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Dark Horror (Horror, Dark and Lite) by Anel Viz
Publisher: Silver Publishing (October 20, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Dark Horror (Horror, Dark and Lite)

The vampires, serial killers and shape-shifters in the three novellas in this companion volume to Horror Lite will drain the blood from your heart. Where it goes from there is no one's business but your own.

"Val" -- For years, Brad has been obsessed with the memory of his dead lover, Val. His obsession takes over his life when he meets another Val, a hustler who looks exactly like the first.

"Slasher" -- A man is found in a cubicle at a gay bathhouse with his throat slit. Then another victim turns up. Only Lou's lover, Jamie, can identify the most likely suspect.

"The Matador" -- Soledad de Riquer feels certain that her brother, the celebrated matador El Valiente, has his eye on her young boyfriend, Adulio.

Horror Lite (Horror, Dark and Lite) by Anel Viz
Publisher: Silver Publishing (October 20, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Horror Lite (Horror, Dark and Lite)

The vampires, stalkers, aliens, and shape-shifters in these stories prove less threatening than the main characters feared.

"A Layover at Atatürk International"-- When their plane is delayed in Istanbul, Chase looks forward to sharing a hotel room with fellow passenger Viet Bloedrank.

"Coffee and Aftershave"-- Skyler discovers that the creepy individual who followed him home from the subway is also stalking the men he dates.

"Bryce Olson is Pregnant"-- Hoping for benefits, Russell decides to play along when Bryce Olson gets it into his head that his ex-boyfriend is an alien.

"The Stray"-- John thought it just coincidence that his housemate and the big grey dog that came by for handouts never crossed paths. How long would it take him to catch on?


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