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And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. Catherine Ryan Hyde - Where We Belong

Beautifully written! A story of trust, love, fear, friendship and family. Wonderful story. (Julie)
This is a really good book. I have loved every single page and haven't been able to put the book down till the very end, because it's truly captivating. All the character are well built, and the protagonist is so right for this story. (Fernanda)
A real gem. The protagonist’s orientation is a minor factor, and I hope the book has been entered in competitions outside the LGBT genre. If this book were a dog (Great Dane or otherwise), I’d give it Best in Show. (Lee)

Runners Up:

2. R.E. Bradshaw - Out on the Panhandle
3. Karis Walsh - Sea Glass Inn
4. Caren J. Werlinger - Neither Present Time
5. Caren J. Werlinger - In This Small Spot
6. Andi Marquette - From the Boots Up
7. Sandra Moran - Letters Never Sent
8. Beth Burnett - Andy's Song
9. Lynn Ames - All That Lies Within
10. Donna K. Ford - Healing Hearts / Andrea Bramhall - Ladyfish


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