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Scott Sherman is the author of First You Fall and it's sequel, Second You Sin, a funny, sexy mystery series featuring Kevin Connor, full time hustler, part time boy detective. First You Fall was the winner of the 2009 Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Mystery. The follow up, Second You Sin, was published by Kensington Book in October 2011. Kirkus Reviews called its humor "priceless." The next book in the series, Third You Die, will be published in Fall, 2012.

First You Fall and Second You Sin mix humor, romance and a genuinely compelling mystery in a uniquely satisfying way. Popular mystery author J.A. Konrath said First You Fall is "Funny, intriguing, and exciting---everything a great mystery should be."

Prior to the publication of First You Fall, Scott wrote for a variety of publications, including Genre, Instinct, and The Washington Blade. His most noteworthy literary accomplishment was having an essay published in Newsweek's prestigious "My Turn" column about how an anti-gay neighbor threatened his family's safety in an article titled "If Our Son Is Happy, What Else Matters?"

Scott has been a long-time activist for equal rights for LGBT people. Among other roles, he has been a board member of the New York chapter of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and an elected co-chair of the national chapter.

The adoptive single father of two children, Scott has also been a passionate advocate for the rights of LGBT families and their children. In 2005, Scott saw that there was a lot of great work being done in support of LGBT families, but very few ways for parents to get information about it. As a result, he started "The Gay Parenting Show", a weekly podcast on The Podcast Network. The Gay Parenting Show allowed thousands of LGBT families to access information and inspiration that they could apply in their daily lives. Guests on The Gay Parenting Show included authors such as Dan Savage who shared their stories about gay parenting, as well as leading experts such as educators, researchers, psychologists and executive directors of organizations committed to improving life for LGBT families.

Scott is an avid photographer whose work has appeared in "Popular Photography" magazine. In 2006, he began the top-rated "The Digital Photography Show." Over 40,000 people a month download the show and visit the show's homepage. In 2007, The Digital Photography Show was nominated for two "Podcast Awards," including the coveted "People's Choice" award, a category of the top ten podcasts from over 4,000 eligible submissions.

Second You Sin won a 2012 Rainbow Award as Best Gay Mystery/Thriller.

Further Readings:

Second You Sin (Kevin Connor Mysteries) by Scott Sherman
Series: Kevin Connor Mysteries
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation; 1 Original edition (September 27, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0758266510
ISBN-13: 978-0758266514
Amazon: Second You Sin (Kevin Connor Mysteries)
Amazon Kindle: Second You Sin (Kevin Connor Mysteries)

Someone is killing New York City's hottest male prostitutes, and it's up to full-time call boy, part-time sleuth Kevin Connor to find out who. With his spectacular boy-next-door looks, quick wit, and ability to role-play even the most outrageous scenarios, Kevin is facing his most challenging position yet--to stop a ruthless killer.

As Kevin begins his investigation, there s no shortage of possible suspects or motives. Could the killer be a sadistic head case with a deadly fetish? A high-profile celebrity worried that his biggest secret might get out? Or perhaps it's a right-wing politician, guilty of protesting too much from his pious and unforgiving soapbox. As Kevin gets closer to the truth, he'll find himself trapped in a scandalous web of secrets where the line between victim and predator blurs, and no sin goes unpunished. . .

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