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One day I was browsing the Internet for nothing in particular and I saw a picture of two male seahorses carrying their babies (not big in bioligy, but from what I understand, female seahorses lie the eggs and male seahorses carry the babies in their pouches until their are ready to leave the "nest"). I thought, this would be a good plot bunny and they I thought, impossible no one has already written it and with a short internet search I found two titles The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse & The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx.

The first one is more traditional (if traditional can be used in a paranormal shapeshifter story...) and it is about a shapeshifter shark falling for a shapeshifter seahorse. Of course Byron and Skylar, the human version of them, are reflecting their shifted forms, and Byron is all domineering towards the cute and shy Skylar. Indeed, Byron and Skylar know each other, but Byron is trying to avoid Skylar as much as possible, not trusting himself near the fragile man. But of course, as soon as Skylar needs protection, Byron will be there ready to claim his mate.

It's a cute story and most of the focus is on the expected outcome, Skylar will get pregnant with Byron, and he will carry one little shark and one little seahorse. Maybe the nice twist is that, the baby shark will inherit his seahorse father attitude, and instead the baby seahorse will take upon his shark father, becoming in the end a spoiled brat young man, who will star in the second book, The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx.

The second pair, seahorse Layton and lynx Preston is maybe more "strange" than expected, and in a way, it's odd to think two really different creature, one from the water, the other from the ground, can not only mix, but having babies together. But that is indeed a futile reasoning, this is paranormal fiction and everything is possible.

Layton and Preston's story is more comedy than that of Layton's parents; from Layton's bratty behavior to him getting knocked up the first time he had sex cause he wasn't considering the option.

Anyway, these two stories filled my impromptu thought of a story involving a shapeshifter seahorse and male pregnancy.

The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse
Series: Mate Or Meal
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (May 11, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 162241022X
ISBN-13: 978-1622410224
Amazon: The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse
Amazon Kindle: The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse

The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx
Series: Mate Or Meal, Siren Publishing Classic Manlove
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc. (June 20, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1622411900
ISBN-13: 978-1622411900
Amazon: The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx
Amazon Kindle: The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx

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