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Everything by Carole Wolf
Lesbian Contemporary General Fiction
Paperback: 482 pages
Publisher: Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company (September 26, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939562562
ISBN-13: 978-1939562562
Amazon: Everything
Amazon Kindle: Everything

Jolán Edmunds, an accomplished and well-respected classical violinist, dies suddenly and Myla, her daughter, is convinced she had killed her because she had wished her dead. Fiery and charismatic Jolán has many guarded secrets, particularly Rachel Cole, her lost true love. Rachel unexpectedly crosses Jolán's path and turns her life upside down as they rekindle their romance. Rachel tries to convince Myla she didn't cause Jolán's death but Myla doesn't believe her and wants to know everything. With Rachel's help, Myla pieces together her mother's startling past, all of which leads to the most devastating secret of all-herself.

Took a while to finish this one but what an awesome, intense, complex story with very well written characters. This book has it all, and it will stay with the reader for a long time. I know it will stay with me.

The wonderful writing and sexy, evolving characters pulled me in from the very first page and held my attention to the last.

Everything by Carole Wolf is an outstanding piece of fiction. Beautifully written, telling a sad but honest story about a daughter getting to know a deeper understanding of her mother after her passing, through the eyes of her mother’s journals, video footage and those who loved her. An excellent departure from the usual coming of age or coming out stories, told from the young person’s eyes, without judgement and with plenty of emotion and feeling.

Wolf tackles a difficult subject, heroin addiction, with the sensitive touch of judicious empathy. The characters and the settings are the Technicolor drawings you would expect for a story that largely takes place in California. Set against the backdrop of the music industry, the story follows a classical violinist’s descent into the murky backwaters of drugs and rock ‘n roll in a thundering crash to the bottom while her lover must make choices the addict cannot.


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