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There are not many novels set at the beginning of the XX century and dealing with homosexuality, but the few I read gave a chance of happiness to the heroes that at first I wasn’t thinking possible. But indeed, hidden in the layers of history, there are many of these stories, of “roommates” who never married, of old bachelors who shared an house, of men who married but still had a special relationship with their best friend. They are the gay men of the past, sometime emerging from vintage photo-shoot, posing in their best Sunday attire and conveying from those pictures all the love they felt for each other.

But it was not simple for them, it was not easy above all to accept they were different. For how strange it sounds, I think that, for who was living in the “Wild” West, it was easier, women were scarce, and I don’t think many questioned if two men were living together. But our heroes move their story to the big cities of the east, Atlanta and Philadelphia, and with the big city comes the feeling they are different, and comes the guiltiness, the hoping and believing there could be a cure for those strange feelings.

This is not a cowboy meets cowboy and they walk together towards the horizon, they have to earn that right, more than an heterosexual couple. And while Federal Marshal Forest O’Rourke can be more refined than County Sheriff Eugene Grey, he also the one who seems to give up to them, not accepting his feelings, believing they are an illness. Not that Gene is more comfortable, even him has the feeling to be dirty, but in a way he is more resigned, less bent upon denying them.

There is sex between Forest and Gene, but it’s not graphic details and mostly to give the feeling to the reader that their love is complete, in any sense, physical and emotional. It’s also romantic in a way, and the ending, while not easy is, as I said, full of hope for a chance at happiness.

Amazon: A Shiny Tin Star
Amazon Kindle: A Shiny Tin Star
Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Cheyenne Publishing (November 23, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937692175
ISBN-13: 978-1937692179

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