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Anniversary: February 17, 1994

Born: Sheffield, United Kingdom
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Anniversary: February 17, 1994

Award-winning theatre Composer Matthew Bugg and Marketing Professional Tobias "Toby" Oliver have been together since 1994. They live in Sheffield with their beloved Dachshund, Georgie. Matthew grew up in Sheffield and began his theatre training at the age of four. He achieved the highest mark in the country at A Level Music, and won the Roland Gregory Prize and Barber Scholarship at the University of Birmingham. Before even graduating, Matthew landed his first professional theatre job at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester. Tobias grew up in London and read English with Drama at the University of Sheffield. He went on to study Text and Performance at RADA and King’s College London. After 20 years working in the arts and major events industries he became Marketing Director of Mr. Bugg Presents, a music theatre company his husband, composer Matthew Bugg, and he set up with producer Keith Arrowsmith. They have taken their critically acclaimed production, Miss Nightingale – the musical written by Matthew, on two hugely successful tours of the UK, including a run in London’s West End. They are now working on their second show, alongside a potential USA production and movie version of Miss Nightingale.
Together since 1994: 21 years.
Matthew Bugg (born Sept. 19, 1974) & Tobias Oliver (born July 13, 1972)
Anniversary: February 17, 1994
Matthew and I met on the dance floor of a nightclub in Sheffield that had a ‘lesbian and gay night’ once a week. I was studying at University and he was training in music and dance. There was an instant attraction. I loved the beauty, abandon and joy with which he danced. And once we started talking, we did not stop until the club closed. However, at the time I had a boyfriend in London and managed to muster up just enough self-control to resist when Matthew tried to kiss me. So our relationship was initially based on friendship. We became the very best of friends spending hours together talking, dancing and laughing. (Nothing has changed!) As my relationship in London ended, it became clear that Matthew and I were meant to be. We finally enjoyed our first kiss at the same club at a Valentine’s Day night and have been together ever since. Our early years were spent living apart, spending hours on the phone and travelling across the country to see one another at weekends as I returned to London to begin my career and Matthew went to University. So much has changed since we met, the club is long closed and the equal rights we campaigned for are gradually coming into law. In 2007, we celebrated our 13th anniversary with a Civil Partnership in front of our family and friends. In 2015, now British law has changed again, we plan to convert this into a marriage. So much has changed, changed for the better. The beautiful boy I fell in love with has grown into a handsome man - it has been wonderful growing up together, I look forward to growing old together. -Toby Oliver

Days of Love edited by Elisa Rolle
ISBN-13: 978-1500563325
ISBN-10: 1500563323
Release Date: September 21, 2014
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