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Even if it's probably unbelievable, it was more than 10 years I haven't read a full novel written in Italian. So it was quite strange at first, I have often told to an Italian friend of mine how I'm not able to read erotic details in Italian while I have less trouble to read them in English. But aside from the sex, that indeed was nice but not really graphic in details, what pushed me to finish Mascarado was the romance between Iacopo and Matteo, both so cute and apparently unaware of that, and yes, that is like honey for bees.

Even if Iacopo was living a lie, he was basically honest and indeed strong enough to put himself in front of a choice that was easy to take at that point. Matteo maybe had displayed more courage when they were young, not denying his homosexuality, but he was also the one who didn't take the chance to drag Iacopo out of the closet, like maybe Iacopo was secretly hoping.

Mascarado has the whole spectrum of the LGBT community, the flaming queen, the drag queens, the bisexual man, the fruit flies, the closeted case, and so on. It's a mix of realism and romanticism, not full pink glasses perspective, but neither a drama about being gay in Italy: it's not easy, but that doesn't mean you cannot find your happily ever after.

First novel I read by this author, and if it's, as I believe, the first long story by them, then it's a very nice debut.

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