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Mary Griggs spent over ten years running bookstores for Borders Books and Music before turning her attention toward nonprofit management. Currently, she is a partner in a non-profit consulting firm with offices in Oakland, California and New Orleans, Louisiana. Her first novel, Unbroken Circle, has been published by Bella Books.

Unbroken Circle won a 2011 Rainbow Award as Best Lesbian Debut. In the Midst of Tribulation won a 2013 Rainbow Award as Best Lesbian Sci-Fi / Futuristic.

Further Readings:

Unbroken Circle by Mary Griggs
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Bella Books (June 14, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781594932434
ISBN-13: 978-1594932434
ASIN: 1594932433
Amazon: Unbroken Circle
Amazon Kindle: Unbroken Circle

Sallie Lee Hybart doesn’t see many strangers at her diner counter. Pennington, Alabama, is a town the interstate passed by, so newcomers are rare. But this one looks familiar.

Janet Bouton has nothing and no one. Her life has been stripped down to the clothing on her back. Counting out her meager change to pay for a stick-to-the-ribs meal, she is hoping to escape the diner unrecognized. She shouldn’t have come back...but no place else on earth was familiar.

An act of kindness sets a chain of events in motion and pulls Sallie Lee and Janet together, but the past has the power to tear them apart. There are still people in Pennington who remember Janet too well. Small town memories have had a lot of years to simmer, and love may not be the recipe for happiness.

Mary Griggs’ debut romance novel unites a lost soul and a determined survivor to create a passionate story that readers will remember long after the final page.

In the Midst of Tribulation by Mary Griggs
Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: Bella Books (August 13, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1594933774
ISBN-13: 978-1594933776
Amazon: In the Midst of Tribulation
Amazon Kindle: In the Midst of Tribulation

Long suspicious that the world was going to go up in flames, Jay has retreated to remote Northern California and lived off the grid for years. She didn’t want to be right—but she was.

When the war ended, it was clear nobody had won. Susan knows only one place where she and her extended family might be safe: with Jay, her ex. Desperate and frightened, the refugees rely heavily on their friend Piper, who agrees to make the journey with them.

After a ragged reunion, Jay is willing to take in the newcomers, but the only way they will all survive on the land is if they all work and sacrifice. It is easier said than done, especially when old feelings—and new ones—break the fragile peace and threaten them all.

More Rainbow Awards at my website:, Rainbow Awards/2011 & 2013

Date: 2014-04-17 10:07 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] marygriggs
Thank you!

Date: 2014-04-17 05:41 pm (UTC)
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Another book I have really enjoyed. There are parts that are really tense and it was an interesting look into a possible future for humankind.

Date: 2014-04-17 09:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you so much! I'm so honored to be on your page!

Date: 2015-04-20 07:09 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] marygriggs
Thanks so much, Elisa!


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