere, he is the same perfection he saw surfing like some mythical creature.

And Darren is all wounded pride, he is jumping like a spring, or like someone pocked in a place that hurts, because you know that what they said it’s true. Darren is not like those old fashioned heroines who would prefer to die rather than losing their innocence to the hand of a villain, Darren is more like those soiled doves, working in some brothel, but only to maintain an aging mother, or an helpless baby, or some other innocent creature.

Of course Alec is naïve, of course he knows that if not for his money he would have not met Darren; and of course Darren is far from being innocent, and he is interested, and weak, right until the last chapter. Does this make them less perfect characters? I think that indead this makes them the most interesting thing of the novel. Personally I have always found those virgin heroines quite boring, and the perfect hero a bit presumptuous. Who cares that Alec and Darren’s happily ever after depends on Alec’s money? If this means that Darren will have to care not more for money and that Alec has bought his perfect future, well, it will mean also that for once money bought happiness.

Amazon: Shining in the Sun

Amazon Kindle: Shining in the Sun

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This is an odd but nice novella; in a futuristic, and apocalyptic world, nothing is changed and everything is. Your ordinary life is the same, school, work, cars, homes, friends only that, for once, the riches are richer and the poors are poorer and there is no more free will at love. Better to explain: at some point, at the end of what is called Blind Ages (that basically are the current times), people realized they were able to read the mind of other people; the bond was even stronger if the person in front of you was your mate, and so people stopped to marry for all the wrong reason, but they stopped also to marry for true love. If you mated with someone who was not your chosen soulmate, after sometime you simply snapped, basically your mind was lost. So people had two choice: or be lucky enough to find their soulmate, or living chaste for the rest of their life (or having meaningless sex, that could be an option).

Of course, if you had money, you could pay the priests, special talented human who were able to find your mate, wherever he/she was. Being a priest was quite a lucrative job since everyone was willing to pay them, other the few men or women that still believe in true love and the power of it. Jereth is one of them, he wanted to find his mate trough the slow search, that is basically the old way, without telepathic help from the priests. But he spent the last 15 years trying and now he is almost at the end of his patience limit. When he finally decides that yes, he will pay a priest, the answer is not satysfying: his mate is a man (and he has never thought about that possibility) and he is living in the worst part of the city, almost a ghetto where neither police wants to enter.

This is basically a Prince Charming theme in futuristic setting: Caris, the cinderfella of the story, is sweet and cute, and very young, or at least younger than Jereth; he is waiting like a sleeping beauty for her Prince to come to his rescue, but in the meantime, he had a lover. In a old fashioned world, probably Ramie, Caris’ lover, would have been also his mate, he is kind and generous, even if maybe a little too old for Caris (he is even older than Jereth). But in this situation he will play the role of the martyr, handing down Caris to Jereth, more, almost imploring Jereth to take Caris with him. It’s strange, I like so and so Caris and Jereth, but I really like Ramie, and was pretty upset to not have an happily ever after for him.

That this probably what prevented this story to be too much sugary: in a normal situation, all the soulmate finds pretty and young soulmate in need of protector and he rescues him like a knight in shining armor, is at risk of being labelled as “too romance like”; but the setting of the story is cold, detached, all this you have to find your mate otherwise you will unhappy forever or you will risk to go mad, you will live only as long as your mate will live, it was really a stop to the sugar flow. Even when Jereth brings Caris in his world, in his safe and clean world, it felt sterile and unwelcoming, and it didn’t surprise me that Caris was not so happy at the beginning.

Amazon Kindle: Of One Mind

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I like Jez Morrow’s books, even if her characters are far from being realistic. Force of Law in particular is like one of those old category romances, the spicier lines of the serials, those little romances where first comes sex and then love, but the reader knows that is only a turn of the tables and in the end, both elements, love and sex, will be in the story.

Even Jez Morrow’s main character, Lawrence “Law” Castille, is like one of those serial romance heroes, big and wealthy tycoon, a man who has never to ask, since everyone and everything is ready at his feet. But there is one thing that Law seems unable to find, true love. Not that he is letting understand it to Tom, the object of his affection; no, like it’s to be expected from a tycoon, Law tries to win Tom over with expensive gifts, travels in private jets, picnic on private islands (or similar location)… but in the end Tom is not a bitch, even if Law calls him that, not exactly a good strategy to win if Tom was a woman, but Tom is not a woman, and so Law plays his ace, his Lamborghini Diablo, and of course, Tom who is a mechanic, where he didn’t fall for money, his head over heels for a sporty powerful car… the old motto that what you drive represents what you are. BTW, Tom rides an Harley.

I like the story, really, it was almost funny, and Tom’s struggle to not fall prey of Law was clearly a lost one, but it was good to see him try; I have the feeling that it was more a woman’s intake on how we think men behave than a really representation of reality, but as I said at the beginning, I don’t think the aim of this story was to be real. It was more to tell a funny romp, with two sexy men having fun; Law was almost a caricature: multibillionaire, handsome, tycoon but at the same time voluntary army officer, just so he could kill the bad man being from the right side of justice… a man who goes out at night to talk with a street band with only his pants on, barefoot and with sunglasses on (remember it was night…). And Tom? A gay man who is still half in the closet, who has some idea of what it means to be gay, but has not yet found the right man to go full ninety, and when Law forces a bit his hand, he goes from being a virgin (at least in one way) to having sex three times in a row! There were so much of these situations, that in the end I’m really convinced that the author was having fun, she was trying to demolish of the romance myths using them all together in a story, and the result is a big melting pot, that win the reader over if you stop to find a logical flow and only enjoy the ride, in the Lamborghini or on the Harley, your choice.

Amazon Kindle: Force of Law

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Wishbone is at the same time classic and innovative. It’s classic where it retells the story of Pygmalion, or My Fair Lady, or Pretty Woman (see how many time it was told?): a wealthy and cultured man picks a filthy whore from the streets and teaches him how to behave. It’s innovative since, what the wealthy man teaches to the whore it’s a totally different thing from the usual lessons on good manners or polished language, but is instead the power you have in surrendering.

From the very first night, to Wishbone, the whore, Sir, a shih-aan, an alien creature that it’s not exactly human, not exactly beast, teaches the fine art of the pain/pleasure games. Without not much than few words, Wishbone experiences a fisting session and we can say that he is happy to be a whore. But it’s not much the physical pain (or pleasure) that makes Wishbone come back to Sir, and maybe not even the prospect of living in comfort, it’s more the curiosity: Sir gave him enough to momentarily sate him, but not enough to placate his thirst of life. Wishbone doesn’t know at the moment, but Sir is preparing him not to submit but to dominate. In many points we understand that Wishbone is stronger than Sir, first of all the fact that Sir gives out his real name almost immediately, and instead Wishbone lets it go much later in the story.

What at the beginning the reader, through Wishbone’s eyes and mind, can’t understand, is the philosophy of Sir and his people. For them being the one to receive pain during a sexual game it’s not a sign of weakness, but almost a privilege. When Sir “plays” with Wishbone it’s not to punish him, but instead it’s a sign that he is very pleased with Wishbone. Same with Terefar, Sir’s bed slave; he is from a lesser breed, a population that was defeated in battle. To Wishbone, Terefar is someone to commiserate, true, they more or less do the same work, but at least Wishbone is the only owner of himself. What Wishbone doesn’t understand is that Terefar is happy with his life, he has no desire at all for something different. Terefar is not to commiserate since he is “forced” to be a slave, he is to commiserate since he doesn’t know how to desire more; Terefar is comfortable with his life since he has no wish for something different. To prove to Wishbone how Terefar’s people is really defeated, Sir tells him that they are no more able to write poetry… poetry is the language of the heart more than the mind, and where there is no heart, there are no desires.

Terefar is not contender to Wishbone for Sir’s affection: first of all he has no desire to be, and second, and more important of all, Terefar has no feelings for Sir other than the ones he would have for everyone who was his master. And probably for this same reason, Sir is searching, needing for someone different. He is not displeased by Terefar, Terefar is doing perfectly his job, but he can’t be nothing more than a pet. Wishbone draws Sir since he can play the role of a pet, but for sure he is not.

To appreciate this tale you have to put back some of the boundaries that usually people who read romance have; there is no concept like fidelity or exclusivity, everything related to sex is more a question of amount of power than a simple stress relief. When Wishbone enters the story, he craves sex like and addicted craves a drug; at the end, he will be able to sip it like a expensive vintage wine. That is probably the main lesson that this fantasy “Galatea” learns during his particular tutorage.

Amazon Kindle: Wishbone

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This novel is an old fashioned fantasy novel; actually if not for the fact that is setting in a fantasy world and that the names are not real, and the events are imaginary, it could well be an historical novel, there aren't real "fantasy" event if not for the fact that some of the characters in the story have the "sight", the ability to see the illness inside other people or to foresee the events of the following days (but not too far from that).

The story is very long, and at the beginning it runs separately for the two main characters: Yveni is the heir of the duchy of Sardelsa, but when his father dies, he is too young to take the throne, and the regent decides to get rid of him; before the plan takes out, Yveni runs away, disguising himself as the poor son of a trader. At the same time, in a near kingdom, Paole is assisting his dying master; Paole is a slave and before arriving under the protection of his Master, he has seen many owners, and not all of them were good. Paole has developed an hard shell around him, and not even the gentle behavior of his last Master helped him to trust again. Even the fact to discover that his Master has freed him and made him his heir is for him another proof that he was only a slave, since his Master didn't trust him to be enough faithful to remain with him as a free man.

Spending his first year alone allows Paole to understand the need of company that his Master had, and Paole, that was taught as an healer decides to take an apprentice; and instead he finds himself with a slave. In his flight from the man who wants him dead, Yveni was kidnapped and sold as a slave. Even if he is almost 18 years old, Yveni seems younger and when Paole buys him, he thinks to have a little brat in his hands, not a young duke. Paole is not a noble man, but he has his principles; he likes men, and I have the impression that he like very young men, but he accepts their attentions only when they are given freely: being Paole an handsome man, and having very useful knowledge, when he is travelling from town to town, he is not against the idea to accept a different sort of payment for his services from the young men he meets.

Yveni doesn't know what to think of Paole; at first he sees him like a profiter, but more time he spends with him, more he is attracted by the older man. Yveni is very young, and he is very innocent, he was never awaken to sexual desires before; maybe he is attracted by Paole only due to the fact that Paole is there when Yveni starts to wonder about his sexuality, or maybe Yveni starts to feel something since Paole is the right object of his desires, and he has never before met someone else he was attracted to. Anyway there is a bit of sex in the story, but not so much, it's more a question of feelings and how to deal with them. The problem is not much that Yveni is attracted by Paole (it's not exactly explained, but I believe that in this fantasy world homosexuality is not common but not illegal), but more that Yveni is a Duke and he needs to marry to have an heir. And maybe another problem is that Paole, in their relationship, is the top dog, and being only a "consort" to Yveni is not enough for him: Paole is tired to be a "slave", he finally has the freedom he always wished, and now it's not simple to loose it to be again the "property" of someone else, if if this time it's a love bond.

I like how both characters change during the story, at first both of them are quite the imperfect heroes, one, Yveni, a spoiled brat, the other, Paole, a man who seems unable to have real feelings. The story is very long, also in a time space parameter, it lasts two years in the life of the characters, and so it's only right that they change during it. For Yveni it's also a natural change, he passes from being a teenager to being a man, and instead for Paole it's more a thing to understand what is really important in life.

Amazon: Many Roads Home

Amazon Kindle: Many Roads Home

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