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Aaron Krach (born February 15, 1972):

Aaron Krach is an artist and writer who lives in New York. He was born in Michigan (but left after a few months). He grew up in L.A., where "Half-Life" is set: During the last year of the 20th century, 18-year-old Adam Westman finds himself “on the verge of manhood,” how can Adam consider the possibility of a relationship when he is dealing with his father’s death, his friends’ (and his own) pre-pre-pre mid-life crises, his mother’s ambivalence, and his little sister’s need for him?

Arturo Islas (May 25, 1938 - February 15, 1991):

Arturo Islas was a professor of English and a novelist, writing about the experience of Chicano cultural duality. Islas was probably best known for his two novels, The Rain God, which won the best fiction prize from the Border Regional Library Conference and was selected as one of the three best novels of 1984 by the Bay Area Reviewers Association, and Migrant Souls, published in 1990. The novels were part of a planned trilogy. Islas was working on the third volume at the time of his death.

Bill T. Jones, Arnie Zane & Bjorn Amelan:

Arnie Zane met Bill T. Jones, the man who would later become his lifelong partner, while visiting his Alma mater. The 22-year-old Zane was immediately enamored of Bill T. Jones when he spied him across campus in 1971. During that spring semester, Zane convinced Jones to travel to Amsterdam with him and explore their burgeoning romantic relationship. After living and working together in Amsterdam, Zane and Jones eventually returned to New York, where they lived together until Arnie's death.
Bill T. Jones and Bjorn Amelan found a second chapter in love after both losing their long-term partners. Jones is most identified with Arnie Zane, with whom he cofounded Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. But he’s spent the last 20 years living and collaborating with Amelan, who had a long romantic and professional relationship with famed fashion designer Patrick Kelly before he died. Since they met in 1992, the two have successfully entwined their creative work and domestic lives.

Bruhs Mero & Gean Harwood:

The Oldest Gay Couple in America tells the moving and, at times, frightening story of Bruhs Mero (February 15, 1911 - August 10, 1995) and Gean Harwood (1909 - 2006), as they journey through the gay and lesbian scene of New York City from 1927 to the present. Covering Harwood's childhood, their professional life in the arts, the fear and repression of the McCarthy era, and their triumphant "coming out" in the eighties, this is an intimate look at the strife and joy of two lives intertwined.

Clancy Nacht (born February 15):

Clancy Nacht squeezes writing in amongst her web development job, her husband, and her 3 feral rescue cats. Living in Austin, she indulges her love of indie music, photography, and constant influx of new faces a college town provides. Le Jazz Hot won a 2012 Rainbow Award: Falling hard for the blond singer--but believing that she's a woman named Julia--Trent tracks Julian down to his apartment where Julian poses as "Julia's" twin in a desperate, doomed ploy to win over the sexy firefighter.

Jane Chambers & Beth Allen:

Jane Chambers was one of the first American playwrights to create openly lesbian characters who were comfortable with their homosexuality. While at Goddard, she met Beth Allen, who was to become her lover, manager, and devoted lifelong companion. Subsequently Chambers's death, Allen published a collection of her poetry as a memorial to her courage and spirit. The Women in Theatre Program created the Jane Chambers Playwriting Award to encourage the writing of plays that reflect women's experience.

Wally Cox & Marlon Brando:

Marlon Brando was an American screen and stage actor. He is widely considered to have been one of the greatest and most influential actors of the 20th century. Brando was openly bisexual. Though married many times and the father of many children, Brando’s longest relationship was with actor/comic Wally COX. After Cox’s death in 1973, Brando rushed back to the US from Tahiti to procure his friend’s ashes. After Brando’s own death and cremation, their ashes were scattered together in Death Valley.


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