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Winter is here and there is no better way to raise the temperatures than tMf Magazine. The 10th issue is packed with 120 pages of some of the world’s hottest men! (and no pesky advertising)

For Issue #10, photographer Dylan Rosser presents cover model David as well as a preview of his new collectors book called Loft.

Also featured in the issue: portfolios from photographers Alex Klimov, Jan Griffioen, Rashad Muhammad, Marlen Boro, and Marc Antonio. They also take a peek at the best 2014 nude calendars.

By bringing together so many astounding artists and their visions in one place, tMf brings you page after page of the male form at its best. tMf is a platform for photographers, models and artists to gain exposure from a wider audience while giving viewers a publication showcasing the pinnacle of male nude photography.

tMf Magazine is an ONLINE ONLY magazine and is not available in print.

ISSUE #10 is out now and priced at just $6.45:

For this issue, my contribution was the featured interview with photographer Alex Klimov. An extract from the interview is available on the magazine, while I'm posting the full interview here:

"I love the warm feeling of some of your photos (lights, lines), how much of that is natural or retouching?"

Thank you. I try to work with the picture itself when I take my photos. I have mastered profound skills of Photoshop, but I dont like to use too much retouching, too much of Photoshop.

I try to make the image as it is during the shooting, of course, I then process the image with Photoshop, but I do not like excessive retouching, although.

"You have a wonderful play of lights and shadows, enhancing the right detail. Does it take a long time to achieve the perfect balance?"

I have a lot of experience under my belt with regards to taking professional photos, and now I fully understand the power of shape, form and light. For me, light is a basic instrument and is a fundamental element for a good photo. It is important to find the best direction of light as well as its intensity. I am sure that it is due to light being correctly used the picture can become unforgettable!

"How do you select your models? Are they professionals?"

Most of my models are not professionals. They are ordinary boys, but they all go to the gym to work out and have incredibly beautiful bodies.

"Do you work under commission or are you building your own portfolio?"

I am building my own portfolio, as taking pictures for myself is a creative process where my vision of Art reveals.

"Have you ever thought to exhibit or publish a book?"

Sure, sometimes I do really think that it would be a good idea to organize a big exhibition of my works and throw a big party for/with all my models.
Of course, I `ll be delighted to create and publish a wonderful (small) book printed in multiple copies [a small book with a large circulation, so to speak].

I hope it happens sooner or later, anyway. I really want this! –smile –

"Who is your ideal model? What does it catch your eye / focus?"

Well, it is a great question. I think that the first thing that catches me is how a man looks like in general. How he can conduct himself, as well as his charisma, self-confident look in his eyes, his walk – in other words everything that makes a man – A REAL MAN! Do you know what I mean? –smile –

"What was your path to male nude photography? How and when did you start?"

I think, it first started when I saw the famous sculpture of David by Michelangelo - I was looking at this flawless male figure and realized that, like Michelangelo, I wanted to capture this ‘magic’ of a male body.

For me, human body is a wonderful gift of nature, and my mission, as a photographer, is to ‘record’ and fix this beauty right then and there and then pass it on to others for their appraisal.

"When doing male nudes, what is the most difficult thing?"

I try to be creative with each and every model. Sometimes, to find his own look and appropriate light for a particular boy can be rather demanding and time consuming.

"How do you put at ease your models?"

I think that photographers should have great communication skills, because it is vital for their professional success. I always treated my models with respect, attention and courtesy.

During the shoot I always create a free and easy atmosphere, as a result my models feel comfortable and relaxed. I usually offer them a cup of coffee or tea, put on some beautiful music and tell funny stories and compliments.

"This past year was not a good one for gay rights in Russia. Did this influenced at all your work as male nude photographer?".

Well, my opinion, gay life in Russia is not really that difficult and dangerous as it might be perceived from abroad.

We have thousands of gays and lesbians everywhere - in the Government, in the show-biz, and other businesses - most of them are very successful, really!

As for my models, they are mostly straight, however they are quite tolerant to gay people, which is really good.

I do believe that this latest scandal surrounding gay rights in Russia was just purely exaggerated by those who like to be involved in politics, nothing more. One of the recently adopted laws in Russia has been intended to protect children from being seduced by adults, which is very close to the idea of pedophilia and has nothing to do with the violation of gay rights. Unfortunately, these two conceptions have been seriously intertwined and sometimes have been interchangeably used by some of our poorly educated legislators. It’s a pity, of course, and it is a slippery way, as it might cause some violations of gay rights in the future. Hence, we desperately need more education on that issue, both in the government and among the population.

As for the Gay Pride in Russia, I don’t really think that it is a good idea, actually. First and foremost, it is because the LGBT society hasn’t achieved that much yet in our country: we still don’t have same-sax marriages allowed, gays are not even understood by most of other people, we don’t have that many groups or unions protecting that category of people. We sometimes pretend that these boys and girls just don’t exist! In my opinion, Gay Prides are about celebration, not about “just having fun in the street”. Straight people do not come outside celebrating that they are straight, right? That would be strange to see people in the street chanting their heterosexual way of life, wouldn’t it? Why should gays and lesbians do? However, I understand why people take part in Gay Prides in Europe or in the US. They have something to celebrate.

Of course, we have made some progress, too. We don’t send people to prison for being gay anymore, which [it might be difficult to imagine now] was quite a common thing in Russia just around twenty years ago forcing many gays to hide in some apartments with their beloved ones. Surely, this fact alone may be considered as a significant step forward!

However, I do think that many gays can be very provocative behaving like women in a way that might irritate others - even gays and lesbians themselves, not to mention those who do not support this way of life. I myself prefer to see manlike guys and feel uncomfortable around feminine boys. But, of course, it is a matter of personal choice.

"Tell us something about yourself"

I was born in Kaliningrad, Russia, where I live now. It’s the Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.

I have no education in the field of photography, I'm self-taught, so to speak. I admire works of Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber. I do really like their styles and they have influenced my work greatly.

When I am doing a male nude, I like capture a combination of masculine and male power with tenderness, grace and emotion. My ‘photo hero’ would be a calm and relaxed superman. He must look like an ancient Greek sculpture, who are always relaxed, but full of courage and determination. In male nudity I like to show others that combination of courage and strength and delicate grace that can live in the one and same body.

I'm absolutely sure that a successful picture is a faultless combination of technical skills and creativity. When I prepare my photo shooting, I think about all of these components: light, location, background, makeup, hairstyle, dresses, and pose of my models.

Whenever I begin photographing, I pay a lot of attention not only to the main object [which is always the model, of course], but also to the background and foreground details, the relation among all the subjects in the picture. These are very important to me.

You can see my works on


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