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Here are the 3 months statistics for the visits on my website and 2 journals:

Site June 2014* July 2014 August 2014 328.662 426.191 427.387 0,3% 16.309 27.688 29.733 20.253 22.934 21.610  
Total 365.224 476.813 478.730 0,4%
*on a 31 days basis        

there was an increase of the 0,3% on the visits on the website, and of 0,4% on the total number of visits for all three locations.

Reminder: starting from January 2014, there is the possibility to place an advertising banner on my website: The two top banners are already booked for all 2014, but there is still availability for the rotating side menu banners.

Moreover I have a special proposal for spotlight/promotion, to be considered if you have a coming soon release.

For more info please contact me and I will send details.


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