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T. T. Thomas has released her second full-length novel, A Delicate Refusal, July 2013. The title is taken from a quote by Edmund Rostand, author of Cyrano, and the novel explores the lives and loves of women in England just as WWI breaks out. It has been referred to as a kind of "Downton Abbey" for lesbians and others!

Her first full-length novel, The Blondness of Honey, was published October 2012. The Blondness of Honey, is an historical romance novel set in the 1890's that explores the love between two women.

In December, 2012, Thomas released a novella, Vivian and Rose, a book "written by" by Laura Hastings, the heroine of Thomas' first full-length novel, The Blondness of Honey.

The third full-length novel, The Girl With Two Hearts (Spring 2014) is the first of a three-part steam punk chronicle and is the story of Queen Victoria's fictional errant niece, Margaret Mary Elizabeth Victoria Anne Dormier.

In Part 1, Dormier is an ambulance driver and motorcycle messenger in the Second Boer War in Africa. In Part 2, Dormier joins the conflicts and skirmishes in Belgium, which were the precursor to WWI. In Part 3, Dormier takes her place in the royal court...and behind German lines as a spy. Known to her fellow drivers simply as Dormier, the royal runaway has a mind of her own, some powers inherited from her late mother and a special gift from her deceased father.

Dodging the enemy, perfecting her special powers and getting very little sleep, Dormier hardly has time for love. But it finds her--behind the enemy lines.

T.T. Thomas also wrote Two Weeks At Gay Banana Hot Springs, her debut novella (2012). Her second book, Sex On A Regular Basis (2012)is a collection of short stories. Each of the four shorts stories is also available separately: The Guy in Frankie's Hatbox, Ronald Debby, My Second Stupid Suicide and Bread and Butter.

In another life, Thomas was a newspaper reporter and editor, a contributor to various regional and national magazines, as well as a public relations and publicity executive for her own and other international companies.

T. T. Thomas lives in Southern California.

A Delicate Refusal won a 2013 Rainbow Award as Best Lesbian Historical Romance.

Further Readings:

A Delicate Refusal by T. T. Thomas
Paperback: 294 pages
Publisher: Bon View Publishing (July 25, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0983918082
ISBN-13: 978-0983918080
Amazon: A Delicate Refusal
Amazon Kindle: A Delicate Refusal

England, 1914. Two friends, brought together by circumstance and a mutual attraction that threatens to be torn apart by fears, family secrets and mysterious afflictions, face an even bigger adversary in the face and form of a world war. As World War I begins, England tries to maintain its “splendid isolation” policy, but the British people are quietly enduring their own misgivings, facing their own fears and wondering how long they can bear witness to carnage without a response. Into this milieu of intrigue and uncertainty, two women begin a most unusual love affair. Theirs is a love sustained by hope and encouraged by letters, but threatened by their own private fears and the worldwide anxieties covering the earth like a dark shroud. As all of Europe drives itself to the brink of destruction, can an uncommon love survive the concussive blasts of doubt and deceit, of estrangement and misunderstanding? Who lives to love? Who lurks in the background watching the affair from the distance of déjà vu? And who presents “a delicate refusal” to become a tragic hero? From T.T. Thomas, author of The Blondness of Honey, Golden Crown Literary Society Finalist, Historical Romance category, comes the latest novel, A Delicate Refusal (June 2013).

More Rainbow Awards at my website:, Rainbow Awards/2013


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