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This month sees the 200th model added to Dylan Rosser's website, and he wanted to do something special for celebrate. So for this update, we don't have 1 model, we don't even have 2 models... we will have 6 new models all for you! Plus the coffee table book Dylan did to celebrate the 100 model (quite an achievement being now at 200, considering the 100th model was only added a couple years ago) is now available as an ebook for the iPad (it's a much cheaper option than buying the printed copy and the images in the book are ones that do not appear on the website).

Back to this months update, we start with Marc, who Dylan photographed in London a few months ago but he was saving the pics for this special month. If you like guys slim, toned, and uncut, then he's just for you.


There is also a new set of fashion model Christopher. These are the images Dylan originally took for NAKED book, but as usual with book project's you can only use a few of each model, so these are the best of the rest.


There are two new photographers this month. First is Murray! from Detroit who promises "access to some of the best looking guys in the Mid-West". He shoots AnthonyG and he is definitely gifted in the trouser snake department.

Anthony G.

Then we have Deon Jackson from Miami who shoots the sexy Craig.


Finally Ethan James gives a cool b&w set with model Indigo, who is a make-up artist from Nashville, Tennessee.


Moreover ISSUE 6 of tMF magazine is Out Now.

Autumn will soon be upon us and there is no better way to prolong the summer heat than by picking up the Fall Issue of tMf Magazine. The sixth issue is packed with 150 pages of some of the world’s hottest men!

For Issue #6, photographer Joe McCormick brings us 14 incredible pages featuring our cover model Myles. He has a hint of Clark Kent with his classic looks, but there’s no need for a phone booth however as he dispenses with any tights or cape, leaving this Superman completely naked and standing at attention.


Also featured in the issue: David Vance tells us what took him into the wild for his new book “Jungle Fever”;

Jungle Fever

Features Editor Tye Briggs finds out more of what is behind Mckenzie James and his “Naked Sunday Project”;

Naked Sunday Project

Photographer Michal Booth shares the beauty of minimalism.

by Michael Booth

And that’s not it. Also in the issue: Portfolios from photographers Julian Vankim, Eric Ganison, John Drennan and Ming Li;

by Eric Ganison

by John Drennan

by Julian Vankim

by Ming Li

tMf Magazine Creative Director Dylan Rosser shares a few of his own favorite images;

profiles of some of the hottest new books covering the male form including “Absolute Penis,” “Beach Boys” and “Bel Ami Rebels,” which shows off a very different side of the Boys of Bel Ami.

Beach Boys

Bel Ami Rebels

By bringing together so many astounding artists and their visions in one place, tMf brings you page after page of the male form at its best. tMf is almost a ‘coffee table book,’ itself with beautifully presented hi-resolution images and fun behind-the-scenes information. tMf provides a platform for photographers, models and artists to gain exposure from a wider audience while giving viewers a publication showcasing the pinnacle of male nude photography

tMf Magazine is an ONLINE ONLY magazine and is not available in print.

ISSUE #6 is out now and priced at just $5.95:

Date: 2012-09-08 08:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
the vaiety of it all.... ;-)
beautiful, thank you!

Date: 2012-09-08 09:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Dylan is always very generous with my LJ ;-)


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